AS/NZS 1576 Australian Kwikstage Scaffolding

As/NZS 1576 Quick Stage(Kwikstage) Scaffold is a type of Modular Scaffold System Produced and Exported to Australian Sydney,Perty, Brisbane, Melbourne Cities Include Kwikstage Components and Parts of Kwikstage Standard Verticals, Kwikstage Ledger Horizontals, Diagonal Braces, Transom, Tie Bars, Solid/Hollow Screw Jack Base with Heavy duty Jack Nut, Bracket, Toe Board, Scaffold Steel Boards,Aluminium Stairs, Handrails  etc. 
All Quick Stage Scaffold Components are Tested and Certified by Melbourne Testing Service(MTS),According to AS/NZS 1576 Australian Scaffolding Standard. 

As1576 Wellmade Kwikstage Features

  • Modular Design and Easy To Use
  • Versatile Height and Size Configurations
  • Safe Working Platforms
  • Easy Access With Staircases

Identification of Wellmade Scaffold Components

Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards with Spigot
Items No. Description Size&Spef(mm) Mass Per Item(KG) kwikstage scaffolding standard australian standard scaffold
WMKSS10 Standard 1m OD48.3x4mmx990 6.4
WMKSS20 Standard 2m OD48.3x4mmx1980 12.1
WMKSS30 Standard 3m OD48.3x4mmx2970 17.8


Kwikstage Scaffold Ledger Horizontals
Items No. Description Size&Specification

Mass Per Items


kwikstage scaffolding ledger horizontal australian scaffold standard with wedge lock pin
WMKSL07 Ledger 0.76m OD48.3x3.2mmx760mm 3.94
WMKSL12 Ledger 1.27m OD48.3x3.2mmx1270mm 6.20
WMKSL18 Ledger 1.83m OD48.3x3.2mmx1830mm 8.35
WMKSL24 Ledger 2.44m OD48.3x3.2mmx2440mm 10.68



Kwikstage Scaffolding Transom
Item No. Description Size&Specification(mm) Mass Per Items(KG) australian standard kwikstage scaffold transom angle steel support
WMKS05 Scaffold Transom 0.53m 50x50x530mm 5.78
WMKS06 Scaffold Transom 0.56m 50x50x560mm 6.05
WMKS07 Scaffold Transom 0.76m 50x50x760mm 7.75
WMKS08 Scaffold Transom 0.81m 50x50x812mm 8.20
WMKST12 Scaffold Transom 1.27m 50x50x1270mm 12.05
WMKST18 Scaffold Transom 1.83m 50x50x1829mm 16.85
WMKST24 Scaffold Transom 2.44m 50x50x2438mm 21.95
WMKST30 Scaffold Transom 3.05m 50x50x3048mm 27.20


Quick Stage Scaffold Diagonal Braces
 Item No. Description Bay Size(mm) Mass Per Item(KG)  kwikstage scaffolding diagonal braces australian standard
WMKSDB13 Diagonal Brace 1.3m 0.76mx1m 6.34
WMKSDB17 Diagonal Brace 1.7m 0.81mx1.5m 7.79
WMKSDB20 Diagonal Brace 2.0m 1.27mx1.5m 8.88
WMKSDB27 Diagonal Brace 2.7m 1.83x2m 11.42
WMKSDB29 Diagonal Brace 2.9m 1.27x2.5m 12.15
WMKSDB32 Diagonal Brace 3.2m 2.44x2m 13.25
WMKSDB36 Diagonal Brace 3.6m 2.44x2.5m 14.68
WMKSDB24 Diagonal Brace 2.4m 1.27m/1.83m 10.35


Kwikstage Scaffod Platform Hop Up Bracket
Items No. Description Length of Item(mm) Mass Per Item(KG) Australian kwikstage scaffolding platform hop up bracket
WMKSHUB1 1 Board Platform Bracket 230 2.5
WMKSHUB2 2 Board Hop-Up Bracket 460 6.9
WMKSHUB3 3 Board Hop-Up Bracket 690 10.75


Kwikstage Modular Scaffold Kick Board
Item No Description Length of Item(mm) Mass Per Item(KG) kwiktage modular scaffold kwick board to australia
WMKSKB07 Kick Board 0.7m 760 4.45
WMKSKB12 Kick Board 1.2m 1270 5.95
WMKSKB18 Kick Board 1.8m 1830 9.28
WMKSKB24 Kick Board 2.4m 2440 12.5


Kwikstage Scaffold Board
Item No. Description Length of Items(mm) Mass Per Item(KG)  kwikstage modular scaffold boards 230x63mm
WMKSP30 Scaffolding Plank 3.0m 3030 21.9
WMKSP24 Scaffolding Plank 2.4m 2420 17.5
WMKSP18 Scaffolding Plank 1.8m 1810 13.5
WMKSP12 Scaffolding Plank 1.2m 1250 9.15
WMKSP10 Scaffolding Plank 1.0m 1030 7.55
WMKSP07 Scaffolding Plank 0.7m 740 5.50


Kwikstage Step Down Bracket for Stair
Item No. Description Mass kwikstage scaffold step down bracket for stair
WKSDB Step Down Bracket for Stair 7.5KG


Kwikstage Scaffold Wall Tie Bracket
Item No Description Mass australian standard kwikstage scaffolding wall tie bracket wellmade scaffold china
WKWTB Wall Tie Bracket with 2 Scaffold Coupler 3.85KG


Kwikstage Scaffold Screw Jack Base
Item No. Description Mass adjustable solid jack base for kwikstage scaffolding australian standard
WKBJ65 Adjustable Base Jack Solid 650mm 5.8KG


AS/NZS 1576 Standard Kwikstage Scaffold Tie Bars
Item No. Description Size&Specification Mass australian standard kwikstage scaffolding tie bars
WKTB05 0.5m Tie Bar 40x40x500mm 1.65KG
WKTB07 o.7m Tie Bar 40x40x700mm 212KG
WKTB10 1.0m Tie Bar 40x40x1000mm 2.87KG
WKTB12 1.2m Tie Bar 40x40x1200mm 3.51KG
WKTB18 1.8m Tie Bar 40x40x1800mm 4.66KG
WKTB24 2.4m Tie Bar 40x40x2400mm 6.18KG
WKTB30 3.0m Tie Bar 40x40x3000mm 7.91KG


Kwikstage Internal Corner Panel
No. Description Size kwikstage scaffolding internal corner filler infill panels for scaffold bracket gag
WKITC11 1x1 Internal Corner Filler 1x1 Board
WKITC12 1x2 Internal Corner Filler 1x2 Board
WKITC22 2x2 Internal Corner Filler 2x2 Board
WKITC23 2x3 Internal Corner Filler 2x3 Board
WKITC33 3x3 Internal Corner Filler 3x3 Board
Australian Kwikstage Toe Board Bracket(Clips)
Item No. Description Mass australian scaffolding kwikstage toe board bracket clips
WKTBB Toe Board Bracket(Clips) 1.5KG



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