BS1139 Scaffolding Tubes

Wellmade is a BS1139 Scaffolding Tubes Manufacturer.  It is Famous Factory Approved Audit of Oil Gas Companies Like Shell, Sinopec, KNPC.

Wellmade Supplies 48mm Diameter Scaffolding Tubes in 4mm Thickness for Most Oil Gas Scaffolding Projects.

We Do Daily Steel Coil Raw Material Test and Finished Scaffolding Tube Test.  This Dail Quality Control and Test Ensure Your BS1139 Scaffolding Tubes Compliance With Both BS Standard and Oil Gas Companies Standard.

You Can Get Premium Quality Scaffolding Tubes From Wellmade In Competitive Price.

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BS 1139 Scaffolding Tube In Manufacturing

BS 1139 Scaffolding Tube Tensile Testing Video 

Scaffolding Tube Expansion Test

Wellmade Scaffold Tube

Wellmade is one of the premier scaffold tube manufacturing companies in China. With a decade of experience in the field, Wellmade has a large stock and wide range of excellent quality scaffold tube.

Wellmade scaffold produces a BS1139 standard galvanized scaffold tube for KNPC, KOC, Sinopec, and Aramco Oil Gas Industrial Scaffolding Construction.

Wellmade scaffold tube is manufactured with excellent grade raw materials such as aluminum EN 10219-1 and steel tube.

Depending on your applications, we can supply numerous scaffold options. You can choose whether 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm EN39 high yield aluminum EN 10219-1 or steel tube.

Whether commercial or private building projects, Wellmade scaffold tube is a perfect choice. No matter what your projects are, Wellmade can supply a wide range of scaffold tubes in a variety of lengths.

All of Wellmade scaffold tube is galvanized for high performance and long life. Wellmade galvanized scaffold tube has Type 3 and Type 4 in the oil gas industry.

Wellmade Type 3 scaffolding pipes are in OD48.3×3.2mm and S355 steel grade. While Wellmade scaffolding Type 4 scaffold tube is in OD48.3×4.0mm S235 steel grade.

All of our Type 4 scaffold tubes are conformed with scaffolding standards according to oil gas industry-standard requirements in different countries. Our Type 3 scaffold tube is confirming to EN10219 standard in the oil gas industrial scaffolding standard.

Aside from our galvanized scaffold tube, we also offer a black and painted scaffold tube. This is suitable for industrial and civil construction. Black and painted scaffold tube is popularly used in Façade Scaffold, Putlog Scaffold, and Walk Through Scaffolding.

You can use Wellmade scaffold tube as raw materials for scaffolding systems like cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, shoring scaffolding system, and quick-lock scaffolding.

Wellmade is your choice for scaffolding tube needs. We are your ideal manufacturer and supplier that offers scaffold tubes available in different types, lengths, and sizes.

If you require a specific size, Wellmade scaffold tube can be cut to your specified size with a maximum of 6.0m. At Wellmade, we cater free-cutting services up to 20 cuts free.  A Wellmade scaffold tube is fabricated to the European Quality EN39 standard.

Wellmade can provide a one-stop solution for your scaffold tube needs. We can control the entire process of production.

We assure you that all your scaffold tube orders are guaranteed to meet or exceed all local and international standards.

At Wellmade, you can ensure full-service for your project including after-sale customers’ service support. No matter what your building project, Wellmade is your better choice.

Get in touch with us regarding your scaffold tube orders!

BS1139 Standard Galvanized Scaffold Tube OD48.3mm Type 4

W4B1001.0m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x1000
W4B1501.5m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x1500
W4B2502.5m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x2500
W4B3003.0m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x3000
W4B3503.5m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x3500
W4B4004.0m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x4000
W4B4504.5m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x4500
W4B5505.5m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x5000
W4B6006.0m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x6000
W4B6406.4m Gal Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0x6400
Length of the galvanized scaffold tube is customized from 0.3m in shortest. Galvanized zinc thickness should be more than 40 micro according to oil gas industrial requirement.

OD48.3mm Black Scaffold Tubes

 CodeItemsDimension Length
W4B1HBlack Scaffold Tube Type 4 (1-2m)OD48.3×4.0mm 1-2m
W4B2HBlack Scaffold Tube Type 4 (2-3m)OD48.3×4.0mm 2-3m
W4B3HBlack Scaffold Tube Type 4 (3-4m)OD48.3×4.0mm 3-4m
W4B4HBlack Scaffold Tube Type 4 (4-5m)OD48.3×4.0mm 4-5m
W4B5HBlack Scaffold Tube Type 4 (5-6m)OD48.3×4.0mm 5-6m
W4B6HBlack Scaffold Tube Type 4 (6-7m)OD48.3×4.0mm 6-7m

Galvanized Scaffold Tube Type 3

W3B1001.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×1000
W3B1501.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×1500
W3B2002.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×2000
W3B2502.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×2500
W3B3003.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×3000
W3B3503.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×3500
W3B4504.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×4500
W3B5005.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×5000
W3B5505.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×5500
W3B6006.0m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×6000
W3B6406.5m Galvanized Pipe Type 3OD48.3×3.2×6500

OD48.3 x 3.2mm Scaffold Black Tubes

 CodeItemsDimension Length
W3B1H1-2m Black Tube Type 3OD48.3×3.2mm 1-2m
W3B2H2-3m Black Tube Type 3OD48.3×3.2mm 2-3m
W3B3H3-4m Black Tube Type 3OD48.3×3.2mm 3-4m
W3B4H4-5m Black Tube Type 3OD48.3×3.2mm 4-5m
W3B5H5-6m Black Tube Type 3OD48.3×3.2mm 5-6m
W3B6H6-7m Black Tube Type 3OD48.3×3.2mm 6-7m

Painted Scaffold Tube

W3B1PPainted Scaffold Pipe 1-2mOD48.3×3.2/4.01-2m
W3B2PPainted Scaffold Pipe 2-3mOD48.3×3.2/4.02-3m
W3B3PPainted Scaffold Pipe 3-4mOD48.3×3.2/4.03-4m
W3B4PPainted Scaffold Pipe 4-5mOD48.3×3.2/4.04-5m
W3B5PPainted Scaffold Pipe 5-6mOD48.3×3.2/4.05-6m
W3B6PPainted Scaffold Pipe 6-7mOD48.3×3.2/4.06-7m


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