Formwork Waler Plate

Waler plate is one of the formwork accessories. It works together with the concrete tie bars, formwork wing nut and hex nut. In engineering, the formwork waler plate shares the concrete load during your shuttering work.

Wellmade is the waler plate manufacturer in China. We are the global scaffolding and formwork companies’ waler plate OEM supplier.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffold and formwork material factory, you can find tested and certified high-quality waler plates for your concrete construction. Send us for waler plate requirement to get a competitive price now.

Wellmade Waler Plate

Wellmade waler plate is also called tie rod plate and tie rod nut plate. It is a type of square steel plate. In the centre of the steel waler plate, there is a hole. This hole is used to connect with the concrete tie rod in your construction.

The waler plate is one of the formwork accessories.   It joints with 15/17mm concrete tie rods. While we design 20/22mm waler plates for your D20 tie bar system t00.

According to the tie system, there are cold rolled and hot rolled tie rods. Both tie rods are able to work with the steel waler plates in construction.

For corrosion protection purposes, the formwork waler plate is always galvanized.  According to the galvanizing colour, there are white and yellow waler plates.  In addition, self-finished and hot-dip galvanized waler plates are available too.

In the construction, the waler plates help to distribute the load to formwork soldiers from the concrete. It is in conjunction with the formwork wing nut and hex nut during the concrete forming.

Waler Plate Steel Wall Thickness

Wellmade waler plates are pressed from the steel plates. According to the steel plate wall thickness, there are lightweight, medium weight and heavy-weight waler plates.

Light Duty Waler Plates

Ligh duty waler plates steel wall thickness is about 3-5mm. Among them, 5mm waler plates are the most used in civil and commercial formwork constructions.

Medium Duty Waler Plates

Medium duty waler plates are made from 6-8mm steel plates. It takes more weight from the concrete forming system. Thus it is used for the higher load required concrete shuttering work.

Heavy Duty Waler Plates

If your concrete work required heavy-duty loads. You can choose 10-15mm steel waler plates. This heavy-duty waler plate is able to meet all load requirements related to concrete shuttering.  Thus thick waler plates are used popular in infrastructure construction, like the highway, bridge concrete.

Custom Your Waler Plate Size

As a leading waler plates manufacturer, Wellmde produces all standard sizes. You can find both square and rectangular waler plates here. Square waler plates include 120x120mm, 115x115mm etc. More the standard market sizes, we custom your waler plates sizes too.

You can use the waler plates in all types of formwork systems. Include slab formwork, wall formwork, beam formwork and stair formwork etc.

While no matter you are using steel formwork, aluminium formwork or timber formwork, the waler plates are able to help you to fix the form tie system.

Waler Plate Steel Grade

Wellmade manufactures the waler plate from the steel plates.  According to the steel plate steel grade, there are S235, S355 and 450 waler plates for your construction.  Among different steel grades, S235 is the most popular formwork of waler plates. While S355 and 450 steel are higher strengths.

Waler Plate with Wing Nut Of Combination Nut

formwork dome combination with tie rod wing nut and waler plate
formwork dome combination with tie rod wing nut and waler plate

Formwork combination nut is also called d0me nut or combi nut. It is a type of formwork nut combined with the waler plates and wing nut. With the two elements combined, you can save more time and labour at the concrete sites. Wellmade is able to produce pressed, cast and forged waler plates for your formwork combi nuts.

More than the formwork waler plates, you can find other formwork accessories in Wellmade. Include

Send us your waler palets and formwork accessories requirement to get a competitive price now.

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