Casted Iron Rapid Clamp

The casted iron rapid clamp is one of the formwork accessories used to tighten tie rods and bars in concrete forming systems. They connect formwork panels and fillers and make them in position without losing, in a quick and fast way.
The casted rapid clamp is manufactured by casting iron, which is different from the pressed spring rapid clamps.  It has other names for formwork wedge clamp and flat plate clamp.
In order to make the rapid clamp tight enough for shuttering, you need to use the rapid clamp tensioner tools to make it fixed and tight enough.
You can find painted and galvanized rapid clamps for your formwork in Wellmade. The paint color is customized, while galvanizing color can be yellow(golden) or white.  If you want any price, you can send us a mail to get a free quote.

Casted Iron Formwork Rapid Clamp Specifications

Formwork Rapid Clamp Cast Iron Types & Spec
CodeItemsWeightSize(LxW)Tie Bar Dia
WMCRP01Casted Rapid Clamp Type 10.40 KG102x43mm6 – 12mm
WMCRP02Casted Rapid Clamp Type 20.50 KG115x50mm6 – 12mm


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