Ringlock Steel Scaffolding Ladders

Ringlock scaffolding steel ladders are access parts of the ring lock system. Include the following types:

  • Heavy Duty Ringlock Ladders Made By OD 48.3mm Scaffold Tubes
  • Steel Ladders with Hooks Joint Together with Access Trapdoor Platforms
  • Customized Steel Ladders Made Of Round and Square Hollow Sections

Ringlock scaffolding steel ladder finishing:

  • Hot dip galvanized
  • GI(Pre-galvanized

Steel Ladder Standards: EN 131

Manufacturing Standard: ISO 9001, CE (ISO 3834 & EN 1090)

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  • Material: S235
  • Width: 430mm
  • Sizes: 2-5m
  • System: Allround Scaffolding(ringlock)
  • Finishing: Hot dip galvanized



  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Country Export: Netherland, Germany
  • Delivery Term: 20-35 days
  • Payment: T/T or LC

Ringlock Steel Scaffold Ladders

The ringlock steel scaffold ladders are access components of the ring system scaffold.  It is prefabricated scaffold components composited by two main vertical tubes and several horizontal steps(rungs). The scaffold ladder rungs are arranged at every 250-330mm intervals. This makes the scaffolders and workers convenient for climbing and easy to enter and exit in the ring system scaffolding towers.

Wellmade manufactures different types of ringlock steel scaffold ladders

  1. According to the material specifications and bearing weight, we supply you light-duty, medium duty, and heavy duty ringlock scaffolding steel ladders.
  2. According to the ladder raw material section shape, there are ringlock scaffold steel ladders made of round steel pipes and square steel tubes.
  3. According to the ringlock scaffolding ladder finishing, there are painted, coated, GI and hot dip galvanized ring lock scaffold steel ladders.
  4. According to the connection type, there are hook-on steel ladders and ringlock ladders without hooks.
  • Ringlock Steel Scaffold Ladder Made By Round Pipes

Ringlock scaffolding steel ladders made of round-shaped steel pipes. According to the pipe thickness, steel grade, and diameter sizes. You can find two types of ringlock steel ladders made of round steel pipes:

  • Heavy Duty Ringlock Scaffold Ladders
  • Lighty Duty Ringlock Scaffold Ladders

Heavy Duty Ringlock Scaffold Steel Ladders Made of Round Scaffold Tubes

round type ringlock steel scaffold ladder

Heavy duty ringlock scaffold ladder specifications:

  • Tube Diameter: OD 48.3mm Standard Scaffold Tubes
  • Steel Grade: S235
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Ladder Rungs: With Anti-Slip Rungs
  • Rung Distance: 250mm
  • With Spigot Connector
Wellmade Heavy Duty Ringlock Steel Ladder Weight and Size
Code NoItemsTube SizeSize (mm)Weight
WRSTL2002.0m Steel LadderOD48.3mm430×200016.10 KG
WRSTL2252.25m Steel LadderOD48.3mm430×225017.33 KG
WRSTL3003.0m Steel LadderOD48.3mm430×300023.73 KG
WRSTL3253.25m Steel LadderOD48.3mm430×325024.15 KG
WRSTL4004.0m Steel LadderOD48.3mm430×400032.55 KG
WRSTL5005.0m Steel LadderOD48.3mm430×500037.92 KG

This heavy-duty scaffold is manufactured and exported to Netherland and other European countries. It is a part of Layher Allround modular scaffold system.

Light Weight Ringlock Scaffold Ladders made of Round Pipes

Lightweight ringlock steel scaffolding ladders are made of smaller scaffold round pipes. Like O.D 32mm for verticals and O.D 25mm for the ladder rungs.

Light weight steel ladders for ringlock are always with hooks. The ladder hooks hook the ringlock scaffold ledgers in the access system.

In manufacturing, the light weight ringlock scaffolding ladders are mostly made of premier galvanized steel pipes (GI pipes).  If you want long-term life, you can ask for the ringlock scaffold ladders welded black scaffold tube and then do hot dip galvanized finishing.

Hook on scaffold ladders are also called monkey ladders. Round or square tube type ringlock steel ladders are required a lot in Southeast countries’ construction. Include Singapore, Malaysia, etc.

Wellmade design the light weight round steel pipes customized according to your requirement too.

  • Ringlock Scaffolding Steel Ladder Made of Square Scaffold Tubes

Ringlock scaffolding steel ladder with hooks square type

Ringlock scaffold steel ladders made of square tubes are required a lot in the trapdoor platform system. In the trapdoor platform, the ringlock square tube type steel tubes are with hooks at one end of the ladder. It works the hatch window of the platform. The size of the trapdoor platform system steel ladders for ringlock is 350x2150mm.

Hook-on square tube type ringlock scaffold ladders are also called monkey ladders. Same as the round pipe steel ladders, they are required in the southeast countries a lot.

You can find square tube steel ladders without hooks. This type of ringlock scaffold ladders are designed same as the straight single aluminium ladders for the ring system. Come to aluminium ladders, the straight single steel ladders for ringlock have the following advantages:

  • Take More Load
  • Cheaper Cost
Wellmade Ringlock Square Tube Type Ladder Sizes&Weight
Code No.ItemsSize&SpecFinishingWeight
WML0303m Monkey Ladder350x3000mmGalvanized12.55
WML0353.5m Monkey Ladder350x3500mmGalvanized14.66
WML0404m Monkey Ladder350x4000mmGalvanized16.43
WML0454.5m Monkey Ladder350x4500mmGalvanized18.55
WML0505.0m Monkey Ladder350x5000mmGalvanized20.32
WML0606.0m Monkey Ladder350x6000mmGalvanized24.20

Why Wellmade Steel Ladders for Ringlock Scaffolding

Wellmade is a professional ringlock scaffolding steel scaffold ladders manufacturer, our ladders are tested and certified according to European and British standards.

In manufacturing, the quality of the ringlock scaffold steel ladders is controlled according to ISO 9001, ISO 3834, and EN1090. We can make the CE mark on the steel ladders. Because Wellmade is the CE-certified manufacturer of steel ladders.

As professional ringlock scaffold steel ladder manufacturers, we are able to design the ladder sizes and specifications according to your construction scaffold design and requirements. Send us your ringlock scaffold steel ladder inquiry to get a competitive price now.

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