Ringlock Scaffold Ledgers

Ringlock Ledgers Include U-type ledgers and O-type ledgers. All types of ring system scaffolds need O-type ledgers. They are essential horizontal parts of the ring system used to connect between ringlock standards. So when we say ringlock ledger, mostly means O ledgers. U-type ledgers are required in European-type allround scaffolding systems.

Ringlock ledgers are manufactured by standard scaffolding pipes in OD48.3mm. At both ends of the scaffold tube welded with two cast steel ledger ends. There is a slot on each of the cast steel ledger end. The slot is used to insert ringlock wedge pins. Ringlock scaffold wedge pins are manufactured from high-strength steel plates. It is fixed inside of the ledger end slot by a rivet.

Wellmade is the leading ringlock scaffolding material manufacturer in China. Our ringlock scaffold is tested according to EN12810 and AS 1576. It is also certified in Europe as a CE scaffold product.

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Ringlock Ledger Details

How Ringlock Ledgers Work in Ringlock System Scaffold

Ring system standards and ledgers are basic scaffold parts. Standard is upright of the scaffold, ledgers make the upright connected to form the ring scaffold support and frames.

In the ringlock scaffolding construction, the wedge pins of the ringlock ledgers are the locks and connectors between ringlock standards. It is inserted into the holes of the ringlock standard rosette.

How to Measure Ringlock Scaffold Ledger Sizes

Example Size of Ringlock Ledgers - Center to Center - Wellmade
Ringlock Ledger Size Measurement

Ringlock scaffold ledger sizes are not the overall lengths of the product. The size is always an axial size between two adjacent ringlock standards. We call it center-to-center sizes.

There are standard sizes of the ringlock scaffolding ledgers. We also customize your ledger sizes according to your structure design.

Ringlock Scaffolding O Ledger Size

CodeItemsSize (mm)Weight
WRH061Ringlock Horizontal 610mmOD48.3 x 6103.38 KG
WRH073Ringlock Horizontal 730mmOD48.3 x 7323.80 kG
WRH091Ringlock Horizontal 914mmOD48.3 x 9144.46 KG
WRH107Ringlock Horizontal 1070mmOD48.3 x 10725.01 KG
WRH115Ringlock Horizontal 1150mmOD48.3 x 11505.30 KG
WRH150Ringlock Horizontal 1500mmOD48.3 x 15006.54 KG
WRH157Ringlock Horizontal 1570mmOD48.3 x 15706.79 KG
WRH183Ringlock Horizontal 1830mmOD48.3 x 18307.72 KG
WRH207Ringlock Horizontal 2070mmOD48.3 x 20727.72 KG
WRH257Ringlock Horizontal 2570mmOD48.3 x 257210.35KG
WRH213Ringlock Horizontal 2130mmOD48.3 x 21308.79KG
WRH244Ringlock Horizontal 2440mmOD48.3 x 24409.89 KG
WRH300Ringlock Horizontal 3000mmOD48.3 x 300011.88 KG
WRH305Ringlock Horizontal 3050mmOD48.3 x 305012.06 KG
WRH307Ringlock Horizontal 3070mmOD48.3 x 307212.14 KG


  1. Ledger Tube Diameter: 48.3mm
  2. Ledger Tube Thickness: 3.0mm, 3.2mm, 2.7mm
  3. Wedge Pin: 6mm
  4. Ledge Ends: Precision Cast Steel
  5. Standards: EN 12810, BS1139, AS1576, CSA & ANSI
  6. Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  7. Life Span: 20 Years
  8. Construction Application: All types: Concrete Shoring, Building, Industrial, Civil, Commercial, Shipbuilding, Marine, etc

Ringlock Scaffold Ledger Steel Grade

  • S235
  • S355

Ringlock Ledgers Buying Notes

  • Package: Steel Pallets/Bundles (Suit for Seaway)
  • Delivery Port: Xingang Port, Tianjin, China
  • Origin: China
  • Delivery Time: 15-35 Days
  • Sample: Available
  • Mark: Customized Mark(Sticker or Emboss)
  • Brand: Wellmade(WM)


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