Speedy Scaffold Frame 2m to Europe

Speedy Scaffold Frames are a type of light-in-weight but heavy-duty frame scaffolding system. It is made of 48.3mm scaffold tubes with special speedy locks to fix with parts of single diagonals and single guard rails in construction.
The standard sizes of the speedy scaffold frame are 2m or 1m in height and 0.73m in width. 0.73m width is a size suitable for two pieces of steel platform 320mm wide.

Lock pins of the speedy frame scaffolding can be speedy lock or called fast lock. Flip lock pins on the frames are available as well.

Wellmade’s speedy frame scaffolds are hot dip galvanized and mainly exported to Europe countries with CE Certification.  Relative parts of the speedy scaffold frame system, including toe boards, scaffold trapdoor/hatches, adjustable screw jack bases, single guard rails, and diagonal braces are all available here.

Speedy frame scaffolding systems are popular in facade scaffolding. It is easy to erect and fast fixing and locking. The narrow width makes the speedy scaff flexible in the existing building.

Speedy Scaffold Frames and Systems

Speedy scaffold frame is also called speedyscaf scaffold. It is a type of modular fast erect scaffold system used in facade scaffolding for building and construction.
In Wellmade, there are two types of speedyscaf frame systems. One is simple and cheap with flip locks, another one is the original type of speedyscaf frame scaffold. Both of them are manufactured for European companies.
speedy scaffold frame - speedyscaf scaffolding flip lock vs speedy layher lock pins
speedy scaffold frame – speedyscaf scaffolding flip lock vs speedy layher lock pins

Speedyscaff Frames Specifications (Original Locks)

WSPF012.0m Speedy Frame(O)0.73×2.0m19.75 KG
WSPF021.0m Speedy Frame(O)0.73×1.0m13.61 KG

Speedy Scaffold Frame Specifications (Flip Lock Pins)

WSPF032m Speedy Frame(Flip Lock)0.73×2.0m18.80 KG
WSPF041m Speedy Frame(Flip Lock)0.73×1.0m12.65 KG

Speedy Frame Scaffolding Parts


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