Kwik Stage Scaffold

British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding System

Kwikstage Scaffolding is one of the Most Popular Modular Scaffolding System for Construction and Formwork Support. Which is Easy and Fast in Scaffolding Assembly and Erection that Save Time and Cost in Construction Project.
Kwikstage Scaffolding System Types Include British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding, Australian Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding, South Africa Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding and Kwikstage Scaffold Shore System PCH Type. 
Kwikstage Scaffolding Components and Parts Include Kwikstage Standards, Ledgers, Transom, Return Transom, Tie Bars, Adjustable Jack Base, Scaffold Batten Boards,Board Bracket, Loading Bay Transom,Truss Ledger and Toe Board Clips, End Toe Board  Clips etc.

British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Standard

British Standardd Kwikstage Scaffollding Standard-Construction Modular System Scaffold

Code Items LG Weight
WKS050 0.5m Kwikstage Standards 1'8"  3.0KG
WKS100 1.0m Kwikstage Standards  3'3"  6.2KG
WKS150 1.5m Kwikstage Standards  4'11"  8.5KG
WKS200 2.0m Kwikstage Standards  6'6" 11.7KG
WKS250 2.5m Kwikstage Standards  8'2" 14.4KG
WKS300 3.0m Kwikstage Standards  9'9" 17.2KG
Kwikstage Standards Are Vertical Components In System Scaffolding. It is made From Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0mm with Elements of Spigot Connectors and V Clips On. Spigot Coupling Pins  on Standard are Connectors Between Each Kwikstage Standard in Verticals. While V Clips is Used to Fixing Kwikstage Ledgers Onto Standard Poles. Kwikstage Standards Can be Painted Finishing or Galvanized Finishing. 

  British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Ledger Horizontal

Kwikstage Scaffolding parts paint kwik stage modular system ledger horizontal

Code Items Size(mm) LG Weight
WKL120 4'2" Kwikstage Ledger OD48.3x3.2mmx1200(C to C) 4'2" 5.6KG
WKL180 6' Kwikstage Ledger OD48.3x3.2mmx1800(C to C) 6' 7.0KG
WKL240 8' Kwikstage Ledger OD48.3x3.2mmx2400(C to V) 8' 9.2KG
 British Kwikstage Ledgers Are  Made From OD48.3x3.2mm Scaffold Tube. It Is A Horizontal Member In The System Scaffolding.  Ledger Horizontals Has Wedge Pins to Be Fixed Onto Kwikstage Standard Poles. 

 British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Diagonal Braces

british standard scaffolding kwikstage modular system diagonal brace-kwickstage

Code Items Size(mm) LG Weight
WKB183 Kwikstage Braces 6' OD48.3x3.2x1830 6' 8.65KG
WKB275 Kwikstage Braces 9' OD48.3x3.2x2750 9' 12.3KG
WKB353 Kwikstage Braces 11'6" OD48.3x3.2x3530 11'6" 15.30KG
WKB366 Kwikstage Braces 12' OD48.3x3.2x3660 12' 15.80KG
Kwikstage Scaffold Diagonal Braces Is Made From OD48mm Scaffold Tube With Parts of C Pressing and Wedge Pin to Make System Scaffolding Stable in Diagonal.

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Batten Boards

Kwikstage scaffolding british standard scaffold boards scaffold battens-access scaffold tower

Code No. Items Size Weight
WKP076 Kwikstage Scaffolding Battens 238x57x2'6 6.20KG
WKP120 238x57x4' 9.10KG
WKP180 238x57x6' 13.5KG
WKP240 238x57x8' 17.1KG
Kwikstage Scaffold Battens Is A Component Sit On Scaffold Transom. Size Is In 238x57mm(230x63mm Too).  Scaffold Battens Form Work Platforms In Construction Access.

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Tie Bar

Kwikstage Scaffolding Ties-Kwickstage Tie Bar-Construction Access Scaffold Tower Safety

Code Items Size Weight
WKTB120 Kwikstage Scaffolding System Tie Bar 30x30mmx4' 3.80KG
WKTB180 30x30mmx6' 5.40KG
WKTB240 30x30mmx8' 7.20KG
 Kwikstage Scaffolding Tie Bars Are Components for Construction Safety Protection. It is Used At Side of Kwikstage Board Bracket Platfor. Tie Bars Are Made From High Steel Iron Bars.

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Transom

British Standard kwikstage scaffolding transom-modular star scaffold-kwickstage construction

Code No. Item Size Weight
WKT060 Kwikstage Scaffold Transom 50x50mmx2' 3.30KG
WKT080 50x50mmx2'8 5.00KG
WKT120 50x50mmx4' 9.70KG
WKT180 50x50mmx6' 13.1KG
Kwikstage Transom Is A Component to Form a Support For Scaffold Boards and Battens. It Is Made From 50x50mm Steel Iron Bars With Components of Wedge Pins to Connected Between Kwikstage Standards.

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom

Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom-British Standard Modular Kwickstage Parts

Code  Items Size LG Weight
WKRT080 Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom 2'8 800mm 2'8" 8.5KG
WKRT120 Kwikstage Scaffolding Return Transom 4'2 1200mm 4'2" 13.1KG

 British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Board Bracket

british scaffolding system kwikstage system board bracket-kwickstage star scaffold

Code Items Size Weight
WKPB1 One Board Kwikstage Scaffold Bracket 230mm 2.3KG
WKPB2 Two Board Kwikstage Scaffold Bracket 460mm 6.4KG
WKPB3 Three Board Kwikstage Scaffold Bracket 690mm 9.1KG

 British Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Ladder Access Transom

British Standard Kwickstage Scaffolding Ladder Access Transom Kwik Stage

Code Items Size Weight
WKLAT120 Kwiksage 1.2m Ladder Access Transom 4'2 10KG

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Internal Corner Frame

kwikstage scaffolding parts internal corner frame board

Code Description Size Weight
WKCF Kwikstage Scaffolding Internal Corner Frame 530mm 13.7KG

 Kwikstage Scaffolding Loading Bay Transom

british standard kwikstage scaffolding loading bay transom-kwickstage scaffold parts

Code Description Size Weight
WKLBT Kwikstage Scaffolding Loading Bay Transom 8' 33KG

  Kwikstage Scaffolding Toe Board Clip

kwikstage scaffolding parts toe board clip clamps-kwickstage modular system scaffold

Code Description Usage Weight
WKTB Kwikstage Scaffolding Toe Board Clamp Hold Toe Board in Position 0.8KG

   Kwikstage Scaffolding End Toe Board Bracket Clip

British Standard Scaffolding Kwiksage Modular System End Toe Board Clip Clamp

Code Item Usage Weight
WKETB Kwikstage End Toe Board Bracket Fix Toe Board By Fitting Into  Standard V Clip 1.3KG



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