Ringlock Scaffold U Type Console Bracket

Ringlock scaffold console bracket is also called scaffold side bracket. It is a component used to extend scaffold work platforms and conjunction with ringlock verticals.
There are three types of ringlock scaffold console brackets.

U type ringlock scaffold console brackets with special ribbed steel profiles as horizontal members. The ribbed U profiles separate scaffold deck hooks that are erected from two sides and protect the plank hooks from conflict with each other in the erection. That makes the ringlock scaffold construction much easier.
There are three sizes for the U-type ringlock console bracket:

  1. One Board Bracket
  2. Two Board Brackets
  3. Three Board Brackets

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Ringlock Scaffold Console Bracket U Type

Ringlock console bracket is also called corner brackets.  The sizes of the console bracket are customized according to your scaffold board(decks) width.

For example:

  • When your board width is 320mm, the two-board bracket size is 732mm(center to center)
  • When your board width is 241mm, two boards bracket size is 592mm  (center to center)

Wellmade designs scaffold console brackets size according to your scaffold deck width for free. In addition, we do mock-up inspection to ensure the ringlock console bracket work well with your scaffold decks in sizes. We also inspect the scaffolding plank hooks compatible at the same time.

Ringlock Scaffold Corner Console Bracket Technical Details

Ringlock Scaffold Console Bracket U Type Size & Specification (320mm Decks )
Code NoItemsSizeWeightDeck QTY
RUB1One Board U Bracket732mm3.9 KGOne
RUB2Two Board U Bracket1092mm6.4 KGTwo
RUB3Three Board U Bracket390mm12 KGThree

U Console Bracket VS O Console Bracket

O Console bracket with horizontal members made of OD48.3mm scaffold tubes. It works with scaffold decks with O plank hooks. Using O type console bracket, you need to consider all scaffolding planks need to be compatible with each other. Include steel scaffold decks, aluminum scaffold decks, and scaffold trapdoor platforms, etc.

U Console brackets work with scaffold decks with U hooks. The U hooks are hung on each side of the double-ribbed U profile. You do not need to consider the hook conflict problem between different types of scaffold decks.

Welmade’s ringlock scaffolding side brackets are hot dip galvanized finishing. It is the most durable surface treatment in the construction scaffolding industry.  Hot-dip galvanizing allows a long-term lift and repeating working during all weather conditions.

Ringlock scaffolding u bracket 2 boards

In Wellmade, you can find other parts and components of the ring system scaffold include ringlock standards, ledgers, diagonal braces, adjustable jack base, and u head jacks, etc.

The ringlock scaffolding parts are used in versatile construction. Include suspended scaffolding, masonry scaffolding, outrigger scaffolding, etc.

If you want to get more details about Wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding and technical details about ringlock scaffold console side brackets, you can send us a mail to get an immediate reply.

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