Ring Lock Scaffold

En12810 Ring lock scaffold China Manufacturer

Ring Lock Scaffold Europe Type,USA&Canada Type,New Zealand Type,Singapore&Chile Type,EN12810&En1090 for Industrial, Commercial&Residential Meet Up Construction,Oil&Gas Scaffolding Standard.
Ring Lock Scaffolding is A Modular Scaffolding System For Access Scaffolding, Scaffold Tower, Roof Scaffolding, Building Scaffolding and Slab Formwork Support.
There are Normal Duty and Hi Load Shore System Heavy Duty Ring Lock Scaffolding System. Normal Duty Ring Lock Scaffolding is Made From OD48.3x3.2mm Scaffold Tube S355(Q345) or S235(Q235) Steel Grade for Standard Scaffold Verticals and Scaffold Ledgers. Hi Load Shore System Ringlock Scaffolding is made From OD60mm Scaffold Tube in Hot dip galvanized.
Ring Lock System Scaffold Include All Components and Parts of Standard Verticals,Ledger Horizontals,Diagonal Diagonals, Brackets,Scaffold Boards,Adjustable Jacks,Transom,Truss,Girder Beams.

Ringlock Scaffolding Standard Verticals 

Ringlock scaffolding standard with bolt spigot

Ringlock Scaffolding Standard Pressed in Spigot Type
Item Code Length Weight
WRS050 0.5m(1'8") 3.19KG(7.01LBS)
WRS100 1.0m(3'3") 5.66KG(12.45LBS)
WRS150 1.5m(4'11") 8.07KG(17.75LBS)
WRS200 2.0m(6'7") 10.45KG(23.0LBS)
WRS250 2.5m(8'2") 12.87KG(25.32LBS)
WRS300 3.0m(9'10") 15.29KG(33.64LBS)
WRS400 4.0m(13'1") 20.11(44.24LBS)

 Hi Load Shoring Ringlock Scaffolding Standard (OD60.3mm)

Item Code Length Weight
WMHRS100 1.0m(3'3") 7.05KG(15.50LBS)
WMHRS150 1.5m(4'11") 10.56KG(23.20LBS)
WMHRS200 2.0m(6'7") 14.09KG(30.96LBS)
WMHRS250 2.5m(8'2") 17.60KG(38.68LBS)
WMHRS300 3.0m(9'10") 21.13KG(46,44LBS)
WMHRS350 3.5m(11'6") 25.9KG(56.9LBS)
WMHRS400 4.0m(13'1") 29.60(65.00LBS)

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger Horizontal

layher scaffolding allround system horizontal ledgers  ringlock scaffolding ledger horizontal pin lock scaffold system to American USA  Canada
Item Code Length Weight
WRL025 0.25m(10")  1.6KG(3.5LBS)
WRL039 0.39m(15")  2.1KG(4.6LBS)
WRL045 0.45m(18")  2.4KG(5.3LBS)
WRL073 0.73m(1'4")  3.4KG(7.5LBS)
WRL065 0.65m(2'2") 3.14KG(6.91LBS)
WRL088 0.88m(2'10") 3.93KG(8.65LBS)
WRL090 0.90m(2"11")  3.9KG(8.6LBS)
WRL091 0.914m(3') 4.09KG(10.29LBS)
WRL104 1.04m(3'5")  4.4KG(9.7LBS)
WRL107 1.07m(3'6") 4.68KG(10.29LBS)
WRL109 1.09m(3'5")  4.6KG(10.12LBS)
WRL115 1.15m(3'10") 4.95KG(10.88LBS)
WRL129 1.29m(4'3")  5.3KG(11.66LBS)
WRL140 1.40m(4'7")  5.8KG(12.76LBS)
WRL157 1.57m(5'2") 6.47KG(14.23LBS)
WRL183 1.83m(6') 7.40KG(16.28LBS)
WRL207 2.07m(6'9")  8.2KG(18LBS)
WRL257 2.57m(8'5")  10.0KG(22LBS)
WRL213 2.13m(7') 8.49KG(18.68LBS)
WRL244 2.44m(8') 9.61(21.15LBS)
WRL305 3.05m(10') 11.83KG(26.02LBS)
WRL307 3.07m(10'1")  12.0KG(26.4LBS)
WRL414 4.14m(13'7")  15.1KG((33.22LBS)

 Ringlock  Scaffolding Truss  Ledger

ringlock scaffolding truss ledger double ledgers construction bridge truss

Item Code Length Weight
WRTL182 1.82m(6') 13.65KG(30.3LBS)
WRTL213 2.13m(7') 16.5KG(36.30LBS)
WRTL243 2.43m(8') 18.1KG(39.82LBS)
WRTL305 3.05m(10') 23.4KG(51.48LBS)
WRTL426 4.26m(13'11") 31.81KG(70LBS)
WRTL517 5.17m(17') 38.25KG(84.16LBS)

Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Brace

layher scaffolding ringlock diagonal brace ring lock scaffolding diagonal brace for layher scaffolding

Item Code Bay Length Bay Width Brace Length Weight(KG)
WRB7320 0.73m 2.0m 2.13m  8.4KG
WRB7310 0.73m 1.0m 1.24m 5.4KG
WRB7315 0.73m 1.5m 1.67m 6.9KG
WRB6520 0.65m 2.0 2.10m  8.3KG
WRB8820 0.88m 2.0m 2.18m  8.5KG
WRB9020 0.90m 2.0m 2.19m  8.8KG
WRB9120 0.914m 2.0m 2.20m  8.8KG
WRB10420 1.04m 2.0m 2.25m  8.99KG
WRB10720 1.07m 2.0m 2.27m  9.05KG
WRB10920 1.09m 2.0m 2.28m  9.10KG
WRB10915 1.09m 1.5m 1.85m  7.67KG
WRB10910 1.09m 1.0m 1.48m  6.45KG
WRB11520 1.15m 2.0m 2.31m  9.20KG
WRB12920 1.29m 2.0m 2.38m  9.45KG
WRB14020 1.40m 2.0m 2.44m  9.65KG
WRB15720 1.57m 2.0m 2.55m  9.99KG
WRB15715 1.57m 1.5m 2.17m  8.75KG
WRB15710 1.57m 1.0m 1.86m  7.70KG
WRB18320 1.83m 2.0m 2.71m  10.52KG
WRB20720 2.07m 2.0m 2.88m  11.10KG
WRB20715 2.07m 1.5m 2.56m  10.05KG
WRB20710 2.07m 1.0m 2.30m  9.15KG
WRB25720 2.57m 2.0m 3.26m  12.35KG
WRB25715 2.57m 1.5m 2.98m  11.45KG
WRB25710 2.57m 1.0m 2.76m  10.70KG
WRB21320 2.13m 2.0m 2.92m  11.25KG
WRB24420 2.44m 2.0m 3.15m  11.98KG
WRB30520 3.05m 2.0m 3.65m  13.65KG
WRB30720 3.07m 2.0m 3.66m  13.69KG
WRB30715 3.07M 1.5m 3.42m  12.89KG
WRB41420 4.14m 2.0m 4.6m  16.85KG

 Ringlock  Scaffolding  Intermediate  Transom

ringlock scaffolding parts galvanized intermediate transom supportf
Code No. Length Weight
WRIT115 1.15m 5.36KG
WRIT157 1.57m 6.85KG
WRIT213 2.13m 8.91kG
WRIT305 3.05m 12.20KG
WRIT073 0.73m 3.80KG
WRIT109 1.09m 5.10KG
WRIT140 1.40m 7.40KG
WRIT157 1.57m 8.2KG
WRIT207 2.07m 10.3KG
WRIT257 2.57m 12.5KG
WRIT307 3.07m 15.0KG

 Ringlock Scaffold Base Collar

Code No. Length Weight
WRBC24 240mm 1.60KG
WRBC30 300mm 2.0KG
WRBC43 430mm(Tower Collar) 2.7KG

 Ringlock Scaffolding Steel Planks 

Pin Lock Scaffolding System Steel Planks At-Pac ringlock scaffold ringlock scaffolding steel plank pin lock scaffolding system planks ring lock scaffolding planks new zealand scaffolding nz
241x70mm Plank 230x66mm Plank 320x76mm Plank

 241x70mm Scaffolding Planks

Code No. Items Size(mm) Weight(KG)
WRPU088 241x70mm Scaffolding Steel Plank 241x70mmx880 6.60
WRPU091 241x70mmx914 6.75
WRPU106 241x70mmx1065 7.64
WRPU115 241x70mmx1150 8.34
WRPU121 241x70mmx1219 8.64
WRPU152 241x70mmx1524 10.23
WRPU157 241x70mmx1570 10.52
WRPU182 241x70mmx1820 11.56
WRPU213 241x70mmx2130 14.47
WRPU244 241x70mmx2440 15.65
WRPU305 241x70mmx3050 19.95

230x66mm Scaffolding Planks

Code No. Item Size(mm) Weightdd(KG)
WRPU115 230x66mm Scaffolding Steel Plank 230x66x1150 8.34
WRPU121 230x66x1290 8.64
WRPU152 230x66x1524 10.23
WRPU157 230x66x1570 10.52
WRPU182 230x66x1820 11.56
WRPU213 230x66x2130 14.47
WRPU244 230x66x2440 15.65
WRPU305 230x66x3050 19.95

320x76mm Scaffolding Planks

Layher scaffolding ringlock steel plank 320x76mm steel scaffold work platform access layher scaffolding ringlock system u ledger plank 320x76mm access scaffolding platform
320x76mm Plank O Ledger 320x76mm Plank U Ledger

320x76mm Ringlock Scaffolding Plank(O Ledger)



Code No. Length(C to C) Size&Specification
WRPNZ073 0.73m 320x76mm(1.5-2.0mm TH)
WRPNZ157 1.57m 320x76mm(1.5-2.0mm TH)
WRPNZ257 2.57m 320x76mm(1.5-2.0mm TH)
WRPNZ307 3.07m 320x76mm(1.5-2.0mm TH)

 320x76mm Ringlock Scaffolding Plank(U Ledger)

Code No. Length(C to C) Size&Specification
WRPUL073 0.73m 320mm&190mm
WRPUL157 1.57m 320mm&190mm
WRPUL257 2.57m 320mm&190mm
WRPUL307 3.07m 320mm&190mm

Ringlock  Scaffolding  U  Ledger

ringlock scaffolding u ledger-layher scaffolding parts and components construction

Code No. Length(C to C) Weight
WRLU045 450mm 3.40KG
WRLU050 500mm 3.60KG
WRLU073 730mm 4.56KG
WRLU109 1090mm 6.03KG
WRLU140 1400mm 7.29KG
WRLU157 1570mm 7.99KG
WRLU207 2070mm 10.01KG
WRLU257 2570mm 12.07KG
WRLU307 3070mm 14.11KG

Ringlock  Scaffolding  Side  Bracket  

ringlock scaffolding parts galvanized side bracket one board two board and three board
WRSB036 Length Weight
WRSB039 360mm 3.4KG
WRSB065 650mm 6.6KG
WRSB069 690mm Adjustable 7.5KG
WRSB073 730mm 7.8KG
WRSB088 830mm 8.62KG
WRSB109 1090mm 12.0KG

 Ringlok  Scaffolding  Lattice  Girder   

ringlock scaffolding lattice girder for suspended scaffolding handing scaffold system
Code No. Item Bay Size
WRLG07 7' Lattice Girder 7'(2.13m)
WRLG08 8'6" Lattice Girder 8'6"(2.57m)
WRLG10 10' Lattice Girder 10'(3.05m)
WRLG14 14' Lattice Girder 14'(4.27m)
WRLG16 16' Lattice Girder 16'(4.88m)
WRLG161 16'10" Lattice Girder 5.14m(16'10")
WRLG17 17' Lattice Girder 5.17m(17')
WRLG18 18' Lattice Girder 5.49m(18")
WRLG20 20' Lattice Girder 6.14m(20'2")
WRLG21 21' Lattice Girder 6.40m(21')
WRLG25 25' Lattice Girder 7.71m(25'3")
WRLG18 28' Lattice Girder 8.85m(28')

 Ringlock Scaffolding Rosette Ring Components

 pin lock scaffolding system rosette american scaffolding ring system  layher allround scaffolding rosette rings pin lock scaffold ringlock  ringlock scaffolding system rosette ring lock pin lock scaffold
ringlock scaffolding parts and components scaffold rosette round rings ring lock scaffolding rosette rings ringlock scaffolding system rosette ring lock scaffold ring

 Ringock Scaffolding Ledger Head Parts

ringlock scaffolding components and parts cast ring scaffold ledger head ringlock scaffolding parts and accessories ring lock cast ledger head layher scaffolding parts and components cast ledger head allround scaffolding
WRLH4 Ledger  with  Wedge  Pin Galvanized  Ledger  Ends
cast ringlock scaffolding ledger head ringlock scaffolding parts and compoents ring system rosette legder head with wedge pins ringlock scaffolding ledger head galvanized ring lock scaffolding parts and components

Adjustable  Screw  Jack  Base  

adjustable scaffolding screw jack base-layher scaffold leveling jacks
Code No. Specification Weight
WRBJ40 OD38x400mm Hollow 3.15KG
WRBJ40S OD38x400mm Solid 4.90KG
WRBJ60 OD38x600mm Hollow 3.65KG
WRBJ60S OD38x600mm Solid 6.20KG
WRBJ80 OD38x800mm Hollow 4.55KG
WRBJ80S OD38x800mm Solid 7.80KG




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