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Wellmade is Formwork Accessories Manufacturer In China. We Produce Comprehensive Formwork Accessories For Your Construction Concrete System.

As OEM Formwork Accessories Supplier, All Global Brands Concrete Forming Accessories are available Here.

If You Want Any Custom Formwork Accessories, We are able to Design and Produce for You too.

All of our Formwork System Components, Panels & Accessories are Rigorous Tested.

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Formwork Anchor Nut & Wing Nut

Formwork Clamps

Formwork Form Tie & Accessories

Formwork System Panels

Formwork Concrete Tie Rods & Accessories

You can find all sizes of the tie rods and dywidag bars for your formwork system in Wellmade.

Galvanized and Black Steel Type. Dywidag Heavy Duty Hot Rolled and Normal Duty Cold Rolled Tie Rods

Formwork H20 Wood Beams Accessories

Formwork Film Faced Plywood

You are able to find from Wellmade Film Faced Plywood With Black and Brown Film for Your Concrete Formwork System.

The thickness of the FilmFaced Plywood 12mm-25mm Thickness. Normal Size 1220 x 2440, 914x2440mm etc

Formwork Accessories are Tested in Tough In Wellmade.

We Test Tie Rod, Anchor Nut, Panels according to BS EN Standard

Wellmade Formwork Accessories

Wellmade is a popular formwork accessories manufacturer and supplier in China with more than 20 years of expertise. We provide a wide range of formwork accessories for your construction concrete system.

You can find a comprehensive range of formwork accessories in Wellmade including water-impermeable ­components or formwork spacer for exposed concrete, spacer plates, fixing systems, and various plastic profiles.

What’s more, Wellmade’s formwork accessories include but not limited to the following:

At Wellmade, you can find all types of formwork tie rods (D15-D22mm). You have a choice whether concrete threaded rod or dywidag rebar.

White Galvanized Hot Rolled Dywidag Bars
White Galvanized Hot Rolled Dywidag Bars

Our concrete threaded rod is made from a 450 steel grade round bar in 145 KN strength (15/17mm size). While the Dywidag Rebar is made from hot-rolled strength type of concrete bars in 190 KN (15/17mm size).

In addition to Wellmade formwork accessories, we also offer wing nuts and anchor nuts. You can find wing nuts and anchor nuts available in drop forged and grey cast iron.

Wellmade’s wing nut and anchor nut size are based on our tie rod dimensions, basically OD12mm to OD22mm.

You can find formwork wing nuts and anchor nuts accessories in Wellmade. We have wing nut with washer plate, anchor nut 2 wings, and anchor nut 3 wings.

Wellmade’s formwork accessories are compatible with all formwork systems including peri formwork, dywidag system, Doka formwork, etc.

Formwork Accessories Adjustable Column Clamp Peri Doka Type 2
Formwork Accessories Adjustable Column Clamp Peri Doka Type 2

Wellmade formwork accessories are exported to England, United States, Portugal, Australia, etc. We hope to include you as part of our growing list of satisfied clients.

Wellmade provides you with marketing and business solutions. We have our skillful engineers and workers guaranteed that you have a great and high-quality formwork accessory.

We are looking forward to local business partners throughout the world. Come to us now and check out the details if you are interested.

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Concrete Formwork Wedge Clamp Accessory

 WWC-SStandard Rapid Clamp105 x 40mm 0.43KGPainted/Zinc-plated
 WWC-MMayo Rapid Clamp120 x 50mm 0.55KGPainted/Zinc-plate

Concrete Forms Rapid Clamps Acc

WRC-SStandard Rapid Clip110 x 75mm 0.41KG Painted/Zinc-plated
WRC-LSuper Rapid Clip120 x 75mm0.52 KGPainted/Zinc-plated

Concrete Dywidag Hex Nut D15

 Code Items&DescriptionSize Weight Surface
WHN15330mm(L) Hexagonal Nut30 x 30mm0.15KGSelf&Gal
WHN15445mm(L) Hexagonal Nut 30 x 45mm0.21KGSelf&Gal
WHX15550mm(L) Hexagonal Nut 30 x 50mm0.23KGSelf&Gal
WHX15770mm(L) Hexagonal Nut 30 x 70mm0.30KGSelf&Gal
WHX15990mm Connection Sleeve 30 x 90mm0.39KGSelf&Gal

Concrete Formwork D20 Dywidag Threaded Rod Hex Nut

WHN200330mm Hex Lock Nut D20,0.20KGSelf|Gal
WHN200445mm Hexagonal Nut D200.23KGSelf|Gal
WHN200550mm Hexagonal Nut D200.33KGSelf|Gal
WHN200770mm Hexagonal Nut D200.46KGSelf|Gal
WHN2014140mm Connection Sleeved D200.94KGSelf|Gal

Concrete Formwork Dywidag Threaded Rod Wingnut

WWND15 Tie Rod Wing Nut 01, Malleable Cast Iron, FCD 450.27-0.60KGBlack|Gal

Concrete Forms Threaded Rod Washer Plate

WP10100x100mm Washer Plate100×1000.39KGdGalvanized
WP11110x110mm Washer Plate100×1000.47KGGalvanized
WP12120x120mm, Washer Plate100×1000.57KGGalvanized
WP14140x140mm, Washer Plate100×1000.93KGGalvanized
WP15150x150mm, Washer Plate100×1001.06KGGalvanized
WP18180x180mm,Washer Plate100×1001.53KGGalvanized
WP20200x200mmWasher Plate100×1003.15KGGalvanized

Concrete Forms Anchor Nut Dywidag

WACH12D 12mm Rebar Anchor Nut2 Wings&3 Wings0.3-0.9KGGalvanized
WACH15D 15mm Rebar Anchor Nut2 Wings&3 Wings0.4-0.65KGGalvanized
WACH20D 19mm Rebar Anchor Nut2 Wings&3 Wings0.6-0.9KGGalvanized

Concrete Formwork Combi Nut Combination Wingnut & Washer

WDN115-CCast Washer Dome Nut115x115mm1.0-1.2KG
WDN115-PPressed Washer Dome Nut120x120mm1.0-1.2KG

Formwork Combi Dome Nut

Code Items&DescriptionWeightFinishing
 WDN01 D15/17mm Dome Nut 1, Malleable Cast Iron, Zinc-plated1.25KGBlack|Zinc-plated
 WDN02 D15/17mm Dome Nut 2, Malleable Cast Iron, Zinc-plated 1.27KGBlack|Zinc-plated
 WDN03 D15/17mm Dome Nut, Malleable Cast Iron, Zinc-plated 1.32KGBlack|Zinc-plated
 WDN04D15/17mm Dome Nut 1, Cast Iron Wingnut
Pressed Washer Plate
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