STK 500 & STK 400 Scaffolding GI Pipe

Wellmade’s GI pipes conform to JIS, BS EN standard. The STK 500 GI Pipes are a type of JIS (Japanese) and Korean standard scaffolding tubes. More than STK 500, there are STK 400 steel grade GI pipes too.
Wellmade’s STK 500 & STK 400 GI scaffolding pipes are in size of O.D 48.6mm diameter. It is different from BS1139 and EN 39 scaffold steel and aluminium tubes in O.D 48.3mm.
JIS GI pipes are fixed by scaffolding clamps in construction. You can find all types of scaffolding couplers and fittings for your galvanized scaffolding tubes in Wellmade at one stop.
As an ISO 9001 GI pipe manufacturer, all of our GI pipes and scaffolding clamps are tested past according to JIS and BS standard.
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Welmade’s GI Pipes

Wellmade is GI Pipes manufacturer& Supplier In China. You can find all sizes and specifications of the GI Pipes in our factory. Include all types of rectangular hollow section(RHS), square hollow section (SHS) tubes, round steel tubing, oval GI pipes, and special-shaped galvanized tubes and sections.

We custom your GI pipes dimensions too. The longest GI pipes come out from our GI pipes’ production line can reach 12 meters long. While 6m long GI pipes are the most used in the construction scaffolding industry.  Wellmade offers a cut service to make your GI pipes into your required lengths.

GI Pipes Square Type
GI Pipes Square Type

GI Pipes VS MS Pipes

GI pipes are a type of galvanized iron pipes, it is with a shiny surface. GI pipe is great in corrosion protection compared to MS pipes.
In fabrication, the GI pipes are made from hot-dip galvanized steel coil strips. While the ms pipes are made from mild steel plates.
MS pipes are able to be hot-dip galvanizing after rolling and welding. The galvanized white pipes are also called GP pipes. GP pipes are superior to GI pipes in zinc thickness and protection.  But the GP pipes are costlier than GI pipes.
You can both find the GI Pipes, MS Pipes, and GP pipes in Wellmade. For MS pipes we offer both welded type and seamless types.
Wellmade’s GI pipes are tested according to BS and EN Standard, JIS, KS, ASTM, and CS standards.  We have our own lab house. It supports daily raw material, welding penetrates quality test, GI pipe straight test, Galvanizing adheres, and 24 hours salty spray test, etc. All the tests ensure Wellmade’s finished GI pipes are qualified using in construction.  final GI pipe product test. production quality control,
You can find all of the GI pipe test reports before during and after production. Our GI pipe production quality control only includes steel grade in function but also ensures your GI pipes with a longer life for repeating working in construction.

JIS standard GI Pipes

You can find all steel grade JIS standard GI Pipes In Wellmade. Include STK 500 and STK 400.  STK 500 GI Pipe Steel Grade is a higher strength steel grade Than STK 400 in the JIS and KS Standard. According to the Japanese and Korean standards, both steel-grade GI pipes are with a diameter of OD48.6mm for scaffolding construction.
JIS GI pipe lengths are customized from 0.3m to 6.4m and mostly, the GI pipes using in scaffolding construction are 6.0 meter long.
More than 48.6mm scaffolding GI pipes, there are customized around pipes in diameter of 1.25 inch, 2 inches, 2.5 inches, 3 inches,  etc.

Wellmade’s GI Pipe Classes

In Wellmade, you can find the different classes for the round-shaped GI pipes. It includes class A, Class B, and Class C.

Class A GI Pipes

GI Pipe in Class A is a type of light gauge steel pipe. It is with thinner wall thickness. The lightweight GI pipes are always marks in yellow color.

Class B GI Pipes

Class B GI pipes are a type of medium gauge steel pipes. It is with a middle thick pipe walls. The medium gauge steel pipes are marked in blue color.

Class C GI Pipes

If you want heavy-duty GI Pipes. You need to buy the Class C steel pipes. Class C is always marked in red. It is a heavy gauge with the thickest tube walls.

According to ASTM standard, the GI pipes are measure according to schedule. Thus, there are sch 20, sch 40 and sch 80 GI Pipes. This measurement is also used in other countries like the Philippines country.

JIS GI Scaffolding Pipe Fittings

In JIS standard scaffolding construction, the GI pipes are always erected by the JIS scaffold fittings. According to the Japanese and Korean standards, there are many types of scaffolding pipe fittings using in connecting different components and parts. Include scaffold fixed clamps, swivel clamps, right angle beam c clamps, swivel beam c clamps, bone joints, sleeve couplers, base plate, etc.  All of them are pressed from high-strength steel plates or drop forged from steel round bar structures. The scaffolding clamps are able to match well with the O.D 48.6mm GI pipes.

Wellmade’s JIS GI Pipe in Constuction

For scaffolding construction, Wellmade’s GI pipes are used to form staging access scaffold tower, suspended scaffolding, formwork shoring support system, etc.

More than scaffolding pipes and clamps, scaffolding metal decks are used to form walking boards or work platforms in construction.  The metal scaffold panels are galvanized too. It is fixed by limpet clamps or other board retaining couplers to the scaffolding tubular frames. Board clamps make the pipe staging access system more stable and safe.

STK500 GI Pipe JIS Standard Size & Specification

 Code ItemsSize (mm) Length Surface
WSTK50 GI Scaffolding Pipe O.D 48.6 0.3-6.4m H.D.G
If you want any more information about GI pipes and scaffolding pipes, do not hesitate to contact Wellmade’s sales team to have a consult. You are able to get an immediate competitive update price too.

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