Ringlock Scaffold Wedge Pins

Ringlock scaffold wedge pins are ring system accessories. They work with ringlock ledger heads and brace heads and other ringlock scaffold couplers like twin wedge couplers etc.
The wedge pins are mostly pressed or stamped from high strength steel plates of 6mm thickness. There are also drop-forged types of wedge pins too. Forged ringlock scaffold wedge pins are forged at high temperatures from high-strength steel bars.
At bottom of the wedge pins, there is a hole on it. Scaffold rivets are inserted into the holes during the ringlock ledger and brace manufacturing. The rivets ensure the wedge pin fixing without pullout in use. In Wellmade, there are aluminium and hot dip galvanized types of rivets. Both are anti-corrosion for long-life repeat use.
You can buy both hot dip galvanized or black(self-finished) wedge pins here.

  • Steel Grade: S355 & S235
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Type: Pressed Steel & Forged
  • Weight: 0.12KG
  • OEM Mark: Available
  • FInishing: Galvanized & Black
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Package: Bags, Pallets, Box(Cages)



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