Painting Scaffolding Poles

Wellmade is a scaffolding pole manufacturer in China. You can find painting scaffolding poles and galvanised scaffold tubes here.
As a part of the tube and clamp scaffold system, the painting scaffolding poles are fixed by the scaffold tube fittings. While it is also working with the system scaffolding for diagonal and brace purposes.
Wellmade’s painting and galvanised scaffolding poles are confirmed to Europe and British scaffold standard: BS1139 and EN 39.
More than the standard O.D 48.3mm scaffolding poles, we custom your scaffolding pole’s sizes and diameters.
Send us your painting and galvanised scaffolding pole requirement to get an immediate price now.

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Wellmade Scaffolding Poles

Wellmade’s painting scaffolding poles are in standard diameter of O.D48.3mm. You can find other diameters and thicknesses of the painting scaffolding poles here too.
Scaffolding poles are used a lot for the traditional tube and clamps system. At the same time, it is also able to work with scaffold systems as diagonal braces. When the paint and GI scaffolding poles working with the scaffold systems, it is always fixed by the scaffold swivel couplers. Wellmade’s scaffolding poles are compatible with kwikstage , cuplock, ringlock, and frame scaffold.
Wellmade is the biggest scaffolding pole manufacturer, we ship the painting and galvanised scaffolding poles to global 55 countries. During shipping and exporting, the scaffolding poles are packed in bundles. It is easy for container loading and unloading.
Using the scaffolding slings, the scaffolding pole bundles are able to be hanging by crane. It is also able to load by forklift. More than container shipping, Wellmade’s scaffolding poles are always shipped by bulk vessels.
Wellmade is a CE-certified high-quality scaffolding poles manufacturer. You can get your scaffolding poles test report with chemical composition and physical tensile and yield strength, elongations, etc.  These are also the details of the MTC steel grade test content.
According to the EN 39 standard, all scaffolding poles should have manufacturing marks. Wellmade offers you engrave marks on the scaffolding poles.
Painted Scaffold Tube Poles
For the scaffolding pole diameter and thickness tolerance, Wellmdae control is according to the British and European standards too. You can give your special tolerance requirement, we are able to meet it up too.
Scaffolding poles are the traditional scaffolding materials. It is mostly used in civil construction, industrial and commercial scaffolding. In addition, during the formwork system, painting and galvanised scaffolding poles are used as a wall formwork waler or slab formwork system shoring support.
Compare to other prefabricated patent scaffolding, Wellmade’s scaffolding poles are flexible. It is able to form all shapes of scaffolding frames in the construction building. The tube and clamp scaffolding are also simply by using different types of scaffolding couplers.
Among different types of scaffolding poles, hot dip galvanized scaffolding poles are most popular, especially in offshore oil gas construction. During the industrial scaffolding construction, Wellmade’s galvanised scaffolding poles are rigging for hanging and suspended scaffolding. It. is also used as well as access scaffolding towers.
custom scaffolding tube and clamp
custom scaffolding tube and clamp
Different lengths of the painting scaffolding poles are able to be used for different construction purposes. Wellmade is able to cut scaffolding poles into your length. The common lengths of the scaffolding poles include 5ft, 10ft, 21ft, and 3m, 4m, 5m, and 6m, etc.
galvanised scaffold tube
galvanised scaffold tube

Wellmade is an expert and professional scaffolding poles manufacturer in China with 20 years of expertise. Through years of experience, we became one of the leading manufacturers of the scaffolding system in China.

Wellmade scaffolding poles made from high-quality steel are manufactured and designed for different application use. You can use our scaffolding poles for construction formwork, industrial, environmental protection, household, etc.

For the offshore oil gas industry, hot-dip galvanized scaffolding poles are required for hanging and suspended scaffolding systems.

Wellmade is an expert when it comes to scaffolding pole manufacturing. You can find galvanized scaffolding poles, aluminum scaffold poles, new and used scaffolding poles.

To fit into your system, Wellmade scaffolding poles come in a broad selection of lengths ranges from 5 ft to 21 ft. If you require specific sizes, Wellmade scaffolding poles can be cut according to your desired dimension.

As a leading manufacturer in China, we offer scaffolding poles in various sizes and surface treatments. Wellmade scaffolding poles can be in black color. Plus, we can customize the color of scaffolding poles for you.

There are numerous shapes of scaffolding poles available in Wellmade. You can find round scaffolding poles, square scaffolding poles, rectangular scaffolding poles, oval scaffolding poles, and many more.

When it comes to scaffolding poles, Wellmade is the best place to choose for.  At Wellmade, scaffolding poles can be customized according to your desired surface treatment, color, dimensions, and thickness. Just send us your detailed requirements.

You can guarantee the quality of Wellmade scaffolding poles as we made sure that it conforms to BS EN1139 European standards in steel grade of chemical components and physical strengths, tolerances, and engrave mark.

With more than 20 years of scaffolding system manufacturing experience, most clients have relied on our flexible scheduling and superb products. In fact, we are distributed Wellmade scaffolding poles to different companies throughout the world like oil gas companies, construction companies, biggest contractors, and many more.

Wellmade Scaffolding has well-equipped units and upgrades from time-to-time to meet your requirements. To support, Wellmade has an in-house tool room equipped to make superb quality scaffolding poles.

Wellmade scaffolding pole manufacturer is indeed your one-stop-shop solutions provider. You can purchase scaffolding poles in single or bulk orders, back in stock notifications among others.

For more information about our scaffolding poles, please don’t hesitate to contact us right away! We have a friendly sales team to assist with your concerns.

OD48.3mm Painting Scaffolding Poles Specifications

WP48050.5m Scaffolding Poles48.3×5001.78
WP48101.0m Scaffolding Poles48.3×10003.55
WP48151.5m Scaffolding Poles48.3×15005.33
WP48202.0m Scaffolding Poles48.3×20007.1
WP48252.5m Scaffolding Poles48.3×25008.88
WP48303.0m Scaffolding Poles48.3×300010.65
WP48353.5m Scaffolding Poles48.3×350012.43
WP48404.0m Scaffolding Poles48.3×400014.2
WP48454.5m Scaffolding Poles48.3×450015.98
WP48505.0m Scaffolding Poles48.3×500017.75
WP48555.5m Scaffolding Poles48.3×550019.53
WP48606.0m Scaffolding Poles48.3×600021.35


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