Tube Lock Scaffolding (Tube w/ Fittings)

Tube Lock Scaffolding is a type of scaffold with mail and female fittings at both ends. It is also called a steel tube with fittings.  It is Fabricated by O.D 1.9″ galvanized scaffold tubes with galvanized male and female fittings at both ends. Galvanizing finishing makes the tube lock scaffold durable and free of corrosion.

In construction, the tube lock scaffolding is able to be tied by scaffolding right angle couplers and swivel clamps.

Wellmade is the leading manufacturer of tube lock scaffolds in China.  The tube lock scaffolding is manufactured according to OSHA and ANSI standards. Send us a mail now to get an immediate price for free.

Tube Lock Scaffold

Tube lock scaffold is a versatile usage of modular scaffold. It is connected with each other by the male and female fittings. Put male fitting in female couplers, then turn the direction to lock them on.

Tube lock scaffold is adapted with both system scaffold and tube and coupler scaffolding. In addition, you can use our tube lock scaffolding in all construction conditions. No matter whether the construction ground is even or uneven, how complex the structure shape is.

You can find complete sizes of tube lock scaffolding in Wellmade. Include lengths of 4′,6′,8′,10′,12′,14′, 16′, 18′, 20′ and 21′ etc. Customized sizes are available too.

Tube Lock Scaffolding Size&Specification

Code No.DescriptionWeight (LBS/KGS)Weight KGS
WTL044′ steel tube with fittings9.92 LBS4.51
WTL066′ steel tube with fittings14 LBS6.36
WTL088′ steel tube with fittings18.12 LBS8.24
WTL1010′ steel tube with fittings21.55 LBS9.80
WTL1313′ steel tube with fittings27.6 LBS12.55
WTL1616′ steel tube with fittings39.15 LBS17.75
WTL2020’steel tube with fittings48.06 LBS21.80

 Tube Lock Scaffolding Male & Female Fittings

In tube lock scaffolding, one end is riveted with male fittings, another end is riveted with female fittings. This design makes the tube lock scaffolding can be self-locked each us, with no need for any help of scaffold fittings.

tube lock scaffolding parts twist lock
Tube Lock Scaffolding Fittings

Tube Lock Scaffold Base Plate with Female Fitting

The scaffold base plate is one component of the tube lock scaffolding system.  It is in 200mm plate size. At the center of the base plate, there is a male fitting welded on.  The male fitting is like a scaffold spigot. It is used to connect with tube lock scaffold female ends to erect scaffold verticals or uprights.

Tube Lock Scaffolding Base Plate
Tube Lock Scaffolding Base Plate
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