Layher Scaffolding Speedy Frame 2m

Wellmade is Layher scaffolding speedy frame manufacturer in China. The Layher scaffolding speedy frames are manufactured according to ISO 9001 management. The welding quality is at the top level and past CE certificate according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090 standard.

With the CE certification, Wellmade’s Layher scaffolding speedy frames are supplied and exported to the whole European countries.

You can get complete parts and components of the Layher scaffolding speedy frame system here. Include diagonal braces, single guard rails, steel platform and adjustable levelling jack base etc.

More than speedy frames, you can also find Layher scaffolding allround system here in Wellmade.  Send us your Layher scaffolding needs to get a competitive price now.

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Wellmade’s layher scaffolding speedy frames

Wellmade’s Layher scaffolding speedy frames are always in hot-dip galvanized. According to the sizes, you can find 2m and 1m Layher scaffolding speedy frames for your construction.

The Layher scaffolding speedy frames are used popularly in facade scaffolding.  It is a quick erect scaffold system.

When you use the Layher scaffolding speedy frames, you need to use a steel platform with u type plank hooks. Because the Layher scaffolding speedy frames are made from u profile for the frame scaffold transom.

In fabrication, the Layher scaffolding facade frame could be with Layher special speedy lock pin. While the normal flip lock pin Layher scaffolding frames are available too. You can choose the frame scaffolding lock pin according to your construction requirement.
layher scaffolding frame with flip lock
layher scaffolding frame with flip lock
Wellmade’s layher scaffolding frames are always in hot dip galvanized. The galvanizing scaffolding makes the layher scaffolding frames in a longer repeat working in construction.
We export the layher scaffolding frames and allround system scaffolding mainly to European Countries. While you can find a full list of the layher scaffolding speedy frame system include the vertical facade frames with both sizes of 2.0mtr height and 1.0m height.
Wellmade’s Layher facade scaffolding frame ledger transom is made from high strength steel U profile. It is matched with u type steel scaffolding planks during your construction.
Layher scaffolding speedy frame with speedy lock pin facade construction
Layher Scaffolding Facade Frame HDG with Speedy Lock
12.0m Layher FrameOS48.3×3.2mm
21.0m Layher FrameOD48.3×3.2mm

Layher  Scaffolding Frame with Flip Lock

12m Layher Frame(Flip Lock)OD48.3×3.2mm
21m Layher Frame(Flip Lock)OD48.3×3.2mm


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