Scaffold Rosettes

Scaffold rosettes are also called scaffold rings, rosette rings, and ring locks. It is a significant lock component of the ringlock modular system scaffolding verticals.

On the verticals standards, scaffold rosettes are welded at every 50cm interval giving nodes of ringlock parts connection.

The scaffold rosettes are made from high-strength steel plates of 8-10mm thickness in round shapes. At the center of the round rosettes, there is a big hole welded to scaffold tubes. 8 small holes on the rosettes allow horizontals, braces, and brackets connections from 8 directions in construction erection.

With these significant rosette components, the ringlock system scaffold is also called rosette scaffolding.

In addition,  there are scaffold rosette clamps too. It is a type of ringlock scaffolding clamp that allows the modular system joined at any position wanted for the construction.

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  1. Versatile for all types of scaffold construction
  2. Easy erection
  3. Pre-designed sizes and specifications
  4. Modular Without any loose fittings need
  5. High Strength and High Safety Load


Specifications and Technical Data

  • Weldable
  • Thickness: 8-10mm
  • Weight: 0.45-0.52KG
  • Steel Grade: S235 & S355
  • Diameter: 123mm
  • System: OD48mm and OD60mm Ringlock
  • Finishing: Black, Galvanized
  • Brand: Wellmade

Shipping and Package

  • Package: Timber Box & Ton Bags
  • Shipping: By Sea or By Train
  • Trade Term: FOB, CIF, DDP, DDU
  • Delivery Port: Xingang port, Tianjin, China
  • Lead Time: 10-35 Days

48mm VS 60mm Ringlock Scaffolding Rosettes

Wellmade manufactures two sizes of ringlock rosettes. One is for OD48mm traditional ringlock scaffolding system. Another one is for OD60mm hi load shoring system ringlock scaffold.

48mm ringlock scaffolding standards are made of 48mm scaffold tubes. While 60mm shoring system ringlock standards are made of 60mm scaffold tubes.  Thus in order to weld the rosettes and rings on the scaffold tubes to form the ringlock standards, the rosette needs to have a hole matched up with the scaffold tube’s outer diameter.

No.48mm Scaffold Rosettes60mm Scaffold Rosettes
Weight0.4-0.5 KG0.5-0.6KG
Center HoleFor 48mm TubeFor 60mm Tube
Steel GradesS235 & S355

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