Scaffold Double Coupler

Double Coupler is Right Angle Scaffolding Clamps. It Joints Scaffold Tubes In 90 Degree. People Called It Fixed Clamps too.

Wellmade’s Double Coupler is BS1139 EN 74 Tested & Certified.  You Can Find Forged Double Coupler and Pressed Fixed Clamps for Your Scaffold Tubes& Scaff Pipes.

We Produce All Types Scaffolding Double Coupler:

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Wellmade Scaffold Double Couplers

Wellmade scaffold double coupler is also called 90-degree coupler, fixed clamp or right-angle clamp. It is used to fixed scaffold tubes at the right angle during construction.

As an ISO 9001 & CE Certified scaffolding clamp manufacturer, Wellmade supply you all types of double couplers include drop-forged right angle clamp and pressed steel fixed clamps.

Drop Forged Double Coupler

Wellmade export the forged double coupler to many countries. According to different country standards and rules, there are many types of forged scaffold double clamps. Include British standard double couplers, Germany standard double couplers, USA Type fixed clamps, etc.

For the German scaffold double coupler, there are normal threaded and round threaded types. Round threaded german scaffold drop forged double coupler is also called Layher scaffold double coupler. It is a strong duty scaffold drop-forged right angle clamp.

US Type scaffold double clamps include I bolt type and wedge clamp type. While I bolt right angle double clamps are used for steel scaffold tubes. Fixed wedge double couplers are used more commonly in Aluminium Scaffold Tubes construction.

Forged Double Coupler VS Pressed Double Couplers

You can find  Both Drop Forged Double Couplers and Pressed Steel Double Couplers from Wellmade

Forged Double Couplers are for 4mm Type Scaffold Tube. Pressed Double Coupler Joints Scaffolding Pipes in Lightweight.

Pressed Double Coupler Types

E-galvanized VS Hot Dip Galv Double Coupler

If You are Scaffolding Rental Companies or  Seeking Scaffolding Double Coupler for Your Onshore and Offshore Scaffolding Projects. Hot-dip galvanized will be the Help You in Durable and Long Term Repeat Working.

Wellmade’s Hot Dip Galvanized Double Coupler is More than 40 Micro Zinc Thickness. Won’t Rusty In Any Weather and Temperature.

Scaffold Double Coupler Test Video

Wellmade does a 100% Slip Test for All Scaffold Double Couplers During Production. Distortion Test is Done Daily Against Each Lot of Your Double Coupler Order.

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