Crab 60 Shoring System

C60 Shoring System Scaffold

Wellmade Scaffold Crab Scaffolding is a type of Modular Scaffold System, Include Crab 25 Scaffolding and Crab 60  Shoring System Scaffolding. 
Crab 25 Scaffolding is a type of Normal Duty Scaffolding System with Vertical Standard in Size of OD48.3mm Scaffold Tube. 
Crab 60 Scaffolding Shoring System is Made By OD60mm Scaffold Tube in S355 Steel Grade which in Heavy Duty Loading Capacity used popular in infrastructural construction of bridge, highway construction and heavy concrete shuttering support.
C60 Multicrab System Scaffolding is also Called Triangular Frame Scaffolding System with Tested and Certificated Loading Capacity in 85.5 TF.
Crab 60 Shoring System Triangular Frame
Code Items HeightxWidth(m) Weight(KG) Crab 60 shoring system scaffolding triangular frame 0.7x1.0m
CBTF600715 Triangular Frame 0.75x1.5m 0.75x1.5m 10.95
CBTF601070 Triangular Frame 1.0x0.7m 1.0x0.7m 10.75
CBTF601015 Triangular Frame 1.0x1.5m 1.0x1.5m 13.60
Crab 60 Shoring System Standard
Code Items Size(mm) Weight(KG) Crab 60 shoring system standard 0.5m
CBS003 0.3m Crab 60 Standard OD60x300mm 2.64
CBS005 0.5m Crab 60 Standard OD60x500mm 3.38
CBS075 0.75m Crab 60 Standard OD60x750mm 4.50
CBS100 1.0m Crab 60 Standard OD60x1000mm 6.05
CBS200 2.0m Crab 60 Standard OD60x2000mm 11.20
Crab 60 Basic Standard End Post
Code Items Size(mm) Weight crab 60 shoring system scaffolding basic standard end post
CBB003 Basic Standard OD60x300mm 2.5KG
Crab 60 System Horizontals
Code Items Size Weight crab 60 shoring system scaffolding horizontals
CBH03 0.3m Crab Horizontal OD48.3x0.3m 2.46KG
CBH05 0.5m Crab Horizontal OD48.3x0.5m 3.15KG
CBH07 0.7m Crab Horizontal OD48.3x0.7m 3.76KG
CBH10 1.0m Crab Horizontal OD48.3x1.0m 4.68KG
CBH12 1.2m Crab Horizontal OD48.3x1.2m 5.30KG
CBH15 1.5m Crab Horizontal OD48.3x1.5m 6.20KG
Crab 60 Diagonal Brace
Code Items Size(HxWxL) Weight crab 60 shoring system scaffold diagonal brace
WBDB007 0.7x2m Diagonal Brace 2.0x0.7x2.09m 5.2KG
WBDB010 1.0x2m Diagonal Brace 2.0x1.0x2.19m 5.4KG
WBDB012 1.2x2m Diagonal Brace 2.0x1.2x2.33m 5.6KG
WBDB015 1.5x2m Diagonal Brace 2.0x1.5x2.45m 5.88KG
WBDB020 2.0x2m Diagonal Brace 2.0x2.0x2.76m 7.78KG
WBDB025 2.0x2.5m Diagonal Brace 2.0x2.0x3.13m 7.85KG


Crab 60 Scaffold Socket Base Jack
Code Items Size Weight Heavy duty shoring system base jack OD48x600mm Crab 60 scaffold
WBBJ Socket Base Jack-Heavy Duty OD48x600mm 5.98KG


Crab 60 Heavy Duty U Head Jack
Code Items Size Weight Heavy duty u head jack base for crab 60 shoring system scaffold
WBUJ Socket U Head Jack OD48x600mm



Crab 60 Shoring Scaffolding Components
crab 60 shoring system scaffolding forged wedge pins Crab 60 Socket Base Plate crab 60 shoring system socket u head crab 60 shoring system diagonal brace ends in forged
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Wedge Pin

Socket Base Plate Socket U Head Diagonal Brace Forged Sets

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