Aluminium Scaffold Tube

Wellmade is Aluminium Tube Manufacturer In China. We Produce BS 1139 -1.2, BS EN 755 and AS/NZS 1163 Standard Aluminium Scaffold Tubes for Your Construction Building.

Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tubes are In O.D 1.9″ (O.D 48.3mm). Wall Thickness of the Aluminium Scaffold Tube is 4.0mm, 4.47mm, 4.5mm, 4.7mm etc. You can find Custom Dimension Aluminium Scaffold Tube Here too.

We  Cut the Aluminium Scaffold Tubes into Your Lengths. You can find 1ft to 21 ft Scaffold Tubes for Your Aluminium Scaffolding Construction.

Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tubes are Made From 6082 T6 Alloy Grade Material. The Round Aluminium Tubes are with a Shearing Strength of more than 170 Mpa. It is an Approved Safety Scaffolding Material for Your construction Building.

Get Good Price Now By Import Aluminium Scaffold Tube From Wellmade in Door to Door Service.

Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tubes

Wellmade’s aluminium scaffold tubes are tested according to BS EN 755 and AS/NZS 1163 standards. It is an O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tube.

Compare to the metal scaffolding tubes, the aluminium scaffold tubes are lightweight. The weight of the aluminium scaffold tube is One-Third of the Galvanised Steel Scaffold Tubes.  Thus it is much easier handling in construction building.

The aluminium scaffold tubes are used in a wide range of construction buildings and temporary shoring support. It is not only used as scaffolding verticals, horizontal and braces. It is also used as handrailing, steel structure, formwork forming, etc.   Wellmade’s aluminium round tubes have given safe support for workers and construction equipment in globally 55 countries.

The corrosion resistance of aluminium scaffold tubes is much better than metal and steel scaffold tubes.  Thus it is with a longer life than the galvanised steel scaffold tube.  In long time consideration, aluminium scaffold tubes save your cost in construction time, cost and transportation. That is why Wellmade’s aluminium scaffold tubes are more and more popular using in industrial construction companies, scaffold rental and hire companies, as well as oil gas companies.

Wellmade offers cut services for your aluminium scaffold tubes in order to meet up with your construction scaffolding design.  You can find all length dimensions of Wellmade’s aluminium scaffold tubes up to 21 ft(6.4m).  Following is some popular aluminium scaffold tube lengths:
Items In FootItems In Meter
1ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube0.3m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
5ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube1.5m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
8ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube2.4m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
10ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube3.0m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
13ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube4.0m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
16ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube4.8m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
18ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube5.4m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
20ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube6.0m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
21ft Aluminium Scaffold Tube6.4m Aluminum Scaffold Tube
Engineeringly, Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tube is versatile with all Types of Scaffold Fittings and clamps Include Bolted Scaffold Fittings and Wedge Clamps Scaffolding.

Wellmade manufactures the aluminium scaffold tube from middle strength alloy material in 6082 T6 grade. It is wit a tensile strength of more than 315 N/mm2.  While the shearing strength(called proof strength too) is more than 170 Mpa.

Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tubes are mainly export to European countries, the USA as well as Australia. With more than 20 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, we are able to deliver the aluminum scaffold tubes to your stockyard in door-to-door service.   

Aluminium Scaffold Poles
Aluminium Scaffold Poles

Aluminium Scaffold Tube Customized Length with Weight

Code No.DescriptionWeight
WMALST02Aluminum Tube 2′(0.61m)1.82 lbs
WMALST03Aluminum Tube 3′(0.914m)2.7 lbs
WMALST04Aluminum Tube 4′(1.219m)3.6 lbs
WMALST05Aluminum Tube 5′(1.524m)4.5 lbs
WMALST06Aluminum Tube 6′(1.83m)5.4 lbs
WMALST07Aluminum Tube 7′(2.13m)6.3 lbs
WMALST08Aluminum Tube 8′(2.44m)7.2 lbs
WMALST09Aluminum Tube 9′(2.74m)8.1 lbs
WMALST10Aluminum Tube 10′(3.05m)9 lbs
WMALST12Aluminum Tube 12′(3.66m)10.8 lbs
WMALST13Aluminum Tube 13′(3.96m)11.7 lbs
WMALST14Aluminum Tube 14′(4.27m)12.6 lbs
WMALST15Aluminum Tube 15′(4.57m)13.5 lbs
WMALST16Aluminum Tube 16′(4.88m)14.4 lbs
WMALST18Aluminum Tube 18′(5.49m)16.2 lbs
WMALST19Aluminum Tube 19′(5.79m)17.1 lbs
WMALST20Aluminum Tube 20′(6.1m)18 lbs
WMALST24Aluminum Tube 24′(7.32m)21.6 lbs
In construction scaffolding, the aluminum scaffold tube is connected and fixed by the scaffolding wedge clamps and bolted clamps. You can find both swivel and right angle scaffolding clamps for your aluminum scaffolding construction in Wellmade.

Aluminium Scaffold Tube Wedge Clamp in Right Angle

Code No.SizeWeight
WDG48-RAOD48mm1.45 KG

Aluminium Scaffold Tube Swivel Wedge Clamp

Code No.SizeWeight

Wellmade’s Aluminium Scaffold Tube Features

  • Elongation: 19%
  • Hardness: 75 HV
  • Density: 2.7g/cm3
  • Grade: 6082 T 6
  • Standards: BS 1139, BS EN 755, AS 1163
  • Shape: Round
  • Application: Construction & Building


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