Ringlock Scaffolding Three Board Bracket

Ringlock scaffolding three-board bracket is a wide type scaffold side bracket compared to the ringlock one-board and two-board bracket. It allows three-board widths of the work platform set at the side of the ringlock scaffolding main tower.

Basically, there are two types of ringlock scaffolding three-board brackets:

  1. U Type Ringlock Scaffold Three Board Bracket
  2. O Type Ringlock Scaffold Three Board Bracket

The ringlock scaffolding three board brackets are with three sets of ringlock ledger heads and wedge pins. Allows the side bracket to connect with the rosettes of ringlock standards or rosette clamps from three different directions. This bracket’s design makes the ring system side scaffolding more stable and safe.

Hot dip galvanized surface treatment is applied for the three-board scaffolding brackets for rusty-free purposes. Send a mail to get more details and an immediate price.

U Type VS O Type Three Board Bracket

Ringlock three-board brackets include U Type and O type.

What is the U-type scaffold bracket?

U-type 3-board brackets with a horizontal element made of special ribbed U-shaped steel profiles. The special ribbed U-shaped horizontals separate scaffold planks and boards from the left and right direction by its double strings. Thus avoid the left and right sides scaffolding plank hooks conflicts. U-type scaffold brackets work with scaffolding planks with U hooks.

What is the O-type scaffold bracket?

O-type 3-board brackets are with a horizontal member made of normal OD48.3mm scaffolding pipes.  Scaffolding planks sit on at same horizontal member from left and right. So scaffold factory needs to make sure all scaffolding plank hooks(steel planks, trapdoor platforms, aluminum planks) are not conflict with each other when they were put on the same horizontal.

O-type scaffold brackets work with scaffolding boards with O hooks.

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