Concrete Formwork Wailer Beam

Wailer beam is also called concrete form whalers or waling beams. It is a type of double profile used as a strong back for concrete formwork construction.

You can find steel, timber and alloy wailer beams here. For the steel wailer beams, there are double C channels, double round tubes, double square tube and double I beam wailer beams for your choosing.

Wellmade wailer beams offer strong support for your vertical elements in the formwork system. It is able used in all types of formwork systems include retaining walls, sheet piles, column formwork etc.

In addition, we custom your wailer beams too, include single wailer beams, aluma wailer beams etc. Send us your formwork wailer beam requirement to get a competitive price now.

Wellmade Formwork Wailer Beams

If you are looking for wailer beams for your construction and formwork. Wellmade will be your best wailer beam solution.

Wellmade is not only an OEM formwork material manufacturer. But also able to design the wailer beams according to your construction formwork requirement. In addition, we have various types of wailer beams for your choosing.

Steel Wailer Beams

Wellmade steel wailer beams are the most popular type of wailing beams in construction and concrete forms. The steel wailer beams are able to be fabricated by different structures. Include:

Double c profile wailer beams for peri formwork system
Double c profile wailer beams for peri formwork system
  • C Channels
  • U Channels
  • Round Tubes
  • Square Hollow Section (Square Tubes)
  • I Beams
  • H Channels

According to the fabrication way, you can find both double and single wailer beams for your construction. Double wailer beams are the most used with double steel structures. While single wailer beams are always manufactured by heavy-duty steel structures to ensure the bearing load.

In engineering, the steel wailer beams spread the load from formwork vertical members and concreting. It can concentrate the load on the tie bars too.

As a horizontal member of the formwork system, the wailer beam design depends on the concrete tie rod sizes and specifications. Spacer plates between etc.

wailer beams working in wall formwork system and timber beams
wailer beams working in wall formwork system and timber beams

Wellmade steel wailer beams are used in all types of formwork systems. Include steel formwork system, timer H20 formwork system, steel-ply frame formwork,  and aluminium formwork system etc.

The concrete formwork wailer beams are able to be finished in painted, powder-coated, galvanizing or black(self-finished).  Among the surface finishing, hot dip galvanizing will guarantee the formwork wailer beams longer life.

Timber Wailer Beams

Wellmade timber wailer beams are assembly by the H20 timber beams in concrete formwork. The timber wailer beams are not pre-fabricated. In construction concrete, the double timber wailer beams are assembled by formwork clamps and accessories include tie rod, anchor nut, wing nut and washer plate etc.

You can use the H20 timber beams not only in the concrete wailer beams. But also can use it in vertical formwork beams in column and wall shuttering, slab formwork beams etc.

Alloy Wailer Beams

alloy wailer beam for concrete formwork construction
alloy wailer beam for concrete formwork construction

Alloy wailer beams are formed by two aluminium beams or aluma beams. According to the sizes, there are lightweight and heavyweight aluminum beams.

Same as the timber wailer beams, the alloy wailer beams are able to be used as formwork vertical beams in wall formwork and column formwork. While it is also able to be used in slab formworks. In the slab shuttering the aluma beams are able to be used as first main beams and secondary beams.

Among the above 3 different types of wailer beams, steel and timber wailer beams are much cheaper than alloy wailings. In another way, alloy wailer beams are lightweight and longer life.

Wailer Beam Formwork Accessories

formwork flange clamp h20
formwork flange clamp h20

In construction, the wailer beams are always working with the formwork accessories. Wellmade offer one-stop sourcing for your wailer formwork system. According to different formwork systems, there are various types of formwork accessories, including:

Heavy Duty VS Normal Duty Concrete Wailer Beams

According to the structural fabrication, you can find normal duty and heavy-duty concrete wailer beams in Wellmade.  Normal duty wailer beams are used for civil construction concrete. The thickness of the normal duty wailer beams is 3.0-5.0mm. Include C channel wailing beams, H channel, I beam wailings etc.

Heavy-duty wailer beams are made of 6mm-20mm steel structures. They are required by the high bearing concrete shuttering. According to the structure design, heavy-duty formwork wailer beams are always steel wailing beams.

Custom Your Formwork Wailer Beam System

steel formwork with double profile wailer beams
steel formwork with double profile wailer beams

As an OEM scaffolding and formwork manufacturer, Wellmade does not only do standard formwork wailer beams manufacturing but also produce the wailer beams according to your design.

In manufacturing management, Wellmade controls your wailer beam quality according to the ISO 9001 and EN1090 standards.

With our own Lab house and test facilities, the relative materials, welding lines and finished wailer beam products are tested to ensure all formwork wailer beams are qualified.

In addition, the mock-up test and inspection, ensure the formwork wailer beam systems are compatible with all other formwork accessories: panels, corners, tie rods, formwork beams etc.

Wailer Beam FAQ Guide

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