Scaffold Stairs

Scaffold Stairs

GI Steel Scaffold Stairs and Aluminium Scaffold Stairs for access scaffolding system of ringlock scaffold, cuplock scaffold, kwikstage scaffolding, frame scaffolding, tube and clamp scaffold system.
GI Scaffold Stairs Type 1
Code Bay Size Height Overall galvanized scaffold access stair tower
WSS01 1829mm 1725mm 2514mm
WSS02 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm
WSS03 1200mm 2000mm 2332mm
WSS04 1800mm 2000mm 2690mm
GI Scaffold Stair Type 2
Code Bay Size Height Overall galvanized scaffold stairs
WSS05 1829mm 1725mm 2514mm
WSS06 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm
WSS07 1200mm 2000mm 2332mm
WSS08 1800mm 2000mm 2690mm


Aluminium Scaffold Stairs Type 1 for Kwikstage Australia
 Code  Bay Size  Height  Overall  Weight Aluminium Stairs for Kwikstage Scaffolding Australian Standards
 WSA01  2.42mtr  1.50mtr  2.85mtr  34KG


Aluminium Stairs for Australian Kwikstage Scaffold Tower Type 2
Code Bay Size Height Overall Weight aluminium stair access tower for Australian Kwikstage Scaffold
WSA02 2.42mtr 2.0mtr 3.14mtr 44KG


Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Stairs for Ringlock Heavy Duty
Code Bay Size Height Overall ringlock scaffolding steel stairs heavy duty
WSS09 1.57mtr 2.0mtr 2.54mtr
WSS10 1.83mtr 2.0mtr 2.71mtr
WSS11 2.13mtr 2.0mtr 2.92mtr
WSS12 2.44mtr 2.0mtr 3.15mtr
Pin Lock Scaffolding Stairs Stringer w/ Tread to USA&Canada
Code Items Weight pin lock scaffolding stair stringer with tread to America and Canada
RSS13-S Stair Stringer 7'(2.13m) 17KG
RSS13-T Stair Tread(32") 8.5KG



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