Shoring System Scaffold Ringlock

Wellmade is Ringlock Scaffolding Shoring System Manufacturer In China. We Fabricated the Ringlock Shoring System By O.D 60mm High Strength Scaffold Tubes.

Our Shoring System is Tested in Hi Load Capacity In Single Legs Load and Shoring Scaffold Tower.

As CE Certified Shoring System Manufacturer, You will Find Top Quality Welding on the Ringlock Scaffolding Shoring Equipment.

Wellmade QC Plan and Daily Test is According to ISO 9001 Management System. This Management Keeps Your Ringlock Shoring System Equipment In Stable Quality.

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Sshoring system ringlock scaffolding test
Shoring System Ringlock Scaffolding Tower Test
shoring system ringlock scaffolding leg test
shoring system ringlock scaffolding leg test
Shoring System Equipment Ringlock Scaffold
Shoring System Equipment Ringlock Scaffold

Shore System Ringlock Scaffold System Parts List

OD 60mm Hi Load Shoring System Ringlock Scaffolding Poles
WMHRS100 Shoring Ringlock Standard 1.0mOD 60 x 1000mm7.05
WMHRS150Shoring Ringlock Standard  1.5mOD 60 x 1500mm10.56
WMHRS200Shoring Ringlock Standard  2.0mOD 60 x 2000mm14.09
WMHRS250Shoring Ringlock Standard  2.5mOD 60 x 2500mm17.6
WMHRS300Shoring Ringlock Standard  3.0mOD 60 x 3000mm21.13
Quick Shore System Modular Ringlock Scaffolding Ledger
CodeDescriptionSize Weight(KG)
WMHRL120Shore System Ringlock Ledger 1.2mOD48.6 x 1200mm5.15
WMHRL150Shore System Ringlock Ledger 1.5mOD48.6 x 1500mm6.25
WMHRL180Shore System Ringlock Ledger 1.8mOD48.6 x 1800mm7.30
WMHRL200Shore System Ringlock Ledger 2.0mOD48.6 x 2000mm8.02
WMHRL240Shore System Ringlock Ledger 2.4mOD48.6 x 2400mm9.50
WMHRL060Shore System Ringlock Ledger 0.6mOD48.6 x 600mm2.96
WMHRL090Shore System Ringlock Ledger 0.9mOD48.6 x 900mm4.05

Wellmade Scaffold Shoring System Ringlock Scaffolding in Safety Load Testing

Wellmade Scaffold, China Produces Hi Load Shoring System Ringlock Scaffold. It is one of the Heavy Duty Modular Type scaffolds, the Same as the Crab 60 Shoring System.
Hi-Load Shoring System Ringlock Scaffolding Include OD60mm Vertical Poles in High Strength Steel Grade Structure.
It is used popularly in Heavy Duty Load requirements Construction Support Include Infrastructure Scaffolding Like Bridge, High Way Construction, Industrial Scaffolding like Offshore Construction, and Hi Load Concrete Formwork Temporary Scaffolding. 
Wellmade Scaffold’s Shoring System Ringlock Scaffolding System is Tested According to European Standard and British Standard with Max Breaking Load of 650 KN. 
Components of the Shore System Ringlock Include Vertical Standard, Ledger Horizontals, Diagonal and Horizontal Braces, Adjustable Screw Jacks, U Jack Etc.

Why Wellmade Scaffold?

l Independent Test 24 Hours On:
1. –Raw Material Chemical & Physicals Test, Ensuring Qualified Grade Steel;
2. -24 Hours Sampling Welding Quality Test
3. -Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity Test
4. Mock-up Inspection Before Mass Production
l ISO3834 & EN1090 CE Management and Welding Certificate
ISO9001 Management System
Win – Win Business Philosophies, Bring Benefits to Clients By Product Value
l Pursue Long Term Partnership By Quality & Service
l Expert in Layher and Peri Scaffolding System & Components 
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