System Scaffolding

System scaffold types: ringock, cuplock, kwikstage. Find the difference between system scaffold, frame facade scaffold, and tube fitting scaffold.  Wellmade: the leading system scaffolding material manufacturer, can bring you more benefits.

Scaffold Types & System Scaffold

A scaffold is temporary scaffolding support for construction and industrial access, working, and shoring. There are 3 main types of scaffold: systems scaffold, tube fitting scaffold, and frame scaffolding.
System scaffolding is also called modular scaffolding. It is with prefabricated, specially designed, and fixed sizes of scaffolding basic elements & parts (like scaffolding standards, scaffolding horizontals, diagonal braces, base jacks, planks, brackets, stairs, etc). There are 6 main types of system scaffolding: ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock, crab shoring system scaffold, tube lock scaffolding, etc.
The tube and fitting scaffold are composite by OD 48.3mm standard scaffold tubes. The scaffold tubes can be a standard length of 6m (20’) or 6.4m (21’). They can be cut into any required lengths like 5m, 4m, 3m, 2.5m, 2m, 1.5m, 1.0m, 0.5m, 0.3m, etc. Scaffold fittings and couplers fix the scaffold tube in position and then form scaffold parts of standards, ledger, braces, transoms, etc.
Frame scaffolding is scaffolding material with double posts itself. The shape is like a frame: a horizontal tube welded on two posts on the left and right. Frame scaffolding always has designed widths of 4 feet, 5 feet, 3 feet (36”), etc.

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modular scaffold system - ringlock wellmade

Cuplock scaffolding, ringlock scaffolding(pin lock), kwikstage scaffolding are the most commonly used system scaffolds.

Frame Scaffolding Systsem

Frame scaffold includes OD42mm traditional frame, OD48mm Europe type frames, and OD57&60mm heavy duty hi load frames.

Tube and Fitting Tubular Scaffolding System

Tubes Fixed By Drop Forged or Pressed Steel Type of Scaffold Fittings.

Modular Scaffolding Systems Types & 3 Commonly Used System

Scaffold systems include different types. The most commonly used three system scaffolds are ringlock, cuplock, kwikstage.
Among them, ringlock scaffolding is the best modular system scaffolding. It was born in Germany. The ringlock system scaffold allows 8 direction connection. Make the scaffold construction more versatile, and safe. Ringlock scaffold includes OD48.3mm lightweight ring system and OD60mm heavy duty hi load ring lock system.
Cuplock scaffold is born in the UK. It is with two types of cups on vertical posts: top cup and bottom cup. The cups give 4 directions for scaffold structure. We call it cup scaffolding or cup lock too. Cuplock scaffolding is always manufactured by OD48.3mm scaffold tubes.
Kwikstage scaffolding is popularly used in UK and Australia, South Africa, etc. The standards of the kwikstgage scaffolding are with stars. The stars are formed by 4 V clips. So we call it the star scaffolding too. Kwikstage scaffolding materials are made of OD48.3mm scaffold tubes too.

Ringlock Scaffolding System

You can find the following three types of ringlock scaffolding systems in Wellmade:

  1. Allround Scaffold System (Europe Type)
  2. Atpac Pin Lock System (USA& Canada Type)
  3. Multidirectional Ringlock Scaffolding (Latin America Type)
Cuplock Scaffolding System

Cuplock scaffolding systems include slab formwork cuplock systems and construction cuplock systems. Cuplock scaffolding material can be finished in painting or galvanizing.

Kwikstage Scaffolding System

Kwikstage scaffolding system is also called quick stage scaffold.  You can find Australia & British type kwikstage, South Africa type quick stage, and Speedshore Indonesia type kwikstage in Wellmade. Our kwik stage scaffold materials are Safework certified in Melbourne, Australia

Shoring System Scaffolding Ringlock Typ

W60 ringlock heavy duty max load capacity can reach 80KN per single leg. It is used for hi load construction and heavy weight requirement concrete shoring. Like bridge scaffolds, highway scaffolds, and industrial, and infrastructure scaffolding.

Crab 60 Scaffolding Shoring Syst

Crab 60 scaffolding system is another type of hi load shoring scaffold system with 80 KN max load. It includes system scaffolding parts of triangle frames, standard and horizontal, starter etc. Crab 6o shoring system is with forged wedge pins and diagonal braces heads.

tube lock scaffoding - twistlock system tubular scaffold

Tube lock scaffold is also called twist lock or steel tube with fitting.  It is made of an OD48.3mm scaffold tube with one male and one female fitting at each end of the scaffold tube. The male and female fitting can lock automatically each other by twisting the direction.

quick lock wedge lock scaffold - Wellmade

The quick lock scaffold system is used a lot in African countries for concrete slab support and stair access. It is similar to ringlock, but not allround.

Scaffolding System Parts & Components

Wellmade’s Modular Type Scaffolding Systems include parts of the standard vertical, ledgers and transom, braces, adjustable base plate etc. While Wellmade’s Frame scaffolding systems parts include components of main vertical frames, cross braces9(x braces), jack base.

In construction building,  scaffolding system needs side protection. The side protection components include of scaffolding toe boards(steel or timber), guard rails, guardrail post, arms etc. When using a scaffolding system in an access scaffolding construction, components of scaffolding stairs(aluminium&steel), stair rails, scaffolding ladders, work platforms are needed.

Wellmade’s scaffolding system is also used for concrete formwork support. During formwork supported, scaffolding parts of wood h20 beams, steel and aluminium beams are using to connect with slab film face plywood.

Wellmade: Your Best Scaffolding System Manufacturer In China

Wellmade is a professional scaffolding system manufacturer and exporter in China. You can find all types of scaffolding systems here with complete components and parts in one stop.

Wellmade manufactures the scaffolding systems according to Europe, Australia, America and Canada Scaffolding Standard. Our scaffolding systems are in high quality:

  1. Wellmade is a CE certified Scaffolding System Factory. Our welding is audit and certified by the European Union according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standard. All of our welders are trained and passed according to CE certificated requirement.
  2.  Wellmade Control Scaffolding System Manufacturer according to ISO 9001 Requirement. You can find every component and parts of your scaffold system are tested and trackable from raw material to final products. Our quality control system starts from raw material vendor audit, raw material test. Scaffolding elements parts load, bending & shearing test. Steel chemical and physical test. You can also find the system scaffold components are tested in welding line, sizes&specifications, surface treatment etc. More than that, the scaffolding system parts always have ultimate load capacity. Ultimate load test gives clients ideas about the safety load of each size components and parts.
  3. Scaffolding System mock-up inspection. In order to make everything going perfect in a construction site, Wellmade considers what you’re worried. We make every parts and components mockup before mass production to make sure they are compatible with each us in sizes & specifications well.
  4. Wellmade offers you quality warranty after scaffolding system products received. No matter you want hot-dip galvanized, E-galvanized or painted scaffold systems. You can get a quality warranty of the scaffolding system from Wellmade after receiving.
  5. When you want to find batches and lot number during sourcing scaffold system material from Wellmade. Our trackable code system makes it easy to trackable.

Crab 60 shoring system scaffold in mock up inspection Wellmade

What types of scaffolding system you can get from Wellmade

Wellmade produces scaffolding system products and materials to global 55 countries. We manufacture different types of scaffolding system by shifting moulds and jigs.

You can find the most common scaffolding modular systems like ringlock scaffolding (Pin lock Scaffold or Multidirectional scaffolding), cuplock scaffolding (K Lock), Kwikstage Scaffolding (quickstage system), quick lock scaffolding system etc.

When you are looking for frame system scaffolding. You can find main frame scaffolding, h frame scaffolding, walkthrough scaffolding, snap on scaffolding, mason frame scaffolding, box frame, ladder frame, narrow frame scaffolding in Wellmade. In addition, if your construction and shoring are hi loads required, Wellmade have shoring frame system. There are V Shore Frame, H Shore Frame etc for your choosing.

shoring frame scaffolding system in construction

Scaffolding System VS Tube and Fitting Scaffolding

Scaffolding System is a type of prefabricated scaffolds. The main parts of system scaffold are integrated with locks, pins and connectors. Thus scaffolding systems are more convenient in construction and shoring support.  No need for extra scaffolding couplers and fittings. Moreover, the scaffolding systems parts are always modular with standard sizes.

Tube and Fitting scaffolding is a type of traditional scaffolding. It is used in all countries for a long time.   In scaffolding erection and assembly, workers use scaffolding clamps and fittings fixing scaffold poles and tubes.  Tubular scaffolding is more flexible to form all shape and all types of scaffolding.  According to construction load capacity, construction is able to choose high strength 4mm scaffold tube or 3.2mm scaffold tube. All scaffold tubes are in standard diameter in O.D 48.3mm. In addition, tube and fitting scaffolding are able to work with system scaffolding. It is compatible with all types of system scaffolds.

tube and fitting scaffolding system

Wellmade’s Major Scaffolding Systems

  • Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding System

Wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding system is tested according to EN 12810 standard. You can find all types of rosette scaffolding for the ringlock system.

        1) Pin Lock Scaffold System

Pin lock is the USA & Canada Type of ringlock scaffolding system. The rosette rings and ledger ends, braces head style are different from other ringlock scaffolding systems. In manufacturing, pin lock scaffolding uses annealed rosettes in S355 higher steel grade for ringlock standards. While wedge pins are also annealed steel. This special anneal treatment for steel material makes products more durable and less hardness.  Annealed ringlock scaffolding system parts are helpful under frozen weather condition.

        2) Layher Allround scaffolding system

Allround scaffolding system is an European type of ringlock scaffolding. Wellmade produce the layher allround type system for big oil and gas companies as well as European scaffolding factory & trading companies.

Allround scaffolding ringlock system ledger parts manufacturing

      3) Multidirectional Scaffolding System

Wellmade’s multidirectional scaffolding system is manufacturing to Latin American Countries. The rosettes, ledger ends and braces heads etc are different from other system ring system.

      4) Wellmade other ring systems

Wellmade also have other types of ringlock scaffolding system. You can send us your ringlock scaffolding system photos to let us know which type of rosette rings you are using for your ringlock system.

     5) Shoring Ringlock Scaffolding System

Welmade produces two types of shoring ringlock system. One type is with ringlock standard vertical in O.D 60×3.2mm. Another Shoring System Ringlock is in O.D 60.3×4.0mm vertials.  The Shoring Ringlock System Scaffold are for bridge scaffolding and highway scaffolding construction.

  • Wellmade’s Cuplock Scaffolding System

Wellmade’s cuplock scaffolding system is another major modular system scaffold. There are painted cuplock system and hot dip galvanized cuplock scaffolding.

Painted cuplock scaffolding would be in customized colour. This treatment surface is able to save your construction cost. While hot dip galvanized cuplock scaffolding the durable in long term without rusty.  Hot dip galvanized cuplock system ledgers are with open type ledger blades. Open ledger heads are great in zinc flow. Painted cuplock system ledgers are with closed ledger blades. This closed cuplock scaffold ledger blades help save paint cost.

In fabrication, there are cuplock scaffolding systems with drop forged top cup and ledger blades and cuplock scaffold with cast top cup and ledger blades. Drop forged cuplock accessories are more stable and durable. While cast cups are cheaper than drop forged cuplock scaffold elements.

The cuplock scaffolding is not only used for building and industrial construction. It is also the most common concrete formwork support system in concrete slabs and beams. when the cuplock system scaffold used in formwork concrete. It is also called cuplock formwork system. The cuplock formwork system includes cuplock scaffolding system parts of the standard, ledger, jack base etc, also work with components of decking beams, infill beams, drop head, socket base plate, universal jack etc. Cuplock scaffolding system is also compatible with other formwork accessories of h20 beams, steel square hollow tube beams etc.

  • Wellmade’s Kwikstage Scaffolding System

Wellmade’s kwikstage scaffolding system include Australian type kwickstage system, British Type Star Scaffolding, South African Quick Stage Scaffold and Indonesia speed shore system scaffolding.

Australian British and Indonesia Kwikstage Scaffold Systems are fabricated by O.D 48.3×4.0mm Black Scaffold Tube as Poles. While South African Quick Stage Scaffolding System are with O.D 48.3×3.35mm Scaffolding Poles S355 Steel Grade.

South African and Indonesia Type Kwikstage scaffolding ledgers are with C pressing ends and Wedge Pin Locks. While Australia and British Type Kwikstage Scaffolding System horizontals are with thumb lock ends.

Wellmade’s Kwisktage scaffolding are tested according to AS 1576 & As 1577. While it is also certified as work safe construction material in Australia.

Kwikstage Scaffolding System parts like battens, hook on boards, access scaffolding stairs and toe boards, transoms, brackets & cantilevers are all available in Wellmade.

  • Wellmade’s Quick Lock Scaffolding System

Quick Lock Scaffolding System is designed mainly for formwork concrete slab system. It is a type of quick scaffold with very simple components and parts of scaffold legs, scaffold horizontals and scaffold steel planks.

The quick lock scaffolding system is always with painted or powder-coated surface treatment.

Wellmade quick lock scaffolding system

  • Wellmade Frame Scaffolding System

Wellmade produces all styles of scaffolding systems. You can find here walk through scaffolding frame system, mason frame scaffolding system, stucco&plastering scaffolding system, H frame scaffolding system, main frame scaffolding system, shoring frame system, ladder frame scaffolding etc.

Each style of scaffolding frame system, there are a lot of sizes. For Instance:

  1. Walk through frame scaffolding to the USA are with a width size of 3′, 4′, 5′ and height size in 5′,  6’4″, 6’7″. You can find from Wellmade all brand of walk thru scaffolding in Wellmade in lock pin of flip lock, canada lock, snap on lock pin, fast lock, C-lock, drop lock pin etc. The walk through scaffolding system frame vertical tubes would be O.D 1.625″ and O.D 1.69″
  2. Narrow Frame Scaffolding System – 2’x3′, 2’x4′, 2’x5′, 2’x6’4″ etc
  3. Single Ladder Scaffolding System – 3′ x 3’1″
  4. Ladder Scaffolding System – 3’x6’7″, 42″ x 3′, 42″x6’4″,5’x2′, 5’x3′, 5’x4’1″, 5’x4′, 5’x5′, 5’x5’1″, 5’x5’5″
  5. Double Box Ladder Frame – 5’x6’4″
  6. Double Ladder Frame System – 5’x6’4″
  7. Snap on scaffolding frame system in 3’x6’8″ walk through type, apartment type, apartment type with ladder, ladder frame type, narrow frame type etc
  8. Main Frame Scaffolding in 1219x1700mm, 1219x1930mm, 1219x1524mm, 914x1700mm, 914x1524mm
  9. H Frame Scaffolding in 1219x1700mm, 1219x1219mm, 1219x914mm etc.
  10. Shoring Fame System Scaffolding are hi load type of frame scaffold. The scaffolding vertical pole of the shoring frame are in O.D 48.3mm, O.D 57mm and O.D 60mm.
  11. Euro Frame Scaffolding System is always with O.D 48.3×3.2mm Scaffold Poles and Hot dip galvanized. Wellmade’s euro frames include layher speedy frames, plettac frames, Chile Marco Euro Frame system scaffolding etc.

walk through frame snap on type narrow frame system

  • Crab System Scaffolding

Crab Scaffolding Systems are manufactured to French, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippine, Brasil Countries. Wellmade manufactures both heavy duty scaffold crab 60 shore system and normal duty crab 25 system crab scaffold.

Crab 60 shoring scaffolding system is used very common in infrastructure scaffolding construction. It does not only include parts of the standard, horizontals but also include triangle frames, starter etc.

Crab 25 scaffolding system is in O.D 48.3mm scaffold poles.  It is a lightweight scaffolding system compare to crab 60 shoring system.

Wellmade Customize You Scaffolding System

As a famous OEM scaffolding system manufacturer, we have 20 years of production experiences for global scaffolding and formwork companies. We have full knowledge of all system scaffold parts and its function. Thus you can get a very professional scaffolding system customized design here.

Our scaffolding design not only considers your building size and plan. But also consider according to each scaffolding system components and parts safety load capacity, your country custom etc.

Our scaffolding system design also meets up your special requirement of steel and aluminium swift. For example, you can choose steel scaffold boards in some work platform. You can choose aluminium planks for other working space. You are also able to compare use aluminium stair or steel stair is better according to your construction budget and building requirement.

Wellmade is not only to customize scaffolding system parts, we are also very professional in concrete formwork components and parts. Thus our scaffolding design always customizes with formwork connection.

More than standard sizes of scaffolding system parts, Wellmade is able to manufacturing customizes sizes for each component of one scaffolding system.

Customize your scaffolding system in wellmade

Scaffolding System Surface Treatment

In Wellmade, you can have all choices of the surface treatment for your scaffolding system. There are include hot dip galvanizing, E-galvanizing(Zinc-plated), Pre-galvanizing, Powder Coated and Painting. Of course, if you want, self-finished(black) surface is available too.

Every scaffolding system surface treatment has its advantages and weakness. You can get a full consulting about the scaffolding system surface from Wellmade sales in cost and life span.

In a conclusion, if you want any scaffolding system and have a lot of questions. Just send us a mail. Wellmade has full experience not only in manufacturing but also in design, safety, certification, technical data etc. If you do not have an import license or scaffolding system import experience, Wellmade is able to help you on the service in scaffolding material import custom clearance, scaffolding delivery till sending the scaffolding system material to your project or stockyard.

Scaffolding System FAQ Guide

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