Cup Lock Scaffolding Slab System Formwork

Cup Lock Slab Formwork is First Introduced in UK, widely used in civil engineering in Middle East and some of African Countries for its simple, fast erection and dismantling.
Cup Lock Slab Formwork comprises of all steel tubular components of cuplock scaffolding systems include cuplock standard with top cup and bottom cup, cuplock ledgers with forged ledger blade that connections as frame members of cup lock slab formwork system. Screw Jacks for adjustment and leveling, drop head with jack adaptor, decking and infill beams under the plywood.
All Cup Lock Vertical and Horizontal components frame system is 48.3mm Diameter tube making that easier to stabilize from horizontal forces with scaffold tube for tying and bracing.
Decking Beam and infill beam may removed in few days after pouring the slabs by striking the drop head wedge but with supporting temporary structure frame system remaining undisturbed for the full curing period.
Cup Lock Scaffolding Verticals for Slab Formwork
Code No. Items Size Weight(KG) cuplock scaffolding standard verticals for slab formwork system peri formwork doka sgb harsco scaffolding
WCS300 Cup Lock Standard 3.0mtr OD48.3mm 14.48
WCS280 Cup Lock Standard 2.8mtr OD48.3mm 13.35
WCS250 Cup Lock Standard 2.5mtr OD48.3mm 12.10
WCS230 Cup Lock Standard 2.3mtr OD48.3mm 10.78
WCS200 Cup Lock Standard 2.0mtr OD48.3mm 09.08
WCS180 Cup Lock Standard 1.8mtr OD48.3mm 07.45
WCS150 Cup Lock Standard 1.5mtr OD48.3mm 06.95
WCS130 Cup Lock Standard 1.3mtr OD48.3mm 06.50
WCS100 Cup Lock Standard 1.0mtr OD48.3mm 04.90
WCS050 Cup Lock Standard 0.5mtr OD48.3mm 02.60
Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers for Slab Formwork
Code No. Items Size(mm) Weight(KG) cuplock scaffolding ledger horizontals-cup lock cap lock scaffolding sgb harsco
WCL250 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 2.5mtr OD48.3 8.90
WCL200 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 2.0mtr OD48.3 7.60
WCL180 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.8mtr OD48.3 6,85
WCL160 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.6mtr OD48.3 6.15
WCL150 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.5mtr OD48.3 5.80
WCL130 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.3mtr OD48.3 5.10
WCL120 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.2mtr OD48.3 4.75
WCL100 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.0mtr OD48.3 4.05
WCL090 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 0.9mtr OD48.3 3.70
WCL060 Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 0.6mtr OD48.3 2.65
Cup Lock Slab Formwork Infill Beam
Code No. Items Size(mm) cup lock scaffolding infill beam
WCIB170 Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.7mtr 2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB150 Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.5mtr 2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB120 Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.2mtr 2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB110 Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.1mtr 2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB090 Cup Lock Infill Beam 0.9mtr 2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB080 Cup Lock Infill Beam 0.8mtr 2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB050 Cup Lock Infill Beam 0.5mtr 2.0mm&2.8mm


Cup Lock Decking Beams
Code No. Items Size(mm) Weight(KG) cup lock scaffolding decking beam formwork beams deck beam
WCDB250 Cup Lock Decking Beam 2.5mtr 100  27.00
WCDB180 Cup Lock Decking Beam 1.8mtr 100  18.50
WCDB120 Cup Lock Decking Beam 1.2mtr  100  12.00


Cup Lock Slab Formwork Drop Head
Code No. Height(mm) Head Dimension(mm) Weight(KG) cup lock scaffolding slab formwork drophead drop head for decking beam
WCDH 214 152x100 5


Cuplock Scaffolding Beam Bracket
Code No. Weight(KG) cuplock scaffolding beam bracket
WCBMB150 5.20
WCBMB100 3.75


Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frames
Code No. Items Weight(KG) cuplock scaffolding cantilever frames
WCCF150 Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame 1.5mtr 17.00
WCCF100 Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame 1.0mtr 15.50


Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Beam Frame
Code No. Items(mm) Weight(KG) cuplock scaffolding cantilever beam frame
WCCBF150 Cuplock Scaffolding Beam Frame 1.5mtr 18.00
WCCBF100 Cuplock Scaffolding Beam Frame 1.0mtr 16.00


Cuplock Scaffolding Adjustable Screw Jacks
 Universal Jacks Base Jack U Head Jacks Socket Base Plate
cuplock scaffolding universal jacks cuplock scaffolding adjustable base jack adjustable u head jacks forkhead cuplock scaffolding system socket base plate


Cup Lock Scaffolding Slab System Components
cup lock scaffolding slab formwork components
Slab Formwork Components List
1. Base Jack
2. Standard
3. Ledger
4.Universal Jack
5. Adaptor
6. Drop Head
7. Decking Beam
8. Infill Beam
9. 18mm Plywood


Cup Lock Slab Formwork Samples
cup lock scaffolding assembly for slab formwork 1 cup lock slab formwork support standard



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