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Professional Scaffolding Material Supplier In China

Wellmade is standard scaffolding materials manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer BS EN, ASTM, CSA, JIS&KS, MS, AS/NZS standard scaffolding materials for construction, temporary shoring, and permanent support.

You can find all system scaffolding materials here. Include tube and fitting scaffold, modular system scaffold, frame scaffolding system and adjustable props, scaffold boards, ladders, stairs here.

There are steel, aluminum, and wood-type scaffolding materials custom for your construction and concrete.

As a professional scaffolding material supplier, we manufacture scaffolding materials according to ISO9001 management. In addition, all metal scaffolding welding are tested according to ISO3834 and EN 1090 CE certified requirement.

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Steel Scaffolding Materials

Steel Scaffolding Materials are in steel grade S235, S275, S355, STK400, STK500 and highstrength 450 steel, 1090 steel,etc. According to the finishing, steel scaffolding materials could be in painting, galvanizing and powder coating. You can find all steel scaffold materials include system scaffold and tube fittings and accessories.

Aluminum Scaffolding Materials

Wellmade produces aluminium scaffolding towers made of aluminum materials include ringlock scaffolding tower, scaffolding frame tower etc. There are also scaffolding accessories in Aluminium include scaffold unit beams, formwork structure beams, scaffolding planks, aluminium ladders and aluminum stairs etc.

Wood Scaffolding Material

Wood scaffolding is also called timber scaffold. The wood scaffolding is a old scaffolding system. Nowadays you can find scaffold boards, formwork concrete plywood, toe boards made of timber materials for the construction access and concrete shoring.


Scaffolding Material Types

Scaffolding materials include versatile types. Include prefabrication modular scaffold system, frame scaffolding, tube, and clamp scaffold.

According to the load capacity, there are heavy-duty, medium-duty, and light-duty scaffolding materials for your choice.

You can find a complete scaffolding material list with custom sizes for each type of scaffold system in Wellmade.

Modular System Scaffold Materials

Modular scaffolding materials are prefabricated. According to the modular scaffold item names, there are ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwiktage scaffolding, quick lock scaffolding in Wellmade. All of the modular scaffold with prefabricated scaffold components and parts like standards, ledgers, diagonal braces, transom, leveling jacks, forkhead and u head jacks etc.

Frame Scaffolding Materials

There are a lot of types of frame scaffolding materials. Include traditional O.D 42.7mm traditional scaffolding frames. Like, walk-through frames, masonry frames, h frames, ladder frames, etc. You can find  hi load shoring frame and facade euro frames system too.   Frame scaffolding materials include scaffolding parts of vertical frames, cross braces(x brace), coupling pins, catwalk boards, caster wheels, stairs etc.

Tube and Clamp Scaffolding Materials

Tube and clamps scaffolding material is flexible to form different shapes construction with a high load capacity. The scaffold tube and clamp system include scaffold tubes and fittings. You can find all dimensions and diameters of scaffolding tubes cut in different lengths. While the scaffolding clamps include drop forged and pressed steel type types is the size of O.D 42mm, O.D 48mm, O.D 60mm, OD76mm, O.D 89mm etc.

Wellmade’s Global Scaffolding Material Name and List

Wellmade a professional scaffolding material manufacturer in China. We supplier global scaffolding materials with complete parts and accessories. Include European&British standard scaffolding, American standard Scaffolding, Japanese standard scaffolding, Korean standard scaffolding, Malaysia standard scaffolding, Canada standard and Australian/New Zealand Standard Scaffolding. In addition, we custom your scaffolding items according to your design and sizes.

Wellmade: Bring You More Benefits for Your Market

If you are seeking scaffolding materials for your construction or trading. Wellmade will be your best choice.

Firstly, Wellmade make you feel free in scaffolding material quality

Different from other scaffold factories, Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffolding manufacturer. You can find our scaffold materials are meet up with ISO 3834 and EN 1090. We are able to sell to European countries with the CE certification with CE marks.

In addition, Wellmade controls your scaffolding material quality according to ISO 9001 Management Process. You can find your scaffolding material test report at every step before, during, and after production.

  • Mill Certificate. You will track every batch and heat raw material against your scaffolding material order. Wellmade will test the scaffolding raw material steel grade in chemical composition and physical property according to BS1139 ASTM standard.
  • Hardness Test. For the scaffolding material, hardness tests make sure the scaffolding is stable without cracking under heavy hit in construction using.
  • Welding Penetrate Test: Wellmade tests different ways about the welding penetrate. Not only penetrate test according to ISO 3834 but also theoretical throat test to ensue welding strong and metal penetrate enough.
  • Scaffolding Material Single Parts Load Capacity Test: We test each part of the scaffolding system and materials to ensure the safety of the scaffolding components.
  • Scaffolding Material Mock-Up. In order to make sure all components are compatible and work well in construction. We do mock-up inspection to make sure all scaffolding material sizes and locking system work great enough before sending out
  • Scaffold Tower Load Capacity Test. More than scaffolding single parts test, we set up the scaffolding material and test the whole scaffolding system ultimate load.
  • Scaffolding Products Painting and Galvanizing Quality Test. Galvanizing and painting make the scaffolding material more durable in anti-corrosion. Wellmade do zinc thickness test according to ISO 1460 standards. More than that, you will find the galvanizing and painting(coating) adhere test report as well as 24 hours salty spray test report for your scaffolding materials.

Secondly, Wellmade bring more benefits to your market

Wellmade is a famous OEM scaffolding manufacturer in China. You can find Layher scaffolding, Peri formwork, and Altrad scaffolding materials here. We are able to emboss your company name and brand logo on the scaffolding materials. Your company stickers are able to print on the scaffolding materials too.

With huge scaffolding material capacity and professional management, Wellmade bring you the real-valued scaffolding materials for your market by not only quality but also competitive cost and price.

Wellmade offers custom scaffolding according to your market requirement. We have strong scaffolding engineers to design your scaffolding materials according to your construction erection, sizes, and loading capacity requirement. Furthermore, our mold experts are able to make the scaffolding material design come true and work well with your scaffolding system.

Cuplock Scaffolding with Customized Logo Marks to USA
Cuplock Scaffolding with Customized Logo Marks

Thirdly, Wellmade meet up your high-quality scaffolding requirement for oil gas scaffolding companies

Wellmade is an official approved scaffolding material vendor for many oil gas companies include Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, etc. Our scaffolding materials have used in a lot of their oil gas, energy and petrochemical and, tank scaffolding projects. All of our scaffolding material production and quality controlling system and test report, certifications are audited and approved by these oil gas companies. More than that, Wellmade is very expert in oil gas companies’ package requirements.

Fourthly, Free scaffolding material calculation  

If you need any slab scaffolding, support scaffolding, or building facade scaffolding design services, Wellmade is able to offer you. We calculate the scaffolding material according to your building scaffolding work height arrangement.  In addition, you are not only able to have one-stop scaffolding materials and accessories in Wellmade, We offer steel and aluminum formwork products like tie rods, wing nut, anchors, clamps, panels, aluma beams, etc.   You and ask for different scaffolding systems to compare time, cost and loading, etc.

Fifthly, Wellmade save your time in scaffolding material purchase 

More than manufacturing, Wellmade has wide internet cooperation, we are able to deliver the scaffolding material to your yard. The door-to-door delivery includes custom clearance, ocean freight, and trucks. Our door-to-door service includes the USA, Canada, Singapore, etc. You just need to tell us your address and postcode etc.

Sixthly, Wellmade offers a product warranty.

You can have a scaffolding materials warranty for both galvanizing scaffolding and painting or coated scaffolding material. You will feel free in the scaffolding import and purchases.

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