Shore Frame

Shore Frame Scaffold

Heavy Duty Shore Frame System Scaffold is a type of Hi Load Scaffolding Frame System with Heavy Duty Vertical Frame Posts, Cross Braces, Adjustable Heavy Duty Screw Jack Base, Base Plate Components and Parts.
Heavy Duty Hi Load Shoring Frame System Scaffolding Systems are Used popular in Heavy Load requirement Construction Building Scaffolding, Heavy Load Concrete Formwork Shuttering Slab Form,Beam Formwork and Offshore Onshore Industrial Construction Include Petrochemical, Oil Gas, Power and Energy,Mining and Refining Scaffolding Projects and Infrastructural Construction Include Bridge Construction, Highway Construction Ect.
There are a lot types of heavy duty shore frame scaffolding systems Include American Type,Australia Type and Europe Type. Customized types of shoring frame systems are designed and produced according to clients construction project requirement.
Main Vertical Tube of the Shoring Vertical Frames Can be OD48.3mm, OD57mm, OD60mm.
Steel Grade for Shoring Frame Vertical Post can be in Q235(S235) Normal Grade and Q345(S355) Higher Grade. 
Shoring Frame Finishing Can be Powder Coated, Painted and Hot Dip Galvanized.  

 Hi  Load Shore Frame Scaffold(America Types)  


Code No. Dimension(WxH) Lock Distance Weight(LBS)
WSH4123 2'x3' 2' 25
WSH4124 2'x4' 3' 37
WSH4125 2'x5' 4' 45
WSH4126 2'x6' 4' 58
WSH4143 4'x3' 2' 34
WSH4144 4'x4' 3' 46
WSH4145 4'x5' 4' 54
WSH4146 4'x6' 4' 67
WSH4146-06 4'x6' Walk Through 4' 69
WSH4157-00 5'x6'6 4' 75

 V Shore Frame Scaffold (Australian Types)


Code No. Width Height

Main Tube

VF01 1.22m 1.83m OD60x3.5mm
VF02 1.22m 2.13m OD60x3.5mm

 H Frame Shoring Scaffold(Australian Types)


Code Width Height Tube Size
HFF01 1.2m 0.9m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF02 1.2m 1.2m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF03 1.2m 1.8m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF04 1.2m 2.1m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF05 1.25m 1.0m OD48.3x3.5mm
HFF06 1.25m 1.5m OD48.3x3.5mm

 Hi Load Shore Frame Scaffolding Tower (Peri Types)

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