Ringlock Scaffold Deck to Deck O Ledgers

Steel deck to steel deck O ledger is a component of allround ringlock system scaffolding.  It is a type of ringlock O ledger with two C-pressing clamps welded at both ends.

The C-pressing clamps include C-shaped ends and two flaps fixed on each C-pressing end.

In construction, the C-shaped ends covered the height(76mm) of the 320mm scaffold planks and were fixed and locked on the planks by the securing flaps. The two flaps ensure the stability and security of the deck to deck O ledgers.

Steel deck to deck O ledgers are used for any openings, accesses, and conversations in scaffolding construction.  They allowed one to three pieces of 320mm scaffold planks to lay on. The load capacity can reach Class 3 of EN 12810 standard.

Sizes of the steel deck to steel deck O ledgers include:

  1. One Board (0.32m): For one 320mm plank laying
  2. Two Board (0.64m): for two 320mm planks laying
  3. Three Board (0.96m): for three 320mm plank laying

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  1. Size: 0.32m, 0.64m, 0.96m
  2. For Plank: 320mm Layher type
  3. Diameter: OD48.3mm
  4. Standard: EN 12811
  5. System: Allround Scaffolding System
  6. Brand: Wellmade


Steel Deck-to-Deck O Ledger Technical Data

Code No.DescriptionWidthWeightFinishing
WDD032One-Board Deck to Deck O Ledger320mm2.87 KGHDG
WDD064Two-Board Deck to Deck O Ledger640mm3.93 KGHDG
WDD096Three-Board Deck to Deck O Ledger960mm5.01KGHDG

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Scaffolding Plank Hooks for Deck to Deck Ledgers

  • Steel Deck to Deck O Ledgers: Need O type Plank Hooks
  • Steel Deck to Deck U Ledger: Need U Type Plank Hooks

Why Wellmade Steel Deck to Steel Deck O Ledgers

1. Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE Certified Scaffolding Manufacture Supplies High-Quality Scaffold Materials
2. Wellmade’s Steel Deck to Deck O Ledgers Matched with Original Sizes
3. Offers Test Report of Load Capacity
4.20 Years Experiences of OEM production for European Scaffolding Companies
5. Has Worked for Oil and Gas Companies Since 2009s.
6. Brings You Benefits Saving Cost and Budget

deck to deck transom ledger in middle of ringlock scaffold platform
deck to deck transom ledger in the middle of ringlock scaffold platform
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