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Wellmade: Your Professional Scaffolding Coupler Manufacturer & Supplier

Wellmade is a professional scaffolding coupler manufacturer. We supply all types of scaffolding couplers and clamps. Include scaffold double coupler, scaffold swivel clamps, scaffold single coupler (putlog coupler), scaffold beam clamps and scaffold board clamps, etc.

Our scaffolding clamps and couplers are tested by SGS according to scaffolding standards, including BS1139, EN74, JIS 8951, etc.

Wellmade clients include famous oil gas companies like Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, Saipem, etc. We are also reputation in OEM scaffold fittings manufacturing for famous German formwork companies, like Peri, Altrad, etc.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffolding clamps manufacturer, we ensure you the best quality. We test scaffold couplers in our lab house during daily manufacturing according to the ISO management system. In addition, we bring competitive scaff clamps prices for your market. Ask us to quote you the best price now.

Scaffolding Clamps Types

Germany Scaffolding Clamp Double Coupler

Double Coupler is named Fixed Clamps or Right Angle(90 Degree) Scaffolding Clamps. It Fixes Scaffold Tubes At Right Angle. You can Find Forged &Pressed Double Coupler OD 48.3mm Scaffold Tubes and JIS&KS Standard Double Fix Clamps for 48.6mm Pipes

Offshore Scaffold Swivel Coupler

Swivel Coupler is Called Swivel Clamps. It Fixes Scaffold Tubes at Any Angle. There are drop forged and pressed swivel clamps. Sizes of swivel clamps include 48mm, 42mm, 60mm, 76mm,89mm, etc.

Forged Type Gravlock Coupler Beam Clamp

Beam Clamp is called girder coupler or gravlock. There are fixed type and swivel-type beam clamps. Beam clamps are installed in pairs in scaffolding. Beam clamps are conformed to AS1576 standard.

scaffolding board retaining coupler bs1139-scaffold board fittings - construction galvanized steel pipe clamp

Board clamps are called plank clamps. There are forged board retaining couplers and limpet clamps used to connect between scaffold boards and scaffolding tubes.

Tubular Scaffolding Pressed Steel Sleeve Coupler

Sleeve couplers are pressed steel scaffolding clamps. It is connect scaffold tubes from outside. Thus it is called a joint box. Sleeve coupers are tested according to EN74 and BS1139 standards.

Tubular Scaffolding Forged Putlog Coupler Single Clamps

Putlog coupler is name single coupler. There are forged covers and pressed covers for the putlog coupler. Scaffold putlog couplers fix scaffold tubes at the right angle in the tube and coupler system scaffold.

Scaffolding Joint Pin Coupler Drop Forged Type

Scaffolding joint pins joint two scaffolding pipes from the inner side. Thus it is called an inner joint coupler. There are forged and pressed type scaffold inner joint pins for your scaffold tubes.

Scaffold Ladder Clamps

Ladder clamps attach scaffolding ladders to the scaffolding tube tower. There are drop forged type and pressed type ladder clamps for your tube and clamp system.

Toe board clamp in construction for o.d 48mm scaffold tube protect scaffold toe baord from uplift

Toe board clamps fix scaffold toe board to the tubular scaffolding. It offers a side protection to prevent falling. You can find different types of toe board clamps here.

fence couplers for scaffold fence panels

The fence coupler is a scaffold fitting used to connect two fence poles in construction and safety control. The fence coupler size is OD42mm

Single Coupler Scaffold Half Swivel Clamp

The Half swivel clamp is also called a half coupler, single clamp, or scaffold check coupler. You and find forged type and pressed half clamps here.

Pressed Right Angle Coupler BS1139

The pressed double coupler is a type of right-angle scaffolding clamp. It fixes scaffolding pipes at a right angle of 90 degrees.

Top Quality Scaffolding Coupler Manufacturer in China

Wellmade is a professional scaffolding coupler manufacturer in China. We are a scaffold tube and clamp supplier for famous oil gas companies like Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, KOC, China Petroleum, Saipem, etc. 60% scaffolding factories buy scaffolding clamps from Wellmade too.
Our scaffolding couplers are not only tested and certified by 3rd party testing house. We proceed with daily tests during the whole coupler manufacturing process. Our daily inhouse tests include raw material, slip testing, distortion tests, galvanizing zinc and adhere test,s etc. You can ask relative test report, MTC, galvanizing report for your scaffolding coupler orders.
In addition, we ensure 8.8 class bolts for all of our scaffolding couplers. Send us your scaffolding coupler rqeuirement to get competitive price and professional service now.

Scaffolding Coupler Ultimate Guide

Scaffolding Coupler Catalogue Download

Germany Type Scaffold Clamps Catalogue

Complete Scaffolding Clamps and fittings Download

Tube and Clamp System & Modular Scaffold Catalogue Download

Scaffolding Coupler and Scaffolds

Scaffolding is used for construction support, framing, or concrete shoring. The fundamental parts of scaffolding include scaffolding standards, scaffold ledgers, scaffold braces, scaffold transoms, scaffold jack base, scaffold boards, scaffold ladders, and scaffold beams.

There are two main types of scaffolding: tube and coupler scaffold and system scaffold.

Tube and Coupler Scaffold

Tube and coupler scaffold is also called pipe and clamp scaffolding, tube scaffolding, or tube and fitting scaffold. It is formed and installed by scaffolding tubes and scaffolding couplers.

The scaffold couplers joint scaffolding pipes in the tube and coupler system scaffold construction. They help scaffolding pipes form the main parts of scaffolding: scaffold vertical standards, horizontal ledgers, diagonal braces, transoms and scaffold staging, scaffold side protection, etc.  Meanwhile, in the pipe and clamp system, you can use 2.4mm, 3.2mm, and 4.0mm thickness of scaffolding pipes to form a light weight and heavy-duty scaffolding.

The interval of the tube and coupler scaffold is customized at any distance as long as follows up the scaffold and construction safety rules.

Scaffolding couplers are also called scaffolding clamps or scaffold fittings. It is the scaffold joints and connectors of the tube and clamp scaffold system. They are used to fix the scaffold tubes, scaffold boards, scaffold ladders, and scaffold beams in position in the scaffolding construction.

According to the scaffolding coupler function in the tubular scaffolding, there are different types of scaffold couplers: scaffold double coupler(right angle coupler), scaffold swivel coupler, scaffold single(putlog) coupler, scaffold sleeve coupler, scaffold joint pins, scaffold beam clamp, scaffold ladder clamp, scaffold board retaining coupler, scaffold limpet plank clamps, toe board clips, and scaffold fence clamps, etc.

Tube and Coupler scaffolding is the best type of scaffold:

    1. Heavy Duty Load with Up to 4.0mm Thick Scaffold Parts.
    2. Customized Intervals
    3. Scaffolding Couplers are the Most Durable
    4. Flexible to Form All Shapes of Scaffold for Construction
    5. Durable with Galvanized Finishing
    6. Cheap In Cost Then System Scaffold
    7. Easy Transporation and Stock

System Scaffold

System scaffold is also called modular scaffolds. It is another scaffold other than the tube and coupler scaffold.  System scaffolds include prefabricated modular scaffold parts and components of standards, ledgers, braces, boards, etc.
There are 6 types of modular system scaffolds:

    1. Ringlock Scaffolding System
    2. Kwikstage Scaffolding System
    3. Cuplock Scaffolding System
    4. Scaffolding Frames
    5. Crab Scaffolding System
    6. Quick Lock Scaffolding System

Main Types of Scaffolding Coupling

The 5 main types of scaffold coupling include:

      1. Scaffold Double Coupler
      2. Scaffold Swivel Coupler
      3. Scaffold Putlog Coupler(Single Coupler)
      4. Scaffold Sleeve Coupler
      5. Scaffold Beam Coupler

How Much Weight Can The Main Scaffold Couplers Hold?

Double Coupler Load Bearing and Weight

The double coupler is a scaffold coupler fix scaffold tubes at the right angle in scaffolding construction. The double coupler can hold weights more than 30 KN (EN74 Class B).  Following is the double couplers weight.

No.Double Coupler TypesWeight
1BS1139 Standard Forged Double Coupler1.05 KG
2EN 74 Germany Double Coupler1.25 KG
3American Double Coupler1.55 KG
4Italian Type Double Coupler1.35 KG
5AS1576 Australia Double Coupler1.17KG
6BS1139 Pressed Double Coupler0.85 KG
7JIS Fixed Clamps0.65 KG
8Korean Fixed Clamps0.65 KG

Swivel Coupler Load Bearing and Weight

Swivel couplers connect scaffold tubes at any angle in scaffolding construction. They are load-bearing scaffold couplers too. Swivel couplers can hold weights of more than 20 KN (EN 74 ClassB) and 14 KN (EN74 Class A).

Following are the swivel coupler weight.

No.Swivel Coupler TypeWeight
1BS1139 Forged Swivel Coupler1.20 KG
2EN 74 Germany Swivel Coupler1.45 KG
3America (USA) Swivel Clamp1.75 KG
4Italian Type Swivel Coupler1.55 KG
5AS1576 Australia Swivel Coupler1.30 KG
6BS1139 Pressed Swivel Coupler1.00 KG
7JIS Swivel Clamps0.65 KG
8Korean Swivel Clamps0.65 KG

Sleeve Coupler Load Bearing and Weight

Sleeve couplers are scaffolding couplings joint scaffold tubes end to end. The sleeve coupler can hold 9.0 KN(slip force) weight in scaffolding (EN74 Class B). The weight of the sleeve coupler:

1.0KG if made by 3.5mm thickness steel structures.

1.15Kg if made of 4.0mm metal plate

Putlog Couler (Single Coupler) Loading Bearing and Hold Weight

Putlog coupler joint scaffold putlog or transom on scaffold ledgers at 90 degrees. It allows scaffold boards to lay on the scaffold transom and gives safety support for scaffold staging and work platform. Putlog coupler weight is 0.65KG. The slip load of the putlog coupler is 1.07-2.11KN(BS1139).

Beam Clamp(Girder Coupler) Loading Bearing & Weight

Beam clamps are also called girder couplers. It is tested according to AS1576 in the safety bearing control. The beam clamp is able to hold 30KN weight in the construction. The weight of the fixed beam clamp is 1.5KG. While swivel beam weight is 1.60KG. Beam clamps are used in pairs.

Drop Forged, Pressed, and Casted Type of Scaffolding Couplers

According to the scaffolding manufacturer procedure, you can find the following different types of scaffolding couplers:

Drop Forged Scaffolding Couplers and Photos

Forged scaffolding couplers are drop forged from steel round bars. Before the forging, need to heat the round bar to make it easy for forging. The Steel round bar for forged couplers should be of high strength and less hardness.

Forged scaffolding couplers are the best scaffolding coupler among all of the three types of scaffold clamps. You can have forged couplers of the double coupler, swivel clamp, girder coupler, putlog, board clamps, etc.

Drop forged scaffold fittings are the most common type among all three types of scaffold clamps. You can find forged clamps with forged covers or forged bases.  Most scaffolding companies, construction companies, and formwork companies in global wide are using drop-forged scaffolding couplers.

Pressed Steel Scaffolding Couplers and Photos

Pressed Steel Scaffolding Couplers are manufactured from high-strength steel plates. Punching, Forming, and assembly by bolt and nut. You can find both British type and Japanese/Korean type pressed steel scaffold couplers in Wellmade. While sleeve couplers are always pressed steel type. There are no drop forged sleeve couplers.  Meanwhile Japanese standard pressed steel scaffold couplers are used for OD48.6mm scaffolding pipes JIS standard.

Cast Iron Scaffolding Couplers and Photos

Cast iron scaffolding couplers are traditional Chinese standard scaffold couplers. It is cheaper than drop forged or pressed steel scaffold fittings. Some countries like Ethiopia and Bangladesh prefer cast iron scaffold couplers for your project.

Different Scaffolding Coupler Sizes

There are different sizes for scaffolding couplers. According to the pipe diameter used for scaffolding. You can find the following tube and scaffold coupler sizes:

      • OD48mm
      • OD42mm
      • OD60mm
      • OD76mm
      • OD89mm

48mm is the standard pipe size. Thus 48mm scaffolding coupler size is the most popular. More than standard 48mm scaffolding couplers, other sizes are specially designed for light-duty and heavy-duty construction scaffold systems.

42mm size scaffold couplers are used to connect two frame poles. Because traditional scaffolding frame vertical parts are always 42mm in diameter.

60mm and 76mm size scaffold couplers are also called prop couplers. They are used to connect two scaffolding props in the shoring scaffold system. 60mm size scaffolding clamps are also connectors between heavy-duty shoring system scaffolds. Like shoring frames, hi load ring shore system, etc.

89mm sizes scaffolding couplers are used for New York City Sidewalk Sheild Construction. The large scaffold couplers connect bridge legs which are heavy-duty scaffolding posts with 89mm diameters. You can find the following different types of OD89mm scaffold clamps. The OD89mm

89mm scaffolding fixed and swivel clamps to the USA American heavy duty type scaffold fittings
89mm scaffolding fixed and swivel clamps to the USA American heavy duty type scaffold fittings

Tube and Coupler Scaffolding Assembly Guide By Video

Standard Class for Forged and Pressed Scaffold Couplers

In BS1139 and EN74 standards, you can find 2 classes of scaffolding couplers. Include

  • Class A Scaffolding Coupler
  • Class B Scaffolding Coupler

Basically, Class A is lighter duty than Class B scaffold couplers in weight-bearing. Class B scaffold coupler allows more load(KN). For construction design, most companies ask Class B for double couplers. While for swivel couplers, Class A is acceptable.

Hot Dip Galvanized VS E-galvanized Couplers

For scaffold couplers, you can ask hot-dip galvanized or E-galvanized(zinc-plated) finishing.
E-galvanized is called cold galvanized or zinc plated. It is with less zinc and not as durable as hot dip galvanized. But it is much cheaper in price.
Hot dip galvanized couplers are the most durable scaffolding couplers. Industrial construction projects especially oil gas offshore and marine projects are required hot dip galvanized scaffolding couplers mostly. The zinc thickness for the hot-dip galvanized scaffolding couplers are more than 40 micros. More than the zinc thickness, Wellmade does adhere to test galvanizing quality for both zinc-plated and hot-dip galvanized scaffolding couplers according to CE requirements.  Our scaffolding coupler durability is more than normal scaffold factories.

Scaffolding Coupler Slip and Distortion Test

Wellmade has its own test facilities. We do daily slip and distortion tests for all of the scaffolding couplers during production.  Following are the test videos.

  • 1. Drop forged double coupler test video
  • 2. Sleeve Coupler Test Video

Bolt and Nut of Scaffold Couplers

More than scaffolding coupler slip and distortion test, Wellmade test all batches of bolt and nuts. We ensure all of the bolts for scaffolding couplers are 8.8 top class.

There are 2 types of bolts for your scaffolding coupler manufacturing

  1. Quick threaded(round) bolt
  2. Normal threaded(square) bolt

The quick-threaded bolts are also called round-threaded bolts. Some scaffolding companies also call it a strong bolt.  It is used a lot in Germany-type scaffolding couplers. Scaffolding companies like Layher and Peri use this quick-threaded bolt for their scaffold fittings.

For bolt and nut finishing, you can find hot-dip galvanized, E-galvanized or Dacromet.  For hot-dip galvanized scaffolding couplers, you can choose any of the above for your coupler bolts.

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Couplers Export to Global 58 Countries. Our clients include a lot of European scaffolding and formwork companies. Meanwhile, we are a Scaffolding Supplier of Shell, KNPC, KOC, China Petroleum, etc.

The Most Common Scaffolding Coupler types we Exported Include:

Right Angle(90 Degrees) Scaffold Double Coupler

Scaffolding double coupler is also called fixed clamps or right angle(90 degrees) scaffold coupler. It fixes scaffolding tubes at the right angle in construction. The double couplers joint scaffolding parts of standards, ledgers in the tube, and coupler scaffold.

Standard scaffold double couplers are in the size of OD48mm. It is used to fix the standard scaffolding pipes in OD 48.3mm.

You can find other sizes of scaffold double couplers for O42mm, OD60mm, OD76, and OD89mm scaffolding poles. There are HDG and zinc-plated double couplers for your choosing.

Scaffold Double Coupler types and Weight
CodeDouble Coupler TypeWeightFinishing
WMD1-4848B48x48mm Scaffold Double Coupler-British1.0 KGHot Dip Gal
Zinc Plated
WMD1-4848G48x48mm Scaffold Double Coupler-Germany1.32KG
WMD1-4848U48x48mm Scaffold Double Coupler-USA1.5KG
WMD1-4848A48x48mm Scaffold Double Coupler-Australia1.25KG
WMD1-4848J48x48mm Scaffold Double Coupler-Japanese0.65KG
WMD1-4848K48x48mm Scaffold Double Coupler-Korean0.65 KG
WMD1-486048x60mm Scaffold Double Coupler1.35 KG
WMD1-406040x60mm Scaffold Double Coupler1.45KG
WMD1-484248x42mm Scaffold Double Coupler1.25 KG
WMD1-488948x89mm Scaffold Double Coupler2.35  KG

EN74 BS1139 Scaffolding Swivel Coupler

Scaffold swivel couplers are also called rotation clamps or swivel clamps. It fixed two scaffolding pipes in any angles. Swivel clamps make scaffolding pipes become diagonal brace parts in the tube and coupler scaffold system.

Swivel coupler sizes are based on your scaffold tube diameter. You can find OD48mm swivel clamps for standard scaffold tubes. While other sizes include 42mm, 60mm, 76mm and 89mm are available too. These non-standard sizes swivel couplers are used to connect scaffold systems:

  • Scaffolding frames poles
  • Scaffold Props and Pipes in OD60mm and 76mm
  • Bridge Post Legs For Sidewalk Sheld Scaffold Construction
Swivel Coupler Types Sizes and Weight
Code No.Swivel Coupler Types & SizeWeightFinishing
WDS1-4848B Swivel Coupler 48x48mm- British Type1.2 KGZinc-plated
WDS1-4848G Swivel Coupler 48x48mm- Germany Type1.45 KG
WDS1-4848U Swivel Coupler 48x48mm- USA Type1.70 KG
WDS1-4848A Swivel Coupler 48x48mm- Australia Type1.35 KG
WDS1-4848J Swivel Coupler 48x48mm- Japanese Type0.65 KG
WDS1-4848K Swivel Coupler 48x48mm- Korean Type0.65 KG
WDS1-6048Swivel Coupler 48x60mm1.45 KG
WDS1-6060Swivel Coupler 60x60mm 1.72 KG
WDS1-7648Swivel Coupler 76x48mm1.75 KG
WDS1-8948Swivel Coupler 89x48mm2.75 KG
WDS1-8900Half Swivel Coupler 89mm2.15 KG
WDS1-4242Swivel Coupler 42x42mm1.35 KG
WDS1-4248Swivel Coupler 42x48mm1.45 KG

Scaffolding Girder Coupler (Beam Clamp)

Scaffold beam clamps are also called girder coupler or gravlock clamps. It connects the beam structure to the scaffolding pipes. Beam clamps types include fixed beam clamps, swivel beam clamps, and extended beam clamps.

Beam clamps are tested according to the AS1576 standard. In construction, the girder couplers should be used in pairs.

According to the beam structure thickness, you can choose your sizes of beam clamps. Normal beam couplers are able to fix 51mm thickness flange scaffold beams. If your scaffold beam size is more than 51mm, you can choose to buy extended beam clamps. The extended gravlock coupler is able to fix beams with flanges up to 81mm.

Fix gravlock beam coupler fix scaffold beams to the scaffolding structure at 90 degrees. While swivel beam clamps work for any angles between the scaffold beams and scaffolding structures.

Scaffold Beam Clamp Sizes Types & Weight
Code No.SizesWeight Finishing
WDGF-BFixed Beam Clamp – British Type1.50 KGZinc-plated|HDG
WDGF-UFixed Beam Clamp – USAType1.55 KG
WDGF-JBeam Clamp – Japanese Type1.00 KG
WDGF-KBeam Clamp – Korean Type1.00 KG
WDGF-ExtExtend Beam Clamp1.78 KG
WDGS-BSwivel Beam Clamp – British1.6 KG
WDGS-JSwivel Beam Clamp – Japanese Type1.00 KG
WDGS-KSwivel Beam Clamp – Korean Type1.00 KG

Scaffold Putlog Coupler

The scaffolding putlog coupler is also called a single coupler. It is used to fix scaffolding tubes at a right angle. You can use the putlog coupler to attach tubular scaffold transom to the scaffolding structure.

The shape of the putlog coupler is like a pig ear. It is manufactured according to BS 1139 standard.

More than single scaffold putlog couplers, there are double putlog couplers too. According to the putlog coupler covers, you can find 2 types of scaffold putlog coupler:

  • Pressed putlog coupler
  • Forged putlog coupler
Scaffold Putlog Type and Weight
Code No.WeightItemsFinishing
WPD10.65 KGForged Putlog CouplerZinc-plated/HDG
WPD20.64 KGPress Steel Putlog

Scaffold Plank Clamps

The plank clamp is one type of scaffolding coupler. It is used to fix scaffold boards to the scaffold structure.  Plank clamp height is manufactured according to the scaffold board thickness.

There are 2 types of plank clamps for the tube and coupler scaffold system:

  1. Board Retaining Coupler
  2. Limpet Clamp

Board retaining coupler is also called the BRC coupler. It is used to connect between OD48mm scaffold tubes and scaffold boards. The board retaining clamp height is designed according to the scaffold plank thickness. So you can find a 38-50mm height board retaining coupler here.

Limpet clamp is another type of plank clamp. It is a scaffolding connector between two scaffolding planks. The limpet clamp can fix a max 58mm thickness scaffold planks.

Both plank clamps are manufactured according to the BS1139 scaffold standard.

Scaffold Plank Type and Weight
Code No.WeightPlank Clamp TypesFinishing
WBRC-F0.60 KGForged Board Retaining Coupler for 38-50mm Thick Plank – Zinc-plated
WBRC-P0.60 KGPressed Board Retaining Coupler for 38-50mm Thick Plank
WBRC-L0.35 KGLimpet Clamp

Clamp Scaffold Boards Together Guide

You can find the following photos about how to clamp scaffold boards with the board couplers.

Scaffolding Inner Joint Pin Coupler

Scaffolding inner joint pins joint two scaffold tubes from the inner side. Thus it is called scaffold tube joiner.

You can find the following four different types of scaffolding joint coupler

  1. Forged Inner Joint Pins BS1139
  2. Pressed Inner Joint Pins BS1139
  3. JIS & KS Bone Joints for OD48.6mm GI Pipes
  4. Joint Pin for Rivet Pipes
Scaffolding Joint Clamp Types and Weight
Code No.WeightJoint Pin Coupler TypeFinish
WFIP1.10 KGForged Scaffold Inner Joint Pin -Zinc-plated
-Hot Dip Gal
WPIJ-B0.68 KGPressed Scaffold Joint Clamp
WBJ-J0.65 KGScaffold Bone Joint – Japanese Type JIS
WBJ-K0.50 KGJoint Pin Coupler For Rivet Steel Pipe

Scaffold Sleeve Coupler

The sleeve coupler joints two scaffold tubes from outside. That is why it is also called a scaffold joint box.
The sleeve coupler size is 48mm. It is used to connect scaffolding pipes with a diameter of 48mm.  You can find 3mm and 5mm sleeve couplers for your normal duty and heavy-duty tube and coupler construction.
All sleeve couplers are tested and certified according to EN 74 scaffold standards.
Scaffold Sleeve Coupler Types and Weight
Code No.ItemsWeightSize
WPSL13mm Sleeve Coupler1.0 KGOD48mm
WPSL25mm Sleeve Coupler1.2 KGOD48mm

Scaffold Ladder Clamp  BS1139

Scaffold ladder clamps are used to attached scaffolding ladders to the scaffold structure. It can be used for the aluminum ladder or steel ladder. You can find both forged and pressed steel types of ladder clamps for your tubular scaffolding construction.   Both forged and pressed ladder clamps scaffolding are conformed to BS1139 standard.

Forged and Pressed Ladder Clamp Size and Weight
WFLForged Ladder Clamp ScaffoldOD48.3mm0.68 KG
WPLPressed Ladder Clamp ScaffoldOD48.3mm0.50 KG

BS1139 Scaffolding Toe Board Coupler

The scaffold toe board coupler is a scaffolding clamp used to fix scaffold toe boards to the scaffolding structures. The toe board coupler is with a hook and a plate. The hook is connected to scaffold horizontal tubes. While plate part is used to stop the scaffold toe board from moving out.  Toe board clamps are manufactured according to BS1139 standards.

Code No.ItemsFinishingWeight
WTBCScaffolding Toe Board ClampZinc-plated/HDG0.50 KG

BS1139 Scaffolding Fence Coupler

The scaffolding fence coupler joins the poles between two scaffold fences.  It is a type of pressed scaffold fittings. Wellmade manufacture the fence coupler according. to BS1139 scaffold standard. According to the fence pole diameter, the fence coupler is in size of 42mm.

Fence Coupler Size and Weight
Code No.SizeWeightFinishing
WFCOD42mm0.50 KG – E-gal
-Hot-dip Gal

Scaffolding Pressed Universal Clamp

Universal clamps with bolt and two V clips. That is why the universal clamp scaffold is also called V clamps.  Universal clamps are used for multipurpose in the tube and coupler scaffold system.  It is pressed from high-strength steel plates. You can find both zinc plated and hot-dip galvanized universal couples for your construction.  The bolts of universal clamps are M12x125mm(L).

Universal Clamp Scaffolding
Universal Clamp Scaffolding
Scaffold Universal Clamp Weight
Code No.ItemsFinishingWeight
WUCScaffolding Universal ClampZinc-plated|HDG0.50 KG

Different Country Scaffolding Coupler Buying Guide

Scaffolding Coupler BS1139 Standard is the Most Popular Applied Standard in Coupler. It is with 21mm Cross Nut and Washer.  This Coupler was Used not only in the UK, Britain Surround Countries and Area.
It is also a scaffolding Standard accepted by most countries in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia.
Following Countries Couplers are Different from BS1139 Standard Scaffolding Couplers:
    • Australia Scaffolding Couplers: Australia Uses Scaffolding Couplers with 23mm Flange Nut for All Types of Couplers Include Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Putlog Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, and Girder.
    • United States Scaffolding Coupler: US Scaffolding Construction Companies use 22mm Flange Nut and Heavy Weight Type. The Sizes of the Scaffolding Couplers Not Only Include 48.3mm But Also include 60mm, 76mm, and 89mm
USA Type Scaffolding Coupler Photos
  • South American Countries, Like Chile, Use 22mm Flange Nut the same As Germany Companies, Normal Duty Type.
  • Germany Scaffolding Coupler: Germany uses a 22mm Flange Nut for all Scaffolding Couplers. Besides of Normal Type, There are Round Threaded Bolts for Heavy Duty Type Scaffolding Coupler.
Durable I Bolt Scaffolding Coupler Manufacturer Wellmade China
Durable I Bolt Scaffolding Coupler
Germany Type Scaffolding Coupler Photos
  • Japanese and Korean Standard Scaffolding Clamps

Japanese and Korean standard scaffolding clamps are pressed steel type. It is used to fix JIS 3444 scaffolding GI pipes in OD48.6mm.  Basically, there is light weight than British and European standard scaffolding couplers. Types of Japanese and Korean standard scaffolding clamps include fixed clamps, swivel clamps, fixed beam C clamps, swivel beam C clamps, bone joints, base plate, etc.

Scaffolding pipe with rivet is a special pipe and fitting system in Korean and Japanese standard scaffolding.  You can find special scaffolding joint pins, and base plate for your revit scaffold tube clamp system.

Rivet scaffolding pipe fitting photos are as following:

Wellmade Scaffolding Coupler

Wellmade is a scaffolding coupler manufacturer with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience. You can find the right scaffold clamps here no matter which country you are from.

The scaffolding couplers help to fix your scaffolding pipes in right place in the construction.  with the help of the scaffolding couplers, the scaffold pipes are used as scaffolding verticals, horizontals, diagonal and horizontal braces. Special scaffolding couplers like board retaining couplers fix scaffold boards on the scaffold ledgers.  While other couplers like putlog, single clamps work with OD48.3mm scaffolding pipes too.

More than civil construction, building construction, you can find our scaffolding couplers are used in different industrial and commercial construction. Include oil gas industry, power plant, chemical plant, etc. Famous oil gas companies like Shell, Sinopec, China Petroleum, KNPC, KOC use Wellmade scaffold fittings for their onshore and offshore projects, equipment, and pipeline temporary and permanent repairs.

In government infrastructure construction, you and find the Wellmade scaffold clamps are used in highway construction, bridge construction, airport construction, sports stadium construction, etc.  Meanwhile, Wellmade scaffold couplers are famously used in Russia World Cup and Beijing Olympic Stadium Construction.

You can find all types of scaffolding couplers here. Include double coupler, beam clamps, swivel coupler, sleeve coupler, putlog and BRC coupler, fence, ladder clamps, etc. Each scaffold couplers are used for each function. Like BRC coupler is fixing scaffold boards and scaffolding pipes. Ladder clamps are used to local scaffolding ladders to the scaffold pipe fitting system. All of them conform to international scaffolding standards, including EN74, BS1139, AS1576, etc.

The scaffolding clamps are components of a pipe-fitting scaffolding system. It is a traditional scaffolding system used decades years ago. The scaffolding tube and clamp system come much earlier than modular scaffold systems like ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, scaffolding frames, etc.

Following are the reasons and advantages why the scaffolding tube and coupler system lasted so many years and are still used so widely worldwide.

Durable with Galvanizing Finishing, Resistance to Corrosion under any condition

  • Compatible with all Traditional and Modern Modular System
  • Standard Sizes OD48mm
  • Cheaper Price Than System Scaffold
  • Easy Stock and Transporation Than Modular System Scaffold
  • Safe For All Kind of Construction
  • Complete Safety Regulation and Guide In Each Country

HDG & Zinc-plated Scaffolding Couplers

Wellmade scaffold couplers are mostly zinc-plated. Which is also called E-galvanized or clod galvanized. While Hot Dip Galvanized(HDG) scaffolding couplers are available too. The HDG scaffold clamps are more durable without rusty in the long term. Though hot-dip galvanized scaffold fittings are more expensive than zinc-plated, it is still used widely. Especially the oil gas companies, offshore projects as well as permanence maintenance. You can find the following zinc thickness for the hot dip galvanized scaffolding swivel coupler.

Hot dip galvanized Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Forged
HDG Swivel Coupler

60% Scaffolding &Formwork Companies Buy Scaffold Couplers from Wellmade

As a leading scaffolding coupler manufacturer in China. Our scaffold clamps are imported by scaffolding companies, formwork, and engineer companies globally wide. You can find in every country our scaffolding couplers at your local market. Meanwhile, if you have a big quantity, you can import the scaffolding coupler directly from Wellmade China too.  Wellmade scaffolding coupler rates are always reasonable to bring benefits for your construction and your market.

So far, Wellmade provides an innovative solution for scaffolding couplers to moreover 500 companies including small businesses.

OEM Scaffolding Coupler Logos & Marks

More than quality, Wellmade customizes your scaffolding clamps with your company name and logos on your couplers. The OEM service is free as long as your scaffolding coupler orders a quantity of more than one full container.

Your brand scaffolding clamps help your market advertising and clients’ recognization. It makes your scaffolding clamps easier in stock, transportation management.

We will provide you with a comprehensive turnkey scaffolding coupler solution to thousands of customers in the leading market.

We are looking forward to a business partner investor for our business. You can contact with us if you have any requirements and questions about our scaffolding couplers. Our sales team will revert to you within 24 hours.

Scaffold Clamp Manufacturing Video – Wellmade

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