Cuplock Scaffolding System with Top Cup and Bottom Cups - Galvanized and Painted Cuplock Standards

Cuplock Scaffolding: The #1 Choice for Reliability, Safety & Cost Saving

Cuplock Is the Oldest Scaffold Modular System with Node Point Locking Device. Speed, Sturdy. Save Time & Cost.

Cuplock Scaffolding

SGB is the original scaffold company that creates cuplock scaffolding. It was called cuplok. But cuplock scaffolding is a popular name.

The cuplock scaffolding system with node locking devices at every 500mm intervals. No need for any loose pins, wedges, or bolts.  Very simple to erect and disassemble.

3.2mm thickness material in high yield and tensile strength, makes the cuplock scaffold much lighter but able to bear heavy weight in shoring and construction.

Wellmade is the leading cuplock scaffolding manufacturer in China. Suppliers EN12810 tested and CE-certified cuplock scaffolding to global countries.

Cuplock Scaffolding Parts List

cuplock system scaffolding for slab formwork shoring support

Cuplock system scaffold support slab decking beams, infill beams and drop head to form a concrete slab system in formwork concrete.

cuplock system scaffolding standard verticals 48.3mm with top cup and bottom cup

Cuplock standards are vertical parts of cuplock system. OD48.3mm with top cups and bottom cups. Click view details for the cuplock standard size and specification

cuplock system scaffolding ledgers

Cuplock ledgers are horizontal parts of cuplock system scaffolding. It is made by OD48.3mm scaffold tube with ledger blades. Click View Details for cuplock ledger size and specifications

cuplock system scaffolding diagonal brace swivel clamp type

Cuplock braces make your cuplock system stable. Swivel clamp cuplock diagonal braces with 2 half swivel clamps connect with cuplock standard.

cuplock system scaffold swivel blade braces-wellmade

Cuplock diagonal braces with 2 swivel blades. The swivel blades are inserted into the cuplock vertical cups in construction.

cuplock scaffolding system 2 board bracket

Cuplcok scaffold two board brackets can support two pieces of scaffold board in the suspended scaffolding building.

Cuplock system scaffolding steel plank board

Cuplock scaffold steel planks with square hooks. You can find hot dip galvanized and premier galvanized steel planks for your cuplock system. Custom sizes available.

cuplock system scaffold three board bracket -suspended and hanging scaffold construction

Cuplock scaffold system three board brackets hold three pieces of cuplock planks in width. It is used for hanging and suspended scaffold construction.

one board and three board cuplock system scaffold omega transom

Cuplock scaffold omega transoms support scaffold battens to form walk board and work platform. There is one board, two board, and three board omega transoms in cuplock system.

cuplock system scaffold middle transom

Cuplock scaffold system intermediate transoms are used to support scaffold planks in the middle of the cuplock ledgers. You can find all standard and customized transom sizes in Wellmade.

cuplock system scaffold jack base

Cuplock scaffold system leveling parts as feet of the cuplock system tower. OD38mm hollow type screw jack stem or OD35mm solid jack for your cuplock system.

cuplock formwork system deck beams for slab and beam forming and concreting

Deck beams are specially designed steel profile work for cuplock shoring. It is the main beam of the cup lock formwork system.

How to Build Cuplock Scaffolding System

  1. Place Cuplock Scaffold Base Plate At Required Positions
  2. Put Cuplock Standards On Each Base Plate
  3. Fix Cuplock Ledgers Between Cuplock Standards
  4. Using Spirit Level Tools Measure Levelness of Cuplock Ledgers
  5. Adjustable Base Jack Handle to Ensure 1st Layer of Cuplock Ledgers Horizontally At Same Level
  6. Measure Squareness of the Cuplock Bays to Ensure the 1st Layer Cuplock Horizontals’ Levelness
  7. Use Top Cups to Lock Cuplock Ledgers Blades
  8. Put Cuplock Steel Planks On Cuplock Ledgers to Form A Scaffold Decks
  9. Build Cuplock Tower By Erecting More Cuplock Standards at Vertical Direction and Fix Between Cuplock Standards By Ledger Parts
  10. Put Cuplock Diagonal Braces and Horizontal Braces On To Ensure Cuplock Scaffold Tower Stabilizing and Safe.

Cuplock System Scaffold Complete Guide

What is Cuplock System

Scaffolding is a temporary structure used for construction support and framing. It is also called staging. Strong and sturdy are the most important for construction safety.

Cuplock Scaffolding is one type of scaffold. Compare to traditional tube and coupler type of scaffolding, cuplock is a modular scaffolding with systematic steel components and parts. The systematic cuplock parts are pre-engineered with node-locking devices welded. Cuplock standard with the welded fixed bottom cup. Allows 4 components(for example ledgers) to connect from four directions. The top cup of the standards covers the components in place. A hammer is the only tool used to make the node connection firmly fixed.

Features of Cuplock Scaffolding

Simple To Use 

Cuplock scaffolding parts are designed with specified sizes with welded node locking devices. Workers just need to make them connected and formed by a hammer. Very simple and easy to erect and disassemble.

Safety For Construction

Cuplock scaffolding is made of a 3.2mm scaffold in S355 steel grade. The high yield and tensile strength steel ensure cuplock scaffold material with high load capacity.

Fixed bottom cup are made from 5mm steel plates. Very strong to take all loads from cuplock ledgers, and braces.

Drop-forged top cups slide over to cover the cuplock ledger blades. Rotate the top cup to make the ledger blades covered safely and firmly.

Forged top cups can take all hits from hammers. Make the cuplock system stable without any moving and losing.

Easy to Handle

Cuplock scaffolds use high grade steel but less weight. Compare to traditional type 4 scaffolding pipes. It is lighter 20% lighter. Easy to handle in construction. Cuplock materials are packed in steel pallets. Easy to transit by forklift.

Save Time and Cost

Simple in erection, easy handling. Cuplock can short 30%-50% of time in scaffold construction.

The light weight makes the cuplock cheaper in cost too.

Hot dip galvanized finish gives the cuplock a longer life more than 10 years. Using cuplock scaffold save you cost in the short and long term.

Flexible Application 

Cuplock scaffolding system is able to form all shapes of scaffold and staging for construction which traditional scaffold is hard to arrange. With cuplock cantilever frames and brackets, cuplock scaffold is easy to support concrete slabs and beams beyond the main scaffold framing too.

In addition, using cuplok is easy to form any mobile scaffolding, staircase towers, and birdcages for internal and external construction.

Wellmade Cuplock Scaffolding major application:

  1. Facade Scaffolding
  2. Formwork Support
  3. Birdcages
  4. Maintenance Access
  5. Stair Access
  6. Mobile Scaffolding
  7. Handrail and Edge Protection

Cuplock Scaffolding Specifications

  • Diameter: OD48.3mm
  • Thickness: 3.2mm (4.0mm available too)
  • Steel Grade: S355 (S235 available too)
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized and Painted/Powder Coated
  • Standard: EN 12810

Cuplock Scaffolding Construction Height

  1. Single (putlog) Scaffold Height: 24m
  2. Double Scaffolding Height: 50m
  3. Cantilever Scaffold Height: 20m
  4. Full Framing Scaffold Height: 30m

In construction, cuplock scaffolding needs to be anchored to fixed buildings and structures for safety purposes by anchor tubes and eye bolts.

When the cuplock scaffolding construction height is more than 40 meters, needs a professional design and safety calculation to arrange the cuplock bearing the required weight.

Cuplock Scaffolding Node Locking Devices Arrangement

All cuplock scaffolding components are with distinguished locking devices welded or riveted on.

  • Cuplock standards are welded with node locking devices of top cups and bottom cups. The cups are welded at every 500mm intervals.

The quantity of the cups for each size of the standards is in the following table.

Cuplock Standard SizeCups Quantity
0.5m Standard1
1.0m Standard2
1.5m Standard3
2.0m Standard4
2.5m Standard5
3.0m Standard6
3.5m Standard7
4.0m Standard8
  • Cuplock ledges are welded with two ledger blades at two ends of the scaffold horizontal tubes.   The ledger blades are inserted into the bottom cups of the cuplock standards, which are welded and fixed on the cuplock standards.

The ledger blades will be covered by the top cup of each node after being inserted into the bottom cup. The top cups are slidable and can be rotated to cover the ledger blades in position. One set of bottom and top cups can fix four ledger blades at the same time. So the cuplock scaffold allows 4 directions of cuplock ledger connection at each node.

  • Cuplock scaffolding diagonal braces node locking devices can be three different types: half swivel clamps, swivel blades snap on locks.

The brace locking devices are fixed at both ends of the brace tubes by strong rivets. They are connected to the standard cups or fixed to standard main tubes.

  • Cuplock steel planks with hooks. They can easily move from one level to another level without tightening and loosing the board clamps.

While if using cuplock hop-up transoms and hop-up brackets in construction, steel or timber plank without hooks (with plain ends) can be easily arranged between different platform levels.

Cuplock Scaffold Ultimate Load and Safety Factor

Cuplock scaffolding load capacity is important technical data for construction scaffold safety calculation. Wellmade tests of the load capacity of the cuplock scaffold 3 tie towers as well as the cuplock single components to give clients a reference when in construction safety calculating.

The following tables give the technical data in detail. The test standard is EN 12810 standard. Safety factor can be 1.6-3 in the calculation according to EN 12810, CSA/ASTM, and AS 1576 standards.


3 Ties Cuplock Scaffold Tower Load Capacity
Test ItemsFailure LoadFailure Mode
Failure Load Test101.62KNBearing Standard Bent
Safety Factor3:1
Safety Load Capacity33.87KN
3m Cuplock Standards Max Load
Test ItemsFailure LoadFailure Mode
Standard Failure Load Test153.47 KNThe Standard is Bent
Safety Factor3:1
Safety Load Capacity51.16 KN
Cuplock Scaffold Base Jack Load Capacity
Jack HeightUltimately LoadSafety FactorSafety Bearing Load
1100mm173 KN3:157.67  KN
200mm143 KN3:147.67  KN
300mm137 KN3:145.67  KN
400mm106 KN3:135.33  KN
500mm116 KN3:138.67  KN
600mm135 KN3:145.00
Cuplock Scaffold Horizontal Ultimate and Safety Load
LengthUltimate LoadSafety FactorSafety Bearing Load
0.5m48KN3:116.00 KN
1.5m11KN3:13.67 KN
2.0m10KN3:13.30 KN
2.5m9KN3:13.00 KN

cuplock system scaffold load capacity test- scaffold bearing kn

Cuplock Scaffolding Price

Cuplock scaffolding prices are related to raw material cost, production cost, and surface treatment cost.

Wellmade is able to bring you good prices for the following reasons:

  1. We have our own steel pipe mill.  Raw material cost is cheaper than outsourcing finished scaffold pipes.
  2. Wellmade manufacturers cuplock scaffolding by automatic machinery. Production capacity is very big more than 200 tons per day. Our continuous manufacturing makes the production cost lower than other cuplock factories.
  3. We have our own painting and powder coat line. Cost is cheaper than sending material to outside painting and coating.

Wellmade Cup Lock Scaffolding Parts&Weight

Cuplock Scaffold Standard(Leg)

Cuplock Scaffolding Standard

CodeItemsLength HeightWeight(KG)
WCS050Cuplock Standard 0.5m 0.5m 1’8″ 3.537.77
WCS100Cuplock Standard 1.0m1.0m 3’3″ 6.3113.88
WCS130Cuplock Standard 1.3m1.3m 4’3″ 8.2818.22
WCS150Cuplock Standard 1.5m1.5m 4’11” 9.0519.91
WCS180Cuplock Standard 1.8m1.8m 6’0″11.0524.31
WCS200Cuplock Standard 2.0m2.0m 6’6″11.8225.99
WCS230Cuplock Standard 2.3m2.3m 7’6″13.830.37
WCS250Cuplock Standard 2.5m2.5m 8’2″14.5732.05
WCS280Cuplock Standard 2.8m2.8m 9’2″ 16.5836.47
WCS300Cuplock Standard 3.0m3.0m 9’10”17.3438/16

Cuplock Scaffold Ledger Horizontal

Cuplock Scaffolding Ledger horizontal parts of cup lock system

WCL0600.60m Leger0.60m2’0″2.475.44
WCL0900.90m Leger0.90m3’0″3.557.82
WCL1001.00m Leger1.00m3’3″3.928.62
WCL1201.20m Leger1.20m4’0″4.289.41
WCL1251.25m Leger1.25m4’1″4.8310.62
WCL1301.30m Leger1.30m4’3″5.0111.02
WCL1501.50m Leger1.50m4’11”5.7312.62
WCL1601.60m Leger1.60m5’3″6.0913.4
WCL1801.80m Leger1.80m6’0″6.8114.99
WCL2002.00m Leger2.00m6’6″7.5416.58
WCL2502.50m Leger2.50m8’2″9.3520.58

Cuplock Scaffold Diagonal Braces

There are swivel blades, swivel half swivel coupler, and snap-type cuplock braces. Wellmade cuplock braces are compatible with all cuplock system scaffolding worldwide.
Cuplock Scaffold Swivel Blade Brace
Cuplock Scaffold Swivel Clamp Brace
Cuplock Snap to Snap Brace
WCB1914.5 31.90
WCB2012.6 27.70
WCB21 12.10 26.60

Cuplock Scaffold Hook On Steel Plank (Scaffold Boards)

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Plank Boards

Cuplock scaffolding steel planks lengths are matched up with cuplock ledgers. It always uses the hook on steel planks for cuplock scaffolding. While scaffold steel battens without hooks can put on cuplock omega transom, Omega brackets. Wellmade cuplock steel planks are compatible with all cup lock scaffolding systems worldwide.

CodeItemsLength(Centre to Centre)Weight
WCP33′ Cuplock Steel Plank 3′0.91m16.89 lbs
WCP44′ Cuplock Steel Plank 4′1.22m21.36 lbs
WCP55′ Cuplock Steel Plank 5′1.52m25.80 lbs
WCP66′ Cuplock Steel Plank 6′1.83m30.27 lbs
WCP77′ Cuplock Steel Plank 7′2.13m34.71 lbs
WCP88′ Cuplock Steel Plank 8′2.44m39.16 lbs
WCP99′ Cuplock Steel Plank 9′2.74m43.62 lbs
WCP1010′ CuplockSteel Plank 10′3.05m48.07 lbs

Cuplock Intermediate Transoms

Cuplock Scaffolding Intermediate Transom

Cuplock Intermediate Transom components support scaffold boards where bay widths exceed the safe span of boards. Wellmade cuplock transom can with wedge pin lock device.

WCIT10.565m Intermediate Transom0.565m3.83KG
WCIT20.795m Intermediate Transom0.795m4.67KG
WCIT31.30m Intermediate Transom1.30m6.48KG
WCIT41.80m Intermediate Transom1.80m8.29KG
WCIT52.50m Intermediate Transom2.5m17.82KG

Cuplock Omega Transom

Cuplock Scaffolding Bracket

Wellmade’s Omega Transom Provides a Firm Location for the Cuplock Battens. It is Designed Omega Section 60x40mm, Providing a very strong support platform. Forged Blade ends Located in Lower Cup, Joint of Cuplock Vertical.

WCOT10.8m Omega Transom0.8m2.12KG
WCOT21.3m Omega Transom1.3m7.83KG
WCOT31.8m Omega Transom1.8m10.0KG
WCOT42.5m Omega Transom2.5m24.8KG

Cuplock Scaffolding Brackets

Cuplock Scaffolding Bracket

WCHB1ONe Board Hop-Up Bracket0.291m1.50KG
WCHB2 Two Board Hop-Up Bracket0.565m6.59KG
WCHB3Three Board Hop-Up Bracket 0.795m7.88KG

Cuplock Scaffolding Omega Hop-Up Bracket

Cuplock Scaffolding Omega Bracket

WCOHB1One Board Omega Bracket0.291m2.12KG
WCOHB2Two Board Omega Bracket 0.565m7.83KG
WCOHB3Three Board Omega Bracket 0.795m9.7KG

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladders

Wellmade Cuplock Steel Ladders are with socket tube for connection between each us vertically. It is locked by Ladder Bracket in Construction. The Steel Ladder is Compatible with all cuplock system scaffolds worldwide. The size of the steel ladder is customized according to access design.

WCSL33′ Steel Ladder3′0.91m11.43LBS
WCSL55′ Steel Ladder5′1.52m18.15LBS
WCSL1010′ Steel Ladder10′3.05m36.32LBS

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladders

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladder Bracket

Cuplock Ladder Bracket is a device to attach steel ladders to cuplock scaffolding system to provide an access solution. Wellmade’s  Cuplock Ladder Bracket with Half swivel coupler is universally used with all cuplock systems globally.

WCSLBLadder Bracket3.5KG

Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladder Bracket

Cuplock Scaffolding Joint Pin(Spigot)

WCJP1Square Type Joint Pin0.95KG
WCJP2Hex Type Joint Pin1.05KG

Wellmade Cup Lock Scaffold Accessories

Cuplock Scaffolding Accessories include drop forged and cast top cup and bottom cup for cuplock standard. and Ledger blades for Cuplock Horizontal.

WCTPCup Lock Scaffold Top Cup0.5 KGSelf-finished
WCLBCup Lock Scaffold Ledger Blade0.25KGSelf-finished
WCBPCup Lock Scaffold Bottom Cup0.25 KGSelf-finished

Cuplock Formwork Scaffold Special Parts

If you want to use cuplock for slab and beam formwork support. Special parts of infill beams, decking beams, and drop heads, universal jacks, socket base plates are needed for the cuplock formwork system.

Why Wellmade Cuplock Scaffolding

Wellmade is a professional cuplock scaffolding material manufacturer in China with 50,000m automatic production lines. All of our cuplock scaffold materials are compatible with SGB cuploks.

We ensure cuplock scaffolding products quantity by following ways:

  • Every element, accessory, and pipe are tested before use in mass production
  • Welding lines are tested according to CE requirements (EN 1090 & ISO 3834)
  • Ultimate cuplock load capacity (bearing weight) is tested
  • Mock up all system parts and components to make sure compatible

You can get related test reports and certificates of MTC, PT, galvanizing, and load capacity for each batch.

In addition, we offer 1-year warranty for our cuplock from the day you receive the material.

3rd party inspections are available any time before or during production.

Your company logos and marks are able to be embossed(engraved) on all cuplock scaffolding material.

Door-to-door delivery is available in most countries. Include USA, Canada, etc.

Customized sizes are available by swift jigs and molds.

Wellmade is a leading provider of excellent quality cuplock scaffolding systems. We manufacture cuplock scaffolding with more than 20 years of expertise. The products are manufactured for different industrial applications. They are very useful in the commercial, industrial, and residential markets. You can find Wellmade cuplock scaffolding suitable for office and retail developments, civil engineering, and building projects like motorway bridges.

cuplock system industrial scaffolding

Wellmade cuplock scaffolding is easy to assemble and relatively light. They are a multi-purpose system. So, you are able to use cuplock scaffolding not only for falsework support(table formwork & soffit, slab formwork, etc) but access, building, and facade construction as well to form staircases scaffold and access scaffold board platforms, etc.

At Wellmade, you can find cuplock scaffolding available in both galvanized and painted cuplock scaffolds. Depending on your specific applications, you can buy from us the accessories like cuplock top cups, cuplock bottom cup, cuplock ledge blades, and more. While using our cuplock scaffolding, no need to use any extra couplers or fittings.

Wellmade is a well-known supplier of cuplock scaffolding parts and accessories in China. You can find the complete list of the cuplock system here, including

  • Cuplock Scaffolding Standards(Vertical)
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Braces
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Boards
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Immediate Transom
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Omeage Transom
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Brackets
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Hop Up Brackets
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Steel Ladders
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Ladder Bracket
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Joint Pin(Connector)
  • Cuplock Scaffolding Accessories
  • Adjustable Screw Jack Base
  • Fork Head or U Head for Beam Support
  • Cuplock Stairs (Steel & Alumimium)
cuplock scaffolding system in manufacturing
cuplock scaffolding system manufacturing

We offer high-quality cuplock scaffolding at a competitive price to meet your budget. We will deliver cuplock scaffolding on time and at affordable rates. Wellmade Secure Your Construction Safety By Offering Highest Quality Cup Lock scaffold.

Send your inquiry for Wellmade cuplock scaffolding right now!

Cuplock Scaffolding FAQ

What is the Cuplock System Scaffolding Durability

Hot dip galvanized cuplock system scaffold has long lift durability of more than 10 years.
While painted and cold galvanized cuplock scaffold material will be shorter 2-5 years depends on stock, construction evironment etc.

Does Wellmade Calculate Cuplock System Scaffolding Quantity

Yes. Wellmade design the cuplock system scaffold according to your construction scaffold area. You can ask a free quantity calculation when you need the cuplock system materials.

Who Import Cuplock System Scaffold From Wellmade

Wellmade is a golbal famous OEM cuplock system manufacturer. 60% of scaffolding companies and 80% of formwork companies are importing the cuplock system scaffolding materials from Wellmade. Oil Gas Companies like Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, KOC buy the scaffolding materials from Wellmade too.

What Benefits You Can Get from Wellmade

Wellmade is a leading scaffolding and formwork manufacturing in China. You can get not only the highest quality with CE certified in welding, material, bearing. You also can save your cost by importing the cuplock scaffolding system components and parts.

Does Wellmade Offers Door to Door Delivery

Yes. Wellmade has global forwarders to help us do the custom clearance and door-to-door delivery. We can send the material to your nearest port. If you want local trucks, we are able to help with that too.

How to Buy the Cuplock System From Wellmade

You can send us the cuplock system list wanted. We will quote the best manufacturer price. If you agree the price, you can place the order and down payment, we will do the manufacturing and send material to the required port/place.

What is the Lead Time of the Cuplock System

100% of Wellmade cuplock scaffolding system parts are newly manufactured. It takes 15-35 days to start shipping.

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