Galvanised Scaffold Tube MS1462 Standard

Wellmade is Galvanised Scaffold Tube Manufacturer In China. MS 1462 Standard Galvanised Scaffold Tube is Malaysian Standard Scaffold Tubing. The Galvanised Scaffold Tube is in 48mm O.D and 4mm Wall Thickness.
You can Find Product Certificate (PC) Of the Galvanised Scaffold Tube In Wellmade. With Wellmade’s Galvanised Scaffold Tube PC, You are allowed to use the Scaffolding Tubes In Your Construction.
We Cut the Galvanised Scaffold Tube Into Your Required Lengths.
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Ms1462 is a Malaysian Standard for Construction Scaffolding. All Scaffolding Materials to Malaysia Should Be Tested According to MS 1462 or EN 39 Standard.
If you want to import Galvanised Scaffold Tube to Your Malaysia Construction Projects. You need to get Approved COA  By using our Galvanised Scaffold Tube PC and PPS.
Galvanised Scaffold Tube Steel Grade is S235 According to MS 1462 Standard.  Zinc Thickness of the Galvanised Scaffold Tube should be more than 40 micrometers. 

MS1462 Galvanized Steel Tube for Tubular Scaffolding

CodeComponentGradeDimensionPC No.
WMS050Galvanised Steel Tube

Welded, Type 4

S235GTΦ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)0.5m0918006
WMS100Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)1.0m
WMS150Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)1.5m
WMS200Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)2.0m
WMS250Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)2.5m
WMS300Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)3.0m
WMS350Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)3.5m
WMS400Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)4.0m
WMS450Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)4.5m
WMS500Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)5.0m
WMS550Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)5.5m
WMS600Φ48.3mm x(T)4.0mm x(L)6.0m
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