Wellmade Scaffold Imprinted Its Position in The Industy as one of the leading Scaffolding Manufacturer in Peoples Republic of China

We are pride ourselves on our commitment to scaffolding and formwork product quality and our company’s ideological foundations in respect of commitment to quality and safety of projects and professional construction formwork scaffolding support services that have been the corner stones to our rapid growth over the years.

To establish a prominent position in scaffolding formwork industry by setting standards and benchmarks to be distinguished as pioneers and value providers by excellence quality,performance and reliability. Enable our clients and their projects with the best experiences by delivering them comprehensive professional services in the filed of scaffolding and formwork support services to meet the project objectives adhering quality and safety.

Project & Industry Support Services

WELLMADE understands and are experienced in efforts required in Scaffolding Formwork. Our organization has the knowledge, experience, and capacity to provide your projects with a tailored and scalable solution. We can provide Project Support Services “ad hoc”, or we can provide an end to end solution. Working with us as your Project Support partner as a fully or partially integrated part of your project team, we will ensure compliance, improve efficiency and provide cost savings.

Let us help you to concentrate on core project objectives by supporting your project management team with our following support services:

▪ Scaffolding Consulting
▪ Scaffolding Design
▪ Scaffolding Solution
▪ Scaffolding Cost Saving
▪ Scaffolding Door to Door Delivery
▪ Formwork System and Parts Sourcing

We approach clients by supporting our customers fulfilling their needs by providing professional and practical solutions. In case of a critical or urgent requirement, we are capable to execute to carry out the required work stream.


Quality is not just a motto, it is a key driver in every construction project. Every project is built in with Quality Assurance. Our achievements are based on our objective targets on commitment of quality that met or exceed client expectations which is evolved by proactive approach and strategy in continual improvement.

Quality Policy Statement:

Our commitment to our customers is providing the service with highest possible level of quality. We achieve this by our proactive approach and strategy in continual improvement of our products and services that exceeds client expectations. The Business Management Methodology defines all the procedures and respective documentations that manage entire activities and process of our business and is available to entire staff with overall responsibility residing with a Senior Management Staff.

The Quality Management System goals are to ensure:

▪ Customers Requirements are clearly defined, understood and met
▪ Deliver quality services and ensure all projects and services are delivered on defined standard.
▪ Ensure trained and competent personnel are available focusing at all times on customer needs and expectations
▪ Complete Scaffolding and formwork Production On Time
▪ Superior emphasis on processes being managed to achieve quality controling.
▪ Effective communication with customers.
▪ Alignment with strategic direction.
▪ Integrating QMS into organizations’ business process.
▪ Pursuing customer retention and loyalty


WELLMADE SCAFFOLD is committed to providing and maintaining a healthy and safe work environment for our employees, business associates and clients. We consistently strive to exceed the industry safety standard and provide our employees with the safest worksite possible. Our objective is to continuously provide education and training to our employees on safe work practices. Our management team is committed to putting our people first in meeting our customer's challenges, in the most critical environments. WELLMADE SCAFFOLD recognizes the importance of providing a working environment, which is safe and healthy for all employees, contractors and members of the public and undertakes to comply with relevant legal requirements.

Our Health and Safety Management System Objectives are:

▪ Implement consistent Safety Management measures to provide a safe workplace to the people, equipment, materials, and the environment.
▪ Compliance with the Health and Safety Policy and Procedures is deemed as an absolute minimum and all employees are responsible for this and also for committing to continuous improvement
▪ Establish effective planning to identify significant hazards and plan for their elimination, reduction, and control by conducting risk assessments at regular intervals, the results of which will be communicated to our employees.
▪ Promote and maintain a work environment in which each of us accepts personal responsibility for our own safety and that of our colleagues, and in which everyone actively participates to ensure the safety and wellness of others.
▪ Complying with applicable laws, regulations, policies, and standards;
▪ Integrating environmental, health, and safety goals and objectives with an overall business strategy

About Us

With specialized experience in the Scaffolding and Formwork Product and Project Support Services, WELLMADE SCAFFOLD imprinted its position in the industry as one of the leading Scaffolding and Formwork Manufacturer in China and Global Scaffolding and Formwork Supplier all over the world. We are pride ourselves on our commitment to contracting works quality and our company’s ideological foundations in respect of commitment to quality,safety and service of projects and professional support that have been the corner stones to our rapid growth over the years.

We bring decades of combined experience to excel on projects and work extensively with clients to understand their project needs from initiation through commissioning, including safety, quality and schedule expectations. We integrated proven best practices with modern technologies and quality standards to achieve project goals and more reliably.

The Team

Our team experience provides Exemplary work value to clientsOur core strength lies in our human resources with more than 2000 employees that encompasses qualified engineers, Inspectors,professional technocrats. WELLMADE SCAFFOLD prides itself on having highly motivated and capable team. The employees are competent to manage challenging projects across varied construction of industrial construction, civil construction,oil gas project,commercial construction, infrastructural construction,concrete formwork shuttering system support . It is the sum of their individual Achievements and Teamwork that combine to make the Company successful.

The Business

WELLMADE SCAFFOLD strives hard to deliver win-win strategies for its clients by providing unparalleled professional services. These objectives are met through uncompromising Integrity, Professionalism, Teamwork, Transparency, unwavering Commitment, flexibility to Change, and a Performance-Driven attitude. WELLMADE SCAFFOLD has been continuously developing its operations and process methodologies, human resources and capacity. Today, leveraging its values and capabilities, WELLMADE SCAFFOLD has evolved into a leading construction and concrete formwork scaffolding company and in providing Project & Industry Project Support Services in more than 49 Countries, recognized for its reliability, flexibility and strong execution track-record.

In addition to the track-record in successful project execution, WELLMADE SCAFFOLD pursues its development strategy and aims at expanding its business activities into new regional markets. Quality and Safety have always been the main focus of the company wherein it continues to provide improved and Safe services to all its esteemed Clients. We ensure that we strictly adhere to ISO 9001:2008 along with applicable International Standards. We are a diversified group and our core areas of work include Value Chain across sectors such as:

▪ Oil & Gas
▪ Power Distribution & Transmission
▪ Water & Environment
▪ Buildings & Industrial Structures
▪ Operations and Maintenance
▪ Mining

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