Concrete Tie Rod

Wellmade’s Concrete Tie Rod is used for Formwork Concrete and Structure Work. There are Hot Roll Concrete Tie Rods and Cold Rolled Tie Rods In Wellmade

  • Hot Rolled Concrete Tie Rods are Dywidag Type in Heavier Ultimate Load Capacity.
  • Cold Rolled Concrete Tie Rods are Used More Popular In Lower Cost.

With Stable Quality and Customized Tie Rods Sizes, Wellmade’s Concrete Tie Rods are popular used In Construction and Civil Engineering.

As Formwork Accessories, the Concrete Tie Rods are used together with Wing Nut, Anchor Nuts, Base Plate(Washer Plates), Hex Nut, Wedge Clamps, Rapid Clamps, Water Stopper, Dome Plate Combi Nut, Form Tie, PVC Cone(D Cone & P Cone) etc.

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15/17mm Concrete Tie Rods are the Most Popular Size in  Construction Concrete Formwork System.
Following is the D16(15/17mm) Size Concrete Tie Rod Load Capacity for Different Steel Structural Material Tie Rods

Concrete Tie Rod Load Capacity Technical Data

No.Concrete Tie Rod TypesTechnical Data(Ultimate Load)Weight
1Dywidag Concrete Tie Bar System 15/17mm190 KN9KG
2Cold Rod Tie Rods 15/17mm – 450 Steel145 KN9KN
3Cold Rod Tie Rods 15/17mm – S235 Steel110-130KN9KN

19/21mm Concrete Tie Rods is The Most Buyer for Civil Engineering and Formwork Structures too.

Wellmade Customizes Your Concrete Tie Rods In Size Diameter and Length.
For Dywidag Tie Bar, you can find form Wellmade Left Hand and Right Hand Tie Rod System with Coupling Pins and other Formwork Accessories.

Working with Concrete Tie Rods, the Wing Nut Include 2 Wings and 3 Wings Anchor Nut with Round Plate. Round Plates of the Concrete Tie Rods is Customized from 60 to 130mm.  Wellmade is able to open New Moulds according to Your Anchor Wing Nuts Design too.Concrete Tie Rod System for formwork construction 2

The Tie Rod and Tie Bars are Used Together with Hex Nut, Flange Nut, Steel Cone, Washer Plate, and Wing Nut, Waterstopper, Dome Plate Combi Nut in Round and Square, PVC and Plastic Cones D type, B Type, Wedge Pins, Spring Pins, Formwork Clamps in Formwork Concreting and Forming.

Hot Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod is in Higher Breaking Load Than Cold Rolled Tie Rod, While Cold Rolled Tie Rods are in Cheaper Price Than Hot Rolled Tie Rods.

For Hex Nut Use with Concrete Tie Rods, can be weldable or Unweldable Type. You can find nice forged Hex Nut in all height from wellmade for your tie rod system construction. 
Surface Treatment of the Concrete Tie Rods would be Self-finished(Black), E-galvanized(White Color or Gloden Color).
Tell us your requirement of tie rod construction and get the best unit price from wellmade to saving your construction cost and budget.

Hot Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod-Weldable

Normal Size(mm)Break Load(KN)Ultimate Load(KN)Weight (KG)
26.527.5 (26.5/28.5)5606064.48

Cold Rolled Dywidag Tie Rod-Weldable

Normal Size(mm)Break Load(KN)Ultimate Load(KN)Weight (KG)




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