Ringlock Scaffold Reinforced U Ledger LW

U Ledger reinforced LW is a component of allround system ringlock scaffolding. It is a type of ringlock U ledger, but with extra support under the U ledger ribbed profiles.

The U ledger reinforced LW is composite with one ribbed steel U profile, two sets of wedge heads at both ends and one reinforce steel profile welded under the ribbed U profile.

The reinforced U ledgers can take more weight from overhead compared to single ringlock U ledgers. The wedge heads are cast steel with wedge pins and rivets. They lock the reinforced U ledgers  LW to the ringlock standards.

The weight of the U ledger reinforced LW is lighter than the ringlock bridging ledger(truss ledger). Thus it is also called lightweight ringlock reinforced ledgers too.

All sizes of the LW reinforced U ledgers are available in Welmade. Include 1.09m, 1.57m,2.07m, 2.57m, 3.07m, etc.

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  • Size: 55x52mm
  • Steel Grade: S235
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Size: 0.39-3.07m
  • Package: Steel Racks
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Standard: EN 12810
  • Quality: ISO 9001 & CE
  • CE Mark: Yes


  • Delivery Port: Xingang Port, Tianjin, China
  • Delivery Time: 15- 35 Days
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Shipping: By Sea/By Train
  • Trade Term: FOB,CIF , EXW, DDP

Ringlock U Ledger Reinforced LW

Ringlock Scaffolding U Ledger Reinforced LW is working with U-type scaffold decks. In the allround scaffolding system, the scaffold decks types with u hooks include 320mm scaffold planks, 190mm scaffold planks, 600mm aluminium platforms with trapdoors, and U hook stairs.

In order to prevent the scaffold decks from lifting off. You can cover the lift-off preventers on the U type horizontal parts. Lock the scaffold plank hooks on the scaffold U ledger to prevent them from lifting by the wind.

Ringlock Reinforced Ledger LW Size & Weight

Code No.ItemsSpecificationWeight
WRRL0390.39m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm2.77HDG
WRRL0450.45m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm3.03HDG
WRRL0500.50m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm3.38HDG
WRRL0730.73m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm5.02HDG
WRRL1001.00m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm6.59HDG
WRRL1091.09m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm7.23HDG
WRRL1291.29m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm8.65HDG
WRRL1401.40m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm9.43HDG
WRRL1571.57m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm10.64HDG
WRRL2072.07m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm14.02HDG
WRRL2572.57m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm17.57HDG
WRRL3073.07m U Ledger Reinforced LW55x52x3.0mm21.12HDG
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