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Wellmade is a Professional Scaffolding Coupler Manufacturer In China. Our Scaffolding Coupler is EN74, BS 1139 Standard Tested.

Wellmade is Audit Approved Scaffolding Coupler Supplier for Oil Gas Companies Like Shell, Sinopec, KNPC etc.

Daily Test Scaffolding Coupler In Wellmade Lab Secures Your Scaffolding Coupler Quality & Safety.

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British Standard Forged Scaffolding Coupler

Pressed British Standard Scaffolding Coupler

Germany Type Scaffolding Couplers

The USA Durable  Scaffolding Coupler

Wellmade Scaffolding Coupler Manufacturing

Durable I Bolt Scaffolding Coupler Manufacturer Wellmade China
Durable I Bolt Scaffolding Coupler

Wellmade Scaffolding Coupler

Wellmade is more than 20 years of experience in the field of scaffolding coupler manufacturing. No matter what you need for your projects, you can find the appropriate scaffolding coupler right here!

Wellmade scaffolding coupler is the fittings for stabilizing and fixing the steel tracks on the flex track. You can find a scaffolding coupler to keep the steel track from moving to the flex track either vertically or horizontally.

We manufacture scaffolding coupler for different industrial use. You can use it for most oil & gas onshore and offshore projects. Also, you can find Wellmade scaffolding coupler in most oil gas industrial projects and the construction.

Wellmade will be your one-stop provider of scaffolding coupler you need. We are experts in most scaffolding coupler manufacturing.

Mainly are scaffolding double coupler, beam clamp girder coupler, scaffolding swivel clamp, sleeve coupler, putlog coupler, board retaining scaffolding coupler, fencing coupler, and scaffolding ladder coupler.

Each scaffolding types we offer has its own unique features and characteristics. They manufactured conforming to quality standards for long-lasting use and best performance.

Scaffolding Coupler Production Wellmade China British Standard
Scaffolding Coupler Production British Standard Clamps

The following are the scaffolding coupler features and advantages:

  • Commendable sturdiness
  • Superior resistance to corrosion
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Hot-dip galvanized
  • Zinc plated
  • Robustness
  • Optimum strength
  • Long functionality

Wellmade is a leading producer and supplier of various types of scaffolding coupler. We completely designed the scaffolding coupler by following quality standards for your satisfaction.

All of our scaffolding couplers are rigorously tested with quality standards such as EN74 and BS 1139 standards for better performance.

You can easily acquire different dimensions and sizes of Wellmade scaffolding couplers and fittings and choose as per your needs.

With our vast knowledge and experience in this industry, Wellmade Scaffolding has become one of the popular suppliers and manufacturers of a comprehensive range of scaffolding couplers in China. You can get our scaffolding coupler at a leading market rate.

So far, Wellmade provides an innovative solution for scaffolding coupler to moreover 500 companies including small businesses.

We will provide you with a comprehensive turnkey of scaffolding coupler solution to thousands of customers in the leading market.

We are looking forward to a business partner investor for our business. We have a wide range of scaffolding couplers perfect for your startup business.

For more information about the scaffolding coupler, please do contact our team right away!

Wellmade Scaffolding Coupler Assembly

Different Country Scaffolding Coupler Buying Guide

Scaffolding Coupler Type

The Scaffolding Coupler is Traditional Construction Scaffolding Material. It is also scaffold fittings of oil gas company contracting, maintenance and inspection. 

There are Drop Forged Scaffolding Couplers and Press Steel Couplers, Cast Iron Couplers.  
  • Drop Forged Couplers are Heating and Forging from Round Bar for Covers and Bases. Most Oil Gas Companies and Construction Companies Like Forged Double Couplers, Forged Swivel Clamps, Forged Putlog Couplers, and Board Retaining Clamp, Girder Gravlock Coupler.
  •  Pressed Steel Scaffolding Couplers Include Sleeve Coupler, Joint Clamps. There are also Pressed Steel Fixed Clamp and Swivel Clamps BS1139, Different from Forged Ones.
  • Japanese Standard Scaffolding Couplers Include Fixed Clamp and Swivel Clamps, Girder C Clamps are Made from Pressed Steel Too O.D 48.6mm

Scaffolding Coupler Class

According to BS1139 and EN74 Standard, There are Class A and Class B Scaffolding Couplers. Class B is a Type of Heavy Duty Scaffolding Coupler in Slip Strength and Distortion Strength.
Wellmade Scaffold’s Forged Double Coupler and Swivel Coupler are Class B in Slip and Distortion Heavy Duty.

Scaffolding Coupler Galvanizing and Surface Treatment

Different from System Scaffold, Scaffolding Couplers are Mostly Galvanized. There are E-galvanized and Hot Dip Galvanizing Scaffolding Couplers.
  • E-galvanizing Scaffolding Coupler with less zinc thickness is also called Zinc-Plated.  This Type of Galvanizing is in Less Cost. Suit for Both Drop Forged and Pressed Steel Scaffolding Couplers. Some Time, Cast Iron Scaffolding Coupler is in E-galvanized too.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffolding Coupler is with more than 40 micro Zinc Thickness, It is Higher Cost, but Durable in Offshore Scaffolding, Marine Scaffolding even Bad Weather.

Scaffolding Coupler Bolt Class

Beside Slip and Distortion Strength, Scaffolding Bolt is one of the Most Important Elements in Scaffolding Coupler for Stable Quality and Safety. Wellmade Scaffold Uses 8.8 Class Scaffolding Bolt for Both Galvanized and Hot dip Galvanized Scaffolding Couplers.

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Couplers Export to Global 55 Countries. Include Construction Companies, Building Material Companies, Scaffolding and Formwork Companies, Contractors and Oil Gas Petroleum, Energy Companies.

We are a Scaffolding Supplier of Shell, KNPC, KOC, China Petroleum for Their Onshore and Offshore Projects.

Wellmade Have Complete Test Facilities for Scaffolding Coupler. You Can Get Scaffolding Coupler Load and Slip Test Report For Your Special Order.

Scaffolding Double Coupler Load Bearing Test

Wellmade Scaffold Engineer Is In Pressed Sleeve Scaffolding Coupler Slip Testing

Wellmade ‘s Scaffolding Couplers Include Drop Forged and Pressed Steel Type. The Most Common Scaffolding Coupler we Exported Include:

Forged Scaffolding Double Coupler (90 Degree)

Code No.ItemsSizeFinishing
WMD1-484848×48 Scaffold Double CouplerOD48x48Hot Dip Gal & Zinc Plated
WMD1-606048×60 Scaffold Double CouplerOD48x60
WMD1-424248×42 Scaffold Double CouplerOD48x42
Forged Double Coupler for Scaffolding Pipes in OD42mm-OF89mm.Zinc-plated Double Couplers are Used Popular in Construction Building, Infrastructure Scaffolding. While Hot-dip galvanized Scaffolding Couplers are Used In Onshore&Offshore Scaffolding for Oil&Gas Industrial Construction.Marine Services.

EN74 BS1139 Scaffolding Swivel Coupler

Code No.SizesItemsFinishing
WDS1-4848OD48x48mm Swivel Coupler 48.3×48.3mmZinc-plated/HDG
WDS1-6048OD48x60mmSwivel Coupler 48.3x60mm
WDS1-6060OD60x60mmSwivel Coupler 60x60mm
WDS1-7648OD76x48mmSwivel Coupler 76×48.3mm
WDS1-7660OD76x60mmSwivel Coupler 76x60mm
WDS1-8948OD89x48mmSwivel Coupler 89×48.3mm
WDS1-8960OD89x60mmSwivel Coupler 89x60mm
WDS1-8976OD89x76mmSwivel Coupler 89x76mm
WDS1-4242OD42x42mmSwivel Coupler 42x42mm
WDS1-4248OD42x48mmSwivel Coupler 42×48.3mm
Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Is Rotation Couplers In All Angles Connection Between Scaffolding Pipes and Poles in Diameter from OD42mm to OD89mm.Hot-dip galvanized Swivel Coupers Are More Durable Using In Offshore Construction of Oil and Gas and Marine Services. Scaffold Swivel Coupler OD60mm is also Called Prop Coupler, Which is Used to Connect Between Scaffold Props and Scaffold Poles.

Scaffolding Girder Coupler (Beam Clamp)

Code No.SizesItems Finishing
WDGF53OD48.3x51mmFixed Beam Clamp Zinc-plated|HDG
WDGF81OD48.3x81mmFixed Beam Clamp ExtendedZinc-plated|HDG
WDGSOD48.3mmForged Swivel Beam Clamps Zinc-plated|HDG
Beam Clamps Are Used as Connectors Between Scaffold Beams&Scaffold Poles. Extended Beam Clamps Are Used to Fixed Big Sizes Of Scaffold Beams.

BS1139 Scaffold Putlog Coupler

Code No.SizeItemsFinishing
WPD1OD48.3mmForged Putlog CouplerZinc-plated/HDG

BS1139 Scaffold Board Retaining Coupler

Code No.SizeItemsFinishing
WBRC-38OD48.3mmForged Board Retaining Clamp for 38mm Scaffold Board Zinc-plated/HDG
WBRC-40OD48.3mmForged Board Retaining Clamp for 40mm Scaffold BoardZinc-plated/HDG
WBRC-45OD48.3mmForged Board Retaining Clamp for 45mm Scaffold BoardZinc-plated/HDG

BS1139 Forged Scaffold Inner Joint Pin

Code No.SizeItemsFinish
WFIPOD48.3mmForged Scaffold Inner Joint PinZinc-plated

Scaffold Sleeve Coupler EN74

Code No.ItemsSizeFinishing
WPSL1Sleeve Coupler Normal Duty 3mmOD48.3mmZinc-plated|HDG
WPSL2Sleeve Coupler Heavy Duty 5mmOD48.3mmZinc-plated|HDG

Forged Scaffold Ladder Clamp BS1139

WFLForged Ladder Clamp ScaffoldOD48.3mm0.60KG

BS1139 Pressed Steel Scaffolding Ladder clamp

Code No.ItemsSizeWeight
WFLPPressed Steel Scaffold Ladder ClampOD48.3mm0.5KG

BS1139 Scaffolding Toe Board Coupler

Code No.ItemsFinishing
WTBCScaffolding Toe Board ClampZinc-plated/HDG

BS1139 Scaffolding Fence Coupler

Code No.ItemsFinishing
WFCScaffolding Fence CouplerZinc-plated|HDG

Scaffolding Pressed Universal Clamp

Code No.ItemsFinishing
WUCScaffolding Universal ClampZinc-plated|HDG

Different Country Scaffolding Coupler Buying Guide

Scaffolding Coupler BS1139 Standard is the Most Popular Applied Standard in Coupler. It is with 21mm Cross Nut and Washer.  This Coupler Used not only in the UK, Britain Surround Countries and Area.
It is also a scaffolding Standard accepted by most countries in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia.
Following Countries Couplers are Different from BS1139 Standard Scaffolding Couplers:
  • Australia Scaffolding Couplers: Australia Uses Scaffolding Coupler with 23mm Flange Nut for All Types of Couplers Include Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Putlog Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, and Girder.
  • United States Scaffolding Coupler: US Scaffolding Construction Companies use 22mm Flange Nut and Heavy Weight Type. The Sizes of the Scaffolding Couplers Not Only Include 48.3mm But Also include 60mm, 76mm, and 89mm
  • South American Countries, Like Chile, Use 22mm Flange Nut the same As Germany Companies, Normal Duty Type.
  • Germany Scaffolding Coupler: Germany uses a 22mm Flange Nut for all Scaffolding Couplers. Besides of Normal Type, There are Round Threaded Bolts for Heavy Duty Type Scaffolding Coupler.
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