Aluminium Scaffold Tube

Wellmade is Aluminium Tube Manufacturer In China. We Produce BS 1139 -1.2 Standard Aluminium Scaffold Tube O.D 48.3mm to Europe Countries and the USA

Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tube Alloy Grade is 6082 T6. It is Middle Strength With Tensile More than 315 N/mm2.

It is One-Third Weight of Galvanised Steel Scaffold Tubes.   Lightweight and Corrosion Resistance makes Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tube Using Popular In Construction Building and Temporary Shoring Support.

Get Good Price Now By Import Aluminium Scaffold Tube From Wellmade in Door to Door Service.

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Wellmade offers Cut Service for the Alloy Aluminum Scaffold Tubes According to Your Construction Design.  Length of the Aluminium Scaffold Tubes Up to 21 ft(6.1m)
Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tube is versatile with all Types of Scaffold Fittings Include Bolted Scaffold Fittings and Wedge Scaffold Fittings.
It is even longer life than Galvanised Steel Scaffold Tube Saving Your cost In Longer time and easier in transportation.

Aluminium Scaffold Tube Customized Length with Weight

Code No.DescriptionWeight
WMALST02Aluminum Tube 2′(0.61m)1.82 lbs
WMALST03Aluminum Tube 3′(0.914m)2.7 lbs
WMALST04Aluminum Tube 4′(1.219m)3.6 lbs
WMALST05Aluminum Tube 5′(1.524m)4.5 lbs
WMALST06Aluminum Tube 6′(1.83m)5.4 lbs
WMALST07Aluminum Tube 7′(2.13m)6.3 lbs
WMALST08Aluminum Tube 8′(2.44m)7.2 lbs
WMALST09Aluminum Tube 9′(2.74m)8.1 lbs
WMALST10Aluminum Tube 10′(3.05m)9 lbs
WMALST12Aluminum Tube 12′(3.66m)10.8 lbs
WMALST13Aluminum Tube 13′(3.96m)11.7 lbs
WMALST14Aluminum Tube 14′(4.27m)12.6 lbs
WMALST15Aluminum Tube 15′(4.57m)13.5 lbs
WMALST16Aluminum Tube 16′(4.88m)14.4 lbs
WMALST18Aluminum Tube 18′(5.49m)16.2 lbs
WMALST19Aluminum Tube 19′(5.79m)17.1 lbs
WMALST20Aluminum Tube 20′(6.1m)18 lbs
WMALST24Aluminum Tube 24′(7.32m)21.6 lbs
Aluminium Scaffold Tube is always be Connected by Scaffolding Wedge or Bolted Scaffolding Clamps in  Swivel and Right Angle.
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