Wall Formwork System & Components

Wellmade is a professional wall formwork manufacturer in China. Our wall formwork materials are designed for turnover concrete.

Wellmade metal wall formworks are pre-fabricated. The modular metal wall formwork systems save your concrete times.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified wall formwork company, we produce high-quality wall formwork materials for more than 20 years of safe concrete. More than that, you can find different brands of wall formwork components and sysems here.

More than wall formworks, there are also column formworks, slab formworks, and beam formworks for your concrete and shuttering. Send us your concrete wall formwork requirement to get a good price and services now.

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Wellmade’s Wall Formwork

Wellmade’s concrete wall formwork system is combined with components of wall forms and panels, formwork corners, angles, and concrete accessories like wall ties, walers, etc.

If you are looking for wall formwork materials for your concrete wall shuttering. Wellmade will be your right selection. You can find all types of wall formwork in Wellmade.  Include steel wall formworks, steel plywood wall formworks, wood and aluminium wall forms, etc. In addition, for each type of wall formwork, there are light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty forms for each type of wall formwork.

As a professional wall formwork manufacturer, we are able to design and produce different sizes and shapes of wall forms and components to meet your customized concrete and shuttering requirement.

  • Steel Wall Formwork

Wellmade Steel wall formwork is made from steel structures with the painting surface. According to the steel structure specifications, there are lightweight, medium-duty and heavy-duty steel wall formworks.

Lightweight steel wall formwork is also called a small modular formwork panel system. It is made from 3mm steel plates. You can find the holes on the steel wall formwork panel edges. The holes are used to be connected by u clips.

Medium and heavy-duty steel wall formworks are made from heavy steel profile and structures in thickness from 5mm to 12mm. The heavy-duty wall formwork system always includes the wall formwork components and parts of walers, ties, strongback walers, push-pull props etc.

  • Steel Plywood Wall Formwork

Steel plywood wall formworks are combined with steel frames and plywood skins. The plywood skin of the steel plywood wall formworks are with film faced plywood. Wellmade’s steel plywood wall formwork frame turnover is 200 times. While the film faced plywood surface on the formwork frames are is 60 times. In fabrication, the steel plywood wall formwork frames are in powder-coated finishing.

Wall Formwork with Steel Frames and Plywood Surface
Wall Formwork with Steel Frames and Plywood Surface Skin
  • Timber Plywood Wall Formwork

Compare the fabricated steel and steel frame with film faced plywood wall formwork, Wellmade timber wall forms are assembly by double H20 timber beams. You can use the same H20 timber beams as strong backs and walers for the wall formwork system too. While traditional double profile steel walers are also compatible with the H20 timber wall formwork as strong backs.

Film faced plywood is arranged inside of the wall formwork touching the concrete. Normally wall tie rod and wing nut are arranged as connectors and fixing between the timber wall formwork components. Push-pull props give further support for the timber wall formwork system in the concrete shuttering.

timber wall formwork with steel waler beams
timber wall formwork with steel waler beams
  • Aluminium Wall Formwork

Wellmade’s aluminium formwork is lightweight. It is a type of fabricated modular wall formwork too same as steel and metal wall formwork.

You can find the aluminium wall formwork components of panel, angles, corners etc. For modern wall formwork, aluma beams are used for all type of concrete formwork too.

The aluminium wall formwork is connected by flat ties and wedge pins. As for accessories of the aluminium wall formwork, you can find all lengths of flat ties for different thickness of the concrete walls.

All of Wellmade’s concrete wall formwork components and parts are reusable. More than that, you can use the wall formwork to concrete both single side and double-sided walls.

Wellmade’s Wall Formwork Components & Accessories

Wellmade is an OEM Scaffolding and Formwork Manufacturer in China. You can find major brand concrete wall formwork components and parts here. Include Peri and Doka formwork accessories.

We supply complete wall formwork components for your shuttering solutions.

  • Wall Formwork Panels

According to your concrete shuttering design, Wellmade customs the wall formwork panel dimension and specification according to your civil engineering requirement. In order to make things easy and fast, We are able to assembly the wall formwork panels together with other formwork components and accessories.

Fabricated metal wall formwork panels are with holes for form tie connecting. Timber and plywood wall formwork is convenient for hole drilling during the concrete and shuttering.

Metal Type Wall Formwork Panles Concrete Wall Forms
Metal Type Wall Formwork Panel
  • Wall Formwork Clamps

Formwork Accessories Adjustable Column Clamp Peri Doka Type 2
Formwork Accessories Adjustable Column Clamp Peri Doka Type 2

You can find the cast iron type and drop forged type wall formwork clamps in Wellmade. Drop forged formwork clamps are also called Doka clamps or Peri clamps. We manufacturing the forged formwork clamps by drop forging from high-strength heated round bars. It is the highest quality of formwork clamps for concrete shuttering.

According to adjustable length, there are short types and long types of formwork clamps. Wellmade wall formwork clamps are used to fix between the wall formwork panels or wall formwork panels and corners.

Formwork Clamps Using in Wall and Column Formwork
Formwork Clamps Using in Wall and Column Formwork
  • Film Faced Plywood

Wall formwork film faced plywood is able to compatible with all types of wall forms. There is brown filmed and black filmed plywood for wall formwork concrete. The thickness of the film faced plywood are customized according to your requirement from 12mm to 25mm.

Film Faced Plywood

  • Wall Formwork Walers

Wellmade Wall Formwork Walers could be double H20 beams, double c profile, double square hollow tube or double round tubes. Wall formwork walers could be painted or galvanized according to your requirement. We can weld the formwork walers on the formwork panels. You can also assembly the wall formwork walers by tie rods and wing nuts etc at the project site.

  • Push Pull Props

    Push Pull Props Support Wall Formwork Concrete -Double Shoring
    Push Pull Props Support Wall Formwork Concrete -Double Shoring

Push-pull props are used in double for the wall formwork construction. It is connected with the wall formwork walers. The push-pull props include:

-One long adjustable steel props

-One short adjustable steel props

– One double shoe plate

-One single shoe plates

The double shoes fix two push pull props by bolt and nuts. While the single shoes are connecting with the wall formworks.  Long adjustable push pull props support the wall formwork at a higher position. While the short push pull props support a lower position of the wall formwork. In the concrete and shuttering, single long and short push-pulls forms a triangle. It is a stable and strong shore post for the wall form concrete.

  • Flat Ties

Flat ties are components of metal wall formworks. It is used together with the wedge and pins. In the concrete, the flat ties fixing between the double-sided metal wall formworks.

euro form concrete formwork flat tie
Formwork Flat Tie 200-400mm
  • Wedges and Pin

Wall Formwork wedge and pin is one set accessory. Wedges insert into the slot of the pins for fixing purpose.

Aluminium Wall Formwork Wedges and Pins
Aluminium Wall Formwork Wedges and Pins
  • U Clips

Formwork U clips is a type of simple round pin. It is used in the small steel wall formwork panels. You can fix the steel wall formwork vertically and horizontal in the concrete shuttering.

steel formwork components u clips
steel formwork components u clips
  • Wall Formwork Support

When you are doing single formwork for heavy-duty bridges. Special wall formwork support is needed for heavy concrete.

  • Bolt and Nut

Bolt and nut are similar functions of the steel wall formwork U clips. But it is used more popular in heavy-duty metal wall formwork systems.

  • Customized Wall Formwork Parts

More than standard wall formwork components and parts, as a professional wall formwork manufacturer, Wellmade is able to supply you with customized components and parts according to your design, drawings, and plans.

Wellmade’s Slab and Beam and Column Formwork

Slab formwork, column formwork, and beam formwork are working together with the wall formwork in the concrete shuttering. You are able to have a complete solution of all of the formwork systems and materials in Wellmade.

In addition, Wellmade not only manufactures formwork materials, but we are also a scaffolding factory. Thus you can find complete access scaffold and shoring support scaffold here.

For the concrete formwork scaffolding system, you can choose according to your construction support, include:

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