Formwork Accessories

Concrete Formwork Accessories Dywidag

Dywidag Tie Rod in Size of D15,D16 till D50mm, in High Tensile 900 N/mm2,Hot Rolled, with Weldable Hex Nut Black or Galvanized.
Formwork Accessories of Tie Rod and Bars in Cold Rolled with malleable Cast Iron Hex Nut, Wing Nut, Anchor Flange Nut, Washer Combi Plate with Wingnut, Waterstop Sleeve D15.
Formwork Clamps and Clips of Peri Type, Doka Type and Hammer Clamps 650mm to 900mm, as well as Washer Plate,Rapid Clamp Tensioners and Clip Tensioners(Mackerel Squeezing Tool).
Standard Formwork Rapid Clamp
Photo Item&Description Weight Code
Formwork Rapid Clamp Wedge Clamp for OD6-OD10mm Rebar 0.4KG

 Rapid Clamp Standard


-For Rebar OD6-OD10mm

-Base 40x105mm

 0.43KG  WMFRC1
Mayor Formwork Rapid Clamp
Photo Item&Description Weight Code
Formwork Mayor Rapid clamp

 Rapid Clamp Mayor


-For Rebar OD8-OD12mm

-Base 50x120mm

 0.55KG  WMFRC2

Formwork Rapid Clip Standard
Photo Item&Description Weight Code
formwork rapid clips standard

Standard Rapid Clip


-For Rebar OD6-OD10mm

-Base 75x110mm

 0.41KG  WMFRP1


Formwork Rapid Superclip
Photo Item&Description Weight Code
rapid clip clamps for concrete forms and formwork shuttering

Rapid Superclip


-For Rebar O8-OD12mm

-Base 75x120mm



D15 Weldable Hex Nut Dywidag
 Photo  Items&Description  Weight  Code
D15 Weldable hex nut concrete formwork hexagonal nuts 30mm(L) Hexagonal Nut D15,Weldable,Black/Gal 0.15KG W103
45mm(L) Hexagonal Nut D15,Weldable,Black/Gal 0.21KG W104
50mm(L) Hexagonal Nut D15,Weldable,Black/Gal 0.23KG W105
70mm(L) Hexagonal Nut D15,Weldable,Black/Gal 0.30KG W107
90mm(L) Connection Sleeve D15,Weldable,Black/Gal 0.39KG  W109


D20 Dywidag Hex Nut Weldable
D20 Hexagaonal Nut Dywidag Lock Nut for concrete formwork shuttering work Items&Description Weight Code
30mm Hex Lock Nut D20, Weldable,Black/Zinc-plated 0.20KG W203
45mm Hexagonal Nut D20, Weldable,Black/Zinc-plated 0.23KG W204
50mm Hexagonal Nut D20, Weldable,Black/Zinc-plated 0.33KG W205
70mm Hexagonal Nut D20, Weldable,Black/Zinc-plated 0.46KG W207
140mm Connection Sleeved D20, Weldable,Black/Zinc-plated 0.94KG W214


D15 Formwork Wing Nut WWN01
D15 17mm Tie Rod Wing Nut malleable cast iron Galvanized Items&Description Weight Code
D15 Tie Rod Wing Nut 01,Malleable Cast Iron,FCD 45 0.27KG WWN01

Concrete Formwork Malleable Cast Iron Wing Nuts
Photo Items&Description Weight Code
concrete formwork accessories malleable cast iron wing nut tie rod nuts d15 17mm

Concrete Tie Rod Wing Nut 02,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized

0.3-0.65KG WWN02
concrete formwork tie rod nuts cast iron

Concrete Tie Rod Wing Nut 03,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized

concrete formwork tie bar nut dywidag wingnuts d15 17

Concrete Tie Rod Wing Nut 04,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized

concrete shuttering materials malleable cast iron wing nut washer fasteners

Concrete Tie Rod Wing Nut 05,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized

heavy duty wing nut for concrete formwork and shuttering for tie rod and tie bars

Heavy Duty Wing Nut 06,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized

formwork wing nut fasteners concrete shutter materials

Concrete Tie Rod Wing Nut 07,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized

construction concrete formwork accessories cast iron malleable wing nut dywidag rebar nuts

Concrete Tie Rod Wing Nut 08,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized

dywidag rebar nuts concrete formwork tie rod wing nuts

Concrete Tie Rod Wing Nut 09,D12-D23mm

Malleable Cast Iron,FCD45,E-galvanized



Formwork Wingnut Washer Base Plate
concrete formwork tie rod wingnut washer base plate Item&Description Weight Code
100x100mm,Zinc-plated,3-10mm(TH) 0.39KGd WWP10
110x110mm,Zinc-plated,3-10mm(TH) 0.47KG WWP11
120x120mm,Zinc-plated,3-10mm(TH) 0.57KG WWP12
140x140mm,Zinc-plated,3-10mm(TH) 0.93KG WWP14
150x150mm,Zinc-plated,3-10mm(TH) 1.06KG WWP15
180x180mm,Zinc-plated,3-10mm(TH) 1.53KG WWP18
200x200mm,Zinc-plated,3-10mm(TH) 3.15KG WWP20

Formwork Anchor Flange Nut
concrete shuttering materials formwork accessories cast iron flange anchor nut wing nut formwork tie rod flange nut anchor nut for dywidag formwork accessories concrete shuttering materials cast iron flange nut anchor nuts formwork tie rod anchor nuts flange wing nuts d12-D20mm concrete formwork tie rod flange nut anchor nuts with 2 wings cast iron form work accessories concrete shuttering materials tie rod tie bar lock nut flange anchor nuts
WFN01(D12-D23)  WFN02(D12-D23) WFN03(D12-D23) WFN04(D12-D23) WFN05(D12-D23) WFN06(D12-D23)
concrete formwork tie rod lock nut flange nut formwork flange wing nut 2 wings malleable cast iron type d15 d16 d20mm  concrete shuttering tie rod fasten dywidage tie rod tie bar lock nuts  concrete shuttering materials dywidag tie bar flange nut D20mm  concrete shuttering tie bar fasten form work tie bar lock nuts flange type  concrete shutter threaded bar wingnut flange type dywidag tie rod anchor fasteners
 WFN07(D12-D23) WFN08(D12-D23)  WFN09(D12-D23)  WFN10(D12-D23)  WFN11(D12-D23)  WFN12(D12-D23)
 dywidag formwork flange nut tie rod anchor nuts  dywidag anchor nuts cast iron malleable fcd45 concrete shuttering materials  concrete shutte  tie bar anchor nuts flange wing nut  concrete formwork accessories flange type wing nut anchor nuts for tie bars  concrete shuttering tie rod lock nut dywidag rebar wingnuts form work fasteners  construction building materials concrete formwork flange anchor nuts form tie fasteners
 WFN13(D12-D23)  WFN14(D12-D23)  WFN15(D12-D23)  WFN16(D12-D23)  WFN17(D12-D23)  WFN18(D12-D23)
 formwork tie rod nuts dywidag rebar lock nut flange wingnut type  concrete form tie bar flange nut wing nut anchor nuts  concrete formwork tie rod flange nut anchor nuts wing nut with flange type dywidag  concrete shuttering flange wingnut 20mm flange coupler  concrete tie rod threaded tie bar wing  nut with flange anchor nuts for dywidag  formwork concrete tie rod rebar anchor nuts wing nut
 WFN19(D12-D23)  WFN20(D12-D23)  WFN21(D12-D23)  WFN22(D12-D23)  WFN23(D12-D23)  WFN24(D12-D23)


Formwork Combi Dome Nut
 Photos  Items&Description



formwork wing nut combi with base plate concrete formwork construction shuttering work form work

 D15/17mm Dome Nut 1, Malleable Cast Iron,Zinc-plated 1.25KG  WDN01
 concrete formwork dome nut with plate combi nut malleable cast iron  D15/17mm Dome Nut 2, Malleable Cast Iron,Zinc-plated  1.27KG  WDN02
 dywidag formwork dome nut combi nut cast iron type for concrete shuttering  D15/17mm Dome Nut , Malleable Cast Iron,Zinc-plated  1.32KG  WDN03
 concrete shuttering materials d15 17mm combi nut tie rod cast  dome nut D15/17mm Dome Nut 1, Cast Iron Wingnut
Pressed Washer Plate
 1.27KG  WDN04


Strength Test for Formwork Slab Metalform Metal Panel
Length of Metal Form(mm) Span Length (L) mm Load P (KG/mm of Metalform Width)


Residual Deflection(mm)

450 3.4 0.45
900 1.7 0.9



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