GI Pipe - STK 500

Wellmade is GI Pipe Manufacturer& Supplier In China. You Can Find All Sizes and Specification of GI Pipes In Our Factory.
Wellmade’s GI Pipes are Tested according to BS and EN Standard.  We have Own Lab House In Daily Quality Control. You will Find Our GI Pipes are High Quality In Steel Grade, Thick Zinc Thickness and Shine Surface.
Both Square and Round GI Pipes are Available In Wellmade.
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You can find all steel grade of GI Pipes In Wellmade. STK500 is a steel GI Pipe In JIS Standard. The Scaffolding GI Pipe is In OD 48.6mm.
STK 500 GI Pipe Steel Grade is a higher strength steel grade Than STK 400.
STK500 GI Pipe Lengths are Customized from 0.3m to 6.4m and Most Uses Length is in 6.0 meter.
The GI Pipe is used in Scaffolding Construction. Working with Pressed Steel Scaffolding Clamps O.D 48.6mm Include Fixed Clamps, Swivel Clamps, Fixed Beam Clamps, Swivel Beam Clamps, Bone Joint, Sleeve Coupler, Base Plate, etc.
In Pipe Staging Construction Access and Suspended, Metal Deck Panels are erected as Walk Boards and Work Platform, fixed onto scaffolding GI pipes, by limpet clamps or other board retaining couplers for safety and stability.

STK500 GI Pipe JIS Standard

 Code ItemsSize (mm) Length Surface
WSTK50 GI Scaffolding Pipe O.D 48.6 0.3-6.4m H.D.G
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