W60 Hi Load Shoring Ringlock Scaffolding

W60 ringlock shoring scaffold is a hi load ring lock system for heavy duty bearing requirement construction and shoring. Like bridge concrete and highway shoring etc.

The W60 hi-load ringlock shoring system is also called Q/shore scaffold.  It is designed according to the traditional 48mm ringlock scaffold system with system modular components of ringlock standards, ledgers, braces, etc. While the W60 shoring system ringlock is an upgraded ringlock with heavy-duty specifications. For example, the vertical poles are OD60mm rather than OD48mm.

The ultimate load of the W60 shoring system ringlock is up to 630 KN for 3 layers of the scaffold tower. While the single ringlock standard ultimate is more than 15KN.

Wellmade manufactures the W60 Hi load ringlock shoring scaffolding according to ISO 9001. The materials are tested and past EN 1090 and ISO3834 CE requirement. Thus CE mark is available on the products.

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  • Standards: OD60mm
  • Ledger: OD48mm
  • Braces: OD48mm
  • Material: Steel
  • Grade: S355
  • Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Package: Pallets/Racks

60mm Hi Load Shore System Ringlock Scaffold

OD 60mm Hi Load Ringlock Scaffolding Poles(Standards)

CodeDescriptionSizeWeight (KG)
WMHRS100 Shoring Ringlock Standard 1.0mOD60 x 1000mm6.98
WMHRS150Shoring Ringlock Standard  1.5mOD60 x 1500mm9.91
WMHRS200Shoring Ringlock Standard  2.0mOD60 x 2000mm12.84
WMHRS250Shoring Ringlock Standard  2.5mOD60 x 2500mm15.77
WMHRS300Shoring Ringlock Standard  3.0mOD60 x 3000mm18.70

60mm Quick Shore Ringlock Scaffold Horizontals (Ledger)

CodeDescriptionSize Weight(KG)
WMHRL120Shore System Ringlock Ledger 1.2mOD48 x 1200mm5.11
WMHRL150Shore System Ringlock Ledger 1.5mOD48x 1500mm6.15
WMHRL180Shore System Ringlock Ledger 1.8mOD48 x 1800mm7.20
WMHRL200Shore System Ringlock Ledger 2.0mOD48 x 2000mm7.90
WMHRL240Shore System Ringlock Ledger 2.4mOD48 x 2400mm9.30
WMHRL060Shore System Ringlock Ledger 0.6mOD48 x 600mm3.01
WMHRL090Shore System Ringlock Ledger 0.9mOD48 x 900mm4.06

Why Wellmade Heavy-Duty Ringlock Scaffolding

– Wellmade W60 Shore System Ringlock

    1. Raw material quality control
    2. Every single component and part are tested safely before welding and using
    3. Ultimate load for 3 ties more than 630 KN
    4. Welding lines are tested and certified by CE (ISO 3834 and EN 1090)
    5. Procedure test are according to ISO 9001 standard
    6. Modular Systems save cost and time on the project
    7. Mock Up Inspection to ensure all parts, accessories, and connectors are compatible well with each other
    8. A large ringlock scaffolding manufacturer in China brings you good prices and quick delivery
    9. Door-to-door delivery is available in most countries
    10. 1-year warranty after receiving goods

Example of procedure quality control

-Video of ringlock scaffold rosette ring parts test in Wellmade
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