EN39 Scaffolding Pipe

EN39 Standard Scaffolding Pipe is A Type of Aluminium Kilned Scaffold Tube Hot Dip Galvanized in Size of OD48.3×4.0mm Mainly Exported to UK&Malaysia Countries.
EN39 Scaffolding Pipe Length Normally in 6m or 6.4m.  Shorter Lengths Can be Customized from 0.5m to 5.8m.
Galvanizing Zinc Thickness of EN39 Scaffolding Pipe Should Be More Than 40 Micro.

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EN39 Scaffolding Pipe Size&Specification

No.Items CodeSIze(  ODxTHxL)Weight (KG)
10.5m  EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx0.5m, Aluminium Kilned2.3
20.7m EN39 Scafold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx0.7m,Aluminium Kilned3.21
31.0m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx1.0mtr, Aluminium Kilned4.59
41.2m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx1.2m, Aluminium Kilned5.5
51.5m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx1.5m, Aluminium Kilned6.88
62.0m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx2.0m, Aluminium Kilned9.18
72.5m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx2.5m, Aluminium Kilned11.47
83.0m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx3.0m, Aluminium Kilned13.77
93.5m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx3.5m, Aluminium Kilned16.06
104.0m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx4.0m, Aluminium Kilned18.35
114.5m EN39 Scaffold TUbeOD48.3×4.0mmx4.5m, Aluminium Kilned20.65
125.5m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx5.0m, Aluminium Kilned25.24
136.0m EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx6.0m, Aluminium Kilned27.53
1421′ EN39 Scaffold TubeOD48.3×4.0mmx6.4m, Aluminium Kilned29.37


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