Shoring Frame Scaffolding

What is the shoring frame? What are shoring frames used for? What elements of the shoring frame system? What types of shoring frames? What is the load capacity of these types of shoring frames? How to install shoring frames? As a manufacturer of shoring frames export to global 59 countries. We give you all details here to help you choose and understand the shoring frame and the system.

The shoring frame is one of the frame scaffold systems especially used for shoring concrete to support concrete flooring, ceiling, excavation, etc in construction and repair.

The shoring frame system includes parts and components of, frames, cross braces, coupling pins, adjustable base jack, U head, and Fork Heads and Jacks. With these components, the shoring frames are able to support the shoring beams and form a temporary and permanent structure in concreting.

Shoring Frame Components and Parts

Frames of the shoring frame system are with two hi-load legs, horizontal or brace tubes connect with the two legs, and some scaffold lock pins welded on the vertical and horizontal tubes, used to connect with cross braces(X braces) and forming frame sets.

Cross braces of the shoring frame system are always in pairs and cross each other. In the middle of the cross brace, a bolt and nut washer fixed the brace in a crossing shape.  At the ends of the cross braces, there are holes. The holes are used to connect with lock pins on frame legs and horizontals.

Adjustable base jacks are placed at the bottom of the shoring frame to level the feet and adjust the frame at a required height. Adjustable base jacks are always with jack nut handles convenient for height adjusting at the concrete construction site.

The top head of the shoring frame system includes the top U head, top J head, or top fork head. They can be fixed type with a simple spigot or adjustable with a screw stem. jack nut needs to match up with the frame tube diameter.

Coupling pins of the shoring frame are inserted inside of the shoring frame vertical tubes for stack and reach the required height in construction support.

Shoring frame scaffold elements and parts are made of steel material. For rusty protection, they are finished on the surface of paint, powder coated, E-galvanized or hot dip galvanized.

Hi Load Shoring Frame Tower/Sets with Elements

Shoring Frames VS Normal Scaffold Frames

ItemsShoring frameScaffold frame
LoadHighMedium & Light
LegsTwo LegsTwo Legs
Leg Diameter48mm, 56mm, 60mm42mm & 48mm
Leg Thickness2.5 – 4.0mm1.8-4.0mm
Lock PinsYesYes
ApplicationFormwork & ConcreteConstruction & Building
Work PlatformNo NeedNeed
MaterialSteelSteel or Aluminum
Horizontal ConnectorsCross BracesCross Braces
Vertical StackYesYes
Vertical ConnectorsCoupling Pin (Spigot)Coupling Pin (Spigot)
FinishingPainted, Coated & GalvanizedPainted, Coated & Galvanized

Types of Shoring Frames

Shoring frame scaffold types include:

  • H Type Shoring Frame
  • V Shore Type Shorng Frame
  • Formwork Frames
  • Customized Shoring Frame

The sizes of each type of shoring frame are customized in width and height. Lock pins distance of the shoring frames include 2′, 3′, 4′, 5′, 6′, and customized.

The diameter of the shoring frame legs includes OD48mm, OD60mm, and OD56/57mm.

Distance between two shoring frames can be 5′, 6′, 7′,8′, 10′ etc. They are always fixed by cross braces.

H Type Shoring Frame Scaffold (USA Type)

fast lock waco scaffolding hi load shoring frame
fast lock waco scaffolding hi load shoring frame
Code No.ItemsDimension(WxH)Lock DistanceWeight(LBS)
WSH41232×3 Shoring Frame2’x3′2′25
WSH41242×4 Shoring Frame2’x4′3′37
WSH41252×5 Shoring Frame2’x5′4′45
WSH41262×6 Shoring Frame2’x6′4′58
WSH41434×3 Shoring Frame4’x3′2′34
WSH41444×4 Shoring Frame4’x4′3′46
WSH41454×5 Shoring Frame4’x5′4′54
WSH41464×6 Shoring Frame4’x6′4′67
WSH4146-064×6 Walk Through Shoring4’x6′ Walk Through4′69
WSH4157-005×6’6 Shoring Frame5’x6’64′75

V Shore Type Shoring Frame (Australian Type)

Shoring System Scaffold Hi Load Frames
V Shore Type Shoring Frame
Code No.ItemsWidthHeightMain Tube
VF011.83m V Shore Frame Scaffold1.22m1.83mOD60x3.5mm
VF022.13m V Shore Frame Scaffold1.22m2.13mOD60x3.5mm

H Frame Type Shoring Frame (Australian Type)

Shoring System Scaffold Hi Load Frames
Shoring System Scaffold Hi Load Frames
CodeItemsWidthHeightTube Size
HFF01Australian H Frame Shoring Scaffold1.2m0.9mOD48.3×3.5mm
HFF02Australian H Frame Shoring Scaffold1.2m1.2mOD48.3×3.5mm
HFF03Australian H Frame Shoring Scaffold1.2m1.8mOD48.3×3.5mm
HFF04Australian H Frame Shoring Scaffold1.2m2.1mOD48.3×3.5mm
HFF05Australian H Frame Shoring Scaffold1.25m1.0mOD48.3×3.5mm
HFF06Australian H Frame Shoring Scaffold1.25m1.5mOD48.3×3.5mm

Formwork Shoring Frames

galvanized shoring frame for shoring tower concrete
Galvanized Shoring Scaffold Frames

H Type Shoring Frames (Asia Type)

CodeItemsSizeWeightSafety Load
WSF12191200×1900 Shoring FramesOD48.3x1900mm35.57KG600 KN

 Cross Brace Sizes of H-Type Shoring Frames (Asia Type) 

WSFXShoring Frame Cross Braces1219x2174mm5.96KG

Shoring Frame Safety Load, Safety Factor, and Test Bearing Weight

The shoring frames and systems are designed to support heavy loads. The safety load needs to be more than 20K LBS (10K LBS per leg).

Consider safety factors of 2:1, 2.5:1, and 3:1 according to international standards(CSA, ASTM scaffold standards).

You can choose the right types of shoring frames from the actual test result of 3 tiers.

Three Tiers of Shoring Frame Bearing Weight Test Result 
Shoring Frame
Test Height
Three Tiers
Ultimate Bearing Weight
Ultimate Load
Max Load
Per Leg
OD48.3×3.0mm4.95m39,510.20387.2 KN21,775.91
OD48.3×4.0mm4.95m49,195.92482.12 KN27,114.15
OD57x2.5mm4.95m39,928.57391.3 KN22,006.49
OD60x3.2mm5.5m53,193.88521.3 KN29,317.61
OD60x4.0mm5.5m60,964.29597.45 KN33,600.25

Shoring Framing and Installation

Shoring framing is the installation of the shoring frame system elements to form the propping and supporting frame for concrete or structure. Compare to scaffold tube &system, and other modular scaffolding systems like ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock scaffold, etc, Shoring framing is much easier with fewer steps and fewer elements. In addition, shoring frames are with two fixed legs in parallel, so no need to place a single post piece by piece.

Shoring Framing Installation Steps

  1. Put base jacks in place
  2. Insert shoring frames on adjustable base jack
  3. Place another jack and frames on the ground
  4. Connect two frames by cross braces
  5. Adjust the height of 1st tier of the shoring frame sets
  6. Put the coupling pins inside the shoring frames
  7. Install 2nd tiers of shoring frames
  8. Install the next 3,4… ties of shoring frames to a required height
  9. Insert the top Head Inside of the shoring frame legs
  10. Place shoring beams on the top heads

Why Wellmade Shoring Frames

  1. ISO 9001 Management
  2. CE Certified with Excellent Welding Line
  3. Test Raw Material
  4. Test Welding Line
  5. Test Load Capacity
  6. Mock Up Ensure Components Match Up
  7. Good Price
  8. Professional Package
  9. Expert In Customized
  10. OEM Service for Sticker and Brand Name Emboss On Products
  11. Offer Warranty
  12. Support You MTC, Test Report Etc
  13. 20 years Export Expeirences to USA, Canada, European, South East Asia

Wellmade is a popular shoring scaffold provider in China. If you are looking for a reliable supplier and manufacturer of shoring scaffolds, Wellmade is the best place for you.

Our shoring scaffold frames mainly export to the USA, Australia & Europe Countries. The shoring scaffold system is used widely in Hi-load requirement concrete formwork and construction.

Wellmade shoring scaffold is manufactured for different applications. You may use a shoring scaffold in a wide range of construction such as concrete slab & beam formwork, bridge shoring scaffolding and infrastructure construction, hi-load scaffolding tower, and many more.

Wellmade shoring scaffold is made from OD 60mm and OD 48mm scaffold steel tubes. As a leading shoring scaffold manufacturer in China, we manufacture a wide range of shoring scaffold types.

You can find from Wellmade a powder-coated shoring frame, paint shoring frames, and galvanized steel shoring frames.

Our shoring scaffold system includes components and parts. Depending on your applications, we have components and parts for shoring scaffold’s mainframes, cross brace, horizontal guard rails, adjustable screw jack base, U jacks, adjustable & fixed forkhead, J head, and many more.

If you are going to use shoring frames in high load scaffolding tower access construction, then you must need shoring system parts of ladders, scaffolding planks, and stairs.

Heavier load than traditional scaffolding frame (42mm Steel Vertical), shoring frame is able to meet up 10k, 20k and even higher load capacity requirement.

shore frame scaffold 1

Wellmade offers a wide array of shoring scaffold in various configurations and sizes that are available for various trades and job-specific uses.

As an OEM scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade offers a custom shoring scaffold based on your specific and detailed requirements.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 and CE certified. So, you can be sure that our shoring scaffold is tested as premium quality.

As a premier manufacturer and supplier of shoring scaffold, Wellmade has strictly followed the ISO procedures. Wellmade’s professional and expert team do 100% testing for any type of shoring scaffold and other scaffolding systems before we deliver.

Wellmade can guarantee you excellent quality shoring scaffold because our quality control team have made sure a 100% full inspection.

No matter what your needs, you can find the best shoring scaffolding here at Wellmade for your business. In a perfect way, you can get the job done with our comprehensive selection of a shoring scaffolding system.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of the best shoring scaffold, Wellmade is the best choice for you! We have a great solution for your needs.

Our shoring scaffold is manufactured and exported to the USA, Australia, and European countries for hi load requirement concrete formwork and shoring system.

Let us know your construction shoring frame requirement now and get a competitive price!


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