Wellmade Scaffold Test Report & Certificate

ItemFile TitleTypeSize
NO.1WELLMADE FACTORYWellmade Scaffold Factory and Work Shop, Production Machines, Welding, Auto Painting lines5.59M
NO.2WELLMADE SCAFFOLD CATALOG OF DIFFERENT SYSTEM SCAFFOLDSWellmade Scaffold Production Catalogue & Brochure Ringlock Cuplock Kwikstage, BS1139 Scaffolding pipes, EN74 Scaffold Coupler, Props & Scaffold Boards, Ladders9.56M
NO.3MODULAR SCAFFOLD TOWER CERTIFICATEKwikstage Scaffolding Australian Standard Modular System Test Report AS1576368K
NO.4TRANSOM SCAFFOLD CERTIFICATEAS1576 Australian Standard Kwikstage Scaffolding Transom Test Report399K
NO.5BASE JACK CERTIFICATEScaffolding Adjustable Jack Base Test Report and Certificate, Safety Load Capacity277K
NO.6SCAFFOLD GUARD RAIL CERTIFICATEScaffolding Guard Rail Test Report – Construction Safety Components Parts371K
NO.7SCAFFOLD PLANKS CERTIFICATEScaffolding Plank Test Report – Scaffold Board Standards Certification430K
NO.8EN12810 CERTIFICATEEN12810 certificate of modular system scaffolding. Ringlock Cuplock Scaffolding Test Report2.11M
NO.9ISO9001 CERTIFICATEWellmade Scaffold ISO9001 Management Certificate Quality Scaffolding1.01M
NO.10CQC CERTIFICATEWellmade Scaffold Quality Certificate1.05M
NO.11WELLMADE KWIKSTAGE MANUALWellmade Scaffold Kwikstage Instruction manual2.11M
NO.12WELLMADE WORK SAFE CERTIFICATEWellmade Scaffold Product Work Safety Certificated in Australian Construction80K
NO.13PUTLOG COUPLER TEST REPORT-SINGLE COUPLERScaffolding Putlog Coupler Certificate BS1139 EN74 Standard Single Clamp Test Repport177K
NO.14RINGLOCK SCAFFOLD TEST REPORT (EN12810)Wellmade Scaffold Ringlock Scaffolding Tower Test Report Europe Standard EN12810500K
NO.15CUPLOCK SCAFFOLD TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold Cuplock Scaffold Tower Test Report Europe Standard EN12810280K
NO.16SCAFFOLD DOUBLE COUPLER TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold Double Coupler Test Report- Fixed Clamp 90 Degree Right Angle Fitting Certificate EN74 BS1139 British Standard154K
NO.17SCAFFOLD SLEEVE COUPLER TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold Sleeve Coupler Test Report EN74 Europe Standard British Standard Box154
NO.18SCAFFOLD SWIVEL COUPLER TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold Swivel Clamp Test Report EN74 Class B – Rotation Scaffolding Coupler Certificate British Standard160K
NO.19PRESSED RIGHT ANGLE COUPLER TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold Pressed Steel Scaffolding Double Coupler Test Report BS1139 British Standard 48.3mm160K
NO.20GIRDER COUPLER TEST REPORT – BEAM CLAMPWellmade Scaffold Girder Coupler Test Report – Scaffolding Beam Clamp Certificate AS1576 Use in Pairs161K
NO.21BS1138 SCAFFOLD TUBE TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold Tube Test Report BS1139 S235 Steel Grade Hot dip galvanized – OD48.3mm British Standard108K
NO.22BS2482 SCAFFOLD BOARD TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold Scaffold Boards Test Report BS2482 Standard British Standard Timber Boards Planks with end plates108K
NO.23EN 131 ALUMINIUM LADDER TEST REPORTAluminum Ladder for scaffolding and Construction Test Report and Certificate EN131 Europe Standard367K
NO.24EN39 SCAFFOLD TUBE TEST REPORTWellmade Scaffold EN 39 British Europe Standard Test Report OD48.3mm with Al to UK118K
NO.25SCAFFOLD METAL DECK TEST REPORT -STEEL PLANKSWellmade Scaffold Steel Scaffolding Plank Test Report Europe Standard EN1004 Mobile Scaffold Tower Standard122K
NO.26EN10219 SCAFFOLD TUBE TEST REPORT S355 GRADEEN10219 Standard Scaffolding Pipe Test Report Wellmade Scaffold China Steel Grade S355 Q345141K
NO.27Metal Deck 210X45MM Test ReportCIDB MS 1462 Malaysian Standard Scaffolding Metal Deck Boards Test Report 210 x 45mm Sizes Galvanized295K
NO.28240X45MM SCAFFOLD METAL PLANK TEST REPORTMalaysia CIDB Standard MS1462 Scaffolding Metal Deck Test Report 240 x 45mm Sizes GI Steel Planks298K
NO.29MS1462 SCAFFOLD SLEEVE COUPLER TEST REPORTMS 1462 Malaysian Standard Sleeve Coupler Test Report CIDB Construction Product Certificate China Manufacturer213K
NO.30MS1462 SCAFFOLD SWIVEL COUPLER TEST REPORTMalaysian Standard CIDB Construction Requirement Drop Forged Swivel Coupler Test Report MS1462229K
NO.31MS1462 SCAFFOLD RIGHT ANGLE COUPLER TEST REPORTMalaysian Standard MS1462 Double Coupler Fixed Clamp Test Report CIDB Product Certificate China Manufacturer339K
NO.32MS1462(EN39) SCAFFOLDING TUBE TEST REPORTMalaysia CIDB Standard MS1462 Galvanized Scaffold Tube Test Report Certificate369K
NO.33EN 1090 Certificate EN 1090 CE Certificate – Wellmade 328 K
NO.34ISO 3834 Certificate ISO 3834 CE Certificate – Wellmade 951 K
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