Steel Pipe End Caps

Wellmade’s pipe end caps are scaffolding pipe fittings. It is round-shaped and covers the end of O.D 48.3mm and O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipes. Wellmade custom your pipe end caps too if big quantity.
The pipe end caps protect steel and aluminum scaffolding pipes from damage and debris.  When scaffolding pipe needs to cut into short lengths and sizes. Pipe end caps are able to protect the cutting area from corrosion.
Wellmade’s pipe end caps could be in plastic, rubber, PVC, etc. Thus It is a type of insulating material in scaffolding construction.
More than the pipe end caps, you are able to buy scaffold tubes, scaffolding coupler, scaffold boards, etc at the same time in Wellmade. All of the scaffolding pipe and fittings are conform to EN 74, BS 1139, and EN 39 standards.
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Wellmade’s Pipe End Caps

Wellmade’s pipe end caps are widely used in all types of steel pipes. Include carbon steel pipes, stainless pipes, welded pipes, and seamless pipes, etc.
Normally, we supply round-shaped steel pipe end caps for O.D 48.3mm and O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipes.  Square and plug type pipe end caps are custom available if needed.
Among the scaffolding pipes, O.D 48.3mm is a type of British standards scaffolding pipes. While O.D 48.6mm is a type of JIS and Korea standard scaffold tubes.
People use Wellmade’s steel pipe end caps for their black pipes, galvanised scaffolding pipes, and painting scaffolding poles. Wellmade’s pipe end caps are used not only as protection from pipe damages. It is also used for construction safety as an insulation material.
More than pipe end caps, the scaffolding fitting bolt end caps are available too.

In the scaffolding construction, there are also plastic sole boards and sole pads are needed to support the scaffolding base plate. Wellmade is able to manufacture both sole boards for your convenience.  At the same time, we offer you the test report of our plastic sole board and pads.

Wellmade’s Pipe End Caps Features

  • Function: Accessories of Scaffolding Steel Pipe Anti Rusty and Construction Safety Protection
  • Material: Plastic, Rubber, PVC, PDPE
  • Size: Steel Pipe End Caps are for OD 48.3mm, OD 48.6mm and OD 42.7mm Diameter Scaffold Tubes
  • Easy Assembly
  • Not Easy Removal from Pipes
  • Recycling Using
  • Light Weight
  • Easy Stock by Box
  • Colorful in Customized


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