crab 60 scaffolding system hi load shoring scaffold for heavy duty bearing required construction

Crab 60 Scaffolding System

Crab 60 Scaffolding System is Hi Load Scaffold System Used to Support Heavy Duty Bearing Required Concrete Shuttering and Shoring

Crab 60 Scaffolding Shoring System

Crab 60 scaffolding is a type of heavy-duty scaffold modular system. It is used for hi load construction shoring and scaffolding. Crab 60 scaffolding is also called Crab 60 shoring system or C60 scaffolding etc.

The crab 60 scaffolding system components are prefabricated with locks and connectors. Thus it is easy in assembling. The crab 60 scaffolding components include crab 60 poles(vertical standards), crab 60 horizontals ( ledgers), triangular frames, diagonal braces, plan braces, adjustable jack bases, U-head jacks, etc.

Wellmade’s crab 60 scaffolding tower (3 layers height) is tested with ultimate 512 KN. Thus it is safe to take heavy weight from concrete and construction. That is why our crab 60 scaffolding is used popularly in bridge and highway concrete construction. Send us your list to get an immediate price now.

Crab 60 Scaffold System Parts

Heavy Duty Scaffold Crab 60 Shoring System Standard Verticals O.D60mm Scaffold Pole

Vertical Poles of Crab 60 Scaffolding System. Made of OD60mm Scaffold Tube In S355 Steel Grade.

Heavy Duty Scaffold Crab 60 Shoring System Horizontal Parts Ledgers

Horizontal Parts of Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffold with Two Sets of Forged Wedge Keys and C Pressing Ends.

Heavy Duty Scaffold Crab 60 Shporing System Triangle Frames

Triangle frames are the cantilever and bracket parts of the crab 60 shoring scaffold system. It is used to support scaffold beams suspended from main frame.

Crab 60 scaffold base standard c60 shoring system scaffold starter parts

Starter Parts of Crab60 Shoring System Scaffold.

Crab 60 shoring scaffolding syste u head jack heavy duty

Crab 60 U Head Jack is 48mm Heavy Duty Hot Dip Galvanized.

crab 60 shoring system scaffold base jack

48x600mm Scaffold Base Jack Hot Dip Galvanized for Scaffold Feet Leveling.

How to Assembly Crab 60 Scaffolding System

  1. Put Adjustable Screw Jack Base At Position
  2. Insert Crab 60 Starter In the Base Jack Stems
  3. Fix Starter From 4 Sides With Horizontals and Fixed Each Other by Wedge Keys
  4. Adjust Base Jacks to Ensure The Tower In Square and Strut Ledgers At The Same Horizontal Level
  5. Put Crab 60 Standards At Upright On The Base Standard(Starters)
  6. Fix Each Crab 60 Post By Horizontals and Diagonal Braces
  7. Erect Triangle Frames When Suspended Scaffold Support Are Needed
  8. Fix Triangle Frames By Lock Wedge Keys to the Stirrups Of Each Frame
  9. Erect U Head Jacks On the Scaffold Posts
  10. Put Scaffold Beams On U Head Jacks Form Complete Formwork Scaffold Shoring System
  11. Fix Scaffold Beams and U Head By Nails and Bolts to Make the Scaffold System More Stable

Crab 60 Scaffolding

Crab 60 scaffolding is a type of scaffold system. You do not need to use any couplers and fittings to erect them.
Different from normal system scaffolds, like ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock, and frame scaffolding, the crab 60 scaffolding is manufactured by OD60mm steel scaffold tube in high steel grade S355.  For anti-corrosion purposes, the c60 scaffolding components are always hot dip galvanized. That is why it is the most durable and safe scaffold system globally.  

Crab 60 Scaffolding Parts Weight List

Triangular Frames

CBTF600715Triangular Frame 0.75×1.5m0.75×1.5m10.95
CBTF601070Triangular Frame 1.0×0.7m1.0×0.7m10.75
CBTF601015Triangular Frame 1.0×1.5m1.0×1.5m13.6
Crab 60 shoring system scaffolding triangular frame 0.7x1.0m

Crab 60 Shoring System Standard

CBS0030.3m Crab 60 StandardOD60x300mm2.64
CBS0050.5m Crab 60 StandardOD60x500mm3.38
CBS0750.75m Crab 60 StandardOD60x750mm4.5
CBS1001.0m Crab 60 StandardOD60x1000mm6.05
CBS2002.0m Crab 60 StandardOD60x2000mm11.2

Basic Standard (End Post)

CBB003Basic StandardOD60x300mm2.5KG

.Crab 60 Basic Standard End Post

Crab 60 Horizontals

CBH030.3m Crab HorizontalOD48.3×0.3m2.46KG
CBH050.5m Crab HorizontalOD48.3×0.5m3.15KG
CBH070.7m Crab HorizontalOD48.3×0.7m3.76KG
CBH101.0m Crab HorizontalOD48.3×1.0m4.68KG
CBH121.2m Crab HorizontalOD48.3×1.2m5.30KG
CBH151.5m Crab HorizontalOD48.3×1.5m6.20KG

crab 60 shoring system scaffolding horizontals

Crab 60 Diagonal Braces

WBDB0070.7x2m Diagonal Brace2.0×0.7×2.09m5.2KG
WBDB0101.0x2m Diagonal Brace2.0×1.0x2.19m5.4KG
WBDB0121.2x2m Diagonal Brace2.0×1.2×2.33m5.6KG
WBDB0151.5x2m Diagonal Brace2.0×1.5×2.45m5.88KG
WBDB0202.0x2m Diagonal Brace2.0×2.0x2.76m7.78KG
WBDB0252.0×2.5m Diagonal Brace2.0×2.0x3.13m7.85KG

crab 60 shoring system scaffold diagonal brace

Adjustable Base Jack (W/Socket Base Plate)

WBBJSocket Base Jack-Heavy DutyOD48x600mm5.98KG

Crab 60 shoring system scaffold base jack components 48mm

Adjustable U Head Jacks

WBUJSocket U Head JackOD48x600mm9.8KG

Crab 60 shoring scaffolding syste u head jack heavy duty

Why Wellmade Crab 60 Scaffolding

Wellmade crab 60 scaffolding known as a triangular frame scaffolding system or C60 multi-crab system is a type of hi load shoring system scaffold. It comes with modular parts and components of standard, braces, ledgers, and triangle frames.

Wellmade crab 60 scaffolding is made up of an OD60mm scaffold tube in S355 high strength grade steel. We manufacture a wide range of crab 60 scaffolding for different industrial applications.

You can use Wellmade crab 60 scaffolding for a public work project, building industry, oil & gas industry, and many more.

Wellmade crab 60 scaffolding is also popular in the field of infrastructure bridge construction, heavy concrete shuttering support, and highway construction.

At Wellmade, you can get excellent quality crab 60 scaffolding with various benefits and efficiencies:

  • Durable
  • Quick installation and dismantling
  • Mistake free
  • Multileveled and multi-directional
  • Interchangeable and flexible

As mention earlier, Wellmade crab 60 scaffolding is multi-directional. So, it ensures a perfect right-angle attachment between the horizontal members.

Whatever the diameter of the vertical tube, the total compatibility of the c60 multi-crab system range is guaranteed.

As a leading scaffolding manufacturer, we can produce both crab 60 shoring system scaffolding and crab 25 scaffolding.

Wellmade crab 25 scaffolding is a type of normal duty scaffolding system made from an OD48.3mm scaffold tube. No matter what your application is, we have the right scaffolding for your projects.

All of our crab 60 scaffolding systems are tested and certified loading capacity in 85.5 TF. At Wellmade, you can find Malaysia & Singapore Type crab 60 shoring system scaffolding.

Wellmade is your reliable and one-stop provider of crab 60 scaffolding needs. In China, we produce high-quality scaffolding systems for more than 20 years.

We are experts in manufacturing different scaffolding systems like Cuplock, Ringlock, Kwikstage and frame scaffolding, steel props, formwork accessories, and steel pipes.

Wellmade will be your best partner when it comes to the scaffolding system. We are an ISO9001:2015 company, conformed to Quality Management System, and international scaffolding standard of En74, BS1139, EN12811, EN10219, and many more.

With over 20 years of exporting and manufacturing experience to over 55 countries, Wellmade Scaffold has offered scaffolding products to various construction projects specialize in Commercial and Industrial Construction, Oil, Gas & Chemicals, Power & Energy, and Mining & Refining projects.

We have a professional engineer team to offer you scaffolding design and drawing solutions. Also, we offer door to door service and scaffolding material fabrication to loading services.

If you are interested in crab 60 scaffolding, please don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Wellmade is Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffolding Manufacturer in China.

Our Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffold Tested & Certified With Loading Capacity In 85.5 TF.

Wellmade’s Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffolding is Popular Used In Heavy Duty Construction & Hi Load Request Concrete Shoring.

You can find Malaysia & Singapore Type Crab 60 Shoring System Scaffolding Here in Competitive Price.

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