Plattec Scaffolding Frame

Wellmade’s plettac scaffolding frame system is mainly export to Germany and Poland Countries. It is a type of hot dip galvanized steel scaffolding frame. The plettac scaffolding frames are used popularly in facade scaffolding construction in European countries.

Wellmade manufactures plettac scaffolding frames since 2001s. As a famous OEM scaffolding manufacturer in China, We supply complete components and parts of the plettac scaffolding frame system. Different from traditional scaffold sets, the plettac scaffolding frames are made of heavy-duty scaffold tubes in O.D 48.3mm.

Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffold factory. We test the plettac scaffolding materials according to ISO 3834 and EN 1090 standards. You can find welding penetrate test reports for your shipment.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Plettac Scaffolding and Euro Marco Frames

Wellmade is plettac scaffolding frame manufacturer. We produce the plettac modular frame system according to ISO 9001 and CE requirement. Thus the pletttac scaffolding frames are mainly export to the European countries.

Wellmade’s plettac scaffolding frames are a type of heavy duty scaffold materials.  Thus it is used in all types of construction and building. Include access scaffolding and facade scaffolding etc.

More than plettac scaffolding frames, we manufacture other heavy duty euro frame scaffolding too include Layher speedy frame and Marco euro, etc. In additon, you can find the Germany-type couplers, adjustable steel props, fork head and u head jacks along with the plettac scaffolding frame system in Wellmade too.

Adjustable Fork head with Screw Jack Base
Adjustable Fork head with Screw Jack Base

As an OEM scaffolding factory in China, Wellmade offers complete parts of the plettac scaffolding system. Include:

  •  2m Main Vertical Frames
  • 1m End Frames
  • 320mm Euro Type Scaffold Steel Planks
  •  Single Guard Rails
  • Diagonal Braces
  • Steel Tube with Hook
  • Screw Jack with Base Plate
  • Guard Rail Post With Transom
  • Double End Brace
  • Tow Board Hop Ups
  • Bottom Fixing of Ledger

Wellmade’s Plettac Scaffolding System Part List

plettac scaffolding frame -altrad scaffolding germany-euro scaffolding parts list
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