Scaffold Stillage Pallet Racks

Steel Scaffolding Stillage Pallets are Designed for scaffolding material Container Loading in  Shipping, Convenient in Transportation, and Storage.  
It is made from Heavy duty Scaffold Tubes with Bowls at the bottom, leave space for forklift handling. 
There are many types and customized steel scaffolding stillages according to its dimension, function, material specifications.  
The most popular scaffolding pallets are designed to fit the container space of 20  feet container, 40 feet container, and 40 feet high cube containers. 
Normally the scaffold racks should be designed in a lightweight, but can carry at least 2 tons of scaffold materials in. 
According to the function, scaffold stillages with lift eyes are easier to use during load and unload simply by lifting devices or facilities.
Hot-dip galvanized, painted surface treatment is available. 
Consulting of scaffold stillage quantity, stillage size for each shipment is available from wellmade scaffold package department. 

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Wellmade Scaffold Rack

Are you looking for a reliable scaffold rack manufacturer and supplier for your applications? Wellmade is a leading one-stop solution for all your scaffold rack needs. We have more than 20 years of scaffolding manufacturing experience.

Wellmade scaffold rack is fabricated and designed for scaffold material container loading in shipping, transportation, and storage.

The scaffold rack is made up of industrial-strength steel. With a Wellmade scaffold rack, you can transport your scaffolding securely and safely. Whether you are using the wide and narrow rolling tower.

Wellmade scaffold rack is made up of heavy-duty scaffold tubes with bowls at the bottom, leave space for forklift handling. They are intendedly designed for storage and transportation of scaffold.

The Wellmade scaffold rack generally prevents any damage during transportation although they are constructed once.

If you are going to place your scaffolding rack on your trailer, we recommend you use a fork-lift truck using the handy brackets for easy transport. Even you are moving it to the ground, there’s no problem with the optional scaffolding wheels.

Wellmade scaffold rack is ideal and compact. You can place scaffolding racks on top of one another by using stands.

As a leading manufacturer in China, Wellmade is experts in most scaffold rack manufacturing. Mainly are stackable scaffold rack, galvanized ringlock scaffold storage, scaffold wheel rack, ringlock scaffolding rack, hot-dip galvanized scaffold rack and many more.

There are many types of scaffold rack according to its function, dimension, and material specifications. Also, customization of the scaffold rack is welcome at Wellmade.

Normally, a Wellmade scaffold rack is designed in a lightweight. However, it can carry at least 2 tons of scaffold materials.

While using a Wellmade scaffold rack, you can save your money and time for unloading and loading scaffolding at your job site.

During the production of scaffold rack, Wellmade stays on top of every detail in the scaffold rack manufacturing process. From product monitoring, costing calculation to quality assurance.

Wellmade has rich experienced in scaffold system manufacturing. You rest assured with high-end scaffold rack at Wellmade Scaffolding.

If you are looking for a one-stop supplier for your scaffold rack needs, Wellmade Scaffold is the best choice! In fact, we are trusted by the top 500 companies throughout the world. We are one of the best and most popular scaffold rack suppliers throughout China.

Wellmade is looking forward to the local business partners all over the world. Come to us and check out the details if you are interested in a Wellmade scaffold rack.

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