Scaffold Tripod Forkhead

Wellmade is Scaffolding Tripod Manufacturer In China. You Can Find All Sizes & Types of Scaffolding Tripod Here.

Our Scaffold Tripods are Customize Designed According to Your Scaffolding Props Dimension & Diameter.

As a CE Certificated Scaffolding Tripod Factory, You can Find Excellent Welding Quality on our Tripod Scaffolding.

The Tripod Scaffolding Steel Material Grade is Tested according to BS EN Standard.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Tripod is Foot Stand Support for Adjustable Scaffold Props. 
It Stabilizes Scaffold Props In Concrete Slab Formwork and Beam Formwork. 
There are Lightweight Scaffolding Tripod and Heavy Duty Tripods. 
Wellmade’s Scaffolding Tripods can be Fabricated By Round Steel Pipes and Square Hollow Tubes.
Fork Head is Components of Adjustable Scaffolding too. There are fixed Fork Head and Adjustable Fork Head in Wellmade.
Fixed and Adjustable Fork Head is top support for concrete formwork and scaffolding. Fork Head can be used together with scaffolding system standard verticals as well as adjustable scaffold props.
Adjustable Fork Head Thread Tube can be in O.D38mm for Scaffold Tube O.D 48mm. While O.D48mm Adjustable Fork Head is for Heavy-Duty Shoring Scaffold Vertical in Diameter in O.D57mm & O.D60mm

Scaffolding Prop Tripod

WTP01Scaffold Tripod  Round PipeGalvanized/Painted
WTP02Scaffold Tripod Square TubeGalvanized/Painted

Fixed Fork Head for Concrete Formwork

WFH01Fork Head w/ U SpigotGalvanized/Painted
WFH02Fork Head w/ Pipe SpigotGalvanized/Painted

Adjustable Fork Head Jacks

WFK038OD38mm Adjustable Fork HeadGalvanized/Painted
WFK048OD48mm Adjustable Fork HeadGalvanized/Painted



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