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Wellmade is a scaffold stairs manufacturer in China. We supply all types and dimensions of scaffold stairs for your construction. You can find scaffold stairs for your different scaffolding systems: Ringlock, Cuplock, Kwikstage, Frame Scaffolding, etc.

According to the structural raw material, both aluminium type scaffold stairs and steel-type scaffold stairway units are available for your choosing.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certificated OEM scaffold stair factory. Our stair scaffolding products are at the top quality level. We offer you the scaffolding product warranty too.

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Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Scaffold Stairs

Scaffold stairs are components of the access scaffolding tower.  In construction, you can use both Wellmade’s aluminium scaffolding stairs and steel scaffold stairs for your scaffold systems.

Aluminium scaffold stairs

Aluminium scaffold stairs are a type of lightweight staircases sets. It is prefabricated with scaffolding stairway hooks or connectors. Hooks are used to connect with scaffolding system ledger parts.

Wellmade’s aluminium stairs are used popularly in modular scaffold system, include ring lock, kwikstage and cuplock scaffold access.  In fabrication, the aluminium scaffold stairs are made of 6061 aluminium.

Steel scaffolding stairs

Wellmade’s steel scaffolding stairs include painting scaffold stairs, GI stair and hot dip galvanized scaffold stairs.

Compare to aluminium scaffolding, steel scaffold stairs are cheaper and saving cost. But it is not as light in weight as the aluminium stair products.

Steel scaffolding stairs are used widely in frame scaffolding, ringlock, kwikstage and tube clamp system, etc.

Aluminium scaffold design service

Wellmade’s is not only manufacturing the scaffold stairs. Our structural engineers are ready to design the scaffold stair for your custom sizes.

Wellmade’s scaffold stair quality

As an ISO9001 certified scaffolding factory, Wellmade ensure your stair scaffold product quality from start raw material to welding, loading safety till surface treatment adhere.

We have complete test equipment and facilities to ensure every step of the scaffold stairs production is under control. In addition, our Mock-up system ensures your scaffolds stairs products are 100% compatible working with your scaffolding tower & scaffold system parts.

Scaffold Systems Type Wellmade’s Scaffold Stairs Serve For

Every Scaffolding System You can have Both Options of Aluminum and Steel Type of Scaffold Stairs. Normally the scaffold stairs set also includes the internal and external stairway handrail and platform units.

Wellmade’s Scaffold Stairs are Working for Both Rolling Type Movable Scaffolding Towers and Ourdoor Building and Construction Scaffolding Tower.

Scaffold Stair Dimensions are designed In Wellmade’s Technical and Engineer Department special for Each Order and Requirement.

GI Scaffold Stairs Type 1

Main Frame Scaffolding Screw Jack Base

CodeBay SizeHeightOverall
GI Scaffold Stair Type 2

Scaffold Stairs

CodeBay SizeHeightOverall

Aluminium Scaffold Stairs Type 1 for Kwikstage Australia

Scaffold Stair Aluminium Type for Scaffold Ringlock Tower
Scaffold Stair Aluminium Type for Scaffold Ringlock Tower
 Code Bay Size Height Overall Weight
 WSA01 2.42mtr 1.50mtr 2.85mtr 34KG

Aluminium Stairs for Australian Kwikstage Scaffold Tower Type 2

Aluminium Stairs for Australian Kwikstage Scaffold Tower Type 2
Aluminium Stairs for Australian Kwikstage Scaffold Tower Type 2
CodeBay SizeHeightOverallWeight

Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Stairs for Ringlock Heavy Duty

CodeBay SizeHeightOverall

Pin Lock Scaffolding Stairs Stringer w/ Tread to USA&Canada

scaffold stair treads-american scaffolding ringlock-pin lock scaffold components-stair system

RSS13-SStair Stringer 7′(2.13m)17KG
RSS13-TStair Tread(32″)8.5KG


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