BS1139 Scaffold Tube|Offshore Rig|Petrochemical Scaffolding

Hot Dip Galvanized(HDG) Scaffold Tube BS1139 Standard is one of the most popular scaffold tubes used in  many countries and many industries include Oil&Gas Onshore&Offshore, Marine Services, Industrial&Chemical, Construction Building and Concrete Formwork Support, with Out Diameter of OD48.3mm Type 4 and Type 3. 
According to British Standard and Europe Standard, Scaffold Tube Galvanizing Zinc-thickness Should be More 40 Micrometer.
BS1139 and En39 Standard Scaffold Tubes are Popular Used in Oil and Gas Industry for Petrochemical  Scaffolding, Offshore Rigging and Suspended Scaffolding.
In Civil And Industrial Construction, Galvanized,Painted and Black Scaffold Tube is Popular Used in Putlog Scaffold,Facade Scaffold,Walk Through Scaffolding.
Black Scaffolding Pipes are Used as Raw Materials for Scaffolding Systems Like Ringlock Scaffolding,Cuplock Scaffolding,Kwikstage Scaffolding, Quick Lock Scaffolding,Shoring Scaffolding System.
Steel Grade for BS1139 Scaffold Tube Can be S355, S235 in Popular.

BS1139 Galvanized Scaffold Tube 4.0mm

BS1139 Scaffold Tube Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Construction
Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Tube 4.0mm BS1139 Is Connected by Drop Forged Scaffolding Clamps Fixed Include Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Sleeve Couplers and Beam Clamps, Putlog Couplers etc. 
Stel Grade of Hot Dip Galvanized BS1139 Scaffold Tube Can be S235 and S345. 
The zinc Thickness of BS1139 Standard Scaffold Tube is 40 Micro According to British Standard Requirement. 
Items Dimension(mm)
W4B100 1.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x1000
W4B150 1.5m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x1500
W4B250 2.5m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x2500
W4B300 3.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x3000
W4B350 3.5m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x3500
W4B400 4.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x4000
W4B450 4.5m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x4500
W4B550 5.5m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x5000
W4B600 6.0m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x6000
W4B640 6.4m Gal Scaffold Tube OD48.3x4.0x6400


Black Steel Tube (H.R Pipes)

bs1139 scaffold steel tube ms scaffolding pipes 48.3mm

 Code Items Dimension  Length
W4B1H Black Scaffold Tube Type 4 (1-2m) OD48.3x4.0mm  1-2m
W4B2H Black Scaffold Tube Type 4 (2-3m) OD48.3x4.0mm  2-3m
W4B3H Black Scaffold Tube Type 4 (3-4m) OD48.3x4.0mm  3-4m
W4B4H Black Scaffold Tube Type 4 (4-5m) OD48.3x4.0mm  4-5m
W4B5H Black Scaffold Tube Type 4 (5-6m) OD48.3x4.0mm  5-6m
W4B6H Black Scaffold Tube Type 4 (6-7m) OD48.3x4.0mm  6-7m


Galvanized Scaffold Tube 3.2mm

3.2mm hot dip galvanized scaffold tube GI Scaffolding Pipes BS1139

No. Items Dimension(mm)
W3B100 1.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x1000
W3B150 1.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x1500
W3B200 2.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x2000
W3B250 2.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x2500
W3B300 3.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x3000
W3B350 3.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x3500
W3B450 4.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x4500
W3B500 5.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x5000
W3B550 5.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x5500
W3B600 6.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x6000
W3B640 6.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3 OD48.3x3.2x6500

Black Pipe 3.2mm(H .R Tube)

BS1139 MS Pipes Scaffold Poles in Bundle for Layher Scaffolding and Scaffold System Produciton

 Code Items Dimension  Length
W3B1H 1-2m Black Tube Type 3 OD48.3x3.2mm  1-2m
W3B2H 2-3m Black Tube Type 3 OD48.3x3.2mm  2-3m
W3B3H 3-4m Black Tube Type 3 OD48.3x3.2mm  3-4m
W3B4H 4-5m Black Tube Type 3 OD48.3x3.2mm  4-5m
W3B5H 5-6m Black Tube Type 3 OD48.3x3.2mm  5-6m
W3B6H 6-7m Black Tube Type 3 OD48.3x3.2mm  6-7m

Painted Scaffod Tube

Painted Scaffold Tubes BS1139 for System Scaffold with scaffolding clamps in erection

Code Item Dimension(mm) Length
W3B1P Painted Scaffold Pipe 1-2m OD48.3x3.2/4.0 1-2m
W3B2P Painted Scaffold Pipe 2-3m OD48.3x3.2/4.0 2-3m
W3B3P Painted Scaffold Pipe 3-4m OD48.3x3.2/4.0 3-4m
W3B4P Painted Scaffold Pipe 4-5m OD48.3x3.2/4.0 4-5m
W3B5P Painted Scaffold Pipe 5-6m OD48.3x3.2/4.0 5-6m
W3B6P Painted Scaffold Pipe 6-7m OD48.3x3.2/4.0 6-7m



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