Snap On Scaffolding Frame

Wellmade’s Snap-On Scaffolding is On of Scaffolding Frame System. The Snap-on scaffolding is Fabricated with Snap-On Lock Pin.

Wellmade’s Produces all Sizes of Snap On Scaffolding Frames. The Frame Scaffolding is Also Called Stucco Scaffolding and Plaster Scaffolding. It is Mainly Exported to the USA for Stucco and Plaster Building Construction.

You can find all types of snap on scaffolding frames in wellmade include walk through scaffolding, box frame, mason frame scaffolding, apartment frame, walk thru frame with 18″ ladder etc

Wellmade is an ISO9001 & CE certificated Scaffolding Manufacturer.  We offer the Highest Quality Snap on Scaffolding Material In Competitive Price. Send Us Your  Requirement to Get Door to Door Delivery Service from Wellmade.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Snap On Scaffolding Frames are made from higher steel grade in S355 steel. This makes the snap on scaffolding in high load capacity. Keep safety building construction for stucco and plaster.

In Fabrication, The Snap On Scaffolding Frames is made from O.D 1.68″ Steel Scaffold Tube. Our snap on scaffolding system is compatible with your scaffolding components and parts.

Wellmade is CE Certificate Scaffold Factory. You can find plump welding line for your snap on scaffolding material from Wellmade.

We tested our scaffolding material from chemical to physical to ensure that highest steel quality for fabrication.

Powder Coated is the snap on scaffolding frame’s surface treatment. We customize your snap on scaffolding colour in free. The surface makes scaffolding material more durable without corrosion. More than that, wellmade test the coat quality by our salty spray test machine. This test ensures all our snap on scaffolding materials are in longer life span in construction for repeat use.

You can find Snap On Scaffolding Frames in Following Types In Wellmade:

  • Walk Through A-Frame Scaffolding with Snap On Lock Pin
  • Box Frame Scaffolding With Snap On Lock
  • Narrow Frame Scaffolding Snap On Type
  • Masonry Frame Scaffolding Snap On Type
  • Ladder Frame Scaffolding with Snap on Lock Pin
  • Apartment Frame Snap on Scaffolding
  • Scaffolding Snap on Frame with 18″ Ladder

snap on scaffolding walk through frame type stucco plaster scaffold material

Snap On Scaffolding Frame Walk Through Type Sizes

Item CodeWidthHeight


snap on scaffolding apartment frame for stucco and plaster scaffold construction

Snap On Frame Scaffolding Apartment Frame



snap on scaffolding walk through frame with 18 inch ladder type stucco plaster scaffold material

Snap Lock Walk Through Frame w/18″ Ladder

Items CodeWidthHeight

Scaffolding Snap On Box Frame

Snap on Scaffolding Box Frame for stucco and plaster construction

Items CodeWidthHeight
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