African Kwik Stage Scaffolding Manufacturer

Wellmade is SA Scaffolding Type Quick Stage Scaffold Manufacturer In China.  Wellmade’s Quick Stage Scaffold is Also Called Kwikstage Scaffolding.

You Can Find Complete Quick Stage Scaffold Parts and Components In Wellmade. You Can Choose Paint and Galvanizing Quick Stage for Corrosion Resistance.

Wellmade Emboss Your Brand Logo&Mark On Your Quick Stage Scaffold Components in Free.

As CE Certified Quick Stage Scaffold Factory, You are able to find the Highest Quality of Kwikstage Here In Welding, Steel Grade Quality and Surface Treatment.

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Main Parts of Quick Stage Scaffold SA Type

Quick Stage Scaffold In Production

quick stage scaffold in manufacturing kwikstage system scaffold parts

Wellmade’s SA Quick Stage Scaffolding Include Components and Parts:

  • Kwisktage Scaffolding Standard
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledger
  • Kwikstage Scaffold Diagonal Braces
  • Quick Stage Jack Base 730 Overall and 610 R/O
  • Hook On Steel Scaffold Boards
  • Hook On Scaffold Ladder
  • Quick Stage Access Stair
  • Scaffold Tubes
  • Band and Plate Couplers
  • Forged Swivel Coupler

Quick stage scaffod SA Scaffolding Wellmade

African Kwik Stage Scaffolding Standards

 WMSKS5005 Kwik-stage Standard 3000 15.95
 WMSKS5004 Kwik-stage Standard 2500 13.25
 WMSKS5003 Kwik-stage Standard 2000 10.65
 WMSKS5002 Kwik-stage Standard 1500 7.98
 WMSKS5001 Kwik-stage Standard 1000 5.35
 WMSKS5000 Kwik-stage Standard 500 2.65


African Kwik Stage Scaffold Ledger Horizontals
WMSKS0521Kwik-stage Ledger 25008.55
WMSKS0522Kwik-stage Ledger 20007.00
WMSKS0518Kwik-stage Ledger 18006.45
WMSKS0534Kwik-stage Ledger 16005.85
WMSKS0523Kwik-stage Ledger 15005.40
WMSKS0524Kwik-stage Ledger 12944.75
WMSKS0525Kwik-stage Ledger 12194.50
WMSKS0526Kwik-stage Ledger 12004.45
WMSKS0527Kwik-stage Ledger 10003.85
WMSKS0529Kwik-stage Ledger 9003.50
WMSKS0531Kwik-stage Ledger 8003.20
WMSKS0532Kwik-stage Ledger 6002.55

Quick stage Scaffold SA Scaffolding Diagonal Braces Components

Kwikstage Scaffolding Diagonal Brace
WMSKDB35352.5mx2.5m Digaonal Brace11.70
WMSKDB32022.5mx2.0m Digaonal Brace10.68
WMSKDB28282.0mx2.0m Digaonal Brace9.60
WMSKDB23422.0mx1.219m Digaonal Brace8.20
WMSKDB21211.5mx1.5m Digaonal Brace7.0

Quick stage scaffold Components SA Scaffolding Steel Ladder

 Hook On Steel Ladder
WMSKHL300Hook On Scaffold Ladder 3.0m27.8
WMSKHL200Hook On Scaffold Ladder 2.0m19.05

SA Scaffolding Quick Stage scaffold parts Hook On Steel Boards

Hook On Scaffold Boards
WSKHB300Scaffold Boards 3000mm-Non Tilt22.85
WSKHB270Scaffold Boards 2700mm-Non Tilt20.86
WSKHB250Scaffold Boards 2500mm-Non Tilt19.09
WSKHB200Scaffold Boards 2000mm-Non Tilt16.47
WSKHB150Scaffold Boards 1500mm-Non Tilt11.95
WSKHB122Scaffold Boards 1219mm-Non Tilt9.75

SA Scaffolding Quick Stage Band and Plate Coupler SA Scaffolding Quick Stagge Scaffold Parts Band and Plate Couplers

SA Scaffolding Band and Plate Coupler
WSKBP5050×50 Band Only2.0
WSKBP20Band Back Plate w/ M20 Eye Bolt0.85

kwikstage scaffolding toe board south africa type kwik stage quick form

Kwikstage Scaffolding Toe Board
WSKTB090900mm Toe Board5.51
WSKTB1201200mm Toe Board7.11
WSKTB1221219mm Toe Board7.21
WSKTB1291295mm Toe Board7.65
WSKTB1501500mm Toe Board8.71
WSKTB2002000mm Toe Board11.61
WSKTB2502500mm Toe Board14.51


Kwikstage Scaffold Toe Board Clips
WSKTBCKwikstage Toe Board Clips3.38KG

Kwikstage Toe Board Clips


610 R/O Base Jack
WSKBJ61610 R/O Scaffold Base Jack(730mm)5.5KG

scaffolding base jack 610 roll out sa scaffolding parts kwikstage quick stage scaffold

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