Main Frame Scaffolding

The main frame scaffolding is also called A frame scaffold. It is a type of welded metal frame scaffolding with the shape of a walk-through frame, lightweight and lower cost,  that is used popularly in Southeast Asia and Africa.

The standard width of the main frame scaffolding includes 914mm and 1219mm (other widths can be customized as well). The height of the main frame scaffolding is 1700mm and 1930mm normally (other heights can be customized).

The main frame scaffold product surface could be of four types:

  • Pre-galvanized Main Frame Scaffolding
  • Painted Main Frame Scaffolding
  • Powder Coated Main Frame Scaffolding
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffolding Frames

Main Frame System Components and Parts

The main frame scaffolding system is called frame and brace scaffold. One set of main frame scaffold system includes two A-frames and two sets of cross braces(x brace)

According to construction safety and access system requirements. There are other components for the main frame scaffold system. Include metal decks, stairs, walk boards, guard rail posts, guard rails, horizontal frames, end frames, arm locks, wall joints, etc.

For the mobile tower scaffold formed by the main frame, there are also caster wheels.

Main Frame Scaffolding in 1219mm

Code No.ItemsSize(mm)DiameterThickness
WMF1219Main Frame 1930mm1219×1930OD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WMF1217Main Frame 17000mm1219×1700OD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WMF1215Main Frame 1530mm1219×1530OD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm

 Main Frame Scaffolding 914mm

WMF0917Main Frame 1700mm914x1700mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WMF0919Main Frame 1930mm914x1930mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WCF0915Main Frame 1530mm914x1530mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm

 762mm Main Frame Scaffolding

Code No.ItemsSize(WxH)DiameterThickness
WCF0717Main Frame 1700mm762x1700mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm

End Frame Scaffolding

Code No.ItemsSize(WxH)DiameterThickness
WLF1212End Frame 1219mm1219x1219mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WLF1209End Frame 914mm1219x914mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WLF1204End Frame 480mm1219x480mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WLF0912End Frame 1219mm914x1219mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WLF0909End Frame 914mm914x914mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WLF0904End Frame 480mm914x480mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm

Horizontal Frame Scaffolding

Code No.ItemsSize(WxL)DiameterThickness
WWF1018Horizontal Frames  10501050x1829mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm
WWF0918Horizontal Frames  914914x1829mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm

Cantilever Frame Scaffolding 1218mm

WCF1217Cantilever Frame1218x1700mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm

 Main Frame System Cross Braces (X Brace)

Code No.Size(AxBxC)mmItemsWeightDiameterThickness
WXG18121829x1219x2198Cross Braces 014.0KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG18091829x914x2045Cross Braces 023.7KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG18061829x610x1928Cross Braces 033.5KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG18021829x280x1850Cross Braces 043.4KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG15121524x1219x1952Cross Braces 053.6KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG15091524x914x1777Cross Braces 063.3KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG15061524x610x1642Cross Braces 073.0KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG15021524x280x1550Cross Braces 082.8KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG12121219x1219x1724Cross Braces 093.2KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG12091219x914x1524Cross Braces 102.8KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG12061219x610x1363Cross Braces 112.5KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG12021219x280x1251Cross Braces 122.3KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG0909914x914x1293Cross Braces 132.4KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG0906914x610x1099Cross Braces 142.0KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG0902914x280x956Cross Braces 151.8KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG0606610x610x863Cross Braces 161.7KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WXG0602610x280x671Cross Braces 171.3KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm

Main Frame Scaffolding Guard Rail

Code No.Size AItemsWeightDiameterThickness
WHRG06610mmGuard Rail 010.6KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WHRG07762mmGuard Rail 020.8KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WHRG09914mmGuard Rail 030.9KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WHRG121219mmGuard Rail 041.1KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WHRG151524mmGuard Rail 051.5KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm
WHRG181829mmGuard Rail 061.8KGOD19-25mm1.2-2.0mm

Main Frame System Adj Jack Base (Solid)

Code No.ItemsSize(mm)Base Plate Size
WJ3040Jack Base 01OD30x400120-200mm
WJ3060Jack Base 02OD30x600120-200mm
WJ3240Jack Base 03OD32x400120-200mm
WJ3260Jack Base 04OD32x600120-200mm
WJ3540Jack Base 05OD35x400120-200mm
WJ3560Jack Base 06OD35x600120-200mm

Main Frame Scaffolding U Head Screw Jack

Code No.ItemSize(ODxH)U Head Size
WUJ3040Adj U  Jack 0130x400mm120-200mm
WUJ3060Adj U  Jack 0230x600mm120-200mm
WUJ3240Adj U  Jack 0332x400mm120-200mm
WUJ3260Adj U  Jack 0432x600mm120-200mm
WUJ3540Adj U  Jack 0535x400mm120-200mm
WUJ3560Adj U  Jack 0635x600mm120-200mm

Scaffold Steel Vertical Shore Post

Code No.ItemsAdjustable SIzeWeightInner/Outer
WVS40Vertical Shore Post 011210-2060mm10.0KGOD48.3/60.3mm
WVS50Vertical Shore Post 021520-2520mm11.5KGOD48.3/60.3mm
WVS60Vertical Shore Post 031860-3110mm12.9KGOD48.3/60.3mm
WVS70Vertical Shore Post 042165-3400mm13.8KGOD48.3/60.3mm
WVS90Vertical Shore Post 052755-4000mm15.2KGOD48.3/60.3mm

Main Frame Scaffolding Stair

Main Frame Scaffolding Screw Jack Base


 Main Frame Scaffolding Guardrail Post

Main Frame Scaffolding Guard Rail Post Parts

WGRPGuard Rail Post1219mmOD42.7mm1.8-2.5mm

 Main Frame Scaffolding Arm Lock

Code No.ItemsSize(A)Weight
WLG03Arm Lock 01331.5mm0.4KG
WLG04Arm Lock 02419.0mm0.5KG
WLG05Arm Lock 03507.5mm0.6KG
WLG06Arm Lock 04739.0mm0.8KG
WLG07Arm Lock 05826.0mm0.9KG

 Mobile Tower Frame Scaffold Castor Wheels

WC2001PU Castor  8″8″PU5.5KG
WC2002Rubber Castor 8″8″Rubber5.5KG
WC2003Iron Core Castor 8″8″Iron Core5.5KG
WC1501PU Castor  6″6″PU4.5 KG
WC1502Rubber Castor 6″6″Rubber4.5 KG
WC1503Iron Core Castor 6″6″Iron Core4.5 KG

Main Frame Scaffolding Wall Joint

Main Frame Scaffolding Wall Joint

WWJ50Wall Joint575-7701.0KG

Joint Pins & Coupling

Main Frame Scaffolding Joint Pin Coupling

WJP1Scaffold Joint PinOD36mm225mm0.3- 0.6KG

Metal Deck 210mm

Main Frame Scaffolding Metal Deck

WSP2110Metal Deck 011000mm210mm45mm
WSP2115Metal Deck 021500mm210mm45mm
WSP2120Metal Deck 032000mm210mm45mm
WSP2125Metal Deck 042500mm210mm45mm
WSP2130Metal Deck 053000mm210mm45mm
WSP2135Metal Deck 063500mm210mm45mm
WSP2140Metal Deck 074000mm210mm45mm

Metal Deck 240mm

WSP2410Metal Deck 081000mm240mm45mm
WSP2415Metal Deck 091500mm240mm45mm
WSP2420Metal Deck 102000mm240mm45mm
WSP2425Metal Deck 112500mm240mm45mm
WSP2430Metal Deck 123000mm240mm45mm
WSP2435Metal Deck 133500mm240mm45mm
WSP2440Metal Deck 144000mm240mm45mm

Metal Deck 250mm

WSP2510Metal Deck 151000mm250mm40/50mm
WSP2515Metal Deck 161500mm250mm40/50mm
WSP2520Metal Deck 172000mm250mm40/50mm
WSP2525Metal Deck 182500mm250mm40/50mm
WSP2530Metal Deck 193000mm250mm40/50mm
WSP2535Metal Deck 203500mm250mm40/50mm
WSP2540Metal Deck 214000mm250mm40/50mm

Main Frame Catwalk Board & Catwalk Panels

Main Frame Scaffolding Catwalk Board Panels

Code No.ItemsSize(mm)
WSP0518Catwalk Board 01500×1829
WSP4818Catwalk Board 02480×1829
WSP4518Catwalk Board 03450×1829
WSP4218Catwalk Board 04500×1219
WSP5012Catwalk Board 05480×1219
WSP4812Catwalk Board 06450×1219
WSP4512Catwalk Board 07420×1219

Wellmade Mainframe Scaffolding

Wellmade main frame scaffolding is manufactured for different industrial use. You can find mainframe scaffolding in temporary auxiliary construction.

There are six mainframe accessories and mainframe components of scaffolding. You can choose mainframe, cross brace, lock pin, joint pin, catwalk, and end frame.

In addition to mainframe components, Wellmade also offers expertly manufactured main frame accessories including out trigger, stood pipe, horizontal frame, U-head, Jack base, guard rail, support TS90, Clamp (fix clamp and swivel clamp), a wheel with lock, and wheel without a lock.

Main Frame Scaffolding Tower

We manufactured and designed mainframe scaffolding from sturdy raw materials. Wellmade main frame scaffolding intendedly designed to support the construction work of the building under construction.

Wellmade offers different types of mainframe scaffolding for your job. Depending on your specific applications, we can offer quality mainframe scaffolding at a very affordable rate.

Wellmade’s mainframe scaffolding system includes H Frame System and A-Frame Scaffold. While the mainframe scaffolding tower includes galvanized steel scaffold stairs.

If you are in the field of construction building and indoor mobile scaffold, then you need to include mainframe catwalk scaffold steel boards.

Our mainframe scaffolding catwalk is available in different widths. Available widths of mainframe scaffolding catwalk are 420mm, 450mm, 480mm, and 500mm.

You can also get special designed scaffold boards with Hooks in 210mm, 240mm, 230mm, and 250mm width sizes.

In order to level your mainframe scaffolding, you need to use caster wheels and an adjustable screw jack base and convenient in mobile scaffold tower moving.

Wellmade is a professional mainframe scaffolding manufacturer in China with more than 20 years of expertise.

For all your mainframe scaffolding needs, you can trust from Wellmade. We only manufactured and distribute the highest quality mainframe scaffolding for your projects.

In fact, Wellmade main frame scaffolding is exported to different countries and regions around the world including, France, England, Sweden, Germany, Japan, and many more. fact,

Wellmade Scaffolding manufacturing factory has the widest selection of mainframe scaffolding. We are one of the biggest Chinese mainframe scaffolding supplier, manufacturer, and exporter.

Aside from mainframe scaffolding, we also offer kwikstage transom, cuplock scaffolding, acrow prop, scaffolding pipe, stair scaffold, and many more.

We are looking forward to a business partner investor for our business. We have a wide range of mainframe scaffolding products perfect for your startup business.

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