Quick Stage Scaffold

What is quickstage scaffolding? What are the features of quickstage? How many types of quickstage?

Quickstage scaffolding is a type of modular scaffold system that includes components of verticals, horizontals, transom, brackets, boards and battens, base jacks, tie bars, etc. On the quickstage horizontals, there are pressed wedges, and on quickstage standards, there are V clips form a star at every 500mm. The quickstage modular system is also called kwikstage, star scaffolding, stage scaffold, Q/stage scaffold, quick stage, quick shore, or star shore, etc. 

Globally, there are two types of quickstage:

Features of Quickstage Scaffolding

  • Quick Erect and Dismantle
  • Versatile for All Purposes of Construction and Shoring
  • High Load Capacity
  • Easy Stock and Transport

Australian Type of Quickstage Scaffolding

Australian Quickstage scaffold components sizes & Specification

Kwikstage Scaffolding Standards with Spigot
Items No.DescriptionSize&Spef(mm)Mass Per Item(KG)
WMKSS10Standard 1mOD48.3x4mmx9906.4
WMKSS20Standard 2mOD48.3x4mmx198012.1
WMKSS30Standard 3mOD48.3x4mmx297017.8
Kwikstage Scaffolding Transom
Item No.DescriptionSize&Specification(mm)Mass Per Items(KG)
WMKS05Scaffold Transom 0.53m50x50x530mm5.78
WMKS06Scaffold Transom 0.56m50x50x560mm6.05
WMKS07Scaffold Transom 0.76m50x50x760mm7.75
WMKS08Scaffold Transom 0.81m50x50x812mm8.20
WMKST12Scaffold Transom 1.27m50x50x1270mm12.05
WMKST18Scaffold Transom 1.83m50x50x1829mm16.85
WMKST24Scaffold Transom 2.44m50x50x2438mm21.95
WMKST30Scaffold Transom 3.05m50x50x3048mm27.20
Kwikstage Scaffold Ledger Horizontals
Items No.DescriptionSize&SpecificationMass Per Items


WMKSL07Ledger 0.76mOD48.3×3.2mmx760mm3.94
WMKSL12Ledger 1.27mOD48.3×3.2mmx1270mm6.20
WMKSL18Ledger 1.83mOD48.3×3.2mmx1830mm8.35
WMKSL24Ledger 2.44mOD48.3×3.2mmx2440mm10.68
Quick Stage Scaffold Diagonal Braces
 Item No.DescriptionBay Size(mm)Mass Per Item(KG)
WMKSDB13Diagonal Brace 1.3m0.76mx1m6.34
WMKSDB17Diagonal Brace 1.7m0.81mx1.5m7.79
WMKSDB20Diagonal Brace 2.0m1.27mx1.5m8.88
WMKSDB27Diagonal Brace 2.7m1.83x2m11.42
WMKSDB29Diagonal Brace 2.9m1.27×2.5m12.15
WMKSDB32Diagonal Brace 3.2m2.44x2m13.25
WMKSDB36Diagonal Brace 3.6m2.44×2.5m14.68
WMKSDB24Diagonal Brace 2.4m1.27m/1.83m10.35
Kwikstage Scaffold Platform Hop-Up Bracket
Items No.DescriptionLength of Item(mm)Mass Per Item(KG)
WMKSHUB11 Board Platform Bracket2302.5
WMKSHUB22 Board Hop-Up Bracket4606.9
WMKSHUB33 Board Hop-Up Bracket69010.75
Kwikstage Modular Scaffold Kick Board
Item NoDescriptionLength of Item(mm)Mass Per Item(KG)
WMKSKB07Kick Board 0.7m7604.45
WMKSKB12Kick Board 1.2m12705.95
WMKSKB18Kick Board 1.8m18309.28
WMKSKB24Kick Board 2.4m244012.5
Kwikstage Scaffold Board
Item No.DescriptionLength of Items(mm)Mass Per Item(KG)
WMKSP30Scaffolding Plank 3.0m303021.9
WMKSP24Scaffolding Plank 2.4m242017.5
WMKSP18Scaffolding Plank 1.8m181013.5
WMKSP12Scaffolding Plank 1.2m12509.15
WMKSP10Scaffolding Plank 1.0m10307.55
WMKSP07Scaffolding Plank 0.7m7405.50
Kwikstage Step Down Bracket for Stair
Item No.DescriptionMass
WKSDBStep Down Bracket for Stair7.5KG
Wall Tie Bracket
Item NoDescriptionMass
WKWTBWall Tie Bracket with 2 Scaffold Coupler3.85KG
Screw Jack Base
Item No.DescriptionMass
WKBJ65Adjustable Base Jack Solid 650mm5.8KG
Tie Bars
Item No.
WKTB050.5m Tie Bar40x40x500mm1.65KG
WKTB07o.7m Tie Bar40x40x700mm212KG
WKTB101.0m Tie Bar40x40x1000mm2.87KG
WKTB121.2m Tie Bar40x40x1200mm3.51KG
WKTB181.8m Tie Bar40x40x1800mm4.66KG
WKTB242.4m Tie Bar40x40x2400mm6.18KG
WKTB303.0m Tie Bar40x40x3000mm7.91KG
Kwikstage Internal Corner Panel
WKITC111×1 Internal Corner Filler1×1 Board
WKITC121×2 Internal Corner Filler1×2 Board
WKITC222×2 Internal Corner Filler2×2 Board
WKITC232×3 Internal Corner Filler2×3 Board
WKITC333×3 Internal Corner Filler3×3 Board
Australian Kwikstage Toe Board Bracket(Clips)
Item No.DescriptionMass
WKTBBToe Board Bracket(Clips)1.5KG

Wellmade Australian Type Quickstage Scaffolding

Wellmade is an Australian quick stag scaffold system manufacturer in China.  Our products have passed the test of AS/NZS 1576 and AS/NZS 1577 Australian standards. And have relative licenses to sell to Australia.

You can find complete components and parts of the Australian-type quickstage scaffold here: Standards, Ledgers, Diagonal Braces, Transom, Scaffold Boards, Screw Jacks, etc. Our products sell mainly to cities of Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Victoria, and Perth Cities in Australia.

Wellmade’s Australian quickstage scaffolding is a steel-type modular system. Less cost than aluminum type and long term can use 50 years without rusty if hot dip galvanized finish. They have with heavier load capacity than aluminium kwikstage and thus can work for high-construction projects.

Painted quickstage scaffold is very popular as well for less cost and price. Wellmade offers OEM service with your brand name and logos on the products.


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