Ready Lock Transom Scaffold

Ready Lock Transoms Make Scaffold Tube and Fitting into an Easy Speedy Scaffold System by Cutting Down On Required Scaffolding Fittings  Quantity. Save Cost and Time In Construction Scaffolding Erection. Make Construction Safety and Save.

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Ready Lock Transom


ItemMiddle Duty SizeHeavy duty SizeSurface
3 Board Ready Lock TransomOD48.3×3.2mm

Scaffold Tube


Scaffold Tube

4 Board Ready Lock Transom
5 Board Ready Lock Transom
3 Board,4 Board and 5 Board Ready Lock Transom Can Be Made from OD48.3×3.2mm Scaffold Tube and OD48.3×4.0mm Scaffold Tube with Half Swivel and Closed Plate At Both Ends.

Extendable Ready Lock Transom

extendable ready-lock-transom scaffold tube fittings

ItemMiddle Duty SizeHeavy Duty SizeSurface
4+3 Extendable Ready Lock Transom with 3 Board InternalOD48.3×3.2mm Scaffold TubeOD 48.3×4.0mm Scaffold TubeE-galvanized
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