EN 131 Aluminium Ladder

Wellmade is Aluminium Ladder Manufacturer In China. As a Leading Aluminium Ladder Supplier, You Can Find the Following 9 Types of Aluminium Ladders Include: 1)Aluminium Straight Ladder 2) Step Ladder 3) Scaffold Platform Ladder 4) Extension Aluminium Ladder 5) Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder 6) A-Frame Double Side 7) Single Side Aluminum Ladders 8) Scaffolding Ladder 9)Construction Ladder

All of our aluminium ladders are tested and certified according to international standards, like EN131, BS2037, ANSI A 14.2 etc. As an ISO9001 & CE certified aluminium ladder manufacturer, we ensure high-quality aluminium ladder products reach you.

Wellmade customs your aluminium ladder sizes and specifications. As a leading OEM alu ladder factory in China, we offer free OEM service with your company name on the products.  More than complete types&sizes, we bring your benefits by competitive prices and professional services. Ask us the price now.

Wellmade Aluminium Ladder Load Test

Aluminium Ladder EN131 Certificate

Wellmade Aluminium Ladder Certificate
EN 131 Certificate

Aluminum Ladder Complete Guide

Aluminum Ladder Size and Weight

You can find the following size and weights for both light weight and heavy-duty aluminum ladders.

Single Aluminum Ladder Size & Weight Table
No.SizeWeight (KG)
Light Ladder
Weight (KG)
Heavy  Ladder
Safe Load Required
EN 131 Standard
13′ Single Alu Ladder1.372.10150KG
24′ Single Alu Ladder1.832.81150KG
35′ Single Alu Ladder1.833.51150KG
46′ Single Alu Ladder1.834.21150KG
57′ Single Alu Ladder3.204.91150KG
68′ Single Alu Ladder3.665.61150KG
79′ Single Alu Ladder4.126.31150KG
810′ Single Alu Ladder4.587.02150KG
911′ Single Alu Ladder5.037.72150KG
1012′ Single Alu Ladder5.498.42150KG
1113′ Single Alu Ladder5.959.12150KG
1214′ Single Alu Ladder6.419.82150KG
1315′ Single Alu Ladder6.8610.52150KG
1416′ Single Alu Ladder7.3211.22150KG
1517′ Single Alu Ladder7.7811.93150KG
1618′ Single Alu Ladder8.2412.63150KG
1719′ Single Alu Ladder8.6913.33150KG
1820′ Single Alu Ladder9.1514.03150KG
1921′ Single Alu Ladder9.6114.73150KG

What is the Best Ladder in Aluminum, Steel, and Fiberglass

Aluminum ladders, steel ladders, and fiberglass ladders are the most used ladder nowadays. Among them, aluminum and steel ladders are metal ladders.

You can not use aluminum and steel ladders for your power lines, lighting, and electronic project construction. You can choose fiberglass ladders instead.

In ladder cost, fiberglass ladders are more expensive than aluminum and steel ladders.  That is why metal ladders are more popular for home and construction.

Aluminum ladders are stronger than fiberglass ladders. EN 131 heavy-duty class aluminum ladders are permitted to bear 375 pounds. It is not easy to rusty, not easy damage, easy handling, and easy stock.

An aluminum ladder can use 30-40 years.  You do not need to replace them as long as no bending, no cracks, no worn down on the aluminum ladder verticals and rungs.  From this side, it is no expiration date.

The aluminum step ladder is the best for home use. While Aluminum single straight ladders are used for building and civil construction. Steel ladders are much heavier than the same size as an aluminum ladder. But it is able to bear more weight from the construction. Thus steel ladders are used more in industrial construction.

D Rungs Aluminum Ladders

You can find aluminum ladders with D Rungs or square rungs. D rung is the aluminum step rungs are made by the D-shaped aluminum profile. The D rung makes the aluminum ladder more comfortable and stable.

Normally if you see D rung aluminum ladder, the ladder would be a type of heavy class(industrial class) aluminum ladder. Because the D rung aluminum profile is more than 2.3mm wall thickness. It is much thicker than the aluminum ladder with square rungs, which would be in1.2mm or 1.6mm thickness.

How to Choose Single Aluminum Ladder Height

When you buy a single straight aluminum ladder, you need to choose an aluminum ladder at least 4 rungs higher than your usage height.

Height of Single Aluminum Ladder
1Construction HeightLadder Height

Aluminum Ladder Package&Transportation

For single straight aluminum ladders, they are packed 5 pcs per bundle/cargo. Each bundle is protected by films or cartons. It is easy to handle by forklift for stock and transportation.

For step ladders, multifunction, or folding aluminum ladders, they are packed by carton box. Each carton box has one-pieces or 2 pieces.

HS Code of Aluminum Ladder

According to the custom declare, the aluminum ladder HS Code is 7616999. While some companies use 7610900 for the aluminum ladder import and export.

How Much is Aluminum Ladder Cost

Aluminum ladder costs and price are impacted by the following factors. with the analysis, you can find the aluminum ladder price changes are impacted by the international aluminum ingot price, ocean freight/transportation cost, etc.

Aluminum Ladder Cost&Price
No.Cost DetailsCost Factors
1Raw Material & Package1. Aluminium Ladder Weight
2. Aluminium Ingot Price
3. Package Material Cost
2Manufacturing Cost1. Labors
2. Machinery
3. Manufacturing Time
4. Mold Cost
3Transportation Cost1. Transportation Cost
2. Weight or Volume of the Ladder

Wellmade Aluminium Ladders

Are you looking for durable aluminium ladders for your project or for business purposes? Wellmade is the right place you’ve come to. We have more than 10 years in the field of aluminium ladder production.

Wellmade aluminium ladders are manufactured for different industrial use. Depending on your applications, we have the right aluminium ladders for you.

You can use our aluminium ladders for roofing construction, maintenance, stair scaffold, access scaffold tower, home, building, and so on.

Aluminium Ladder Platform
Aluminium Ladder Platform

No matter what you need for your projects, Wellmade is an expert in manufacturing different types of aluminium ladders suitable for your job.

You can choose our scaffolding ladder, aluminum straight ladder, aluminium extension ladder, construction ladder, folding ladder, telescopic ladder, multipurpose ladder, step ladder, household ladder, and many more.

aluminium ladder multi purpose folding ladders
aluminium ladder multi-purpose folding ladders

Wellmade aluminium ladders are manufactured with quality and durable raw materials for functional and long-lasting use. Thus Wellmade Aluminium ladders are used popularly in all types of construction, building, access and scaffolding projects.

Wellmade is a leading aluminium ladder manufacturer in China. We are capable of manufacturing quality aluminium ladders including lightweight ladders and heavy-duty type ladders. All of our aluminium ladders are approved as safety construction materials.

The types of aluminium ladder we supply come with D-shaped rungs for heavy-duty type ladders and square O rungs for lightweight aluminium ladders.

Our aluminium ladders are easy to handle and safe in load capacity. Wellmade aluminium ladder is recognized as a famous brand conform to European and British standards.

Wellmade Aluminium Ladder Types

See the following Wellmade different types of aluminum ladder specifications:

  • Straight Single Aluminum Ladder
  • A-Frame Aluminum Ladder(Double Side)
  • (Multi-Purpose) Folding Ladder
  • (Telescopic) Extension Aluminum Ladder
 Straight Single Type Aluminium Ladder Specification

You and find the following specifications and comparison between the lightweight and heavy-duty aluminium straight ladders. Wellmade heavy duty ladders are always with D shaped runges. The aluminium ladder rungs are step parts of the aluminium ladder. It is made from a 2.0mm thick special aluminium structure.

Light duty ladder steps are aluminium hollow sections. It is in 1.2mm thickness. Compare to heavy-duty alu ladders, the light-duty ones are cheaper in cost. While in bearing and loading function, both of them are meet up EN 131 standard.

In order to make the aluminium ladders more durable and stable, Wellmade use 6061 and 6082 aluminium materials in the ladder fabrications.

Code No.DescriptionTypeSize(mm)L(M)
WMALSL36-L360mm Aluminium Single LadderLight Duty3602.1-6.0
WMALSL36-H360mm Aluminium Single LadderHeavy Duty3602.1-6.0
WMALSL37-L370mm Aluminium Single LadderLight Duty3702.1-6.0
WMALSL37-H370mm Aluminium Single LadderHeavy Duty3702.1-6.0
WMALSL39-L390mm Aluminium Single LadderLight Duty3902.1-6.0
WMALSL-39-H390mm Aluminium Single LadderHeavy duty3902.1m-6.0
WMALSL-40-L400mm Aluminium Single LadderLight Duty4002.1m-6.0
WMALSL-40-H400mm Aluminium Single LadderHeavy duty4002.1m-6.0
WMALSL-45-L450mm  Aluminium Single LadderLight Duty4502.1m-6.0
WMALSL-45-H450mm Aluminium Single LadderHeavy duty4502.1m-6.0
(Double-Sided)A-Frame Aluminum Ladder Specification 

You can find 4-10 steps types for the aluminium double side ladders.  According to the shape, the double-side aluminium ladders are also called A-frames. Different from the straight aluminium ladder, the A-frame ladders are independent, no need any leading in construction. Thus double side ladders are used a lot in buildings, mason, trestles, homes etc.

A Frame Double Side Aluminium Ladder 4 steps and 8 steps

 Code No. Description Length(mtr) Safe Load
 WMALDS04 4 Step Double Sided A-Frame Ladder 1.2m 150KG
 WMALDS05 5 Step Double Sided A Frame Ladder 1.5m 150KG
 WMALDS06 6 Step Double Sided A Frame Ladder 1.8m 150KG
 WMALDS07 7 Step Double Sided A Frame Ladder 2.1m 150KG
 WMALDS08 8 Step Double Sided A Frame Ladder 2.4m 150KG
 WMALDS09 9 Step Double Sided A Frame Ladder 2.7m 150KG
 WMALDS10 10 Step Double Sided A Frame Ladder 3.0m 150KG
(Multi-Purpose) Folding Ladder Specification 

Folding aluminium ladders are multi-function in construction. It is easy to stock, transportation and useful in all types of the climb, support and working at height. Not only house but also commercial, industrial.  You can find following sizes and specifications of the folding aluminium ladders for your building and construction.

Multi Purpose Aluminium Ladder Folding Ladders

Code No.DescriptionLength(m)Safe Load
WMALMP4x2Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder 4*2 Steps2.5m150KG
WMALMP4x3Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder 4*2 Steps3.7m150KG
WMALMP4x4Multi-Purpose Folding Ladder 4*2 Steps4.7m150KG
(Telescopic) Extension Aluminum Ladder Specification 

Extensions aluminium ladders are also called telescopic ladders. It is able to be extended to a higher working in operation. With the extension function, make your stock and storage more convenient and saver.  You can choose the following sizes of extension aluminium ladders here.

Extension Aluminium Ladder
Extension Aluminium Ladder
 Code No. Description Extension Height(m) Safe Load
 WMDS2x8 Aluminum Extension Ladder 8*8 Steps 2.9-4.4m  150KG
 WMDS2x9 Aluminum Extension Ladder 9*9 Steps 3.2-5.0m  150KG
 WMDS2x10 Aluminum Extension Ladder 10*10 Steps 3.5-5.6m  150KG
 WMDS2x11 Aluminum Extension Ladder 11*11 Steps 3.8-6.2m  150KG
 WMDS2x12 Aluminum Extension Ladder 12*12 Steps 4.1-6.8m  150KG
 WMDS2x13 Aluminum Extension Ladder 13*13 Steps 4.4-7.4m  150KG
 WMDS2x14 Aluminum Extension Ladder 14*14 Steps 4.7-8.0m  150KG
 WMDS2x15 Aluminum Extension Ladder 15*15 Steps 5.0-8.6m  150KG
 WMDS2x16 Aluminum Extension Ladder 16*16 Steps 5.3-9.2m  150KG
 WMDS2x17 Aluminum Extension Ladder 17*17 Steps 5.6-9.8m  150KG
 WMDS2x18 Aluminum Extension Ladder 18*18 Steps 5.9-10.4m  150KG
 WMDS2x19 Aluminum Extension Ladder 19*19 Steps 6.2-11m  150KG
Steel Ladder VS Aluminum Scaffold Ladders

Aluminium ladders are one of the scaffolding ladders. While there are also steel scaffolding ladders too. Which ladder is better for the scaffolding construction? You find the following comparison details from different sides.

FeaturesSteel LaddersAluminium Ladders
Load CapacityHigher Ultimate LoadLighter Bearing Load
StandardEN131EN 131
Metal GradeS235&S3556061 &6063 &6082
Surface TreatmentGalvanizing&Paint&CoatNo Need
ConstructionCivil, Commericial& IndustrialCivil, Commericial& Industrial
Ladder HeightUp to 6.4mExtension Ladder to 7.55m

Aluminium ladders are always made by square metal sections like square tube C channel profiles. While steel scaffolding ladder could be made from a round or square type steel profile. For anti-rusty purposes, both of them need to have a surface treatment like galvanizing or painting, powder coated etc. The surface treatment makes steel ladders more durable. In addition, you can find different steel scaffolding ladders for different systems of scaffold: ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, frames etc.

Tubular Scaffolding Aluminum Ladders and Steel Ladders
Tubular Scaffolding Aluminum Ladders and Steel Ladders
Features of Steel Scaffolding Ladders
  1. Cheaper in Cost
  2. Heavy Weight
  3. Hook On or Without Hooks
  4. Flexible in Sizes and Specifications
  5. Strong In Load
  6. Galvanized & Painted to Anti-Corrosion Purpose
  7. Using In Industrial, Comercial Scaffolding Construction
Features of Aluminium Scaffolding Ladders
  1. Light Weight & Easy Handle
  2. Higher Cost Than Steel Ladders
  3. Strong Capacity
  4. No Hooks
  5. No Rusty
  6. Extensible and Foldable
  7. Compatible with All Scaffold Systems
  8. Using in All Types of Scaffolding Construction
Why Wellmade Aluminium Ladders?
  • Complete Test Facilities Test Aluminium Ladders 24/7.
  • Chemical and Physical Test To Aluminium Ladder Raw Materials
  • Welding Seam Test According to EN 1090 and ISO3834 CE Standard Requirement
  • Aluminium Ladder Safety Load Capacity Test
  • Mock-up Inspection Before Mass Production
  • ISO9001 Management System Standard for Stable Aluminium Ladder Quality
  • Let Clients Get Most Benefits from Wellmade Under Win-win Philosophies
  • Pursue Long Term Partnership By Quality & Service
  • Aluminium Ladder OEM Manufacturer For Famous Brands and Well-known Germany Scaffolding Companies.

Ladder Clamps for the Aluminium Ladder

In construction and access scaffolding, Aluminium Ladder is fixed by the scaffolding ladder clamps. According to the scaffolding ladder clamp types, there are drop forged ladder clamps and pressed steel ladder clamps. Both of them are confirmed to BS1139 and EN74 standards.  In construction, the scaffold ladder clamps fix the aluminum ladders to the main scaffolding.

Aluminium Ladder Standard For Scaffolding

Wellmade aluminum ladders are tested according to British and European standards of EN 131 and BS 2037 standard.  While our heavy duty aluminium ladders are tested according to American standards according to ANSI A14.2-2007. As an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffolding aluminium ladder manufacturer, you can find the manufacturer’s test reports during each batch production. The manufacturing test includes raw material test, welding test and load capacity test etc.

More than  EN 131 and BS 2037 standard high-quality test and certified, Wellmade also customize your aluminium ladders to your specific sizes and specifications. Just send us your detailed requirements. The Most Common Aluminium Ladder Sizes Could be 5 feet, 6 ft, 7 feet, 8 feet, 20 feet.  2 Steps, 3 Steps, 12 Steps

Aluminium Ladders In Manufacturing - Wellmade

For your aluminium ladder needs, Wellmade is always the best choice. Whether you are a distributor, supplier, or custom factory, we have a wide range of aluminium ladders to satisfy your needs.

Wellmade is trusted by the top 500 companies across the world. Along with our experienced team of engineers, project managers, and QA specialists, we manage to manufacture your aluminium ladder projects.  We make sure the product quality is from demand to delivery.

For more information about Wellmade aluminium ladders, please contact us now!

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