Speed Shore Scaffold

When you want hi load scaffold to load heavy-duty concrete. You need to choose the right scaffold system. Speed shore scaffold is one of the hi-load scaffolding systems for hi-load.

Speed shore scaffolding is a type of steel scaffold system with stars (V clips) on verticals and C pressing on two ends of horizontals. It is a type of kwikstage scaffolding specially designed for Indonesian contractors and construction companies.

Speed shore scaffolding is also called star shore, speed scaffold, PCH scaffold, etc. They are made from high-strength steel and 4mm thickness. They are used to support heavy-duty concrete in formwork or shuttering work.

The speed shore scaffold system components are galvanized and have a long life for repeat work.

Other special components of the speed shore kwikstage include trigger braces, cantilevers, solid jacks, etc.

You can find sizes and specifications in the following tables.

Speed Shore Scaffold Components

  •  Speed Shore Standard
  • Speed Shore Ledger Horizontal 
  • Speed Shore Trigger Braces Open End and Adjustable Closed Type 
  • Speed Shore Beam Bracket 
  • Solid Heavy Type Adjustable Base Jack 
  • Solid Type U Jacks 
  • Cantilever Frames

Size & Specifications of Speed Shore Scaffold Parts

1. Speed Shore Scaffold Standard

Formwork Scaffolding Speedshore Standard
Formwork Scaffolding Speedshore Standard
Code No.DescriptionMass Weight(KG)
WMIKS030Speed Shore Standard 0.3m Topper2.42
WMIKS050Speed Shore Standard 0.5m4.25
WMIKS100Speed Shore Standard 1.0m7.37
WMIKS150Speed Shore Standard 1.5m10.5
WMIKS200Speed Shore Standard 2.0m13.65
WMIKS250Speed Shore Standard 2.5m16.78
WMIKS300Speed Shore Standard 3.0m19.9

2. Speed Shore Scaffold Ledger

Speed Shore Scaffolding Ledger Horizontal 2

Code No.DescriptionWeight(KG)
WMIKSL003Speed Shore Ledger 0.3m0.99
WMIKSL006Speed Shore Ledger 0.6m2.2
WMIKSL007Speed Shore Ledger 0.7m2.86
WMIKSL009Speed Shore Ledger 0.9m3.41
WMIKSL012Speed Shore Ledger 1.2m4.56
WMIKSL015Speed Shore Ledger 1.5m5.78
WMIKSL018Speed Shore Ledger 1.8m7.81

3. Speed Shore Scaffolding Trigger Brace

Speed Shore Scaffolding Trigger Braces

Code No.BayxLiftxLengthWeight(KG)

4. Speed Shore Scaffold Beam Bracket

Speed Shore Scaffolding Beam Bracket

Code No.SizeWeight

Speed Shore System Components Steel Grade 

Speed Shore System Scaffold Components are Produced by Q345 High Steel Grade. The Standard Verticals are 4.0mm. This Steel Grade and Thick Wall Are Caused by its high load Safety Requirement.   

Surface Finishing of Speed Shore System 

Speed Shore System Scaffold is always in Hot dip galvanized, While Painted and E-galvanized is a type of Surface Saving Cost. HDG can make the material a Longer Life Without Rusty. 

Speedshore Scaffold Services

1.  Door to Door Delivery & Custom Clearance in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Batam 

With more than 10 years of Experience in Producing and Exporting the Speed Shore System. Wellmade Scaffold Offers Door to Door Services with Our Partners in Indonesia Delivery Scaffolding Products to Jakarta, Surabaya, Batam Cities. 
It is an Approved Scaffolding Supplies Vendor for the Top 10 Government and Private General Contractors.   

2. Certificate of the Speed Shore System Formwork Scaffolding 

Speed Shore System Formwork Scaffolding Has Been Tested and Certified By SGS In Load Capacity and Components Safety Test. 
Wellmade Scaffold is also the CE Certificated Scaffolding Factory with the Highest Welding Quality Certified by ISO 3834 and EN1090. 
It is also an ISO9001 Scaffolding Factory in China. 24-hour QC Controlling System Goes Through the Whole Logistics and Production System with Track No. All Materials are Tested from Raw Material Chemical Composition and Physical Properties, Welding Line Quality, Load Capacity, Surface Zinc Thickness, and Paint Quality Testing. 

3. Free Marking and Logo 

In Indonesia, Customized Logo and Mark are Very Important. Wellmade Scaffold always Offers Free Marks for Clients. This is helpful in Materials Recognize. 
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