snap on scaffolding frames and braces

Snap On Scaffolding

Snap On Scaffolding Sets for Stucco and Plastering, Masonry to Western American. OSHA and CSA Standard. China Lead Manufacturer & Exporter

Snap On Scaffolding

Snap-on scaffolding is a type of scaffold frame system with snap-on lock pins welded on. The snap-on scaffolding frame set normally is composited of two frames, two sets of cross braces(5′, 7’,8′, 10’), and two coupling pins fixed on the frame by roll pins.
Snap On Scaffolding not only has special rivet(mushroom) shaped lock pins. But also has a locking clamp mechanism system for the cross braces and guard rails. They are mainly used for stucco and plastering in the USA. While masonry construction as well as brick construction use this scaffold frame sets too.
Wellmade is a leading Chinese scaffolding manufacturer producing snap-on scaffolding for our USA partners.
We offer door-to-door delivery and custom clearance services even if you hadn’t imported from China. Send us your list to get an immediate price now.

Snap On Scaffolding Set Parts & Components

snap on scaffolding walk through frame plaster and stucco

6’8″ Walk Through Frame Scaffolding with Snap On Lock Pins in 3′ and 2′ Wide.

snap on scaffolding apartment frame sets -wellmade

10’8″ and 8’8″ Apartment Frame Set with Snap-On Lock Pins In Powder Coated.

snap on scaffold braces - steel x brace for snap on scaffolding frames

Cross Braces for Snap-On Scaffolding Frame Set in Galvanizing Finished.

snap on scaffold frame guard rails galvanized

Guard Rails Used to Connect Between Two Guard Rail Posts in 10′, 8′,7′ and 5′, 3′ Sizes.

scaffold guard rail post with snap on lock pins

Single Guard Rail Posts with Tails 42″ with 3 sets of Snap-on Lock Pins.

guard rail post with ladder 42

Double Type Guard Rail Posts 42″ wih Snap-On Lock Pins.

Snap On Scaffolding Manufacturing Video

Wellmade manufactures snap-on scaffolds of walk thru frame type, apartment frame type, mason frame, box frame type, etc. We also produce complete parts and components of the snap-on scaffold sets. All are confirmed to OSHA standards.

In addition, we offer door to door delivery service and bond if you want import the snap on scaffolding from Wellmade.

Snap On Scaffolding

Types of Snap-On Scaffolding Frames

The scaffolding frame Includes types and sizes of:

  • Walk thru frame: 3’x6’8”,2’x6’8”, 3’x10’8”, 2’x10’8” ,5’x6’8”
  • Apartment Frame: 3’x10’8”,3’x8’8” ,2’x10’8”
  • Apartment House Frame with 18” Ladder: 3’x8’8”
  • Walk thru frame with 18” Ladder: 3’x6’8”, 3’x6’7”
  • Mason & Box Frames  with Snap-On Lock
  • Narrow Frame with Snap On Lock Pin

Snap On Scaffolding Walk-Through Frame

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Snap On Scaffolding Apartment Frame


Snap On Scaffolding Walk Thru Frame with 18″ Ladder

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Snap-On Scaffolding Box Frame

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Why Wellmade Snap On Scaffolding

  1. Wellmade’s Snap On Scaffolding Frames are made from higher steel grade in S355 steel. This makes the snap on scaffolding in high load capacity. Keep safe building construction for stucco and plaster
  2. Standard 1.68″ Scaffold Steel Tube. Compatible with Other Brands and Your Stock
  3. CE Certified High-Quality Welding
  4. High-Quality Powder Coated Quality For Long Term Repeat Using
  5. All used raw materials are tested and qualified in both chemical and physical before use in manufacturing
  6. Customized Sunblock Stickers and Labels
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