Concrete Tie Rod

Wellmade concrete tie rod is a type of threaded tie bar. It is metal building tie rods used for your concrete construction. You can call it scaffolding tie bar, formwork tie bar, shuttering tie bar, structural steel tie rods, etc.

You can find complete concrete tie rod sizes here. Include 16mm tie rod, dywidag bar 15mm, 12mm tie rod, 20mm tie rods etc. While 16mm tie rods are the most used. There are different steel structural grades for the 16mm concrete tie rods:

  • 190KN Dywidag Concrete Rods(Hot Rolled Steel Tie Rod)
  • 188 KN Tie Bars (42CrMo Steel Cold Rolled Type Rods)
  • 145KN Concrete Tie bars(450 Steel Cold Rolled Rods)
  • 123KN Tie Rods (S235 Steel Cold Rolled Rods)

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concrete tie rod test result 201KN

Wellmade’s Concrete Tie Rods

Wellmade’s concrete tie rod is also called a tie bar or rebar.  It is all thread construction reinforce bars. We produce all types of concrete tie rods. Include discontinuous threaded tie rods and continuous rods. discontinuous thread concrete tie rod is called dywidag bars. It is hot rolled from high strength special steel structure. While the grade of Wellmade’s concrete tie rods includes grade 150, grade 80, grade 100, etc.

If you are seeking tie rods for your concrete formwork. Wellmade will be your best choice.  We manufacture all types of concrete tie rods to meet up your different construction requirements. In fabrication, there are high-grade concrete tie rods in steel grade 900/1100.  We also have concrete tie rods in S450 and S235, which are in lower steel grade than 900/1100 dywidag rebars, but with a cheaper cost and price.

As a concrete tie rod manufacturer, we customise your concrete tie rods. You can tell us your construction requirement for the tie rod safety load capacity, Wellmade will custom for you the concrete tie rods and bars according to the actual concrete tie rods test result.

concrete tie rod test result 201KN

We custom your concrete tie rod sizes too. You can find the steel threaded rods in diameter from 6mm to 32mm here. Among all of them,  d15mm, d16mm, and d20mm sizes of tie rods are widely used sizes. They are working together with the inner threaded tie rod connectors in the concrete construction, like concrete tie couplings, tie rod hex nuts, anchor nut, wing nut, water stopper, formwork cones etc.

According to the threaded types, there are discontinuous dywidag bars and continuous tie bars in Wellmade. Discontinuous concrete tie rods are also called dywidag tie bars, it is hot rolled during tie rod manufacturing. While the continuously threaded rods are cold rolled.

Types of Concrete Tie Rods

1. Dywidag Hot Rolled Tie Bars

Dywidag tie bars are discontinuously threaded rebars.  It is a type of hot rolled concrete tie rod. According to the sizes, there are 6# to 28# dywidag bars. Among the hot-rolled dywidag tie rod, the sizes of dw 15 and dw20 are the most popular sizes.

Wellmade’s dywidag type concrete tie rods are made from 830 and 930 steel grades.  The ultimate load of the 15mm hot-rolled dywidag bars is reaching 201KN. Thus, the dywidag threaded concrete tie rod is also called heavy load capacity construction rebar.

Discontinuous threaded make the concrete tie rods self-cleaning in construction after working from the concreting.

2. Wellmade Cold Rolled Tie Rods

Compare to hot rolled dywidag bars, the cold-rolled concrete tie rods are threaded from a steel round bar structure. According to the steel grade, Wellmade supplies your S235, S450, and 42CrMo cold roll steel coil rods for your construction.

The different steel structure grade brings your different grade of concrete tie rods. Take D16(15/17mm) sizes for an example:

  • S235 steel grade D16 concrete tie rods ultimate test result: 95KN
  • S450 steel grade D16 tie rod: the maximum load is 145KN
  • 42CrMo steel grade tie rod in 16mm: load capacity can reach 190KN

The cold-rolled concrete tie rods are at a lower cost and cheaper price than the dywidag hot rolled tie bars. Thus, this type of tie rods is used popularly in normal civil and commercial constructions.  In the other words, the hot-rolled dywidag tie rods are expected heavier and bigger breaking loads.

Specifications of Wellmade’s Hot Rolled Dywidag and Cold Rolled Bars
  • Hot Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod Technical Data -Weldable
Normal Size(mm)Break Load(KN)Ultimate Load(KN)Weight (KG)
26.527.5 (26.5/28.5)5606064.48
  • Cold Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod Technical Data-Weldable
Normal Size(mm)Break Load(KN)Ultimate Load(KN)Weight (KG)

Welmade Manufactures High-Quality Concrete Tie Rods for Your Construction

No matter you want hot rolled dywidag bars or cold rolled tie rods, Wellmade is able to ensure your tie rods quality.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 and CE-certified formwork and scaffolding tie rod manufacturer.  We control the concrete tie rods from steel raw material structure to loading capacity test.

You can find the concrete tie rod mill certificate with chemical composition, steel tensile strength, yield strength, and elongations for each lot of shipment. At the same time, you can get your concrete tie rod order ultimate test result from Wellmade.

With stable and high-quality construction tie rods, Wellmade is famous for supplying the biggest formwork and engineering companies in Germany, the UK, the USA, and other 55 countries globally. Clients use our concrete tie rods for all types of their concrete in civil, industrial, commercial, and infrastructure construction.

Wellmade Concrete Tie Rods Compatible With All Formwork Accessories and Parts

You can use Wellmade concrete tie rods in all types of concrete formwork construction.  Including wall formwork, column formwork, slab shuttering, beam formwork, bridge formwork etc.  According to construction concrete form tie system requirements, there are M.S (black) steel tie rods and galvanized steel tie bars for your choosing.

In formwork construction, the concrete tie rods are matched with all types of formwork accessories. Wellmade tie rods and bars are able to work with formwork wing nuts, concrete anchor nut, hex nuts, formwork wedge clamps, rapid clamps(spring clamp), water stopper, dome plate combi nut, form ties, steel & plastic (PVC) cones, etc.  While, in the form tie system, the concrete tie rods are able to work with both D Cones and P cones. Engineeringly, the concrete tie bar works like a formwork bolt during the connection in the form tie system.

Concrete Formwork Tie System Wing Nut

100mm Formwork Ring Nut - Wing Nut with Round Rings for concrete formwork
100mm Anchor Nut with Round Rings

As formwork accessories, tie rod wing nut is used very frequently. Formwork wing nuts include wing nuts without round plates and wing nuts with round plates. 

If you using a wing nut without a round plate, a waler plate is applied during your concrete pour shuttering.

Formwork wing nuts with a round plate are also called concrete anchor nuts. According to the anchor nut wings, there are two wing anchors and three wing anchor accessories for your concrete tie rod construction.

According to the formwork anchor nut round plate diameters, you can find from Wellmade D60mm, D70mm, D80mm, D90mm, D100mm, D110mm, D120mm, D130mm anchor nuts.  If you have any other special shapes and dimensions of formwork anchor nuts, Wellmade is able to open a new mould for you.

Concrete Formwork Tie Rod Hex Nut

formwork concrete tie rod hex nut parts
Hex. Nut 50mm

Hex nuts work as formwork coupling during the construction shuttering. According to the height of the formwork hex nut, there is a 30mm to 120mm hex nut for your choosing.   You can ask the flange type formwork hex nut too.

In the concrete tie rod connector manufacturing, Wellmade produces both drop forged type and cast iron type hex nut. The drop-forged hex nut is weldable. While the cast hex nut is always used for an unweldable tie rod system but cheaper.  Both two types of hex nuts are able manufactured at required heights of 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm etc. According to the surface finishing, Wellmade’s concrete tie rod hex nut could be in black and galvanized.

Tie Rod For Formwork Combi Nut

Formwork combi nut is a combination formwork accessory with wing nut and waler plates. You can find drop forged type and cast type combi nuts in Wellmade.  According to the shape of the waler plates, there are round type and square type combination dome nuts for your choosing.

15/17mm Concrete Tie Rods

15/17mm concrete tie rods are the most popular size in the construction concrete formwork system. Thus, it ties up 70% of Wellmade’s concrete tie rods production output.  In the following tables, you can find the D16 (15/17mm) size concrete tie rod technical data and load capacity. The different grades of concrete tie rods are made from different steel structural materials.
16mm Concrete Tie Rod Load Capacity Technical Data
No.Concrete Tie Rod TypesTechnical Data(Ultimate Load)Weight
1Dywidag Concrete Tie Bar System 15/17mm190 KN9KG
2Cold Rod Tie Rods 15/17mm – 450 Steel145 KN9KN
3Cold Rod Tie Rods 15/17mm – S235 Steel110-130KN9KN

The D20 (19/21mm) diameter concrete tie rods is the most buy civil engineering tie rods too. In fabrication, there are dw20 hot rolled and cold rolled types for the D20 tie rod.

For both 16mm and 20mm concrete tie rods, you can get custom lengths. Wellmade helps you cut the concrete tie rod in your length before shipping.

Surface Finishing of Wellmade’s Concrete Tie Rods

As the biggest concrete tie rods manufacturer in China, Wellmade is able to offer black steel(self-finished) tie bars for you. You can also find E-galvanized tie bars here too.  According to surface treatment colour, There is golden colour (yellow zinc plated) and white colour galvanized concrete tie rods in Wellmade.

Concrete Tie Rod System for formwork construction 2

Left Threaded and Right Threaded Tie Rods

According to construction concrete requirements, Wellmade manufactures your left threaded concrete tie rods and right threaded tie bars.  In addition, you can find matched formwork coupling nuts and clamp pins for the different thread direction tie bars for your formwork structure.

Tell us your requirement for tie rod construction and get the best unit price from Wellmade. We bring you more than qualified for your concrete forming construction.


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