Cup Lock System Slab Formwork

Wellmade is Cuplock System Formwork Manufacturer in China.  You Can Get One-Stop Cuplock Scaffolding Parts and Components Solution for Your Formwork Slab Shuttering Here.

  • Our Cuplock System Formwork Scaffolding Load Capacity is Tested According to EN 12810 Standard.
  • Welding Quality of Wellmade Cuplock System Formwork Scaffolding Is CE Certificated(EN 1090 & ISO 3834).
  • Paint Quality of Wellmade’s Cuplock System Formwork is Premium by Auto-dried Oven.

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Wellmade Cuplock Scaffolding

Wellmade is a leading cuplock scaffolding manufacturer in China with more than 20 years of expertise. Depending on your applications, we offer excellent quality cuplock scaffolding for slab.

At Wellmade, you can get one-stop Cuplock Scaffolding parts and components solution for your formwork slab shuttering.

Wellmade cuplock scaffolding for slab is first introduced from the UK. They are a type of modular system formwork scaffolding.

At Wellmade, you can find cuplock scaffolding for a slab with simple, fast erection, and easy to dismantle. We manufacture cuplock scaffolding for slab for different industrial applications.

cuplock system industrial scaffolding
Cuplock System For Industrial Scaffolding Construction

You can use Wellmade cuplock scaffolding for slab in civil engineering and building projects. Also, you can use our cuplock scaffolding for a slab with all types of cuplock scaffolding global wide.

Wellmade is a professional manufacturer in China, offering a comprehensive range of cuplock scaffolding for slab as well as cuplock scaffolding parts and components.

Cuplock scaffolding parts and components are made from steel tubular materials. Our cuplock scaffolding components include:

Brown Film Faced Phenolic Plywood
Brown Film Faced Phenolic Plywood
  • Cuplock Standard with Top Cups and Bottom Cups
  • Cuplock Ledgers with forged ledger blade (Horizontal Parts Connecting Cuplock Verticals)
  • Screw Jacks for adjustment and levelling
  • Drop Head with Jack Adaptor
  • Cuplock Decking Beams
  • Cuplock Infill Beams
  • Cuplock Timber Film Faced Plywood.

Wellmade offers cuplock scaffolding for slab featuring a durable frame structure. It has equipment support for durable performance and strengthening of formwork.

Wellmade cuplock scaffolding for slab features durable construction standards. Because of that, you can use cuplck scaffolding for slab for use at demanding working conditions.

Some features of the Wellmade cuplock scaffolding for slab is made from high-grade steel. It is manufactured and designed for durable usage.

All Cup Lock Vertical and Horizontal components frame system is 48.3mm Diameter tube making that easier to stabilize from horizontal forces with scaffold tubes for tying and bracing.

Decking Beam and infill beam may be removed in few days after pouring the slabs by striking the drop head wedge but with supporting temporary structure frame system remaining undisturbed for the full curing period.

If you are in need of cuplock scaffolding for slab, Wellmade is always the best place. We are a high-tech enterprise with export and import qualification.

Wellmade specializing in production, R & D, and sales of cuplock scaffolding for slab and other scaffolding systems.

Wellmade was focused on the quality and we adhere to honest and law-abiding, unity sophisticated and daily perfection.

Any customization of cuplock scaffolding for slab is always welcome at Wellmade. We work hard to develop and produce sturdy and genuine cuplock scaffolding for the slab.

Let Wellmade help you boom your business. Contact us now!

Cup Lock Slab Formwork Standards Sizes

Cuplock Scaffolding Standard Vertical

Code No.ItemsSizeWeight(KG)
WCS300Cup Lock Standard 3.0mtrOD48.3mm14.48
WCS280Cup Lock Standard 2.8mtrOD48.3mm13.35
WCS250Cup Lock Standard 2.5mtrOD48.3mm12.1
WCS230Cup Lock Standard 2.3mtrOD48.3mm10.78
WCS200Cup Lock Standard 2.0mtrOD48.3mm9.08
WCS180Cup Lock Standard 1.8mtrOD48.3mm7.45
WCS150Cup Lock Standard 1.5mtrOD48.3mm6.95
WCS130Cup Lock Standard 1.3mtrOD48.3mm6.5
WCS100Cup Lock Standard 1.0mtrOD48.3mm4.9
WCS050Cup Lock Standard 0.5mtrOD48.3mm2.6

Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers for Slab Formwork

Cuplock Scaffolding Ledger horizontal parts of cup lock system

Code No.ItemsSize(mm)Weight(KG)
WCL250Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 2.5mtrOD48.38.9
WCL200Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 2.0mtrOD48.37.6
WCL180Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.8mtrOD48.36.85
WCL160Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.6mtrOD48.36.15
WCL150Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.5mtrOD48.35.8
WCL130Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.3mtrOD48.35.1
WCL120Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.2mtrOD48.34.75
WCL100Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 1.0mtrOD48.34.05
WCL090Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 0.9mtrOD48.33.7
WCL060Cup Lock Scaffold Ledger 0.6mtrOD48.32.65

Cup Lock Slab Formwork Infill Beam

Cuplock Scaffolding Slab Infill Beams

Code No.ItemsSize(mm)
WCIB170Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.7mtr2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB150Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.5mtr2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB120Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.2mtr2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB110Cup Lock Infill Beam 1.1mtr2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB090Cup Lock Infill Beam 0.9mtr2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB080Cup Lock Infill Beam 0.8mtr2.0mm&2.8mm
WCIB050Cup Lock Infill Beam 0.5mtr2.0mm&2.8mm

Cup Lock Decking Beams Size

Cup lock slab formwork infill beam components
Cup lock slab formwork infill beam components
Code No.ItemsSize(mm)Weight(KG)
WCDB250Cup Lock Decking Beam 2.5mtr100 27.00
WCDB180Cup Lock Decking Beam 1.8mtr100 18.50
WCDB120Cup Lock Decking Beam 1.2mtr 100 12.00

Cup Lock Slab Formwork Drop Head

Cuplock Scaffold Slab Formwork Drop Head
Cuplock Scaffold Slab Formwork Drop Head
Code No.Height(mm)Head Dimension(mm)Weight(KG)

Cuplock Scaffolding Beam Bracket

Cuplock Scaffolding Beam Bracket

Code No.Weight(KG)

Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frames

Cuplock Scaffolding System Cantilever Frame

Code No.ItemsWeight(KG)
WCCF150Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame 1.5mtr17
WCCF100Cuplock Scaffolding Cantilever Frame 1.0mtr15.5

Cuplock Scaffolding Adjustable Screw Jack & Base Plate

cup-lock scaffolding slab system componentsCuplock System Formwork Slab Components

  1. Cuplock Scaffold Base Jack
  2. Cuplock Standards
  3. Cuplock Ledgers
  4. Cuplock Scaffold Universal Jack
  5. Cuplock Formwork Slab Adapter
  6. Cuplock Formwork Drop Head
  7. Cuplock Formwork Decking Beam
  8. Cuplock Formwork Infill Beam
  9. Cuplock Formwork Concrete Plywood

Cuplock Formwork Slab Solutions


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