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Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock Scaffolding Standards, Ledgers, Base Collars, Diagonal & Horizontal Braces, Lattice Girders & Bridgings, Brackets & Boards.  Get Complete Parts of Ringlock Scaffold System, Down Load Wellmade’s Ring System Catalogue 2022

Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock is a system scaffolding with round rings (rosettes).  It is one of the most popular modular scaffolds globally widely used. It is versatile for all types of scaffold construction like platform walking scaffolding, concrete shoring scaffold, independent stand stair tower scaffold, etc.
The standard size of ringlock scaffold is OD48mm. There are also OD60mm ring system scaffolds for heavy-duty scaffolding. Ringlock types include pin lock scaffold, multidirectional scaffolding, all round system scaffolding, etc.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE Certified (ISO3834 & EN 1090) ringlock scaffolding manufacturer in China. Our ring lock scaffolding passed tests of EN 12810, AS1576, and CSA/ASTM Standards.

We have exported ringlock scaffolding to global 58 countries and offer door-to-door delivery services in most countries.  Send us a mail to get a free quote now.

Ringlock Systems & Main Components 2022

Oil and Gas Scaffolding Ringlock Standard in Galvanizing with Bolted Spigot

Ringlock standards are vertical parts in the ring system. Sizes 0.5m to 4m. The standard includes rosette rings at 50cm intervals. There are OD48.3mm and OD60mm ringlock standards.

ringlock scaffolding o ledger made from 48mm scaffold tube with ledger head and wedge pins

Ringlock O ledger is typical horizontal parts made from OD48.3mm scaffold tubes. It includes ledger heads, wedge pins on both sides. The ledger head sets connect to the ringlock standard rings in erect.

ringlock scaffold u ledger -ring system u transom horizontals

Ringlock scaffold U Ledgers are parts of European allround scaffolding system. Using ringlock U ledgers make your work platform easier in construction scaffold assembly.

Oil and Gas Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Braces

Ringlock scaffolding diagonal brace makes the ring lock system tower bay stable and strong. It is with two sets of brace heads. Brace sizes are versatile according to horizontal sizes and vertical distance.

Ringlock Scaffolding Base Collar Starter

The base collar is also called a starter in ringlock system. We custom for you different sizes of base collars from 240mm to 410mm. You can choose right base collar size for construction or staging.

ringlock scaffolding side bracket

The ring lock side brackets locking rings of ringlock standards outside from the main frame. There are sizes of one-board, two-boards, and three-boards.

Ringlock Scaffolding U Bracket One Boards

Ringlock O-type bracket is made from OD48mm scaffold tubes. While the U bracket is made of ribbed steel profiles. It supports U hooks scaffold planks in the ring system handing construction.

round type ringlock steel scaffold ladder

The steel scaffold ladders are manufactured for Netherland companies. It is made of OD48mm in size 1m to 6m. It is always hot-dip galvanized. We called it heavy-duty ladder.

ringlock scaffolding lattice girder bridge beams

Ringlock scaffold lattice girders are 500mm in depth. The lengths are versatile from 3 ft to 25 ft. The steel lattice beams support large span, beam, and walk-through ring system construction.

Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board

Ringlock toe boards are the side protection parts of the ring system tower. It is a safety element for building construction. The toe board sizes are matched with ringlock horizontals.

320mm Scaffolding Platform Steel Type for Ringlock Scaffold Layher Allround

320mm ringlock scaffolding planks are designed for Layher. Size from 0.73 to 3.07m. You can find U hooks and O hooks for the 320mm scaffolding planks in Wellmade.

Ringlock Scaffolding Intermediate Transom for Scaffolding Platform Support

Ringlock transoms offer mid support for scaffold planks between ring lock ledgers. You can find deep intermediate transoms in Wellmade too. The deep transom strengthens scaffold platform bearing.

How to Erect Ringlock Modular Scaffold

  1. Put Adjustable Base Jack In Place According to Structure Requirement
  2. Adjust Base Jack to Same Horizontal  (Use Jack Nut)
  3. Assembly Ringlock Base Collars On Base Jacks
  4. Connect the Base Collars By Ringlock Ledgers
  5. Leveling the Base Collar Ledgers On the Same Horizontal (By Spirit Level)
  6. Erect 1st Layer of Ringlock Standard On the Base Collar
  7. Put All Ledgers on for 1st Layer of Ringlock Standards
  8. Adjust the Ledgers of 1st Layer Ringlock Standard to the Same Horizontal
  9. Fixing 1st Layer Ringlock Standards by Ringlock Diagonal and Horizontal Braces
  10. Put Ringlock Stairs and Planks On
  11. Erect 2nd Layher Standard and Fixing it By Ringlock Scaffold Ledgers and Braces
  12. Erect More Layers of Ringlock Uprights and Decks
  • OD 48.3mm Ringlock Scaffold Standard Max Load: 217.2 KN
  • 1.83m Ringlock Ledger Max Load is 14 KN
  • 1.83m Ringlock Plank Max Load is 916N




Wellmade manufatures ringlock scaffolding according to ISO9001 & CE certification(ISO3834 and EN 1090).  You can find videos about ringlock manufacturing and ringlock quality control on our Youtube.

Ringlock Scaffolding Ultimate Guide 2022

Ringlock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is a type of modular scaffolding material prefabricated with ring locks on vertical parts and cast steel ledger heads & brace heads on horizontals and diagonal parts.

Ringlock system is a group of ringlock scaffolding parts and components, including ringlock standards, ledgers, braces, decks, etc, used to form scaffold frames and towers for construction and shoring.

In the ringlock scaffolding, wedge pins are fixed on the ring lock ledger and brace heads by rivets. It is used to fix ring system horizontals and braces between ringlock standards.

The rings on the ringock scaffolding standards are like rosette flowers. They are round and with 8 holes. The circled placed 8 holes allows 4 ringlock diagonal braces and 4 ringlock horizontals connected to the same verticals at the same time from 8 directions. That is why the ring system scaffold is the most versatile scaffold system. It can be used in all shapes of construction: rectangle, circle, angular, unregular shaped, etc.

Advantages of ringlock scaffolding:

  • Versatile
  • Simple
  • Durability
  • Time Effective
  • Coast Effective
  • Flexible

Ringlock scaffolding is applied in all types of construction: buildings, masonry, facade scaffolding, stairway scaffolding, birdcage scaffolding, access scaffolding, oil gas rig scaffolding, industrial equipment maintenance, shipbuilding scaffolding, temporary shoring & concrete. The ringlock modular system services civil construction, industrial construction, infrastructure construction, commercial construction, onshore and offshore construction, etc.

Ringlock Scaffolding Names

Ringlock scaffold has popular names of ringlock, ring lock, pin lock scaffold, multidirectional scaffolding, etc. The shape of the rings is round. That is why it is called all round scaffolding in Europe. The rings of the ring system standards are called rosettes too. So people call ringlock scaffolding rosette scaffolding.
For purpose of scaffolding access, framing, shoring, and staging, you can find the following types of scaffolding formed by ring lock system:

 Single Scaffolding(Brick Layer)Shoring Scaffolding
Double ScaffoldingBuilding Scaffolding
Putlog ScaffoldingSupported Scaffolding
Cantilever ScaffoldingIndependent Scaffolding
Suspended ScaffoldingNeedle Scaffolding

Ringlock is One of  Modular Scaffolding

Modular scaffolding is a type of system scaffold with prefabricated interlock components without the need for scaffold couplers and fittings to fix.  That is why modular scaffolding saves time, labor, and cost for construction projects than tubular scaffolding. Ringlock is one of the modular scaffolding.

More than ringlock modular scaffolding system, there are other types of modular scaffolding, including, cuplock system scaffolding, kwikstage system scaffold, quick lock scaffold, crab shoring system, frame scaffolding, etc.
Among them, ringlock is one of the most commonly used modular scaffold systems because of its versatility, durability, and simplicity.

Aluminum Ringlock VS Steel Ringlock

According to the ring system scaffolding raw material, there are two types of ringlock in Wellmade:

  1. Steel ringlock scaffolding
  2. Aluminum ringlock scaffolding

Steel ringlock scaffolding is made of OD48.3mm steel scaffold tubes (normal duty) and OD60.3mm (heavy duty).  The steel grade of steel ringlock is S235 or S355. S355 steel ringlock scaffolding with higher strengths. While S235 steel ringlock scaffolding is at less cost and lower price.

Aluminum ringlock scaffolding is made of 48.3×4.0mm aluminum tubes. The aluminum grade used for aluminum ringlock can be 6061 and 6082.  6082 aluminum ringlock is better in strengths but the cost and price are higher than the 6061 aluminum ringlock scaffold.
Aluminum ringlock scaffolding ledgers and braces are with steel casting ends in fabrication.

Steel ringlock scaffolding is a traditional ringlock scaffold. It is still very popular nowadays. The load capacity is big and can use for all light, medium, and heavy duty load construction. The cost of steel ringlock scaffolding is much cheaper than aluminum ringlock. Steel ringlock scaffold is durable too. Because it is always finished in hot dip galvanized.

Aluminum ringlock scaffolding is also called alloy ringlock system.  The aluminum ringlock scaffolding system is 3 times lighter than steel ringlock scaffolding. Thus aluminum ringlocks are much easier to handle by workers at the construction sites.
But aluminum raw material prices are much higher than steel raw materials. That is why the aluminum ringlock scaffold price is higher than the steel ringlock.  Aluminum ringlock scaffolding is used in mobile scaffolding, indoor scaffolding, and light and medium load requirement construction.
Both steel and aluminum ringlock scaffolding has common ringlock system parts. Include standards 0.5-4m, O ledgers, and U ledger 0.39m to 3.07m, side bracket 1 board. to 3 board, diagonal and horizontal braces, lattice girders, steel & aluminum planks, steel and aluminum stairs for access, catwalks, aluminum ladders, the aluminum platform with trapdoor and access ladder, adjustable jack base of leveling, starters (base collars), scaffold tube with hooks, intermediate transom.

Aluminum ringlock scaffolding is not only used in external(outdoor) scaffolding projects, it is also used in internal (indoor) scaffolding.

If you want mobile scaffolding, aluminum ringlock scaffolding will be better than steel ringlock scaffolding when working with the scaffold castors.

In the aluminum ringlock scaffolding system, you can still use parts of steel ringlock scaffolding like adjustable base jacks, steel planks, stairs, etc.

Ringlock Scaffolding Parts Weight

As a leading ringlock scaffolding supplier, we manufacture for you standardized sizes of ringlock scaffolding components.  While Wellmade customizes your ringlock scaffolding parts and components too.  Following are the common steel ringlock scaffolding parts weight.

All of the steel ringlock scaffolding parts are a hot dip galvanized (HDG) finishing. HDG steel ringlocks are durable in anti-corrosion.   Painting and E-galvanized (zinc-plated) ringlock are available too.

Ringlock Standards Size & Weight

Ringlock scaffolding standards are vertical parts of ring system scaffold. They are fabricated by scaffold tubes, rosettes, and scaffold spigots. While the rosette rings are welded on the scaffold tube at every 500 mm (250mm is available too).

Ringlock standards are the most important parts of the ringlock scaffolding system. It gives connectors for other ringlock scaffolding parts like rinlgock horizontals, ringlock braces, side brackets, lattice girders & beams, ringlock bridging, etc.

According to the ringlock scaffolding standard sizes, you can find OD48mm ringlock standards and OD60mm ringlock standards.

OD48mm ringlock standards are used for lightweight required normal construction. While OD60mm ringlock scaffolding is also called heavy duty shore system ringlock. They are used for heavy-duty load requirement shoring construction.

Following weights are calculated according to normal OD48mm ringlock standards in steel.

Ringlock Scaffolding Standard

Code No.Item nameLength(Size)Standard Weight
WRS050Ringlock Standard 0.5m0.5m (1’8″)3.19KG (7.01LBS)
WRS100Ringlock Standard 1.0m1.0m (3’3″)5.66KG (12.45LBS)
WRS150Ringlock Standard 1.5m1.5m (4’11”)8.07KG (17.75LBS)
WRS200Ringlock Standard 2.0m2.0m (6’7″)10.45KG (23.0LBS)
WRS250Ringlock Standard 2.5m2.5m (8’2″)12.87KG (25.32LBS)
WRS300Ringlock Standard 3.0m3.0m (9’10”)15.29KG (33.64LBS)
WRS400Ringflock Standard 4.0m4.0m (13’1″)20.11KG (44.24LBS)

Ringlock O Ledger Size, Weight & Specifications

Ringlock ledgers are horizontal parts of the ring system scaffolding. Thus you can call it ringlock horizontals.

Ringlock O ledgers are made by OD48.3mm standard scaffold tubes. At both ends of the ringlock O ledgers, there are two sets of ledger ends(heads) and wedge pins. The wedge pins are fixed on the ringlock ledgers by special rivets. 

Ringlock Scaffolding O Ledger Horizontal of Ringlock System

CodeItem NameSize (Length)Ledger Weight
WRL025Ringlock Ledger 0.25m0.25m(10″) 1.6KG(3.5LBS)
WRL039Ringlock Ledger 0.39m0.39m(15″) 2.1KG(4.6LBS)
WRL045Ringlock Ledger 0.45m0.45m (18″) 2.4KG (5.3 LBS)
WRL073Ringlock Ledger 0.73m0.73m (1’4″) 3.4KG(7.5 LBS)
WRL065Ringlock Ledger 0.65m0.65m (2’2″)3.14KG (6.91 LBS)
WRL088Ringlock Ledger 0.88m0.88m (2’10”)3.93KG (8.65 LBS)
WRL090Ringlock Ledger 0.90m0.90m (2″11″) 3.9KG (8.6 LBS)
WRL091Ringlock Ledger 0.91m0.914m (3′)4.09KG (10.29 LBS)
WRL104Ringlock Ledger 1.04m1.04m (3’5″) 4.40KG (9.7 LBS)
WRL107Ringlock Ledger 1.07m1.07m(3’6″)4.68KG (10.29 LBS)
WRL109Ringlock Ledger 1.09m1.09m(3’5″) 4.6KG (10.12 LBS)
WRL115Ringlock Ledger 1.15m1.15m(3’10”)4.95KG (10.88 LBS)
WRL129Ringlock Ledger 1.29m1.29m(4’3″) 5.3KG (11.66 LBS)
WRL140Ringlock Ledger 1.40m1.40m(4’7″) 5.8KG (12.76 LBS)
WRL150Ringlock Ledger 1.50m1.50m(5′)6.30KG (14.00 LBS)
WRL157Ringlock Ledger 1.57m1.57m(5’2″)6.47KG (14.23 LBS)
WRL183Ringlock Ledger 1.83m1.83m(6′)7.40KG (16.28 LBS)
WRL207Ringlock Ledger 2.07m2.07m(6’9″) 8.2KG (18 LBS)
WRL257Ringlock Ledger 2.57m2.57m(8’5″) 10.0KG (22 LBS)
WRL213Ringlock Ledger 2.13m2.13m(7′)8.49KG(18.68LBS)
WRL244Ringlock Ledger 2.44m2.44m(8′)9.61KG (21.15LBS)
WRL305Ringlock Ledger 3.05m3.05m(10′)11.83KG (26.02LBS)
WRL307Ringlock Ledger 3.07m3.07m(10’1″) 12.0KG (26.4LBS)

Ringlock U Ledger Size & Weight

Ringlock U ledgers are another type of ring lock horizontal. It is made of special steel U-shaped steel profile.  Sometimes, the ringlock U ledgers are also called ringlock transom. Same as the O ledgers, ringlock scaffold U ledgers are with two sets of ringlock ledger head and wedge pins too.  They are connected with ringlock rings.

Ringlock U ledgers work with U plank hook scaffold platform. The U-shaped horizontal can avoid plank hook conflict in construction.  Following are the standard sizes and weight of the ringlock scaffolding Uledgers.

Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger U Transom

Code No.ItemLength(C to C)Weight
WRLU045Ringlock U Ledger 0.45m450mm3.40KG
WRLU050Ringlock U Ledger 0.50m500mm3.60KG
WRLU073Ringlock U Ledger 0.73m730mm4.56KG
WRLU109Ringlock U Ledger 1.09m1090mm6.03KG
WRLU140Ringlock U Ledger 1.40m1400mm7.29KG
WRLU157Ringlock U Ledger 1.57m1570mm7.99KG
WRLU207Ringlock U Ledger 2.07m2070mm10.01KG
WRLU257Ringlock U Ledger 2.57m2570mm12.07KG
WRLU307Ringlock U Ledger 3.07m3070mm14.11KG

Ringlock Truss Ledger Sizes &Weight

Ringlock truss ledger is also called ringlock bridging ledger.  There are two types of ringlock bridging ledgers. One is O ledger type, another one is U ledger type too.

Basically, ringlock truss ledgers are double horizontal parts of the ringlock scaffolding system. It is the heavier type of ringlock ledger.

Between ringlock ledgers and truss ledgers, there is a middle duty ledger called lightweight (LW) reinforced ledgers. The LW reinforced ledgers are heavier than normal ringlock ledgers but less than bridge ledgers.

 Code No.ItemsLengthWeight
WRTL1821.82m Truss Ledger1.82m(6′)13.65KG
WRTL2132.13m Truss Ledger2.13m(7′)16.5KG
WRTL2442.44m Truss Ledger2.43m(8′)18.1KG
WRTL3053.05m Truss Ledger3.05m(10′)23.4KG
WRTL4264.26m Truss Ledger4.26m(13′)31.81KG
WRTL5175.17m Truss Ledger5.17m(17′)38.25KG

Ringlock Base Collar Size & Weight

Ringlock scaffolding base collar is a starter part of the ringlock scaffolding. That is why we call it ringlock starter too.

In the ringlock scaffolding system assembly, the base collars are placed between the adjustable scaffold jack base and the ringlock standards.  It helps form the bottom horizontal line in the ringlock system construction.

With the help of scaffold base collars, the ring system scaffolding is more stable and strong than other scaffolding systems.  You can find the different heights of ringlock starters here. Include 240mm, 400mm etc. Following is the weight of each size of ringlock base collars.

Ringlock Scaffolding Base Collar Starter Elements

Code No.ItemLengthWeight
WRBC24240mm Base Collar240mm1.60KG
WRBC30300mm Base Collar300mm2.0KG
WRBC32320mm Base Collar320mm2.2KG
WRBC43430mm Base Collar430mm(Tower Collar)2.7KG

Ringlock Intermediate Transom Size & Weight

Ringlock intermediate transoms are ringlock scaffolding parts used to support scaffolding planks between two ringlock scaffolding ledgers. You can find the following size and weight for your ringlock scaffolding intermediate(middle) transoms.

Ringlock Scaffolding Intermedium Transom

Code No.ItemsLengthWeight
WRIT115Ringlock Transom 1.15m1.15m5.36KG
WRIT157Ringlock Transom 1.57m1.57m6.85KG
WRIT213Ringlock Transom 2.13m2.13m8.91kG
WRIT305Ringlock Transom 3.05m3.05m12.20KG
WRIT073Ringlock Transom 0.73m0.73m3.80KG
WRIT109Ringlock Transom 1.09m1.09m5.10KG
WRIT140Ringlock Transom 1.40m1.40m7.40KG
WRIT157Ringlock Transom 1.57m1.57m8.2KG
WRIT207Ringlock Transom 2.07m2.07m10.3KG
WRIT257Ringlock Transom 2.57m2.57m12.5KG
WRIT307Ringlock Transom 3.07m3.07m15.0KG

Ringlock Diagonal Braces Sizes & Weight

Ringlock diagonal braces are a type of braces for the ringlock scaffolding tower.  The diagonal brace sizes are the bay sizes of the ringlock horizontal and vertical distances.  While vertical distance can be 1.0m, 1.5m or 2.0m, 2.5m, etc.

Ringlock Scaffolding Diagonal Brace

There are two types of braces in the ringlock scaffolding system. One is vertical diagonal braces, another is horizontal braces. Both the vertical and horizontal ringlock braces make the ringlock scaffold tower more stable and stronger.
Ringlock scaffolding diagonal and horizontal braces are made from OD48.3mm standard scaffold tubes too. At both ends, there are two sets of ringlock brace heads, ringlock wedge pins, rivets, etc.
Ringlock diagonal brace heads are high-strength cast steel materials. One ringlock scaffolding diagonal braces include both right-hand and left-hand brace heads.
Ringlock scaffolding rivets are used to lock the brace head and scaffold tubes. While there is a small aluminum rivet to fix wedge pins on the brace head too.
Code No.ItemsBay  Size (L)Bay Size (W)Brace LengthWeight
WRB7320Ringlock Diagonal 2.13m0.73m2.0m2.13m 8.4KG
WRB7310Ringlock Diagonal 1.24m0.73m1.0m1.24m5.4KG
WRB7315Ringlock Diagonal 1.67m0.73m1.5m1.67m6.9KG
WRB6520Ringlock Diagonal 2.10m0.65m2m2.10m 8.3KG
WRB8820Ringlock Diagonal 2.18m0.88m2.0m2.18m 8.5KG
WRB9020Ringlock Diagonal 2.19m0.90m2.0m2.19m 8.8KG
WRB9120Ringlock Diagonal 2.20m0.914m2.0m2.20m 8.8KG
WRB10420Ringlock Diagonal 2.25m1.04m2.0m2.25m 8.99KG
WRB10720Ringlock Diagonal 2.27m1.07m2.0m2.27m 9.05KG
WRB10920Ringlock Diagonal 2.28m1.09m2.0m2.28m 9.10KG
WRB10915Ringlock Diagonal 1.85m1.09m1.5m1.85m 7.67KG
WRB10910Ringlock Diagonal 1.48m1.09m1.0m1.48m 6.45KG
WRB11520Ringlock Diagonal 2.31m1.15m2.0m2.31m 9.20KG
WRB12920Ringlock Diagonal 2.38m1.29m2.0m2.38m 9.45KG
WRB14020Ringlock Diagonal 2.44m1.40m2.0m2.44m 9.65KG
WRB15720Ringlock Diagonal 2.55m1.57m2.0m2.55m 9.99KG
WRB15715Ringlock Diagonal 2.17m1.57m1.5m2.17m 8.75KG
WRB15710Ringlock Diagonal 1.86m1.57m1.0m1.86m 7.70KG
WRB18320Ringlock Diagonal 2.71m1.83m2.0m2.71m 10.52KG
WRB20720Ringlock Diagonal 2.88m2.07m2.0m2.88m 11.10KG
WRB20715Ringlock Diagonal 2.56m2.07m1.5m2.56m 10.05KG
WRB20710Ringlock Diagonal 2.30m2.07m1.0m2.30m 9.15KG
WRB25720Ringlock Diagonal 3.26m2.57m2.0m3.26m 12.35KG
WRB25715Ringlock Diagonal 2.98m2.57m1.5m2.98m 11.45KG
WRB25710Ringlock Diagonal 2.76m2.57m1.0m2.76m 10.70KG
WRB21320Ringlock Diagonal 2.92m2.13m2.0m2.92m 11.25KG
WRB24420Ringlock Diagonal 3.15m2.44m2.0m3.15m 11.98KG
WRB30520Ringlock Diagonal 3.65m3.05m2.0m3.65m 13.65KG
WRB30720Ringlock Diagonal 3.66m3.07m2.0m3.66m 13.69KG
WRB30715Ringlock Diagonal 3.42m3.07M1.5m3.42m 12.89KG
WRB41420Ringlock Diagonal 4.06m4.14m2.0m4.6m 16.85KG

Pin Lock Scaffold Plank w/ Safety Lock- USA- Dog Ear

USA and Canada countries use special ringlock scaffolding system. It is called pin lock scaffold too.

The 241x70mm scaffolding plank is part of the pin lock scaffold system. It is also called dog ear scaffold plank.

Dog ear scaffold planks are special USA-type ringlock scaffolding steel planks. At both ends of the pin lock scaffolding plank, there are special wind safety locks.  The safety locks are used to prevent the steel scaffold plank from dropping from the ringlock scaffold tower during bad weather.

241mm Dog Ear Steel Planks for Ringlock

Code No.ItemsSize(mm)Weight(KG)
WRPU0880.88m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx8806.6
WRPU0910.914m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx9146.75
WRPU1061.06m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx10657.64
WRPU1151.15m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx11508.34
WRPU1211.21m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx12198.64
WRPU1521.52m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx152410.23
WRPU1571.57m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx157010.52
WRPU1821.82m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx182011.56
WRPU2132.13m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx213014.47
WRPU2442.44m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx244015.65
WRPU3053.05m Ringlock Plank241x70mmx305019.95

Ringlock Scaffold Steel Planks w/ Square Hooks -230

230mm scaffolding planks with square hooks are designed initially for cuplock scaffolding system. The steel scaffolding planks are able to be used in the ringlock scaffolding system too.

It is in 66mm height(thickness). Safe and easy to form the system scaffold platform. While the 230mm square hook scaffolding plank is cheaper than other ringlock scaffolding planks.

230mm Scaffolding Steel Planks

Code No.ItemSize (mm)Weight (KG)
WRPU1151.15m Steel Plank230x66x11508.34
WRPU1211.29m Steel Plank230x66x12908.64
WRPU1521.53m Steel Plank230x66x152410.23
WRPU1571.57m Steel Plank230x66x157010.52
WRPU1821.82m Steel Plank230x66x182011.56
WRPU2132.13m Steel Plank230x66x213014.47
WRPU2442.44m Steel Plank230x66x244015.65
WRPU3053.05m Steel Plank230x66x305019.95

320mm Ringlock Planks Weight

320mm width ringlock scaffolding planks is also called scaffold platform. It is a component of the European ring system scaffold (Allround scaffolding).

The 320mm width scaffolding planks are with safety wind lock pins and hooks. It is a type of steel plank, which is made of a special-shaped steel profile.

1320x1570cm plank15.60 KG
2320×2070 plank19.36 KG
3320×2570 plank23.13 KG
4320×3070 plank26.89 KG

According to the plank hook types, there is O hooks type and U hook types of 320mm planks for ringlock system.

O hook ringlock scaffolding planks work with ringlock O ledgers. While U hook planks work with U ledgers.

Ringlock Side Bracket Size & Weight

Ringlock scaffolding brackets are components for suspended ringlock scaffolding. It is used when the ringlock scaffold main frame can not reach to.

Ringlock scaffolding brackets include U-type and O-type brackets. There are also adjustable ringlock scaffolding brackets too.

Ringlock scaffold bracket sizes are based on the scaffold plank width.  There are one board width, two board width, and three board width side brackets for the ring system scaffolding.

WRSB0360.36m Side Bracket360mm3.20KG
WRSB0390.39m Side Bracket390mm3.4KG
WRSB0650.65m Side Bracket650mm6.6KG
WRSB0690.69m Side Bracket690mm Adjustable7.5KG
WRSB0730.73m Side Bracket730mm7.8KG
WRSB0880.88m Side Bracket830mm8.62KG
WRSB1091.09m Side Bracket1090mm12.0KG

Ringlock Lattice Beam (Girder) Sizes & Weight

Lattice beams are also called scaffold girders in the ringlock scaffolding system. There are top and bottom chords on the ringlock lattice beams. Four sets of wedge heads are welded on each end of the lattice beam cords.

Ringlock scaffolding lattice beams are long-span bridging parts in the ring system scaffold. In the construction,  the ringlock lattice beams are secured to the ringlock standards by the four wedge heads.  Ringlock lattice beams make long-distance scaffolding construction and sidewalk shed scaffolding possible.  Following you can find the sizes and weight of the common sizes of ringlock lattice girders.

Ringlock Scaffold Lattice Girder

Code No.ItemBay Size
WRLG077′ Lattice Girder7′(2.13m)
WRLG088’6″ Lattice Girder8’6″(2.57m)
WRLG1010′ Lattice Girder10′(3.05m)
WRLG1414′ Lattice Girder14′(4.27m)
WRLG1616′ Lattice Girder16′(4.88m)
WRLG16116’10” Lattice Girder5.14m(16’10”)
WRLG1717′ Lattice Girder5.17m(17′)
WRLG1818′ Lattice Girder5.49m(18″)
WRLG2020′ Lattice Girder6.14m(20’2″)
WRLG2121′ Lattice Girder6.40m(21′)
WRLG2525′ Lattice Girder7.71m(25’3″)
WRLG1828′ Lattice Girder8.85m(28′)

Ringlock Scaffolding System Accessories

Ringlock scaffolding accessories are components and parts of ringlock system elements. The ringlock scaffolding accessories include rosette rings, ledger head(end), wedge pins, rivets, brace head, etc.

Ringlock scaffolding rosette rings include different types. Like European allround scaffolding rings, multidirectional scaffolding rings, USA & Canada pin lock scaffold rings, etc.

The rosette ring is made of high-strength steel plates in S235 and S355. The rosette ring thickness is 10mm. While we can custom your ringlock scaffold rings according to your design and requirements.

S355 steel grade ringlock scaffold rosettes can be annealed. The annealed ringlock scaffold rings are great in resilence(roughness) and less hardness. It is used a lot in pin lock scaffold systems, and exported to the USA. Following are the photos of some ringlock scaffolding accessories.

Ringlock Rosette Rings, Ledger Ends & Brace Head

Ringlock scaffolding ledger heads include ledger heads for ringlock O ledger and ledger heads for ringlock U ledgers.  Both of them are cast steel types. You can find different types of ringlock ledger heads too. Include layher allround type, pin lock type, multidirectional type, etc.

The ringlock scaffold ledger heads are worked with the ringlock wedge pins. Ringlock wedge pins are always pressed from high-strength steel plates.   If you want the drop forged type wedge pins, Wellmade. is able. to custom it too.

Ringlock scaffolding brace head includes left-hand brace head and right-hand brace head. The brace heads are cast steel types, the same as ringlock ledger heads. They are connected with the ringlock scaffolding standard rosette by ringlock wedge pins too.

In manufacturing, ring lock scaffolding brace heads are fixed by rivets or 8.8 class bolts and nuts in Wellmade.

Ringlock Scaffold Adjustable Jack Base Sizes & Weight

Adjustable base jacks are ringlock scaffold leveling feet. It is also called ringlock leveling jacks or adjustable base plates.

There are two types of adjustable base jacks for ringlock scaffolding. One is with a coarse threaded screw.  Coarse threaded base jacks are in 8mm thread teeth distance. Another is with ACME threads in 4TPI (4 Threads Per Inch), 6.35mm teeth distance.

The coarse threaded ringlock jack base is also called a round threaded adjustable base plate.  While ACME threaded scaffold jacks are called square threaded ringlock jack bases. According to the test result, the coarse threaded base jacks are much stronger than normal ACME threads scaffold jack bases.

Ringlock scaffolding jack base stems could be the hollow type or solid type. Hollow-type ringlock jack bases are made from welded. or seamless scaffolding pipes. Solid scaffolding jack bases are made from solid bars.

The diameter of ringlock scaffolding jack base is between OD 35mm to OD 38mm. These sizes are matched up with the inner diameter of the ringlock scaffolding vertical pats.

Adjustable scaffolding jack base for the ringlock can be finished in hot-dip galvanized finishing or zinc plated (E-galvanized).

Ringlock scaffolding adjustable base jack overall height and adjustable height are customized.  You can have a reference of the following height jack base sizes and weight too.

Code No.ItemsSpecificationWeight
WRBJ40H400mm Hollow Jack BaseOD38x400mm Hollow3.15KG
WRBJ40S400mm Solid Jack BaseOD38x400mm Solid4.90KG
WRBJ60H600mm Hollow Jack BaseOD38x600mm Hollow3.65KG
WRBJ60S600mm Solid Jack BaseOD38x600mm Solid6.20KG
WRBJ80H800mm Hollow Jack BaseOD38x800mm Hollow4.55KG
WRBJ80S800mm Solid Jack BaseOD38x800mm Solid7.80KG

Rosette Rings for Ringlock Scaffold Standards

Rosette rings are important elements of the ringlock system scaffold verticals. For all ringlock standards, there are rosettes at every 50cm.

According to the ringlock standard specifications, you can find rings for 48mm ringlock scaffolding and for 60mm ringlock scaffolding.

OD48mm Ringlock Scaffolding Rosettes & Rings

48mm ringlock scaffolding rosette rings are used for OD48mm ringlock standards. It is 123-124mm in diameter.

The 48mm ringlock rings are made of a 10mm steel plate. The steel grade for the rosettes is S235 or S355. While we custom your specifications, sizes, and grades too. For example, some clients want 8mm and 9mm rosettes for their ring system.

S355 ringlock scaffolding rosettes are with higher tensile strength, it can take more bearings and weight than the S235 ringlock rosettes.  But the S355 ringlock scaffolding rings are with higher metal hardness. Thus Wellmade always anneals the S355 high-strength steel rings during the ring lock system scaffolding manufacturing.

The annealed treated ringlock scaffolding rings are of great toughness and ductility.

OD60mm Ringlock Scaffolding Rosette Rings

60mm ring lock scaffolding is a heavy-duty ring system scaffold. They are required when hi load shoring support is required.

OD60mm shore system ringlock scaffolding rosettes and rings are 135mm in diameter. It is formed from a 10mm thickness plate. The rosettes are with holes for 60mm scaffold tube inserts and welding. You can choose  S235 and S355 steel grades for the rosette too.

Ringlock Scaffolding VS Cuplock Scaffolding

Ringlock scaffolding is fabricated with rings. Cuplock scaffolding is with top cup and bottom cups. So it. is easy to recognize what is ringlock and what is cuplock scaffolding.

Using the same method, you can recognize differences between ringlock and kwikstage scaffolding, ringlock, and quick lock scaffolding systems. For example, kwikstage scaffolding is with stars on the verticals.

Cuplock and Ringlock, Which is better

  • Cost Comparision

Cuplock scaffolding verticals have two cups: the top cup and the bottom cup. Ringlock standards have only one component the rings.  So cuplock scaffold cost is more than the ringlock scaffold.

  • Durability Comparision

Cuplock is mostly painted. Ringlock are hot dip galvanized. Ringlock is more durable than cuplock in anti-corrosion.

  • Scaffold Assembly Time Comparision

Cuplock can lock 4 directions. Ringlock is more versatile that offers 8 directions connection. Ringlock saves 30% of assembly time in construction

  • Weight Comparision

Cuplock has more components. Thus ringlock is lighter than cuplock in weight. More than that, aluminum ringlock scaffolding is even lighter.

  • Safety Load

Ringlock scaffold uses S355 high steel grade. Cuplock are use S235 steel. The safety load capacity is less than ringlock scaffolding. Heavy duty construction can choose OD60mm Hi load shore system ringlock scaffolding.

  • Test Standard

Both cuplock and ringlock are tested according to En 12810 standard. While New Zealand construction companies can choose ringlock scaffolding, which is tested according to the AS1576 standard too.

Ring Lock Scaffolding Quality Control and Product Test

You can expect the best ringlock scaffolding products from Wellmade. We have complete scaffold test facilities. And do the daily tests during the ringlock system scaffold manufacturing

Ringlock scaffolding quality control and product tests are conducted in the whole scaffolding manufacturing process and steps. The test includes:

    1. Steel Raw Material Chemical Components & Mechanical Property Test
    2. Ringlock Standard Rosette Pin Shearing&Loading Test
    3. Ring Lock Scaffold Spigot Pulling Strength Test
    4. Ring Lock Scaffold Ledger Load Capacity Test
    5. Ringlock Standard Load Capacity

The relative quality control videos are available on Wellmade Youtube. You can find videos for ringlock scaffolding welding line (penetration) test, ringlock scaffolding brace shearing test, and ringlock scaffolding rosettes test there.

Ringlock scaffolding quality controlling systems are 24 hours running. The 24 hours ringlock scaffolding tests are from raw materials test to welding line penetrates test, ringlock scaffold parts ultimate load capacity tests and galvanizing adhere tets, etc.

The raw material is the top factor related to the ring lock scaffolding quality. All raw materials of the ring lock scaffold parts are tested strictly according to the BS1139 standard. The test makes sure all raw materials are qualified before using them in ring lock scaffold manufacturing.

With more than 20 years ringlock scaffold production experience, Wellmade ringlock scaffolding quality exceeds all of the international scaffold standard requirements

In order to ensure all of the modular ringlock scaffolding parts matched up in construction. We have a special ringlock scaffolding part MK inspection. Include 1) Standard Rosette MK Inspection 2) Ringlock Spigot MK Inspection 3) Ringlock Parts MK Inspection

You can find the above ringlock scaffolding elements mock-up inspection video on our company’s Youtube pages.

3rd Test Report For Ringlock System Scaffolding

You can find the following SGS test report for the ringlock scaffolding system. There are two different international standard test reports here.

  • AS 1576 Standard Test Report(Australian Standard)
  • EN12810 Standard Test Report (European Standard)

Both of the 3rd party test reports have the test result of ultimate load capacity for scaffold towers.  While you can find the maximum load capacity figures for the ringlock scaffolding single component. Like ringlock standard, ringlock ledger, ringlock planks, etc.

With 3rd party test results, you can easily calculate the safety load used for your ring lock scaffolding construction and technical design.

AS/NZS 1576 Ringlock Scaffolding Test Report
EN 12810 Standard Ringlock Scaffold Test Report

Wellmade Ringlock Scaffolding

As the CE-certified top-quality ringlock scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade produces ringlock scaffolding according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standard.

In daily control, the quality controlling system starts from steel raw material to ringlock scaffold welding line penetration test to ringlock scaffold ultimate and safety loading capacity test. We even do galvanizing adhere test and zinc thickness test for all ringlock scaffolding parts.

In order to make sure all ringlock scaffold parts are compatible, We do mock-up inspections for your ring system too.

You can ask for 3rd party test report from Wellmade too.  With tested and certified top quality, Wellmade is the authorized ringlock scaffold supplier for oil gas companies like Shell, Sinopec, Saipem, KNPC, etc.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing and export experience, our ringlock scaffolding has been used in a lot of the biggest projects globally wide. Include big construction companies, major contractors, energy companies, chemical plants, etc. China’s government buys the ringlock scaffolding from Wellmade for bridge, highway, airport, and stadium construction too.

In addition, we customize your ringlock scaffod sizes&specifications according to your construction arrangement and building plan too.

Our ringlock scaffold parts make your scaffolding easily and safely assembled in construction. Using the ringlock scaffolding system saves 60% of scaffolding material compared to the tube and clamp scaffold systems.

With fewer components, the ring lock system help you in less cost and less time than other steel modular scaffold systems of kwikstage scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, quick lock scaffold too.

100% ringlock scaffold parts can be reused in different construction applications.  Meanwhile, ringlock scaffolding materials are always hot dip galvanized. It can be repeated using for 5-10 years.

Why Wellmade Scaffold?

Buying ringlock scaffolding from Wellmade can bring you great benefits:

1) Safe ringlock system scaffold parts with certified top quality
2) Save cost by buying directly from the leading manufacturer in China
3) Both lightweight & heavyweight ringlock are available
4) Customized your ringlock scaffold size & specifications
5) Emboss your company name & logo on ringlock products
6) Fast delivery time buying from the largest scaffold factory
7) Offer you test reports & certificate
8) Offer Door to Door delivery
One-Stop Scaffolding Sourcing

We offer one stop services for your scaffolding requirement. More than ringlock scaffolding, Wellmade supplies all scaffolding products including scaffold tubes, scaffolding couplers & fittings, system scaffold of cuplock system, kwikstage system, quick-lock system, frame scaffolding, shoring frame, and tube lock scaffolding, etc.

You can also find complete scaffolding and formwork accessories here too.

For scaffolding accessories, there are scaffold boards and metal decks, scaffolding props, U head jack, bridge post(leg), scaffold tripod, aluminum ladders, aluma beams, scaffold stairs, fixed and adjustable fork heads, etc.

For formwork accessories,  we manufacture for you tie rod and dywidag tie bars, formwork wing nuts, anchor nuts with rings, water stoppers, barriers, washer(waler) plate, hexagonal nut, wedge clamp, rapid clamps, alignment clamps, formwork keys, etc.

All of the above scaffolding materials and scaffold equipment are certified according to BS1139, EN 74, EN 12810, ASNI, CSA, AS & MS standards. The relative test report and certificate are all available too.

Ringlock Scaffolding System For Different Countries

No matter which country are you from.  You can find the right ringlock scaffolding system here. Include complete  Allround Scaffold System, Pin Lock Scaffold System, Multidirectional Scaffolding, etc.

Special function ringlock scaffolding parts like aluminum planks, aluminum stairs, lattice girders, scaffold beams, trapdoor platforms, access ladders, crazy legs, leg locks, child friend handrails, etc are available too.

For each country’s ringlock scaffolding system, you can find complete standard sizes.  For example, ringlock base collar has sizes of 0.24m  0.26m, 0.3m, 0.33m 410mm, 430mm, and 440mm in Wellmade.

If you want scaffolding accessories for rinlock scaffolding maintenance, Wellme will support you too. The ringlock scaffold accessories include swivel ledger ends, rosette clamps, double (twin) ledger heads, etc.

Door-to-Door Delivery

Wellmade offer you door-to-door delivery service for your ringlock scaffolding in global 58 countries.

With more than 20 years ringlock scaffolding export experience, Wellmade has its agent and forwarder partners in global 58 countries.  We can help you to do the ringlock scaffolding import and custom. At the same time, we can arrange for the local trucks after the custom is finished. The scaffolding material will deliver to your address or your pointed stock warehouse, your construction project site etc.

In some countries, like the USA, Canada, Indonesia, and Malaysia, we are able to offer you import permits (licenses) for your ringlock scaffolding buying.

Quality Guarantee and Warranty

If you buy the ringlock scaffolding from Wellmade, we have no problem offering you a 1-year warranty for hot-dip galvanized ringlock components.

For E-galvanized ringlock scaffolding parts, 3 months quality control and warranty are available too.

Our strict quality controlling system and independent test procedures, and special mock-up inspection give us great confidence to offer you the ringlock scaffolding warranties.

Ringlock Scaffolding OEM Services

As a famous OEM manufacturer for ringlock scaffolding, our clients are not only construction companies, oil gas companies, contractors, and engineering companies. The biggest scaffolding and formwork companies are buying ringlock scaffolding from Wellmade too. Include German scaffolding and formwork companies and scaffold factories from the UK, the USA, and Italy as well as other European and American countries, etc.

During the cooperation with the global scaffolding and formwork companies, Wellmade will offer OEM service for ringlock scaffolding. The service includes embossing clients’ company logos and names on the products, manufacturing according to client drawings and design, putting clients’ stickers on the ringlock scaffolding materials, and hanging shipping marks on each ringlock scaffolding pallet.

Our engineers and technicians will make your design come true by adjusting the ringlock scaffolding manufacturing molds and jigs.

We have supplied the OEM ringlock scaffolding service for two decades.

Send us your ringlock scaffolding requirement by mail now, Wellmade will quote an attractive scaffold price immediately.

Ringlock Scaffolding FAQ

Do you have both steel and aluminium ringlock scaffolding?

Yes. We have both steel and aluminum ringlock scaffolding.

What is the steel grade for steel ringlock scaffolding?

Steel ringlock scaffolding steel grades include S235 and S355. S355 is higher grade steel with higher tensile strength. So it can take more weight in construction and shoring.

What is the aluminum ringlock scaffolding grade?

Aluminum ringlock scaffolding grades include 6061 T6 and 6082 T6.  6082 T6 is higher strength. While 6061 T6 is cheaper in price.

Do you have CE certification

Yes. Wellmade is the only scaffold factory that passed EN 3834 and EN 1090 CE certificates.  Our welding quality is at the top level in the whole of China.

What is the payment term?

Our payment terms can be T/T, LC, and D/P. The payment terms are related to the trade term. For example, you want FOB, CIF, or DDP trade term.

Does Wellmade offer door to door delivery in USA & Canada?

Yes. In the USA and Canada countries, door-to-door delivery is the most popular trade term.  We take responsibility for who process of the ringlock scaffolding import. Include bonds, ocean freight, custom and port operation, local trucks, etc.

What is the production lead time?

Ringlock scaffolding production lead time is 15-35 days. Partial shipment is available if needed.

Buy from Load or Import from Wellmade?

It is welcome to buy from us if you can wait 15-30 days for manufacturing. If you need material immediately for your projects, try to find it in your local market.

What is the MOQ?

Ringlock scaffolding MOQ is one full container of about 18-25 tons. We accept trial orders too.

Can you produce painted and powder coated ringlock?

Ringlock scaffolding is standard hot dip galvanized. If you want painting, powder coated, or E-galvanized ringlock scaffolding. It is available too. But the anti-rusty function is not as good as the hot dip galvanized ringlock.

Does Wellmade ringlock components compatible with Layher system?

Yes. Wellmade ringlock scaffolding is compatible with the Layher system. Our engineer will give you drawings for double confirmation before mass production.

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