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  • EN 74 & BS 1139 Tested
  • 42mm,48mm, 60mm, 76mm & 89mm Size
  • Oil Gas Exclusive Swivel Coupler Supplier In China
  • OEM for Scaffolding&Formwork Companies
  • Door to Door Delivery

Your No.1 Swivel Coupler Scaffolding Supplier& Manufacturer In China

Wellmade is Your Professional Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Manufacturer&Supplier In China. Our Scaffold Swivel Coupler is Tested&Certified By BS1139 EN 74. Wellmade Ensures Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Quality by Daily Quality Control & Test Plan. You Can find Slip&Distortion Test Result Against Your Order. Bolt&Nut of Our Swivel Coupler are in 8.8 Super Class. Customized Logo&Marks are Offered In Free. This OEM Service Bring You Great Benefits In the Swivel Coupler Market Development and Stock&Transportation Convenient. Win-Win Benefits Makes You Enjoy the Swivel Coupler Import from Wellmade. You can get from us not only Competitive Price But the Top Quality Scaffold Material

Wellmade Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Forged Type

Wellmade’s Forged Swivel Coupler is Tested By EN 74 Class B. You can Find All Sizes of Forged Swivel Couplers Here O.D 42mm, O.D 48mm, O.D 60mm, O.D76mm and O.D89mm.

Wellmade Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Pressed Steel Type

Wellmade’s Pressed Swivel Coupler BS1139 Standard is Used for O.D 48.3mm  Scaffold Tube. The BS 1139 Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Mainly Produced for The UK Scaffolding Companies. Pressed Swivel Coupler is Cheaper and Lightweight Than Forged Swivel Couplers.

JIS Swivel Clamp O.D48.6mm Wellmade Pipe Fittings Pressed Steel Type

Wellmade Produces Japanese and Korean Standard Scaffolding Pressed Swivel Couplers. The JIS&KSD Pressed Swivel Clamps are Used to Joint O.D 48.6mm & O.D 42.7mm Scaffolding Pipes. Wellmade’s Pressed Steel Swivel Couplers Conform to JIS A 8952 and KSD 3501 Standard.

Hot dip galvanized VS E-galvanized Swivel Coupler

You Can find Both Hot Dip Galvanized and E-galvanized(zinc-plated) Swivel Couplers from Wellmade. HDG Swivel Coupler is the Best Swivel Coupler Protection Solution. It Brings You Less Maintenance, Remains Swivel Coupler in Good Condition in Longest Life.  E-galvanized Scaffolding Swivel Coupler is Most Common Scaffolding Clamps In Less Cost Than HDG. Zinc Plates Help Protect Swivel Coupler Corrosion.

Hot dip galvanized Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Forged

Hot Dip Galvanized Forged Swivel Coupler with High Zinc Thickness. It Is Request By Oil Gas Companies For Their Onshore and Offshore Scaffolding Projects. HDG Enable Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Repeat Using In Long Life. Thus, Rental Companies Prefer to Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffolding Clamps too.

E-galvanized Swivel Coupler Scaffolding Wellmade

Zinc-plated Swivel Coupler Scaffolding is Request by Most Scaffolding and Construction Companies. It is Anti-Corrosion too. Zinc Plate Helps Small Construction Budget.

hot dip galvanized pressed steel swivel clamps

Pressed Swivel Coupler is Mostly In E-galvanized. It Can be Gloden Color E-galvanized or White Zinc-plated. Wellmade is able to customize Your Pressed Steel Scaffolding Swivel Clamps In Hot Dip Galvanized Too.

This is Video of Wellmade Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Manufacturing.

Wellmade’s Swivel Coupler is Tested Against Each Lot. You can Find Swivel Coupler Test Result of Your Order.

Wellmade’s Swivel Coupler is Tested and Certified Conform to EN 74 Standard In Heavy Duty Class B.

Types of Wellmade Scaffold Swivel Couplers

Welmade Produces All Types of Scaffolding Swivel Coupler. You Can Find From Wellmade Germany Type Swivel Couplers, Australia Type Swivel Couplers, British Type Swivel Couplers, America Type Swivel Couplers In I Bolt and Wedge Clamps.  Mixed Sizes of the Dual Swivel Coupler from O.D 42 to O.D 89mm Is Available Here.

Wellmade: Your Best Scaffolding Swivel Coupler Manufacturer

Wellmade Produces All Types of Scaffolding Couplers and Swivel Clamps. Our Scaffolding Couplers and Swivel Clamps are Certified as Safety Scaffolding Material In many Countries After Testing and Usage.  More than that, Wellmade is Oil Gas Company Exclusive Scaffolding and Coupler Material Vendor In China. Quality is the Premier Global Wide.

Wellmade is famous OEM Scaffolding Clamps Manufacturer for Many Scaffolding and Formwork Companies In Germany, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia etc.

Swivel Coupler Quality is the Most Important. When importing the Swivel Coupler from Wellamde, You can save your cost for Your Construction and Projects too. Our Competitive Price will make you feel the Real Value of Scaffolding Coupler Import.

Wellmade Offers You Door to Door Delivery. We make your scaffolding swivel coupler import easier and simple.

You Can Do One-Stop Scaffolding Purchase from Wellmade.  We have System Scaffold, Scaffold Tubes, Scaffolding Planks and Boards, Other Scaffolding Couplers Like Double Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Putlog Coupler, Gravlock Girder Coupler, Board Retaining Coupler etc.

We Believes:  You Win, We Win.

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