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CE Certified Ladder Beam Scaffold Manufacturer

Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffold ladder beam factory. We manufacture scaffold ladder beams according to ISO9001, ISO 3834 & EN 1090. What are ladder beams? What are the ladder beams’ sizes and depths, and how heavy are each ladder beam sizes? How much weight can a ladder beam hold? You can get all the answers here.

Ladder beams are scaffold components that span large distances and openings for the passage of vehicles and workers on construction sites. It is with top and bottom chords and several vertical tube supports between.

The ladder beams are made from OD 48.3mm scaffold tubes. In construction, ladder beams are fixed by standard scaffold fittings and couplers. Thus ladder beams are compatible with all scaffold systems: scaffold tube clamp system, ringlock scaffolding, cuplock, kwikstage etc.

In the next content, you will find the popular sizes and dimensions of ladder beams and the weight of each size. You will find more details of the uniformly distributed load (UDL) and centre point concentrate load of the scaffold ladder beams.

Ladder Beam Sizes & Weight

Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W60348.3×3.2x6m78.32 KG
W60448.3×4.0x6m63.8 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W64348.3×3.2×6.4m83.21 KG
W64448.3×4.0x6.4m67.78 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W50348.3×3.2x5m65.48 KG
W50448.3×4.0x5m53.33 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W40348.3×3.2x4m52.63 KG
W40448.3×4.0x4m42.87 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W30348.3×3.2x3m39.78 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W24348.3×3.2×2.4m31.83 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W42348.3×3.2×4.2m54.45 KG
W42448.3×4.0x4.2m44.36 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W63348.3×3.2×6.3m82.31 KG
W63448.3×4.0x6.3m67.04 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W48348.3×3.2×4.8m62.41 KG
W48448.3×4.0x4.8m50.84 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W54348.3×3.2×5.4m70.37 KG
W54448.3×4.0x5.4m57.32 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W65348.3×3.2×6.5m85.37 KG
W65448.3×4.0x6.569.54 KG
Scaffold Ladder Beam Galvanized and Painted
Code No.Dia*Thk*LWeight
W80348.3×3.2x8m105.26 KG
W80448.3×4.0x8m85.74 KG

Uniformly Distribute Load (UDL) VS SWL and WLL

Scaffold UDL means uniformly distributed load. It is a test figure from scaffold manufacturers. The 8m ladder beam UDL is 78KN. See the following test result.

Scaffold Ladder Beam Uniformally Distributed Load
Scaffold Ladder Beam Uniformally Distributed Load

SWL is called safety working load in scaffolding. Sometimes it is called WLL (Working Load Limit)

  • SWL = D+(4*L) in calculation.
  • D= dead load(weight of scaffolding)
  • L= live load (weight of workers+material+tools)

In scaffolding inspection and monitoring, WLL and SWL are also calculated by dividing MBL(Minimum Breaking Load) by the safety factor (SF).  The safety factor is normally 1.5-4 in scaffolding according to standards or end users’ requests.

For example, the ladder beam MBL is 78KN as the test result. If the safety factor(SF) is 2(2:1, 2 to 1 or 1/2). The SWL or WLL is 78/2=39 KN.

Ladder Beam Concentrate Load Capacity & Test Report

The ladder beam concentrate load capacity is a maximum bearing load that tests at the weakest point (say the centre of the ladder beam) of the ladder beams.

Following is the test result of the ladder beam concentrate load test for different sizes of ladder beams.

Ladder Beam Concentrate Load Capacity
No.Ladder Beam SizeTube SpecConcentrate Load
WMLB060 – 046m Ladder BeamOD48.3×4.0mm43.07 KN
WMLB050 – 035m Ladder BeamOD48.3×3.2mm34.75 KN
WMLB040 – 034m Ladder BeamOD48.3×3.2mm42.16 KN
WMLB030 – 033m Ladder BeamOD48.3×3.2mm49.54 KN
WMLB020 – 032m Ladder BeamOD48.3×3.2mm57.41 KN
WMLB010 – 031m Ladder BeamOD48.3×3.2mm85.67 KN

Ladder Beam Test Report

  • Width: 305mm
  • Length: 1m to 6.4m
  • Types: 3.2mm and 4.0mm
  • Material: Steel and Aluminium
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Finishing: Galvanized & Painted
  • Package: By Bundles
  • Payment: T/T & LC
  • Production Lead Time: 15-35 Days
  • Shipment: By Sea/By Trains
  • Trade Term: FOB, CIF and DDP, DDU

Aluminum VS Steel Ladder Beams

Aluminum Ladder Beam Scaffold

Aluminum Ladder Beams are a type of scaffold ladder beam made from aluminium scaffold tubes.

The aluminium ladder beam diameter is 48.3mm. The thickness of the aluminium ladder beam is 4.5mm.  The depth of the aluminium beams could be 228mm,353mm and 450mm.

The aluminium grade for the ladder beam is 6082. The grades are met up to BS8118 and TG20 British scaffold standards.

Steel ladder beam painted finishing

The steel ladder beam is a type of scaffold ladder beam that is made from steel scaffold tubes. The diameter of the steel ladder beam is OD48.3mm. The thickness of the steel ladder beams could be 3.2mm and 4.0mm.

The steel grade of the ladder beam is S235 and S355.

Steel ladder beams are cheap compared to aluminium beams. The bearing load is higher as well. But steel ladder beams are easier in rusty. So the ladder beams are treated in galvanizing, painting, powder coating or zinc-plated. Some steel ladder beams are made from galvanized scaffold tubes.

Steel ladder beams are tested according to BS1139, and EN12810 standards.

Scaffold Ladder Beam Dimensions

The Scaffold ladder beam depth is 305mm. The distance between vertical support or called rungs is 305mm as well.  The depths of the ladder beams are also available in 228mm, 360mm, 310mm, 400mm etc.

The length of the steel ladder beams is in the range of 610mm to 10m. Include popular length of 6m, 5m, 4m(13′), 3m, 2m, 6.4m(21′), 4.8m (16′). The longest scaffold ladder beam could be 8m and 10m.

Ladder Beam In Scaffolding Construction Fixed By Scaffolding Couplers
Ladder Beam Scaffold Construction

Wellmade Scaffold Ladder Beams

Wellmade is a leading scaffold ladder beam manufacturer in China. We customize sizes of the scaffold ladder beams and offer quality insurance for the ladder beam orders by testing from raw material to welding to the surface quality.

Every batch of the scaffold ladder beams, you can get relative test report, MTC according to ISO 9001 and EN 12810 standard.

Raw Material of Scaffold Ladder Beams

  • Steel ladder beams raw material: 48.3×3.2mm and O.D 48.3×4.0mm scaffold tubes. The scaffold tube steel grades could be S235 and S355. O.D 48.3×4.0mm steel ladder beam tubes are tested according to BS1139/En39 standard. O.D 48.3×3.2mm steel ladder beam tubes are tested according to EN 10219 standards.
  • Aluminium ladder beams are made of scaffold tubes OD 48.3×4.5mm in alloy grades 6061 T6 and 6082 T6

All of the ladder beam raw materials need to be tested by both chemical composition and physical properties. Include, but not only, tensile strength, yield strengths, elongations, bending, flattening, etc.

Welding & Load Test of Scaffold Ladder Beams

Scaffold ladder beam welding quality in Wellmade conforms to the ISo 3834 and EN 1090 standards. We are a CE-certified manufacturer. The ladder beams can with CE marks on.

Load capacity is the director factor related to the construction design and safety. Thus, Wellmade tests each batch the loading capacity according to BS EN 12811, BS 8118, and TG 20 standards.

What Else You Can Get from Wellmade

If you are purchasing ladder beams for your scaffolding, you can consider buying and importing ladder beams from Wellmade.

Firstly, Wellmade is a professional scaffold ladder beam manufacturer. You can find not only all standard sizes, brands, and specifications of ladder beams. WellmLadder Beam Wellmadeade is able to design and customize your ladder beam requirement, especially for your construction.

Secondly, Wellmade supplies your high-quality ladder beams and ensures construction safety by test the ladder beam scaffolding in the whole process of production before shipping.

You can find the raw material test report, track numbers, batch numbers, heat numbers for your ladder beam raw material. During the manufacturing, Wellmade tests the welding lines and load capacities, shearing data of your ladder beam according to BS EN ASTM standard as well as the CE requirement.

Thirdly, Wellmade is an OEM scaffolding manufacturer for many scaffolding companies and traders. You can get benefits at good factory prices.

With qualified scaffolding materials, Wellmade is the authorized scaffolding material supplier for global oil gas companies including Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, etc.

Our ladder beams are compatible with all of your scaffold systems and tube clamp scaffold. It is easily erected when using a standard O.D 48.3mm scaffolding coupler.

You can get both aluminium and steel ladder beams here. Both painted and galvanized steel ladder beams are available. Wellmade ladder beam scaffold is tested according to BS EN 12811 standards. Relative load capacity and technical data are available.

In addition, you can enjoy your company names, brands, and logos on the ladder beam scaffold products.  With the company identification, the ladder beams will be easier in stock, transportation, rental & hire business.

If you want more professional services like door-to-door delivery etc, Wellmade is able to give that support by more than 100 agents and forwarders globally. And send the ladder beam materials to your construction site or stock, project location.

We Believe Buyers Win, and We Win.

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