Main Frame Scaffolding

Main Frame Scaffolding

Main Frame Scaffolding Includes Main Frames in Size of 1700mm,1930mm,1524mm,914mm. Scaffolding Frame System is with Components and Parts of Vertical Frames, Cross Braces, Guard Rail Post, Guard Rails, Jack Base, U Head Jacks.
Main Frame Scaffolding Access System includes Catwalk Board Panels, Steel Stairs with Steps and Hooks, Metal Decks.
Steel Props and Post Shore is Used to Support Formwork and Falsework Concrete.
Castor Wheels is a components for Scaffold Tower in Frame Scaffolding System.

Main Frame Scaffolding 1219mm

scaffolding main frame 1219x1930mm-construction walk through scaffolding tower walk through scaffolding main frame construction building scaffold tower-vertical construction scaffolding main frame-walk through frame  scafold tower vertical post walk through scaffoding frame-construction building concrete formwork frame post
Code No. WMF1219 Code No. WMF1217 Code No. WMF1217A Code No. WMF1215
Code No. Items Size(mm) Tube Size
Code No. WMF1219 Walk Through Main Frame Scaffolding 1219x1930
  • OD42.7mm
  • OD48.3mm
Code No. WMF1217 1219x1700
Code No. WMF1217A 1219x1700
Code No. WMF1215 1219x1524

 Main Frame Scaffolding 914mm

main frame scaffolding 914mm-construction building material-formwork frames main frame scaffolding cantilever frame system tower-construction building
WMF0917 WCF0917
Code Items Size(WxH) Tube Sized
WMF0917 914mm Main Frame Scaffolding 914x1700mm
  • OD42.7mm
  • OD48.3mm

 762mm Main Frame Scaffolding

main frame scaffolding 762mm-construction building scaffolding formwork frames Main frame scaffolding 762mm construction scaffold tower-concrete formwork frames 762mm scaffolding main frame system-construction building scaffold tower
WCF0717A WCF0717B WLF0717
Code No. Items Size(WxH) Tube Size
WCF0717 762mm Main Frame Scaffolding 762x1700mm
  • OD42.7mm
  • OD48.3mm

 Main Frame Scaffolding System End Frames

main frame scaffolding end frame-construction scaffolding tower-building scaffolding scaffoding main frame system end frames-concrete formwork post-building scaffold main frame scaffolding end frame-construction building scaffolding-concrete formwork
WLF1212 WLF1209 WLF1204
Code No. Items Size(WxH) Tube Scaffold
WLF1212 Main  Frame Scaffolding End Frames 1219x1219mm
  • OD42.7mm
  • OD48.3mm
WLF1209 1219x914mm
WLF1204 1219x480mm

 Main Frame Scaffolding Horizontal Frame 

main frame scaffolding system parts walk horizontal frame-construction building

Code No. Items Size(WxL) Tube Size
WWF1018 Main Frame Scaffolding Horizontal Walk Frame 1050x1829mm OD42.7mm
WWF0918 914x1829mm

Main Frame Scaffolding Cantilever Frame 1218mm

main farme scaffolding cantilever frame 1218mm-construction building materials

Code Items Size(WxH) Tube Size
WCF1217 Main Frame Scaffolding Cantilever Frame 1218x1700mm
  • OD42.7mm
  • OD48.3mm

 Main Frame Scaffolding Cross Braces

main frame scaffolding parts GI Scaffolding cross braces-construction building

Code No. Size(AxBxC)mm Items Weight
WXG1812 1829x1219x2198 Main Frame Scaffolding Cross Braces 4.0KG
WXG1809 1829x914x2045 3.7KG
WXG1806 1829x610x1928 3.5KG
WXG1802 1829x280x1850 3.4KG
WXG1512 1524x1219x1952 3.6KG
WXG1509 1524x914x1777 3.3KG
WXG1506 1524x610x1642 3.0KG
WXG1502 1524x280x1550 2.8KG
WXG1212 1219x1219x1724 3.2KG
WXG1209 1219x914x1524 2.8KG
WXG1206 1219x610x1363 2.5KG
WXG1202 1219x280x1251 2.3KG
WXG0909 914x914x1293 2.4KG
WXG0906 914x610x1099 2.0KG
WXG0902 914x280x956 1.8KG
WXG0606 610x610x863 1.7KG



Main Frame Scaffolding Guard Rail

Main frame scaffolding guard rails-scaffolding frame system parts components

Code No. Size A Items Weight
WHRG06 610mm Main Frame Scaffolding Guard Rail 0.6KG
WHRG07 762mm 0.8KG
WHRG09 914mm 0.9KG
WHRG12 1219mm 1.1KG
WHRG15 1524mm 1.5KG
WHRG18 1829mm 1.8KG

Main Frame Scaffolding Screw Jack Base(Solid)

main frame scaffolding parts and components adjustable screw jack base leveling

Code No. Items Size(mm) Base Plate Size
WJ3040 Main Frame Scaffolding Adjustable Screw Jack Base OD30x400
  • 120x120mm
  • 140x140mm
  • 150x150mm
  • 200x200mm
WJ3060 OD30x600
WJ3240 OD32x400
WJ3260 OD32x600
WJ3540 OD35x400
WJ3560 OD35x600

Main Frame Scaffolding U Head Screw Jack

main frame scaffolding u head screw jack-scaffolding frame parts-construction u jack

Code No. Item Size(ODxH) U Head Size
WUJ3040 Main Frame Scaffolding U  Jack 30x400mm
  • 140x120x40mm
  • 140x120x45mm
  • 150x150x50m
WUJ3060 30x600mm
WUJ3240 32x400mm
WUJ3260 32x600mm
WUJ3540 35x400mm
WUJ3560 35x600mm

  Main Frame Scaffolding Vertical Shore Post

main frame scaffolding system slab beam formwork post support adjustable steel props

Code No. Items Adjustable SIze Weight Finishing
WVS40 Main Frame Scaffolding Verical Shore Post 1210-2060mm 10.0KG
  • Painted
  • HDG
  • Zinc-plated
WVS50 1520-2520mm 11.5KG
WVS60 1860-3110mm 12.9KG
WVS70 2165-3400mm 13.8KG
WVS90 2755-4000mm 15.2KG

 Main Frame Scaffolding Stair

Main frame scaffolding access tower steel step stairs-construction building scaffold

Code SIze(HxW) Weight Surface
WSC1817 1725x1829mm 45KG GI|HDG

 Main Frame Scaffolding Guardrail Post

main frame scaffolding guard rail post-construction scaffolding safety parts components
Code Items Size
WGRP Main Frame Guard Rail Post 1219mm

 Main Frame Scaffolding Arm Lock

main frame scaffolding acccessoriesf-frame scaffold arm lock construction building

Code No. Items Size(A) Weight
WLG03 Main Frame Scaffolding Arm Lock 331.5mm 0.4KG
WLG04 419.0mm 0.5KG
WLG05 507.5mm 0.6KG
WLG06 739.0mm 0.8KG
WLG07 826.0mm 0.9KG

 Main Frame Scaffolding Mobile Tower Castor Wheels

main frame scaffolding mobile tower system parts scaffold castor wheels

Code Items Size(A)x(B) Material Weight
WC20 Main Frame Scaffolding Mobile Castor  Wheels 245x200mm
  • PU
  • Rubber
  • Iron Core
WC15 195x150mm 5.0KG

Main Frame Scaffolding Wall Joint

main frame scaffolding wall joints

Code Items Size(mm) Weight
WWJ50 Main Frame Scaffolding Wall Joint 575-770 1.0KG

 Main Frame Scaffolding Joint Pin Coupling

main frame scaffolding connector joint pins coupling pin-construction building material

Code Item Size Weight
WJP1 Main Frame Scaffolding Joint Pin OD36x225mm 0.6KG

Main Frame Scaffolding Metal Deck

main frame scaffolding metal deck-scaffolding plank-scaffold board access scaffold

Code Items Size Surface
WSP210 Scaffolding Metal Deck 210x45mm
  • GI
  • HDG
WSP240 240x45mm
WSP254 250x40mm
WSP255   250x50mm

Main Frame Scaffolding Catwalk Board Panels

main frame scaffolding components GI scaffolding catwalk board panels-construction

Code No. Items Size(mm)
WSP0518 Main Frame Scaffolding Catwalk Board Panel 500x1829
WSP4818 480x1829
WSP4518 450x1829
WSP4218 500x1219
WSP5012 480x1219
WSP4812 450x1219
WSP4512 420x1219



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