Formwork Anchor Nut

Wellmade’s formwork anchor nuts are one of the concrete formwork accessories. It is also called formwork wing nuts.  Wellmade produces all sizes of concrete formwork anchor nuts working with your sizes of construction concrete tie rods.
As a leading formwork anchor nut manufacturer and exporter, Wellmade supplies you forged and ductile cast iron cast nuts.  According to the inner threaded sizes of the formwork anchor nut, there are D15, D16, D17, D18, and D20 formwork anchor nuts.
More than the formwork anchor nuts, you can find all types of tie rods, formwork panels, formwork clamps here.
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Wellmade’s Formwork Anchor Nut

Wellmade suppliers you all types of formwork anchor nuts for your concrete shuttering construction.

  • -According to the formwork anchor nut wings quantity,  there are  2 wins and 3 wings wing nuts.
  • -According to the round plate diameter, the formwork wing nut diameter includes O.D 60mm-O.D130mm round plates. We customize your formwork wing nut in different shapes, types, and diameters.
  • –  According to the fabrication process, there are forged type and ductile cast iron formwork anchor nuts
  • -According to surface treatment, there are black and galvanized concrete formwork wing nuts

Drop Forged Formwork Anchor Wing Nuts

Drop forged formwork wing nuts are very heavy-duty types of anchor nuts. It is forged from heated steel round bars.

Wellmade’s produces many sizes of the forged anchor nuts for your concrete construction. Our quality is at the top and tested with an ultimate load of more than 201 KN.   You can find D15-D20mm forged anchor nuts for your concrete tie rod and bars here.

Compare to the cast iron formwork wing nuts, forged anchor nuts need a machinery screw for the internal threads. Which will be a higher cost than cast iron ones.

Formwork Anchor Nut
Formwork Anchor Nut Forged Type with 2 Wings

Wellmade’s Ductile Cast Iron Formwork Anchor Nuts

Ductile cast iron formwork anchor nuts are made of high-strength-grade steel. The formwork anchor nut products are conformed to BS En 1563 EN 45-10 Standard in 450 class.

Ductile cast iron formwork inner threads are able to come out during the casting. Thus it is a type of cheap formwork wing nuts compare to drop forged ones.  You can find complete sizes of the concrete formwork ductile cast wing nuts here.

Formwork Accessories Anchor Nut 2 wings
Formwork Anchor Nut 2 Wings
Welmade’s formwork anchor nuts are used in all formwork systems. Include wall formwork, slab formwork, column formwork, beam formwork, floor formwork, table formwork, etc.
The most commonly used formwork anchor nuts are in sizes of D16(15/17mm) and D20(19/21mm). Working along with the steel tie rod and tie bars, formwork anchor wing nuts are used as connector joint clamps to fix the formwork system elements in position during concreting.
Forged type wing nut for formwork tie rod
In buying the formwork anchor nuts, you are able to get all of the test results and test reports for your single order. Include MTC (mill certificate), raw material test report, hardness test report, ultimate loading capacity, etc.
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