Ringlock Ledger

Ringlock Ledger is Horizontal Parts of Ringlock Scaffolding System. Wellmade is Ringlock Ledger Manufacturer In China.  We Produce Ringlock Ledgers according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090 CE Certified.

You can find all Types and Sizes of the Ringlock Ledgers In Wellmade.  We Custom Your Ringlock Ledgers According to Your Construction Design too.

There is O Type Ringlock Ledger and U Type Ringlock Ledger In Wellmade. Free Emboss Mark with Your Brand Name is available on the Ringlock Ledgers.

Send Us Your Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger Requirement to Get Competitive Price.

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Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger is Horizontal Part of Ring Lock Modular System In Construction Support. It is made from OD48.3mm Scaffold Tube with Cast Steel Ledger Ends, Wedge Pins & Rivet.
Wedge pins are Connected & Locked Horizontally with Rosette Rings of Ringlock Scaffolding Standard In Erection & Assembly.
There are O Ledger and U Ledger. O.D 48.3mm Tubular Scaffolding Ledgers are O Type Ledgers.
Ledger Length is Centre to Centre Size in Ringlock System. Customized Length is Available as a Construction Design Requirement.

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger Size

CodeItemsSize (mm)Weight
WRH061Ringlock Horizontal 610mmOD48.3 x 6103.38 KG
WRH073Ringlock Horizontal 730mmOD48.3 x 7323.80 kG
WRH091Ringlock Horizontal 914mmOD48.3 x 9144.46 KG
WRH107Ringlock Horizontal 1070mmOD48.3 x 10725.01 KG
WRH115Ringlock Horizontal 1150mmOD48.3 x 11505.30 KG
WRH150Ringlock Horizontal 1500mmOD48.3 x 15006.54 KG
WRH157Ringlock Horizontal 1570mmOD48.3 x 15706.79 KG
WRH183Ringlock Horizontal 1830mmOD48.3 x 18307.72 KG
WRH207Ringlock Horizontal 2070mmOD48.3 x 20727.72 KG
WRH257Ringlock Horizontal 2570mmOD48.3 x 257210.35KG
WRH213Ringlock Horizontal 2130mmOD48.3 x 21308.79KG
WRH244Ringlock Horizontal 2440mmOD48.3 x 24409.89 KG
WRH300Ringlock Horizontal 3000mmOD48.3 x 300011.88 KG
WRH305Ringlock Horizontal 3050mmOD48.3 x 305012.06 KG
WRH307Ringlock Horizontal 3070mmOD48.3 x 307212.14 KG


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